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Finally, finally….we have a venue and date. Philippine Blog Awards 2008 will be held at Coral B, One Esplanade , Seaside corner Bay Boulevard Pasay City on September 21, a Sunday. Here is how One Esplanade looks like.

To capture my initial reaction of the President’s SONA, I wrote this entry while watching the SONA 2008 live coverage. I care about my children who will inherit the country’s future. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo thinks of the poor and her fellow Filipinos in her State of the Nation Address (SONA 2008) (View SONA 2008 Video Read More →

My sister, Dr. Belen Lardizabal-Dofitas appeared in Jessica Soho last night as the resource person in behalf of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) for the “Glutathione Supplements for Whitening”. My sister, a dermatologist by profession wrote the PDS position paper on glutathione supplements. There is also the recent controversial withdrawal of the license of 3 Read More →

Our newly employed househelper wanted to visit her family for the weekend. Sure, I told her you can take your weekend off. I soon left for a movie date with my husband. The next morning, one of my helpers reported that she caught her sneaking out at night carrying a bag. Good thing one of Read More →

Every now and then, readers email me requesting for such and such topic to be blogged. If I think it benefits the public, I usually blog about it. One simple email request came from Diane on May 25 . If it’s not too much to ask, can you please link my entries regarding Danvil Plans Read More →

I woke up this morning to my husband humming the tune to Abba’s I have a Dream. You know how it is when a song gets stuck in your head. Mine was the Dancing Queen sequence from the movie, Mamma Mia we watched last night. I loved the movie! I was 19 years old at Read More →

breastfeeding mom

This entry is a continuation of PR Companies and the Milk Formula Manufacturers (Part 2) I still remember my son tugging at my sleeve “Mom, did you do that to me?” He led me to the room where Maan, his former caregiver was breastfeeding her son. “Of course, I breastfed you.” I hugged my boy. Read More →

This entry is a continuation of PR and New Media Publishing. A few months ago, I got invited to watch the presentation of a scientific study that correlated DHA and ARA (components found in Breast Milk which Milk companies now add to their formula) to the increase of the IQ of a child to 7 Read More →

2006 is the year I started my personal blog. What most of you don’t know is I’ve been blogging on web development, food and entertainment as far back as 2002. The year 2006 is significant to me because I got introduced to New Media Publishing. I know a few bloggers who raised their eyebrows, that Read More →

If you’re a blogger, you probably have your own typical blogger Conversation within your family. What if you have a food blogger in the family? You know how it is. I post food photos in my Pinoy Food Photo Blog to complement my entry. Naturally, when my family eats out, I snap away at the Read More →

When I received the invite for the Justice Reform Initiatives Support (JURIS) project press briefing, I raised my eyebrows upon seeing the venue was at the Mandarin Hotel. Hmm, so the Supreme Court has money to splurge on projects? That alone piqued my curiosity. I discovered that JURIS was funded by the Canadian International Development Read More →

I declined to appear in the Sweet Life Episode on “Comforting the Bereaved” for Lorna Tolentino’s friends. My last TV appearances left me disillusioned with anything showbiz in it. Despite the tragic elements in my life, I cannot stand embellishments injected into my life story. The segment producer tapped me to be the resource person Read More →

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