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UPDATE (December 7, 2008)

My husband peered over my macbook just before he called it a night. Are you plunking, dear? I wanted to chuckle but I didn’t want to offend him. No dear, I’m plurking. He didn’t seem to notice that plurking is not the same as plunking. Maybe he meant spelunking? tee-hee.

Problems are inevitable. Some problems can be anticipated. Some are surprises. The idea that problems occur now and then need not be a surprise. If there is one thing different between my husband and myself, it’s the way we look at our problems. Most of us rant now and then. “Why is this happening to Read More →

Greed led the owner of the MV Princess of the Stars to allow it to proceed on its final journey despite Typhoon Frank warnings. This is the same corporation which owned the even more ill-fated Dona Paz, a ship whose loss on December 20, 1987 killed nearly three times as many as the famous Titanic. Read More →

Lauren dragged me to watch a special viewing of Bunso (The Youngest) last saturday. Bunso is a poignant documentary film by Filmmakers Ditsi Carolino and Nana Buxani about three boys – Tony, 13, Diosel and Bunso, 11 – struggling to survive in a crowded Cebu jail alongside adult rapists and murderers. The two streetsmart boys Read More →

It’s not the pale moon that excites me That thrills and delights me, oh no It’s just the nearness of you It isn’t your sweet conversation That brings this sensation, oh no It’s just the nearness of you When you’re in my arms and I feel you so close to me All my wildest dreams Read More →

It was 5:00 AM when Lauren knocked on our room . The loud noise outside her window woke her up almost the same time as the brownout hit our home. “Don’t worry the MERALCO wires have a ground wire now” I told her to sleep with us if she was still scared with the noise. Read More →

Blogging made me vain. Not directly though. With a blog that focused on an advocacy, it caught the fancy of a few TV shows and magazines. Before I emerged out of my 5 year recluse, I avoided cameras and people like a plague. I didn’t like how I looked. When I saw myself for the Read More →

As a blogger, I often try to improve my craft by learning new techniques or reading tips from my role models. I’m sure you feel the same.

For those searching about Danvil Plans, my post on this is in the middle. Read also the comments section to know more about Danvil Plans Scam or How to Cancel your Danvil Plans Policy. What is it with freebies or raffle prizes? Sure, a freebie or raffle prize is exciting to receive if there are Read More →

I enjoy reading stories of unknown singers making it big in the Music industry. It’s one reason I have an American Idol blog and Pinoy Idol blog where I can see their rise to possible stardom. I am sure a lot of you know Arnel Pineda, the front man for the 80′s Journey band. I Read More →

What a timely theme for Photo Hunt today which is also my 51st birthday. Emotion (s). The photo was taken last saturday as bloggers took the time out to enjoy the massive quarry at Porac, Pampanga. I love being with bloggers because my age seems suspended in time. (That’s why I insist in being called Read More →

Happy Independence Day! So how does one celebrate Independence day when we already took a vacation last weekend? It wasn’t much of a vacation to me because like I wrote yesterday, I was burdened with electrical woes over at my home. How else does one celebrate it? Wave the Philippine flag? My thoughts on Independence Read More →

It started at 12:30 Sunday morning when Butch and I woke up to darkness with the airconditioner turned off. Oh no a brownout! Peering down our bay window, I discovered that the rest of our neighborhood had lights in their homes. Maybe our circuit breaker tripped. No worries. I turned the main switch off then Read More →

We just arrived here at the Pampanga Executive House to witness the launch of Gov. Eddie T. Panlilio’s (Among Ed) blog. So what am I doing here with 20 other political bloggers when I barely write about politics? Oh well, I am here as a fellow blogger to support a new blogger. I will be Read More →

Rina Bernabe of the Renewable Energy Coalition, ( a multi-sectoral alliance of civil society groups and industry players working for the passage of the Renewable Energy Bill in Congress) sent me an email if I could write about Renewal Energy in my blog. If she didn’t email me, I wouldn’t have known that tomorrow (June Read More →

It’s 7:00 in the morning and it’s time for a Meditation session at the Amphitheater of The Farm at San Benito, Batangas. The cool breeze and the rustling leaves coupled with the birds chirping here and there added to the peace and tranquility of this lovely health resort. I was deep in reflection about my Read More →

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