A Cozy New Look

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newdesign.jpgHow is the wide wide world of the blogosphere today? Good to hear that we all agree to disagree . While everyone was busy with a new soap opera in the blogosphere, I chose to putter around and fix my blog’s theme. Introducing my blog’s spanking new layout designed by Juan Karlo Licudine of pinoyblogero.com (of course I hired his services). My angel must have guided Karlo’s hands because the header design is awesome. My instructions for the drawing were “we’re a family . I am using my macbook and Luijoe is hovering nearby”. The header depicted the way I wanted it to be and even more. I love this Karlo! He made me virtually sexy. He even captured my husband’s white hair Haha.

I’m really happy with my blog’s cozy new look.

So yes, I’ve just been through a morass of feelings. I bet you did too. The good news is good feelings are here again. Actually good feelings can become a habitual part of our lives. I don’t have to allow others to make myself miserable and I dont have to make myself miserable. A good day does not have to be calm before the storm

Enjoying my good day doesn’t mean I am being disloyal to a loved one who is facing a setback. A good day or a good feeling doesn’t mean we’re in denial. I don’t have to make myself feel guilty because other people are having a bad day. I don’t have to make myself miserable to be like them. They can have their day and their feelings and I can have mine too.

A good feeling is to be enjoyed. I won’t allow others to spoil it with negativity because it can take me out of harmony. Negative energy sabotages and destroys. It brings out a life of its own. Positive energy has its own powerful life. Positive energy heals , conducts love and transforms.

We should all choose positive energy.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • I really LOVE the header. I saw it while you were still puttering around and I was like “awwwwwwwwwww”. How much does Karlo charge? I want one of my own “family” too 🙂

  • Hi Noemi. I love your beautiful personalized header. Even the ‘Subscribe to Feeds’ has a wonderful image of Luijoe. May your sweet angel help sprinkle positive thoughts all around us.

  • I like the look of your blog, Noems! Now, please e-mail me privately because my friends here in the US want your recommendations for their website development, ok?



  • yup, lovely lovely design. love everything about your new look. galing!

  • Wow, refreshing new layout indeed. That image of Louijoe holding the RSS button is just cute.

    Kudos to Juan Karlo!

  • @dexie- He charges the standard rates for wordpress header/images. It’s a bit over the normal rates because he actually draws it by hand.

    @Rach- as of this time 7:23 am August 17, the feed image, the background image and the header need to be fixed. I was just so excited that I wanted it all up.

    @Lorna- the theme is open source and was customized. It’s the header that is an original artwork.

    @Lady Cess- It’s so cute nga. I showed the sample to the family for them to approve their caricature

    @Jhay- So all ye guys, please subscribe

  • Good Morning, Noemi!! The new look is great!! And your header fits perfectly. With this new look comes a new beginning. If we can all blow the storm of negativity with a breeze of positivity then everything will just be rosier. Galing!!

  • Very nice redesign. Easier to navigate. Masarap sa mata.

  • beautiful, in its real sense. kudos to Karlo. i as thinking, if i were to follow suit and include all my children, DIL, w granddaughters _ 1 grandson coming, it will fill up the whole header (LOL)

  • @KongKong622- You are so right. New beginnings of peace, love and harmony.

    @Em Dy- Yes it was about time to change.

    @Sexy Mom- that would be also awesome if you had all your kids and grandkids.

  • Hi Noemi, Ive been a long time stalker of your blog 🙂 I just would to say I really like the new blog look and Ive been meaning to join the Pinay image campaign for the longest time I just am having trouble with my hosting. Thanks for the inspiration. I have contacted PinoyBlogero about his services 🙂

  • Looks great. 🙂 I love the header too, just as how I imagined you guys. =)

  • Riz

    I love it, I love it! 🙂 Haay. Makes me want to revise my own theme too. Hehe.

  • @Aggie-Stalker? Thanks for finally making your mark here. Oh yeah please join our Filipina campaign soon.

    @Tina- I love how he captured our family

    @riz- I am sure you can revise easily. I don’t have time to tweak anymore

  • Miej

    Another lurker surfacing. 🙂 Love the new look!

  • @Miej- it’s really nice to see lurkers commenting. Keep coming back.

  • Ganda nga header. Swak na swak! At si daddy nakasilip hehehe!

  • Thanks Noemi. I’ll keep Karlo in mind when I change into my Winter theme. 🙂

  • Hello!

    Been seeing your name on 2 of my fave bloggers sites (Anna & SexyMom) and thought I’d hop over. Napadalaw na ako dito a few times I’m sure.
    Anyway, I was reading and browsing and checked your blogroll, and imagine my surprise to see my name included in it. Wow, thank you, it’s quite an honor.

  • Congrats. Surely..you look young and sexy;)

  • Wow! What a lovely header 🙂 so clean, neat, refreshing and wholesome! Ayan, maging wholesome and lovely and positive palagi. That’s the best way to go you know. Have no room for negativity ‘day. You attract what you generate. Wink. Wink*

  • @gina-Annamanila is my old colleague at work . same with Dine.

    @ajay- feeling young too.

    @Cathy- thats why I chose to steer away from negativity. I can’t be sucked into a hole .

  • Hi, Noems!

    Again, just darting in and out of blogs and emails. But I just had to leave a comment to say that as with everyone else here, I LOVE your new theme. It’s truly family! And the colors are cool, peaceful, refreshing and happy, happy, happy!

    Catch you again soon!

  • Very lovely header. Karlo is one heck of a talented illustrator. 🙂

    I agree – feeling good doesn’t mean you’re betraying (being disloyal) a loved one who doesn’t share the feeling. Enjoy the feeling. 🙂

  • Noemi – I love your header. Is it just me or do the illustrations really look like lauren and marielle? 🙂

  • @Jane- you are one busy woman. Thanks for dropping bye.

    @Shari- yes he is so talented. Last I heard he has so many orders. wahaha

    @ApplesH- Karlo asked for our family photos so the image is somewhat a representative of the family. It’s just that I am virtually sexy .

  • Hi Noemi,

    Love the new header! It somewhat gives the reader a soothing feeling…

    Kudos to Karlo for the top notch artwork 😉

  • I love your new header. Much as I want to spend to change my blog look..I dont have the cash, maybe I should learn to draw again.

    But it really is so nice!!!

  • Noemi, your new personalized header is so beautiful. Awesome job! I love it! Nice happy family with Luijoe watching over.

  • just love your new header, of course it’s my niece who made it for you. love the total look.

  • Hi Noemi, I like your header. It’s really soooo nice.

  • Oh my everyone is refurbishing his or her place but you know who. This is so cool and relaxing and yet the symbolisms are intact. Congrats to the designer.

  • Natalie David

    Well done!

  • Anna Kravis

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