I have been tagged by Niceheart to list down six weird things about myself. Yet another [tag]meme[/tag]. So here are 6 weird things or habits about me. Beware I am obsessive compulsive in most of these weird habits. 1. I like my books to be arranged neatly in the bookshelves from tallest to shortest. Mind Read More →

This image of a colorful fruit cart would normally be posted at my Photo Blog. There is one fear I have and that is the fear of heights. This photo calmed down my fear of heights temporarily. Fear of heights is a common and sometimes appropriate feeling. There are, according to psychologists, two natural fears Read More →

The Jollibee Earthworm burger rumor is old news but to see the keywords in their website is news. View the HTML source of Jollibee Hamburger website. And what do you see? META NAME=”object” CONTENT=”jollibee food corporation, earthworm, earthworm hamburger, earthworm hamburger issue, earthworm hamburger patties, earthworm meat, earthworm meat price, earthworm price, earthworms, earthworms price, Read More →

Who knows better how to push our buttons than family members? Family members encompass our family of origin and our spouse’ extended family. I just recalled Cathy’s blog entry, Portrait of Marriage which talked about LEAVING – leaving your parents physically, emotionally, financially, is crucial to every marriage. This doesn’t mean not wanting to associate Read More →