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One Day Blog Silence in Honor of the victims at Virginia Tech

I am listening to this seventies music , Friends of Distinction “Great Day”. I turn to my husband and sing the song “Aint it a great day? Could it be better?” I love that 70′s music. What a journey Butch and I have gone through! For some of you who know the inside story of Read More →

Photo Hunters’ members post every Saturday based on a theme chosen by the founder of the group. You can join here. Today’s theme is “Rare” .

No, today is not the usual routine I normally have. It was a long, tiring, fun-filled yet rewarding day. At 9:00 AM , I attended the recognition ceremony of the Web Awards and claimed the trophy as winner for Blog – Personal Category . Marc Macalua teased that I got a “grand slam”. Mixed Read More →

“Mom, my friends read your blog” I was surprised. “they do? how did they find out? I always refer to you as M in my entries” “Mom, duh, you place photos of me and besides word spreads around in the local blogosphere. Your sex education entry made them laugh that I just had to read Read More →

Lauren will arrive at the ungodly hour of 4:00 AM tomorrow. I hope she’s all revved up, motivated and raring to get back to job hunting. The couple of days before her short vacation in Singapore, she kept on whining how difficult it is to look for a job. How bored she is etcetera. How Read More →

A virtual office was in the pipeline while I was still residing at Makati City. But I’ve never gotten around to getting one since I’ve moved homes now. Remember I showed you my Small-Office Home-Office (SOHO) at my old home? Well I’m going to give you a sneak preview of my SOHO over at our Read More →

This entry has now been turned into a blog. Please read Techie Gadgets

The couple that blogs together stays together. I’m just kidding of course. Aside from reading books, Butch and I surf the internet together, share sites of interest or we go blog-hopping before we call it a night. I think it’s really sweet that my ex-technophobe husband took an interest in my hobby turned business venture. Read More →

My heart goes out to the victims in the Virginia Tech mass shooting incident. So many young lives wasted, so many tears, so many questions. WHY? WHY? I can just imagine the grief and hoplessness the victims’ families are feeling right now. What boggles me is the mental state of [tag]Cho Seung-Hui[/tag], the 23-year-old suspect Read More →

In a few hours, Lauren will be on board the plane for Singapore with 2 guys (both brothers) *gasp* . One of the guys is Lauren’s band manager. I didn’t know she was travelling with 2 guys. The mother of the guys called me up and assured me that Lauren will be in safe hands. Read More →

At the iblog 3 Summit, my daughter who was seated beside me whispered “mom, I’m beginning to like *blogger’s name*. He’s cute.” Surprise! Surprise! Okay, I was surprised at two things : 1. Wow, she’s starting to confide again. 2. I didn’t realize *blogger’s name* is her type. I turned towards the direction of my Read More →

A few bloggers like Abe and Anton shared their blogging success to the participants of the iblog 3 on its second day. My talk on the first day was “Personal Blogging Success” ( download the powerpoint of the My Personal Blogging Success Story). But how is blog success really measured? In terms of metrics, I Read More →

I joined the Photo Hunters as a way to promote my blog to a wider audience. It also forces me to make use of my digital camera. Photo Hunters’ members post every Saturday based on a theme chosen by the founder of the group. You can join here. Today’s theme is Hobby and I want Read More →

Am in the front row of the 3rd Iblog Summit. I had a hard time getting a wifi connection. Not many people inside yet. The place is huge. # iblog 3 hasn’t started and it’s 9:18 am already. I see a lot of new bloggers Iin the audience that I haven’t met yet. That’s great. Read More →

All day yesterday, Lauren complained how she was nervous over her topic “Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Blogging for Iblog 3 Summit because it would be her first public speaking engagment. I told her not to worry and just be herself as if she were just blogging. True to form, she captured her audience with Read More →

I am convincing sexymom to twit here. Ahh finally I see her entry. # @sonnie- one of my highest organic searches is the “sex education in the Philippines” entry. Keyword “sex” ranks high in google image search # @sexy mom -Fan dry your laptop, hurry. @manilenya- magandang umaga or tanghali na ba? Ugh my powerpoint Read More →

Taking snacks and desserts can be quite a challenge for diabetics like me. Our body screams ““sweetness”. We can only stare and drool at that mouth-watering chocolate cake or blueberry pie on the party table. It disappoints me that not many coffee shops carry sugar free desserts or low carb, low fat dishes. I often Read More →

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