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What happened to Halloween day? Why is Trick or Treat celebrated way earlier than October 31? Where is the fun in moving it to an earlier date? Those are the questions my kids are asking me. My three children celebrated Trick or Treat only on October 31 whether it was a weekday or weekend. Then Read More →

I worry about my daughter who is still in the states. She is there for vacation and some thesis research. It’s natural for a mom to worry especially if she finds out that her daughter’s housing is unpredictable and her money resources are slowly dwindling off. I keep telling her to move to my sister’s Read More →

If there is one place I want to add to my Europe Travel destination list, it would be Sabrosa, Portugal. Imagine rolling hills of vineyards and most importantly, a shared history. Let Butch , my husband and guest blogger, elaborate. A Common Past, A Promising Future Photo courtesy of Quinta de la Rosa

So why should you subscribe to my weekly newsletter when you are already subscribed to my blog? Isn’t it redundant? Email: Before I encourage you to subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter, let me bring you back to Janette Toral’s commendable project, Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008. Unfortunately, I did not make it Read More →

Oh the irony of Enfakid A+ Milk Formula with Nourishing the Brain and the Pursuit of Excellence! Milk Formula Manufacturers are quite aggressive in their marketing campaign that they are not checking their “trying to be smart” ads. Blooey first pointed out the Enfakid Milk Ad as shown in the Inquirer (Page D3, October 22) Read More →

Meet Casey, one of the first generation net kids. If you have read my daughter’s blog (then online journal) when it started in 1996, then you might have met Casey in a few of her entries. Casey is not his real name. I first met Casey and a few of my daughter’s online friends in Read More →

I woke up to the sunlight streaming down my face. A bit dazed, I thought “Where am I?” As the bay window shape loomed in front of me, I smiled and realized I was back home. Oh home sweet home, back to the arms of my sweet husband despite the sore right shoulder. I felt Read More →

US elections is just a few weeks away. As a tourist, US politics is all so new to me. I see the American flag and candidate signs in front of homes and certain spots of each city and state. I like that the signs are not littered all over the place. It is quite neat Read More →

Once upon a time, seven siblings lived in an almost perfect world with a strict mom and a loving dad. It seemed almost perfect because the 7 siblings played and laughed day in and day out. They were each other’s best friends. Their mother did not allow them to play with the neighbors because she Read More →

Not all husbands (except for my readers) are responsible and understanding like my husband. My husband never took it against me if I refused sex because he knew there was more to sex than the act itself. Usually the “no” is because I wasn’t ready to be pregnant at a certain point in time. When Read More →

I love countryside living. This is my third visit to mid-west Missouri but in the past two visits in 1998 and 1999 (with the girls to visit Lauren’s online friend), we stayed in hotels never really basking in the beauty of the surroundings. Missouri never fails to freak me out. My arrivals always happen at Read More →

Photo Hunt theme is Sad. I don’t actually equate sadness to this beautiful Autumn photo I took near my brother’s residence in rural Missouri. I guess I feel sad because in a week or so, I will miss him. I will miss the wonderful countryside beauty and just being with him and his family.

My husband’s email the other day said something like “surviving here but missing you”. I’ve been trying to reach him via Skype but never got to. Finally at around lunchtime (Philippine time) he managed to get on Skype with the help of Lauren. It’s his first time to use Skype so he has this huge Read More →

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