2008 Philippine Bar Exam Results on April 3

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Results are out!

Click this > 2010 Philippine Bar Exams Results

Here is the list. Toggle to a full screen by clicking the square graphic on the upper-right corner of the table.

click here for the list of the 2008 Bar exam results (text file)

Source: Inquirer

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Congratulations to 1,310 examinees who passed the 2008 Bar Exams. The stress of waiting is over.

Congrats to Judy Lardizabal from San Sebastian College who garnered an average score of 85.70 percent. I know that all Lardizabals are related so am I am happy for my distant relative.

My husband wrote a series of interesting entries on the Philippine Bar Exam this year:

The 2008 Philippine bar exams composed of a record-breaking 6,533 examinees. Each examinee harbors in his or her heart the burning wish to be among the 20% or so who will make it or roughly 1 out of 5. While the arduous trek is done, the takers are in the unenviable position of not knowing whether they have arrived at their longed-for destination. The results will not be released until another 6-7 months and the agony of waiting is oftentimes more painful and distressing than knowing the news outright, whether it be good or bad.

Update: Results will be released on April 3. See News below from the Supreme Court.

Be updated for the List of the 2008 Philippine Bar results when it arrives:

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  • the 2008 bar exam results will be released soon. the examiners are still checking some exam notebooks

    chief justices last blog post..Accused of sub letting

  • inah

    soon? like how soon?

    • jack of all trades

      very soon my friend….one friend of mine told me that it will be released this afternoon….that’s why she did not came her in our office, and prefered to stay home and wait for the results……

      • soulfulme

        maau pa hulaton mo lang sa iyo balay an bar exam result kay next year pa maabot

        • jr

          hehe.. maayo pa gyud.

  • mark

    any updates on the results guys?

  • oni

    i hope that there will be no prejudices.

  • GC

    What is the criteria of selection for the Bar exam? Is it the top 20% or is it everyone who qualifies over a certain %?



    • THere is a passing grade but they adjust if there are too many failing the cut.

  • 09bar taker

    d chief will be at feu on march 30, so march 27 or 28 will be the release of the results?

  • wilma

    isnt it that the chief’s birthday would be on may11?
    that would be his retirement date right?
    does it follow that the bar results would be released near that birthdate, considering that the 2008 batch of examinees is the largest?

  • what day is the result of the bar exam?if the result is already update please post it in my friendster,….?just a request,…

  • aizee

    i hope mr. angelo will pass the exam……

  • hello hope and pray u pass the bar exam . . . . please post to my yahoo messenger whatever results update . . . thank you

  • kirk

    April 2 will be the judgment day. accdg to the spokesperson of the SC

    • kikay

      i need confirmation if it will be april 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  • Bitoy

    I know i will passed the bar exam i can feel it in the bootom of my heart the exam is and are easy so very. i think i am iin the 89 percentile ranking. or top 1 to ten. im excited right now to know the results and hopefully my friends who took the exam make it also. goodluck to them!

    • cool mom

      o yeah???are you trying to convince us or urself?i also took the bar exams last september and u cannot really tell if u are in the top ten or what….well if u really feel it so then gud luck but be sure to handle the blow if u’ll be disappointed…

    • cool mom

      o yeah??r u trying to convince us or urself?i also took the bar exams last sept and theres no way to tell whether u are in the top ten or what…but if u really think so then gudluck but be sure to handle ur sanity if ever u’ll get diappointed…..gud luck to all the examinees..

    • Mr. Bitoy, we just hope you will really make it to the top ten or to pass the bar exam.but please check your grammar and spelling first on your comment before exposing your confidence. i doubt the examiners will appreciate your exam booklets…

    • soulfulme

      Mr. Bitoy, it’s nice to know that you have a “positive feeling” of passing the ’08 Bar Exams…but…what if you failed? Be humble… please, sometimes GOD delays HIS PROMISE to people of your kind!

    • bobocop

      d k papasa. d k marunong english grammar “i know i will passED”. common

  • please i’m begging you please tell me who are the new passers n the bar exam 2009,….i’m requeting you to tell ,me,…..becouse it’s important to me,…..please if you have any results in the bar exam 2009 please login in my frindster please put there whwts the big news in bar exam results 2009,…….thank you,….[advance]

  • blu

    Hi to joeromel, if you happen to cite this blog…i wanna say i’m always here to understand whatever the result may be..


  • jericho

    im waiting for the 2009 bar exam result…………

    • soulfulme

      tumurog ka anay

  • Des

    Hi there!, am just excited to know the bar exam result and just wanna know when will the result be posted?

  • 09bar taker

    april 2!!!!!!!!!

    • Des

      I just want a confirmation guys. Hope it will bring no offense,but putting several exclamation marks on once sentence give different impact. Thanks for the information.

  • Walter

    I heard from a very reliable source that it’s out this thursday, 02 april 2009.

