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([tag]Cris Anthony Mendez[/tag] via his friendster account) For the past days, my rollercoaster emotions got caught up with my own Justice for my son crusade. I will write about this soon. The news on the Hazing eyed in death of graduating UP student outraged and saddened me because it was a senseless death. (more news Read More →

(Via Tonight at 6:00 PM, Benj with other bloggers and journalists and possibly [tag]Malu Fernandez[/tag] will appear in Media In Focus at the ABS-CBN News Channel Studios. (Media in Focus replays: 11 PM tonight, SAT 6 AM and 5 PM ) I talked to Anton de Leon , a fellow blogger based in Dubai Read More →

Senator Loren, this is Lauren, the first Pinoy blogger, Mike Abundo pulls the reluctant Lauren towards Senator Loren Legarda. Finally my Lauren meets the Loren, that people often mispell her name for. Lauren gets really annoyed whenever the Starbucks’ barista label her coffee cup as LOREN! Lauren being Lauren spells it out to these baristas. Read More →

Finally the Youtube version of the Lifestyle show on Mommy bloggers that featured Cathy, Annamanila and myself. (Video courtesy of Karen Borbon, the Executive Producer, momWorks)

Though MAHADERANG MATAPOBRE SA OFWS is one of the first blogs (now with over 1,400 comments) to post on Malu Fernandez last August 8, it was Nick’s blog that called for action. I read Nick’s entry on Malu Fernandez at around 10:00 p.m. of August 16. I commented “I will see what I can do.” Read More →

A list of 13 bonding moments seems more interesting to read and at the same time serves as my contribution to the 107th Edition of Thursday Thirteen Meme. (I know, I know, it’s a bit late for Thursday Thirteen but I fell asleep. ) Thanks to SM Hypermarket and Aileen Apolo, the bloggers party brought Read More →

Do you want to know the top 5 reasons why I attend New Media Events? Someone mentioned that the easiest way to a blogger’s heart is through their stomach. What a condescending remark! It’s not even the freebies. I can very well afford to buy the products or services, thank you. Not the TV appearances. Read More →

It’s my husband’s turn to be featured on TV . For many years after my son’s death, my husband was inconsolable often in a depressed mode. In our “modern day” society it is especially difficult for fathers to grieve openly, caught in a catch 22 of how to express the deep pain they are experiencing. Read More →

Alan Ocab, the father of Carl Ocab and I met for coffee this afternoon . We met up because a written apology is not enough to clarify any misunderstanding brought about by my Ethical Blogging entry. The meet intended to clear the air and release painful feelings, if any. During coffee, I told him “Now Read More →

The words “I’m sorry” heal and bridge the gap. There are times we act in ways that are less than comfortable. But we don’t have to say “I’m sorry” if we didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t have to apologize for taking care of myself, dealing with feelings, setting my boundaries , having fun or Read More →

UPDATED- August 23 , 11:45 PM- [tag]Malu Fernandez[/tag] Society columnist quits over OFW bashing and Manila Standard columnist quits after getting OFWs’ ire Read Statement from Malu Fernandez on the OFW Controversy Here is the News from TV Patrol World : The Furor

How is the wide wide world of the blogosphere today? Good to hear that we all agree to disagree . While everyone was busy with a new soap opera in the blogosphere, I chose to putter around and fix my blog’s theme. Introducing my blog’s spanking new layout designed by Juan Karlo Licudine of Read More →

While the rest of Philippine Blogosphere is rocking, let’s tune in to my dear friends , Cathy, Annamanila and myself. When I told Annamanila that we were invited for a MomWorks Special at the Lifestyle Channel (in Sky Cable) she balked. “Was this your idea?” “Of course not!”, I answered back. I never got to Read More →

I make pretty decent income online through Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, Direct Ads and my webhosting. That’s all I know about making money online. I never looked for other ways to earn money online because I don’t want to depend on it as my sole source of income. Because of my last entry on Read More →

questi Read More →

Every first monday of the month, Pinoy Moms Network members share photos through the Fam Pics project. This month’s theme is Glossy A writing table for my adorable husband seemed like the perfect sanctuary for him at night. I wanted to situate it by the bay window in our bedroom so he can quietly surf Read More →

If you visit my kitchen, the first thing you will see on my granite counter top is this green-lined frame with a cross-stitch design labeled “A Mother’s Heart is a Child’s Schoolroom”. I finished quite a collection of cross-stitch projects during those nurturing breastfeeding sessions with my babies. It stands there as a reminder to Read More →

How to Reshape the Sexy Filipina Image campaign started a month ago. Around mid-July, my sister, Lorna, spoke up at WordPress’s WordCamp in San Francisco and told the 300-something participants about our campaign. I told my fellow conference attendees about the google bombing campaign my sister, Noemi Dado, and her friends were undertaking to take Read More →

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