“Dear, if you google Sexy Filipina, I am on the first page. “Whaaaaa?” My husband looked horrified. Then I added “Try googling for Sexy Filipina Mom too and my blog is number 1″ I wasn’t about to see my husband choke on his coffee so , I quickly related about the Reshaping The Filipina Image Read More →

Surrounded by media celebrities , Lauren and Marielle find themselves posing like celebrities themselves. Early this evening, a few bloggers attended the Krispy Kreme Coffee and Doughnut VIP Party. How could I resist doughnuts. The girls tagged along with me to check out the new branch over at Greenhills which is scheduled to open this Read More →

The day after my birthday, Myrna aka Annamanila treated me out to dinner along with Dine alias Sexy Mom and Chato alias Chateau. (oops correction , it was a treat from all of them) As some might know, AnnaManila used to be a former colleague from my last employment which was err…20 years ago, the Read More →

The poignant thoughts of Pia’s entry about her seatmate, Senator Juan Flavier (who has now graduated from the senate) brought back memories of my own dad. Like Pia, I have a soft spot for senior citizens about the same age as my dad would have been today. Whenever I garner an achievement, I often think Read More →