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Here are 5 interview questions from Migs Paraz which is actually a tagged post. 1. There is a lot to learn from people in their 40′s and above. How do we get them to blog? I definitely agree that there is a lot to learn from the 40′s and above. The best way to get Read More →

In memory of Jose Luis (Luijoe) Dado, on his 7th Angel Date May 27, 2000- May 27, 2007 My son , an hour before he went to heaven Dear son, It’s been seven long years since I last cradled you in my arms. For many years I struggled searching for answers to the question… Why Read More →

The Pinoy Moms Network’ Mommy Lunch at Swiss Deli and Bistro finally happened. Photo Above Below (Left to right): Jane and Salen Standing (Left to right): Rachel , Lynn, Me, Connie, Dine, Feng, Cess, Julie, and Lisaflor Standing behind the group: Chato Kudos to Rachel for coming all the way from Batangas. So sorry Sheila Read More →

Photo Hunters theme this week is Colorful. We had lunch at Sakae Sushi where one can choose Japanese dishes as they are displayed in a conveyor belt. My daughter chose this sushi and I must say its one of the most colorful sushi I’ve ever eaten. Just take a look at the colors:

We are all crazy in our little funky way. Let’s see… Maybe that verbally abusive customer spewing cuss words has some sort of bipolar disorder. Concerned over a friend who can’t seem to keep a relationship? Shrinks say it’s some kind of borderline personality disorder. What about that stark, raving mad driver that overtook your Read More →

Here is my list of 10 blogs that are making an impact to its readers in 2007. These are blogs that started anytime from August 1, 2006 to the present and are gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership and influence. Thanks to Janette Toral for pioneering this writing project. Let me just tell you Read More →

As a way of sharing the benefits of blogging to the world, Cathy wrote an article on Mother Bloggers on page C1 of the Sunday Lifestyle Section, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Mommies featured aside from Cathy and myself are from Pinoy Moms Network: special education teacher Julie Custodio-Fuertes, Golden girl, AnnaManila and single mothers Lisaflor Bacani Read More →

The latest local showbiz buzz happened on Mother’s day of all days! What struck me is Annabelle Rama’s message to her daughter, Ruffa Gutierrez regarding the split-up with her Turkish husband, Yilmaz Bektas. As a backgrounder, View Video of Annabelle Rama’s message to her daughter, Ruffa or Read transcript of Annabelle Rama interview in GMA Read More →

Band of Bloggers Episode 8: On Relationships (Travel Edition) Hosted by: Sasha Guests: Aileen, Sasha, Abe and Lauren Time: 28 minutes, 43 secs. [display_podcast]

It seemed like a hundred people talking in deep hush tones almost sounding like busy bees. The persistent buzzing sounds woke me up at 6:00 AM. Thinking it was 7:00 AM , I wanted to catch sight of the first voters of [tag]Philippine Elections 2007[/tag] in my voting district (in Pasig City). Yeah right, the, Read More →

I love my children every minute of every day. My beautiful children. I gazed at you today and the same beautiful eyes glowed with love just like it was when you were a baby. Me and 4 month old Lauren Oh those lovely tiny eyes It seems a long time ago since I cradled you Read More →

Once upon my early motherhood days, I often deprived myself of nurturing because I found it silly and self-indulgent. Of course, I didn’t know that nurturing is neither silly nor self-indulgent. Years later , after a million mistakes with myself and family members, I found out that nurturing is about how we show love for Read More →

“Get Out and Vote” is probably the first sentence I learned as a toddler. Posters of “Get out and Vote” in yellow and white colors were plastered all over our house. My dad used to lead the Citizen’s Quick Count in Cebu, the equivalent of today’s civilian quick count. I lost count of the names. Read More →

Is gossip good or bad? If I tell my daughters that gossiping is bad, am I right? If psychologists inform me that gossip is inevitable and extremely beneficial, are they right as well? Yes, there is good and bad gossip and we need to distinguish the two. As psychologist James Lynch puts it: “Human dialogue Read More →

From Media? , the staff of Amor Maclang asked. No, I’m a blogger as I wrote down my name on the registration sheet of the Wagyu Beef Fest at the Diamond Hotel during lunch today. Handing me my name tag with the media label underneath my name seemed strange. Shouldn’t it be “new media”? Then Read More →

For those who have been reading my blog for the longest time now, I refer to my second daughter as M. I think I have mentioned before how M is such a private person, opting to keep a private blog for her close friends. She used to own two domains during her high school years. Read More →

I wished I had bought something new or had my hair done at the salon for our anniversary dinner. Come to think of it, does my husband really care? I don’t think so. Apparently he can’t even tell if I’ve don a new hairstyle or bought a new dress. I can walk past by him Read More →

Photo Hunters theme this week is Childhood and I want to present my daughter, Lauren riding a purple dinosaur at a park in Singapore.

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