  • aaron

    yah its april 2,2009 the releasement of the 2008 bar exam…hope my dad will pass…im praying to him everynight,hope god listen our prayers because my dad have a physical defect,he cant walk anymore……huhu………

    i have a trust with my dad(^_-),i know he can,whatever it takes…

    prayers is the best!!

    god help us,i dont want my dad cry again..

    my dad namely: roberto c. miemban can passed the 2008 bar exam,god is with him….

    • Jess and Genie

      Hi, has the April 2 been confirmed? Hope it is.

    • jun

      Hope your father will make it! I will pray for him. For God listens to the plea of the children…..

    • shar

      dont wory dear ill include your dad to my prayer list 🙂 let’s cross our finger

  • aizee

    i cant wait to know the result excited ako pra ke angelo……

    • soulfulme

      magtururog anay kamo… k san magparahulat kamo da.. magpuruti lang ang eu mata..

      • churva

        adiw.. pero aram ko na excited ka man ngani
        for sure, dili ka makakaturog man..

  • Jess and Genie

    I am hoping that my nephew Allan Ralph would pass the Sept 2008 barf exam. He deserves to have it. Hope the result will be released pretty soon.

    Kiddo, we are praying for you.

  • pye

    Is it a higher percentage of the passing rate of 2008 BAR exam?

  • anonymous

    bar exam results should be release this week… done checking.

  • mac giovanni t. lagundi

    when the bar exam results be posted?

    please email me. Examinee – Mac Giovanni T. Lagundi

    • waitinggirl

      it’s confirmed. when u look at the Supreme Court Website, the results will be out April 3 (fri)

  • I hope you all make it. I know the tension of waiting. Though I did not take the bar exams, I saw my husband stressed out as he waited in 1990 (can’t remember the date now) for the bar results.

    I will try to get the bar results posted here in this page as soon as the Supreme Court releases it. It can be hard to access the Supreme Court site once the results are released.

    Good luck everyone

    • cool mom

      thnx madamme.

  • milenyum

    UPDATE: Court News flash April 2009: http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph

    Results of 2008 Bar Exams Released On April 3.

    To Read the news: click here: http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph/news/courtnews%20flash/2009/04/04010901.php

    Godbless everyone!

  • cyn

    hi! what time will the results be posted on april 3? noon or evening?

    • anonymous

      around 4- 4:30 pm …GOD Bless to all of us!

  • ErnDevz

    plz do not prolong their agony…MR. VASAYA, MR. ALAJENIO, & MS. PONFERADA good luck guys!

  • lidboyz

    hope our very own atong e, makes it.atty. kna bkas dre.Godbless you.

  • rechelle

    hope my sister in law arlene pardillo mediciello will pass the bar exam we are eager to know it

  • Is it true that the result will be released today. Waiting for now.

    Affiliate Crunchs last blog post..Weekly Updates for 2009-03-29

  • soulfulme

    kadugay man!!!!!!!!!!! maau pa magtururog anay kita k san kahulat na nyan pa man,,,…….

  • mike

    hope kuya glenn condor will pass…!!!

  • supremo abodocia

    im confidence to my self and i believe that im the top notcher for 2009 bar exam to all my co-bar don’t expect to reach my goal because you dont have the rights for that! i believe no man is an island but ignorance of the law excuse no one! tnx

    • cool mom

      wrong grammar…confidence(noun),confdent (adj)…the examiners must have thrown ur exam notbuks with that kind of english…im CONFIDENT about that..maybe ur name appears fist when we start from the bottom..such a misplaced CONFIDENCE wud lead u nowhere..psssst!!!be keen to take note of the grammar points on the use of confidence and confident…help urself..

  • mae

    san po website mkkita ung result? tnx.

  • milenyum
    • thanks Milenyum.

      Congrats to the 1300 lawyers.

      MANILA, Philippines – Some 1,300 law graduates passed the 2008 bar examinations, a source at the Supreme Court told the Philippine Daily Inquirer Friday.

      The figure is more than 20 percent of the 6,364 who took and finished the four-Sunday examinations in September last year.

      In the 2007 bar examinations, 1,289 out of 5,626 examinees passed for a passing percentage of 22.91 percent.

      The highest passing percentage since 2000 was the 31.61 percent posted in 2004.

      Formal announcement of the bar results is expected at 4 p.m. on Friday shortly after the committee on the bar examinations finishes “decoding” the answer sheets and matches them with the names of the examinees.

      • lenn b

        ang tagal naman nila mag encode hanggang ngayon pa ba sila nag cracraming. naman

  • aizee

    wla pa po bang lists? sana mapakita na rin d2…

  • abdanie

    ay tgal namin maghintay ng result, sana may topnocher sa amin d2 sa mindanao… gud luck to all 2008 bar examinees.

  • maya

    a few more minutes to go if they are true to their words that the results will be released at 4pm… hope my brother will pass

  • lenn b

    ang tagal naman

  • hope everyone is happy and excited esp my niece kristen

  • mrs. santos

    tagal naman… hirap na mag-gain ng access sa SC website.. hope someone will post the list here on this blog!!! GOODLUCK to all who took the BAR last September esp my husband…. God bless you all!!!

