Monthly Archives: May 2007

Mommy Lunch Meetup

Share List The Pinoy Moms Network’ Mommy Lunch at Swiss Deli and Bistro finally happened. Photo Above Below (Left to right): Jane and Salen Standing (Left to right): Rachel ,… Read more »

Photo Hunt: Colorful

Share List Photo Hunters theme this week is Colorful. We had lunch at Sakae Sushi where one can choose Japanese dishes as they are displayed in a conveyor belt. My… Read more »

Are You Crazy?

Share List We are all crazy in our little funky way. Let’s see… Maybe that verbally abusive customer spewing cuss words has some sort of bipolar disorder. Concerned over a… Read more »

BobCast Episode 8: On Relationships

Share List Band of Bloggers Episode 8: On Relationships (Travel Edition) Hosted by: Sasha Guests: Aileen, Sasha, Abe and Lauren Time: 28 minutes, 43 secs. [display_podcast]


Share List Is gossip good or bad? If I tell my daughters that gossiping is bad, am I right? If psychologists inform me that gossip is inevitable and extremely beneficial,… Read more »

Photo Hunt: Childhood

Share List Photo Hunters theme this week is Childhood and I want to present my daughter, Lauren riding a purple dinosaur at a park in Singapore.

Thursday Thirteen: The 80/20 Rule

Share List Thirteen Things about 80-20% rule This 80/20 rule is more formally known as the Pareto principle, named after it’s founder the Italian economist. Pareto observed that 80 percent… Read more »