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Lauren gave me a couple of her [tag]yearbook photos[/tag]. Tomorrow is her [tag]graduation day[/tag]. All week long, she has been wailing… “I can’t believe I am graduating!” I assure her that we are just as shocked. Shocked that another milestone marks her parent’s lives. Shocked that we are getting older. The other day, Butch turned Read More →

I got an early surprise [tag]Easter treat[/tag] at my doorstep.

It was 10:00 PM and quite dark at the Xavier Hall grounds in the Ateneo Campus. Lauren left the Blue Rose festivities earlier than the rest of her friends. I directed her to meet me at the Flagpole. She glanced over me from a distance and ignored me, or so I thought. I yelled “Laauureeennnn” Read More →

“Mom, I really like it that you’re anal”, M, my psychology major daughter told me the other night. The word “anal” sounds deregatory but I’m pretty used to my family teasing me with my [tag]neat freak[/tag] attitude. Haha, I just laughed. “And that’s a compliment!” they chirped.. I was touched. I never thought I’d hear Read More →

My beautiful daughter is now 21 years old. A few weeks ago, she envisioned her 21st [tag]birthday[/tag] in our new home. It’s one of the many reasons I moved heaven and earth to finish the renovations at the soonest time possible. A 21st birthday celebration in our new home seemed the best [tag]birthday gift[/tag] for Read More →

If you think moving is stressful, imagine what went through our pets’ thoughts when they saw boxes upon boxes being packed, furniture disarranged, and everything in our old home to which they’re accustomed being turned upside down. The family managed to live with the mess for two months. But what about our pets? One of Read More →

March 18, the day we had been waiting for so long. We finally moved in to our new home. You know, our new home symbolizes new beginnings. It seemed like an unreachable dream a few months ago. For months, we couldn’t find a property that satisfied our budget and needs. The journey to our new Read More →

(Read my Review of Globe Broadband, PLDT Mydsl, Smart Bro and Smart 3g) The house is clean and sanitized, the air smells of paint, the pocket garden looks refreshing as I am sitting here beside my antique writing table, trying to catch up with my backlog in work . Thanks to the [tag]Philippines Cable Internet Read More →

Half a million pesos or so later, my husband finally gets to visit Ateneo de Manila campus today. Can you imagine that? Sure he has seen the campus through the windshield as he drops Lauren to school but to actually step down and take a stroll…err no. My daughter’s college came up with this “Congratulatory Read More →

Edit: the disbarment was never filed at the Supreme Court Let’s just assume that indeed Maria Celia Virginia Suarez (otherwise known as Maricel or Virgie) is the former mistress of the First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo then she must have had some knowledge of the “Etiquette of being a Mistress”. Her complaint, Disbar the First Boor Read More →

Once upon a time a little girl imagined herself as a princess gazing out of her bay window twirling her heart shaped locket. Her dreams specified it had to be a bay window. Dreams do come true after all except the princess bit and the heart shaped locket. M blissfully relaxes beside her bay window Read More →

Maybe I am just stressed. Perhaps the stress added greatly to the crankiness factor. The thing is I absolutely abhor statements like “You can afford it. You are rich anyway” Duh. True I am not exactly poor but I am not rolling in dough either. What is it with a Makati based address that assumes Read More →

Almost 7 years ago, my adorable son sat beside me while I worked on my computer. With both hands planted firmly on my cheeks, he asked, ““Where is Heaven? Are the clouds heaven?” Unsure of the answer, I mustered to say something based on what I learned from my Grade school [tag]Religion[/tag] subject… ““I’m not Read More →

qu Read More →

I cannot live with less than 8 hours of [tag]sleep[/tag]. I get cranky and less productive with work. The problem with me is sometimes I get caught up with work that I forget the time. This happens whenever I develop a website. That’s why I don’t accept web development projects anymore read more in this Read More →

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