7 Random Facts About The Woman Behind aboutmyrecovery.com

Memes are so cool when one is faced with a “blogger’s block”. Note that I never say I am a writer. Thanks to Dexie, the feisty Momma, I am tagged to list down the 7 Random Facts About The Woman Behind aboutmyrecovery.com that will revolve around fashion, styling, hair, beauty and vanity. So yes, here is everything you need to know about the kikay me :

1. I wore the same hairstyle for twenty years and only sported a short layered cut this year. Thanks to my lovely 2 girls who constantly beg me to drive them to their favorite hair stylist. A favorite hair stylist is from I Love you Store or Hair News, a Korean Hair salon in Ortigas Center. My favorite hair color artist is from Salon de Manila because they make the most flattering highlights.

2. I own only 5 pairs of footwear. If you compare that to my husband’s 50 pairs, he’s really lucky to have married me. (I should show you the shoe cabinets I bought for him). As to the shoe style, I prefer to wear 2 inch sandals. I don’t like to wear flats or havianas because I feel short.

3. I own a lot of handbags in various colors but I only use one bag colored black till it gets rotten and unusable. Poke me when you notice it’s rotten because I pretend it’s not.

4. Even if my work requires me to sit in front of the computer, I always make sure I am wearing an eyeliner , lipstick and powder. I need to look professional even if my customers don’t actually see me and my virtual office.

5. Pampering means two hour manicure and pedicure at California Spa . I like to take my time when I am having my nails done. When my husband and I have a fight, I hie off to any facial spa for a facial massage to relax my frayed nerves.

6. I’ve always been a conservative dresser most of my life, thanks to a jealous boyfriend. It’s only in the past two years that I ‘ve been more daring. I now wear more clothes with plunging necklines which irritates my husband to death, as if anyone would still be interested in me. One thing that has never changed though is that I am a sucker for fashionable ethnic looking earrings and necklace .

7. I started taking care of my skin when I turned 26 years old. I was in California at that time and the sales lady at Macy’s conned me to purchase this really expensive Lancome eye cream. She said something like “take care of your skin while you’re still young”. I’ve been applying eye cream religiously around my eyes for the past 20 years or so using other skin care brands. Upon reaching 40 years old, I added more skin regimen such as Shiseido facial cream. These days, I use the Mary Kay Timewise skin solution. I also apply Virgin coconut all over my body and hair when I take a steam bath at the Fitness First gym.

As you might notice as I get older, I am more vain err more fussy about my appearance. Hehe. Okay so let me tag a few bloggers like LadyCess, Riz, Cathy, Auee and AnnaManila

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Thanks Noemi for doing the meme. I really appreciate it.

    Flats ain’t my thing either. I just don’t feel confident in ’em.

    #4 is cute..hehe. Your clients better appreciate you even more 🙂

  • ooohh.. thanks for the tips on number 7. been thinking of lancome eye cream, effective ba talaga? 🙂

    lets say i poke you now bec ive noticed your bag’s poor state, are you going to let your bag retire, or are you going to pretend you havent noticed any poking 🙂

    acknowledged ang tag 🙂

  • Riz

    Err.. haha. This is an unusual meme (and difficult for me, I have to say). But okay, I’ll take on the challenge. 😉 Soon. 🙂

  • I agree with you that the older we get the more fussy we get and the more intricate the regimen. Eh makes sense naman di ba. We used to take skin, eyebags, etc. for granted. I should have begun earlier if i only knew … oh, but i should save these for the meme, right? lol

    Your taggees — do they represent a cross section of age groups … thats why i find myself at the tail end? hehe

  • oh, Noemi, 5 pairs is so little! as to bags, i, too, would always carry the same kind of bag until it is rotten and old. esp if i feel that the the purse or the bag brings me good luck. sometimes i have feeling that luck is in the bag or in the purse, or is it just coincidence?

  • @dexie- they can even skype me if need me

    @cess- maybe. I will agree to buy a new bag. Usually it’s the girls who note how rotty it has turned out to be.

    @riz- difficult?

    @annamanila- No there was no ranking of age group. Actually Riz is the youngest in my tagged list. Now that you mentioned, it wil be interesting to read all the age groups.

    @sexy mom- i dislike transferring my stuff to another bag.

  • Hi Noemi. I so love footspas, pedicures, and manicures. In fact, my husband gives me GC’s for that just to calm me down (read : get me to shut up 🙂 ) I go to Nail Loft. For me they have the best Footspas with Asian Reflexology. Makes me fall asleep all the time.

    We don’t jive when it comes to footwear. I’m the flipflop maven of my family. Can’t live without my Havaianas. I can’t wear heels too much or I’d be taller than my husband. BTW, they have Havaianas with thicker soles. There’s another brand of Brazilian flipflop that make them with kitten heels.

  • Noemi, I’m doing a writing project regarding the recent murder of Musa Dimasidsing, the district supervisor who was shot dead, he was the election official who exposed the election fraud and other anomalies in Maguindanao.

    I hope you can join the the writing project and write a blog post on your reaction, I will link to your post, and I will collect the links everyday and post them up on a single blog post. This starts Wednesday up until Sunday.

    You can read about the writing project on my recent post and also find out how you can join. I hope everyone can join, and let’s make our voices heard, let’s stand up for the heroism of Musa and hope that his death does not go in vain.

  • Great tip about the virgin coconut oil. I love the steam bath at the gym and now I’ll try your trick 🙂

  • My mom swears by Shiseido, it’s the only thing she uses. She looks 20 years younger than she really is..

  • Just 5 pairs? How do you survive?

    I’m 31 this month, and I have been thinking whether I should start using anti-ageing creams. So far I’ve only ever used moisturisers.

  • oopps forgot… thanks for the tag!

  • @Kongkong622- where is Nail Loft?

    @nick- will do. I just have a hard time surfing the past days because I got used to my macbook

    @Manila mom- virgin coconut oil is so organic and used by our ancestors before creams became a fad

    @nick- my sister gave me my first Shiseido because I noticed her flawless skin

    @auee- well as long as I have all the colors, I will survive. I think using moisturizers is a good step you’ve taken there.

  • Noemi, you definitely chose the right laptop.. If I had known earlier that this was the preferred choice, I wouldn’t have bought the Dell I have now..

    Also, as my mom told me, we shouldn’t ever wipe our face when drying it, just pat it gently… Imagine that, beauty tips from a political blogger 🙂 A man too 🙂

    The writing project is from Wednesday until Sunday, it doesn’t have to be long, just thoughful… 🙂

  • Nail Loft has 3 branches. One is in Road 3, Proj. 6, QC. Very near SM North Edsa and Trinoma. The 2nd branch is in Sct. Gandia, QC in front of the Sacred Heart Church in Kamuning. The 3rd branch is in the Convergys Bldg. along Commonwealth Ave.

  • *hehe* i’ve been lurking around your blog for a few months. only now do i feel compelled to comment. i thought i was the only wife whose shoe collection (and closet, in general) is out-numbered and out-crowded by my husband =)

    anyway, i really enjoy reading your blog… all the way from new jersey!

  • You’re so kikay pala! 😀 But it shows naman that you take care of yourself. You look young at (nearly)50.
    My newest daily must-have is sunblock. I’ve been using it since last year when I realized how expensive sunspot removal is!

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