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As a media partner for the upcoming VoIP Convention in 2007, I was tasked to write articles for their souvenir program. My deadline was yesterday, rather last week. Oh dear, I have limited VOIP knowledge and time at my hands. The first thought that entered my mind was to interview Silverback ASP, the only Filipino-owned Read More →

Last Monday, I was surprised to receive a text message from Cathy to pray for her surgery scheduled for 7:30 AM. That surprised me. I knew she had thyroid consultation and a complaint on Mittelschmertz (German for “middle pain”) and some pre-menopausal symptons. I knew something was up with Cathy because we see each other Read More →

My dear husband turned 47 years old last night. Heh, he’s 2 years younger than me. We thanked God for another year. I told my husband that every year after 46 years old is a celebration for me. My mother died young at the age of 45 and I am full of gratitude that for Read More →

Starting today, I will feature updates on my other blogs. My latest photo blog entry is about The Swan feeding the Koi . I am absolutely amazed at how nature takes care of each other. Another entry last month was on the Swirling carp drew me to the wonders of nature. Click my photo blog Read More →

[tag]Online shopping[/tag] is quite tempting especially if one finds bargains. My sister in San Francisco tells me that she doesn’t go to the mall anymore to buy her clothes, gifts and even appliances. Unfortunately our credit card’s exchange rate is quite high. The only online shopping experience that is financially rewarding is buying at Amazon. Read More →

I just had a haircut yesterday. While entering the door of Azta Urban Salon in katipunan , a sign caught my attention . The notice said our cut hair willl be used for cleaning up the [tag]Guimaras Oil Spill[/tag]. A few days earlier, I saw the TV news on human hair being collected by Les Read More →

My husband is in the mood for movies lately. Maybe he’s making up for last week’s emotional crisis. Comedy was our choice just because we wanted to laugh. After all, watching a funny movie can offset symptoms of chronic stress, which can suppress various components of the immune responses. The choice? “Click” or “My Super Read More →

The post has moved to a woman on prime time

A few days ago, I was at my aunt’s neighborhood to check for possible houses for sale. One of the most important considerations for moving in a new neighborhood is a fast internet connection. I visited an internet cafe inside the neighborhood, just a few meters from the vilage church. It was 8:00 PM and Read More →

(image by Kevin) I am up and about at this time (2:00 AM) because I had to pick up my daughters at Eastwood. Now I can’t sleep. *yawn* Everyone is still awake. With nothing better to do, I checked my site stats and discovered a link from Jayvee’s site. As I landed on the site, Read More →

The past few days have been crazy. My ex-sister in-law shared information with me that my husband’s family wonder why my husband married me in the first place. I laughed. Without batting an eyelash, I smiled “because I am a bitch. Maldita!” They say that it starts in courtship. In the book, “Why Men Marry Read More →

When I started my online business, Globalized E-commerce Online Solutions (GEOS) I didn’t think a business address was necessary. My focus was on building a reputation on being a reliable service provider in the Philippines which can only be tested through time and referrals. Now that I have established some reputation , the thought of Read More →

I haven’t read that many books for a long time now. So when dear Cathy invited me to her meme on Books that Changed my Life, I wasn’t sure if I can come up with a list. I told her these books encompass the 40 plus years of reading books. Here goes: One book that Read More →

Mommy Layouts Mommy Myspace Layouts Myspace Layouts and Livejournal Layouts by Lauren I was checking out my daughter’s Myspace and Livejournal Layouts and was surprised to see that Naruto topped the list. I don’t see anything beautiful with the Naruto art. The page views says it all Anime Layouts: Naruto [Kakashi] – 7,769 Views Skinny Read More →

My eldest sister from San Francisco just sent me an email about travelling to the USA or within the USA due to the recent terror plot. Getting ready to travel by plane for the USA or within USA? I just had a talk with my husband (who works for an airline in the Onboard Services Read More →

Remember how we mothers ease the pain of our toddler’s scraped knee? I remember blowing the wound and caressing my little girl’s leg…. “There it will go away now” . My little girl would then wail “baaand-aiiiid” thinking the band-aid can patch the pain. What happens when this little girl is now an adult, nursing Read More →

The mother of a my husband’s brother-in-law passed away early this morning. Although the mom was ill for the last two months, her death was still sudden. A few minutes before she passed away, she scribbled a note saying “Welcome J and A”. It’s like she knew she was leaving. Since the children are all Read More →

To get the meetings all over the Philippines Contact this number CONTACT NUMBERS OF ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS PHILIPPINES A lot of contact names and numbers and meeting times and places have changed since 2006. Here’s the link of the yahoo group of AA Philippines: If anyone is interested please join the group. Once a member, Read More →

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