If there is one place I want to add to my Europe Travel destination list, it would be Sabrosa, Portugal. Imagine rolling hills of vineyards and most importantly, a shared history. Let Butch , my husband and guest blogger, elaborate. A Common Past, A Promising Future Photo courtesy of Quinta de la Rosa

I woke up to the sunlight streaming down my face. A bit dazed, I thought “Where am I?” As the bay window shape loomed in front of me, I smiled and realized I was back home. Oh home sweet home, back to the arms of my sweet husband despite the sore right shoulder. I felt Read More →

Photo Hunt theme is Sad. I don’t actually equate sadness to this beautiful Autumn photo I took near my brother’s residence in rural Missouri. I guess I feel sad because in a week or so, I will miss him. I will miss the wonderful countryside beauty and just being with him and his family.

My husband’s email the other day said something like “surviving here but missing you”. I’ve been trying to reach him via Skype but never got to. Finally at around lunchtime (Philippine time) he managed to get on Skype with the help of Lauren. It’s his first time to use Skype so he has this huge Read More →