  • bang!

    its 4pm. excited na ako

  • francjise

    the results will be released at 6pm today. the passing rate is 20.4% after the SC decided to lower the passing grade to 72.50%.

    my source? a professor from UP College of Law

  • chatz

    san po b pwede mkita ung result? tnx

  • tess

    im asking for the sc website… tnx

  • milenyum

    UPDATE: @ 5:11pm DZmm, according to Atty. midas Marques of SC, decoding is still on progress. results shall be released at about 6:00PM at the earliest.

    • This page is now a cache file. If the list is out, I will post it in another entry.

  • milenyum
  • crazy

    shux! pls post here if anyone of you has viewed d official list

  • milenyum

    update: passing score is lowered to 72%. not confirmed and its only a rumor.

  • Mark

    kulang sa dulas ang results ha.aha.ha.

  • angelfil

    6pm na!!! I hope I’ll see dadee’s name sa list of passers. Dadee I miss you. Whatever the result is. I just want you to know that I love you so much.

  • franchise

    once again, it’s a woman numero uno!

  • maya

    gosh….. im tired of waiting na…. nakakastress

    • mrs. santos

      ditto!!! they are really prolonging our agony!!!

  • claire

    meron na po bang results??

  • jajahbee

    ay ang tagal naman.. past six na o..

  • jenifer escala

    sabi afternoon……eh evening wala pa rin

  • aizee

    wai samo hao man naga result of the bar exam 2008…
    sana nga ipost d2, gudlak angelo…

  • where na ba?

    hage ano gud? mayda ba pamumulaton nga result, baga mahapdus na tak eyes!!!! huhuhu

  • milenyum

    UPDATE: 8:00-8:30 expected release of the results according to atty. Midas Marquez

    • 2008 Bar topnotcher, graduate ng San Sebastian College
      4/3/2009 8:13:36 PM

      Nakuha ng law graduate mula sa San Sebastian College ang pagiging topnotcher sa 2008 Bar examination na inilabas ngayon lamang ng Korte Suprema. Kinilala ang nag top 1 na si Judy Lardizabal.

      Ito’y ay mula naman sa kabuuang 6,364 examinees na kumuha kung saan umaabot lamang sa 20.58 percent ang mga nakapasa.



  • marky

    result 8:30 pm

  • angelfil

    🙁 tagal po. 🙁 kanina pa ko 9am nagwait. 🙁 Always “Filipino Time” naman. 🙁

  • genmiczo73

    wala pa ba result?

  • kulasa

    ang tagal naman…

  • milenyum

    update: ;
    total pass 1310 – 20.58%
    top: San Sebastian College

  • acciouno

    2008 Bar topnotcher, graduate ng San Sebastian College
    4/3/2009 8:13:36 PM

    Nakuha ng law graduate mula sa San Sebastian College ang pagiging topnotcher sa 2008 Bar examination na inilabas ngayon lamang ng Korte Suprema. Kinilala ang nag top 1 na si Judy Lardizabal.



  • milenyum


    1 – SSC
    2 – Mindanao SU
    3 – ADMU
    4 – ADMU
    5 – UP
    6 – UP
    7 – ADMU
    8 – ADMU

    • mrs santos

      san na po yung list of names? wala pa rin ba? grabe na ito… pls post the names na…

      thank you!!!

  • mike

    we are so excited and at the same time anxious to know the result…when they will really release the list of passers? hope my bro will make it..God bless!

  • milenyum

    RP has 1,310 new lawyers; San Sebastian stude is topnotcher


  • boyet we pray for you,we knew you can make it..congrats!!!!Godbless

  • masterboll

    kaloy sad ining Bitoy…manghambug pa gyud nga naa siya sa top ten unya dili diay kamao mag english….hehehe pordoy

  • raquel

    ++ God is good!! lawyer na ang friend ko..

    ++ congratz atty. katrina catherine padilla atienza!

  • MSUan 2nd Bar Topnotcher

    Hurray to all MSUans! Mindanao State University soars high to heavens! Our very own Mylene Amerol-Macumbal placed second with only a margin of half of 1 percent in average score of the Top 1 Judy Lardizabal in the 2008 bar examinations whose results just came out Friday.
    Mylene got 85.65 percent, .05 percent lower of Judy’s 85.70 percent. In the legal circle, it already a tie. Mylene is, too, Top 1 junior of Judy. Congrats to the two of them, the creme de la creme of the 1,310 passers representing 20.58 percent of the 6,364 law graduates who took and finished the four-Sunday examinations in September last year.
    To the flunkers, better luck next time guys!
    Mylene might have taken the study rigors of that ex-campus nerd – now Ombudsman for Mindanao Humprey Monteroso who studied many of his law books under the grooves of the pine trees and bushes of the golf course in the campus on so cool, foggy early mornings. Don’t ask me I graduated MSU-Marawi in 1985. MSU is proud of you, Mylene, for reminding all and sundry that MSU remains to be the topnotch university of Mindanao.

    cha monfortes last blog post..NEWS: SP commitee dismisses alleged Sportivo overpricing scam

  • josh

    proud kami ni Marcelo N. Ulanday na pumasa na cya