Meet the newest member of the family, Humphrey, our cute 7 week old boxer pup. Butch wanted to christen him “Pacquiao” but M shivered with the disgust over the suggestion. So Humphrey it is. My gosh, our [tag]puppy[/tag] has grown over a 4 week period. Five weeks ago, this adorable puppy wasn’t even walking yet. Read More →

I came across Thinking Blog entry on “[tag]Safeguard the Web for Children[/tag]” which is originally a campaign from Blogger Power. Basically, Blogger Power, is an open letter to all adult website owners: “Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and Read More →

Touched by an Angel or has been online and running as a blog since February 24, 2006. In less than a year, this blog received the following awards: Second time to win Winner, Best Website, Blogs Category of the 10th Philippine Web Awards held November 23, 2007 prestigious Best Website, Blog Category, 9th Philippine Read More →

The world’s most premature baby is quite a fighter. Her minuscule feet poking pathetically through a doctor’s fingers, few believed that she could possibly live. Born only 21 weeks and six days after conception, [tag]Amillia Taylor[/tag] weighed just under 10oz and was only 91/2 inches long. Medical staff, however, were given a clue to her Read More →

Financial institutions seem to be very liquid these days. They are giving out credit cards as if it is a bank brochure. The other day, BPI Express Credit sent me two [tag]credit cards[/tag]. I don’t understand why they have to send me a credit card when I already have a BPI Express Credit card since Read More →

Thirteen Things about Me Naturally the first thirteen things should be about me, so here goes: 1. My mom got my name from the Biblical name, Naomi 2. My husband calls me “Noyt” because of our then toddler , Lauren who couldn’t pronounce “noem”. 3. I am the second among 7 siblings. 4. I became Read More →

My heart goes out to Anna Nicole Smith. In death, she is still in the spotlight. [tag]Anna Nicole Smith[/tag]’s Death remains a mystery as of press time. The medical examiner says her death was “sudden, unexpected and unexplained. Upon hearing of [tag]Anna Nicole Smith’s death[/tag], the first thing that entered my mind was her grief Read More →