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“Dear, if you google Sexy Filipina, I am on the first page. “Whaaaaa?” My husband looked horrified. Then I added “Try googling for Sexy Filipina Mom too and my blog is number 1″ I wasn’t about to see my husband choke on his coffee so , I quickly related about the Reshaping The Filipina Image Read More →

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Surrounded by media celebrities , Lauren and Marielle find themselves posing like celebrities themselves. Early this evening, a few bloggers attended the Krispy Kreme Coffee and Doughnut VIP Party. How could I resist doughnuts. The girls tagged along with me to check out the new branch over at Greenhills which is scheduled to open this Read More →

I still remember the dinner parties at our house. They were fun and less costly. But, now it seems to be a thing of the past. – Juned It doesn’t have to be that way, Juned. Though technology and urbanization indeed has made things so much more convenient for us, dinners and great conversation should Read More →

Just a short update about me and my other blog entries : Krispy Kreme Greenhills Branch Opens on June 28 at 9:00 AM ( new varieties of doughnuts to be launched) Join the Taste Asia, Food Event on July 3 at 7:30 PM (imagine 100 bloggers eating all at the same time) All ye Food Read More →

The day after my birthday, Myrna aka Annamanila treated me out to dinner along with Dine alias Sexy Mom and Chato alias Chateau. (oops correction , it was a treat from all of them) As some might know, AnnaManila used to be a former colleague from my last employment which was err…20 years ago, the Read More →

It is hard to imagine when we are in the midst of heavy grief that any good will ever come out of it. What we have lost is not replaceable , any more than the loss of a child is made up for the birth of another child. I have been witness to the unimaginable Read More →

A writer of a local movie production company wanted to speak to me about The Compassionate Friends, a grief support group for family members who have lost a child through death. You know, I often receive all sorts of legitimate and stalkerish type of text messages . One time someone sent me this message “I Read More →

My daily routine consists of waking up at 5:15 AM to drive either of my 2 daughters to work or school by 6:15 AM. During one of these trips, I was caught in traffic at Ortigas Avenue for at least 30 minutes. What to do? To distract myself from the stressful traffic, I take this Read More →

My 50th birthday started with a cardiac workout at the gym. As I pressed the age setting on the treadmill, I found it a bit strange to press 5-0 on the screen. Later that night as I applied a concealer on the brown spots around my cheekbone, I discern a few fine lines on my Read More →

This entry has move to my new domain Beauty over 50

Memes are so cool when one is faced with a “blogger’s block”. Note that I never say I am a writer. Thanks to Dexie, the feisty Momma, I am tagged to list down the 7 Random Facts About The Woman Behind that will revolve around fashion, styling, hair, beauty and vanity. So yes, here Read More →

The poignant thoughts of Pia’s entry about her seatmate, Senator Juan Flavier (who has now graduated from the senate) brought back memories of my own dad. Like Pia, I have a soft spot for senior citizens about the same age as my dad would have been today. Whenever I garner an achievement, I often think Read More →

There are two peculiarities I learned about men the week after I married my boyfriend. 1. He hibernates in his “cave” when he is moody and wants to be alone and 2. He has a hunter instinct. After a hard’s day work, he gazes at the far horizon such as the television . I couldn’t Read More →

Do you believe in luck and chance especially in financial success? When our only son was born in 1993, our life changed dramatically. My husband and I believed that our son was our lucky charm which brought us good fortune and lots of happiness. In fact, among all the kids, Luijoe had the grandest Baptismal Read More →

“He’s needy.” I once overheard a conversation from one of my daughters. It pertained to a peculiarity in her crush. And it didn’t sound like a positive statement. Is being needy a bad or good trait? It depends. We accept ourselves as people with needs- the need for love, comfort, understanding, friendship and a healthy Read More →

Do you believe that mothers (or parents) know their daughter more than she knows herself? It got me thinking do I really know my daughters well enough that I can advise them on the ideal spouse? I recall my dad often spewing advice like “marry someone who is intelligent “. I even thought my dad Read More →

Imagine the consternation on Lauren’s face when I told her that I rejected the immigration papers that Lorna, my sister sent me in 1987. “Mom , how could you?” I explained to her my reasons. While reviewing the requirements and the time frame for approval, I figured that in twenty years, my papers would have Read More →

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