Imagine two terminally ill men, a billionaire and a mechanic, realizing that they both share a passion to accomplish unfulfilled dreams until they ““kick the bucket.” “The Bucket List” refers to a wish list that these two men try to fulfill before each kicks the bucket. After they break out of a cancer ward, they Read More →

Please support the Sanctuary Fund Drive: Protect Jun Lozada, Protect the Truth ““Sabi niya sa kin masyado ko na raw pinasisikip ang mundo ko,” says Lozada. ““I know I am taking a lot of risks but I took it.” At this point Lozada’s voice breaks anew. ““They reminded me that pinasisikip ko ang mundo ko.” Read More →

I finally met [tag]Christine Gambito[/tag] aka Happy Slip. Not only that, I won a huge Happy Slip Teddy Bear at today’s Happy Slip’s Meet and Greet organized by Mag:net and Yehey. If you missed the [tag]Happy Slip[/tag] Meet and Greet today, there’s another event tomorrow, Friday, February 8. Read details over Happy Slip Fans Day. Read More →