I am listening to this seventies music , Friends of Distinction “Great Day”. I turn to my husband and sing the song “Aint it a great day? Could it be better?” I love that 70’s music. What a journey Butch and I have gone through! For some of you who know the inside story of Read More →

No, today is not the usual routine I normally have. It was a long, tiring, fun-filled yet rewarding day. At 9:00 AM , I attended the recognition ceremony of the digitalfilipino.com Web Awards and claimed the trophy as winner for Blog – Personal Category . Marc Macalua teased that I got a “grand slam”. Mixed Read More →

Lauren will arrive at the ungodly hour of 4:00 AM tomorrow. I hope she’s all revved up, motivated and raring to get back to job hunting. The couple of days before her short vacation in Singapore, she kept on whining how difficult it is to look for a job. How bored she is etcetera. How Read More →

At the iblog 3 Summit, my daughter who was seated beside me whispered “mom, I’m beginning to like *blogger’s name*. He’s cute.” Surprise! Surprise! Okay, I was surprised at two things : 1. Wow, she’s starting to confide again. 2. I didn’t realize *blogger’s name* is her type. I turned towards the direction of my Read More →

I joined the Photo Hunters as a way to promote my blog to a wider audience. It also forces me to make use of my digital camera. Photo Hunters’ members post every Saturday based on a theme chosen by the founder of the group. You can join here. Today’s theme is Hobby and I want Read More →

Am in the front row of the 3rd Iblog Summit. I had a hard time getting a wifi connection. Not many people inside yet. The place is huge. # iblog 3 hasn’t started and it’s 9:18 am already. I see a lot of new bloggers Iin the audience that I haven’t met yet. That’s great. Read More →

I am convincing sexymom to twit here. Ahh finally I see her entry. # @sonnie- one of my highest organic searches is the “sex education in the Philippines” entry. Keyword “sex” ranks high in google image search # @sexy mom -Fan dry your laptop, hurry. @manilenya- magandang umaga or tanghali na ba? Ugh my powerpoint Read More →

I poked Sexy Mom via Google Talk early this morning to start using her Twitter. You’ve probably seen a few of my trivial Twitter Updates (using the wordpress plugin, twitter tools) and my [tag]Twitter[/tag] badge on the right sidebar of this blog. Twitter is an update service or similar to a social networking site that Read More →