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Meet the newest member of the family, Humphrey, our cute 7 week old boxer pup. Butch wanted to christen him “Pacquiao” but M shivered with the disgust over the suggestion. So Humphrey it is. My gosh, our [tag]puppy[/tag] has grown over a 4 week period. Five weeks ago, this adorable puppy wasn’t even walking yet. Read More →

The other woman, Hope Centeno wept and claimed she might be pregnant with James Yap’s kid . ““I also deserve the same sympathy as Kris” from the public. The 7 month pregnant [tag]Kris Aquino[/tag] just checked out of the hospital and minced no words. ““How dare you say sorry to me?” Kris scolded Hope. She Read More →

I came across Thinking Blog entry on “[tag]Safeguard the Web for Children[/tag]” which is originally a campaign from Blogger Power. Basically, Blogger Power, is an open letter to all adult website owners: “Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and Read More →

My first post in this blog was a year ago. Shy and unsure of my writing style, I managed to write only a few words. Haha. Now the less than 150 word blog entry brought me this this, this, this and lots of stuff . and Blog growth as indicated by a. Alexa Traffic Rank Read More →

Touched by an Angel or has been online and running as a blog since February 24, 2006. In less than a year, this blog received the following awards: Second time to win Winner, Best Website, Blogs Category of the 10th Philippine Web Awards held November 23, 2007 prestigious Best Website, Blog Category, 9th Philippine Read More →

Thirteen Things to do before Moving to our New Home I can’t believe it’s just 16 days before we move to our new home . My head reels of a thousand and one things to do. In fact, I carry a paper planner with me all the time. I take note of all my daily Read More →

The world’s most premature baby is quite a fighter. Her minuscule feet poking pathetically through a doctor’s fingers, few believed that she could possibly live. Born only 21 weeks and six days after conception, [tag]Amillia Taylor[/tag] weighed just under 10oz and was only 91/2 inches long. Medical staff, however, were given a clue to her Read More →

A footage from “Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany Turn 16″ via The Learning Channel can truly inspire us during our deepest darkest despair. “Abigail and Brittany Hensel (born 7 March 1990, United States), are dicephalic [tag]conjoined twins[/tag]. Brittany is the left twin, and Abigail is the right twin. They have two spines which join Read More →

February 18th 2007 thru February 6th 2008 is the [tag]Year of the FIRE PIG[/tag]. A lot of stalls are sprouting out in shopping malls selling all sorts of cute pig charms to celebrate the [tag]Lunar Chinese New Year[/tag] tomorrow. Butch’ Chinese Zodiac sign is the pig. Maybe he believes in pig charms and the symbolism Read More →

Thank God it’s Friday but it’s a lonely night for us. We miss the two girls. Usually they are home for the weekend but they have exams tomorrow. It is more convenient for them to be near their school. It’s funny how [tag]Google Talk[/tag] can make the distance so near. I discovered that the kids Read More →

Buying our new home was a little off our budget . I wasn’t too confident in getting another [tag]housing loan[/tag] as we had an existing housing loan for 6 years now. I have no idea how the banking sector works or how credit scores are attained. All I know is we have an excellent credit Read More →

Financial institutions seem to be very liquid these days. They are giving out credit cards as if it is a bank brochure. The other day, BPI Express Credit sent me two [tag]credit cards[/tag]. I don’t understand why they have to send me a credit card when I already have a BPI Express Credit card since Read More →

Thirteen Things about Me Naturally the first thirteen things should be about me, so here goes: 1. My mom got my name from the Biblical name, Naomi 2. My husband calls me “Noyt” because of our then toddler , Lauren who couldn’t pronounce “noem”. 3. I am the second among 7 siblings. 4. I became Read More →

It was sometime January 2004 as I was wheeled through the Operating room of the Philippine Heart Center for an angiogram procedure. Three doctors told me that my heart had blocked arteries and I will need an angioplasty. Two diagnostic tests revealed the necessity for an angioplasty. At that time, all I could think of Read More →

In 26 days, we are moving to our new home. It’s quite exciting as we plan to replace 50 to 80% of our [tag]furniture[/tag] and furnishings. For the past year or so, my husband judiciously read up on home magazines, carefully marking the ones that he liked. My hubby is the artist in our family Read More →

My heart goes out to Anna Nicole Smith. In death, she is still in the spotlight. [tag]Anna Nicole Smith[/tag]‘s Death remains a mystery as of press time. The medical examiner says her death was “sudden, unexpected and unexplained. Upon hearing of [tag]Anna Nicole Smith’s death[/tag], the first thing that entered my mind was her grief Read More →

Fellow blogger Abe is in a legal mess. After reading J Angelo’s entry on Help Out a Fellow Pinoy Blogger, I knew I had to do my share. I am aware on how much Abe has spent already in the quest to clear his innocence from a [tag]libel suit[/tag] filed against him (for case details, Read More →

My husband’s text message cracked me up: The buyer offered ______ pesos for the land. Is it a deal or no deal? Haha, we were deciding on whether to accept a buyer’s offer on my husband’s property in Baguio. The proceeds will be used as equity to our new home. Almost every night when my Read More →

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