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Of course, I never imagined the wrath of Ondoy as it poured rain in Manila. I arrived in Singapore that saturday noon and saw a twitter message from my daughter. “Oh no, the flood is entering the house. and mom is not here”. No matter, the age of your child, they still look for good Read More →

It didn’t feel right being in Singapore, holed up in a fancy hotel, and eating gourmet dishes while my two girls and husband remained stranded in the second floor of our house. I couldn’t really concentrate on my media coverage of the Black Eyed Peas Concert yesterday because my mind revolved on the neck deep Read More →

I am right now in Singapore for the Philippine Department Tourism (DOT) “” Take Me to the Philippines Campaign ” , a Collaboration between DOT and Black Eyed Peas Filipino Member The rains were already strong at 5:00 AM on my way to the airport. Upon arriving in Singapore, I heard my home’s first Read More →

With the the recent passage of RA 9710, known as the Magna Carta of Women, the Women Media Circle initiated consultations and discussions with women media practitioners in order to draft proposals for the new law’s Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). The focus dealt on the provisions in the law’s Chapter IV Section 16 ““Nondiscriminatory Read More →

We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe. — Venerable John Henry Newman I am not ashamed to admit that I am not a devout Catholic. You can say, a Cafeteria Catholic. Ah, I can just imagine my dear departed dad worried about my eternal salvation. Is that Read More →

“Doesn’t every woman deserve the right to have a safe pregnancy and a baby that’s born healthy? I believe this is a very basic human right.” Katya Matanovic They say that it takes just one or two entries to bring hits to your blog. Three years ago, I wrote about Sex Education in the Philippines Read More →

Real women, it’s said, don’t have hot flushes. They have power surges, and so others will experience what Margaret Mead called ““postmenopausal zest,” a release of energy that propels them to take on causes, take control of their lives and embark on new challenges. (From Drama queens at 50something by Margie David Collins I should Read More →

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” MARCEL PROUST The hot and humid afternoon coupled with a lot of deadlines made me lazy for the rest of the day. A text message arrived. It was from my husband. I have something for Read More →

““Hope never abandons you; you abandon it” George Weinberg Update (September 9, 2009)- Noynoy Aquino to run For President in 2010 Noynoy Aquino Announces Bid For Presidency- Part 1 Noynoy Aquino Announces Bid For Presidency Part 2 I suppose I should be jaded by now. After living through the Marcos dictatorship, the revival of democracy Read More →

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