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My husband refused to listen to me the night I first learned of Amiel Alcantara’s death. As I narrated the sordid details on how Amiel Alcantara died, Butch clamped his ears, “Stop it, I don’t want to hear anymore. It is just too much” All he knows is that Amiel got ran over by a Read More →

Fly High Amiel!

Edit (February 27): Links on news updated below View Photos of Amiel Alcantara’s Balloon Release Pepe Alcantara’s Eulogy Candles and flowers on the spot where Amiel Alcantara’a head got pinned by the van’s tire

Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera at the Bluewater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch Launch Let’s have some showbiz break with Piolo Pascual. A few bloggers got invited to the BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Opening. Going to the spa is one of my favorite ME time that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check out Read More →

Visit to check for online ukay ukay store or its mirror site, Ukay Multiply > I first came across the word “ukay-ukay” from my mother-in-law who lives somewhere in Benguet. It was circa 1992. Just so everyone knows what ukay-ukay means, let me quote my daughter: Simply put, ukay-ukay is thrifting/thrift-store shopping, Philippine-style. I Read More →

Bloggers’ meet with BB Gandanghari is on Saturday, March 14 at Mag-net, Bonifacio High Street, at 3-5 PM. You can Sign Up Here I am absolutely charmed by BB Gandanghari. “Call me BB” as she hugged me. I found out that it is spelled BB not Bebe. BB is actually derived from her own motto Read More →

My friend Cathy and her daughter, Pia launched “Heaven’s Butterfly” yesterday. The book is published by Anvil and talks about the story of their life in the first year after Migi died. It specifically describes Pia’s journey from a place of sadness to a place of hope. Pia was only seven when Migi died in Read More →

It’s been more than 5 years since my girls left high school. It was a nightmare for us everytime Lauren would ask permission to go “clubbing” with her high school classmates. We feared that they would be offered ecstasy or some dangerous drugs. No matter how responsible we believe our teenager are, once they are Read More →

I bet most of you have been tagged at least once on the Facebook’s 25 Random Things About me Note. Can you imagine the viral effect of this meme? Facebook reports that nearly 5 million notes were created by its users during the week of January 26 through February 2, which was more than double Read More →

My ME time is always a relaxing day off from home and work. It’s the day I pamper myself and make myself feel good. Nurturing is about how we show love for ourselves. It can be a visit to the beauty salon, a foot spa, a home service massage or an indulgent visit to a Read More →

I can’t believe it. My blog is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on February 24. What can I say? Blogging brought me a new normal, many friends, reuniting with old friends and a new sense of adventure and more. I feel like I am on top of the world. Look at me, I am having the Read More →

A multinational company recently interviewed me on the current and emerging behavior patterns and values of Moms in the Philippines in terms of family and lifestyle. Now I told the marketing guy that I can only speak for myself and observations of mommy friends. I agreed to cooperate because my inner-researcher was curious on what Read More →

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