My husband peered over my macbook just before he called it a night. Are you plunking, dear? I wanted to chuckle but I didn’t want to offend him. No dear, I’m plurking. He didn’t seem to notice that plurking is not the same as plunking. Maybe he meant spelunking? tee-hee.

Lauren dragged me to watch a special viewing of Bunso (The Youngest) last saturday. Bunso is a poignant documentary film by Filmmakers Ditsi Carolino and Nana Buxani about three boys – Tony, 13, Diosel and Bunso, 11 – struggling to survive in a crowded Cebu jail alongside adult rapists and murderers. The two streetsmart boys Read More →

Happy Independence Day! So how does one celebrate Independence day when we already took a vacation last weekend? It wasn’t much of a vacation to me because like I wrote yesterday, I was burdened with electrical woes over at my home. How else does one celebrate it? Wave the Philippine flag? My thoughts on Independence Read More →