Senator Loren, this is Lauren, the first Pinoy blogger, Mike Abundo pulls the reluctant Lauren towards Senator Loren Legarda. Finally my Lauren meets the Loren, that people often mispell her name for. Lauren gets really annoyed whenever the Starbucks’ barista label her coffee cup as LOREN! Lauren being Lauren spells it out to these baristas. Read More →

Alan Ocab, the father of Carl Ocab and I met for coffee this afternoon . We met up because a written apology is not enough to clarify any misunderstanding brought about by my Ethical Blogging entry. The meet intended to clear the air and release painful feelings, if any. During coffee, I told him “Now Read More →

The words “I’m sorry” heal and bridge the gap. There are times we act in ways that are less than comfortable. But we don’t have to say “I’m sorry” if we didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t have to apologize for taking care of myself, dealing with feelings, setting my boundaries , having fun or Read More →

How is the wide wide world of the blogosphere today? Good to hear that we all agree to disagree . While everyone was busy with a new soap opera in the blogosphere, I chose to putter around and fix my blog’s theme. Introducing my blog’s spanking new layout designed by Juan Karlo Licudine of Read More →