Last Monday, I was surprised to receive a text message from Cathy to pray for her surgery scheduled for 7:30 AM. That surprised me. I knew she had thyroid consultation and a complaint on Mittelschmertz (German for “middle pain”) and some pre-menopausal symptons. I knew something was up with Cathy because we see each other Read More →

[tag]Online shopping[/tag] is quite tempting especially if one finds bargains. My sister in San Francisco tells me that she doesn’t go to the mall anymore to buy her clothes, gifts and even appliances. Unfortunately our credit card’s exchange rate is quite high. The only online shopping experience that is financially rewarding is buying at Amazon. Read More →

When I started my online business, Globalized E-commerce Online Solutions (GEOS) I didn’t think a business address was necessary. My focus was on building a reputation on being a reliable service provider in the Philippines which can only be tested through time and referrals. Now that I have established some reputation , the thought of Read More →

Mommy Layouts Mommy Myspace Layouts Myspace Layouts and Livejournal Layouts by Lauren I was checking out my daughter’s Myspace and Livejournal Layouts and was surprised to see that Naruto topped the list. I don’t see anything beautiful with the Naruto art. The page views says it all Anime Layouts: Naruto [Kakashi] – 7,769 Views Skinny Read More →