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Ako mismo ang magbablog para sa ikabubuti ng bayan sounds better than Ako Mismo hindi magbablog ng makasasama sa bayan.

I now support Ako Mismo. Let me Explain.

Ako Mismo finally gave some answers. I decided to write a new entry on this because my Ako Mismo Campaign and My Conditional Support is cluttered with too many updates.

Four new links are now up but the problem is I needed to click twice to get to these pages. From the Home Page, I had to click “skip Intro” because I was not yet a member then click “already a member?” before reaching these 4 pages.
(Update – May 8: Links are now in the main landing page)

1. Who is Behind Ako Mismo?

2. FAQ

3. Contact Page

4. Wall of Commitment

If already a member, you need to click “already a member” to view those pages. Unsolicited Advice: Please place Who is Behind Ako Mismo? , FAQ, Wall of Commitment and Contact Page on the main landing page. (Update – May 8: Links are now in the main landing page)

I just had three basic questions:

1. Who is behind Ako Mismo?

Their FAQ says this:

Q: Who is behind the Ako Mismo campaign?
A: DDB, under its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, DDB Cares, is the spirit behind the campaign. For many years now, DDB Cares has been supporting causes it firmly believes in, using its creative and media resources to espouse positive values. From taking care of the environment, to education of children, responsible voting, protection against domestic violence and human trafficking, role of media in shaping society, religious efforts for Veritas and Caritas, and now, this advocacy for hope and empowerment. We do this, pro bono oftentimes, both for our clients and for our own advocacies.

Yup, DDB Philippines owns AkoMismo.org.

2. What will you do with the database?

Their FAQ says this:

Q: The registration for Ako Mismo requires information from those who sign up. Will the database be used for commercial or political gain?
A: No. The basic information we asked for will be used to guide us in the deployment of the dog tags to the right people. The information will also be useful as we mobilize our socio-civic activities, as it will determine where and what projects are relevant in specific areas. It is important to point out that this whole movement is one of volunteerism. And while we hope more people will sign up, or that our members will participate in future activities (the choice of which will be guided by feedback we receive about what matters to them), ultimately each individual has total freedom to decide whether he will participate or not. We are very protective about the information we receive and we have taken security precautions against people accessing the information for their use without our knowledge. We are zealous about protecting the movement from being exposed to those with political or commercial agenda.

3. Why do we have to sign up to write or view the wall? It is fishy that you have to collect our information before we can view your site properly.

We can now view the whole Ako Mismo site through their Who is Behind Ako Mismo? and an FAQ but we cannot view the wall of commitment ( Wall of Commitment is now visible). I wish they can give us a preview of the Total Pledges: 64,540 as of this writing (9:00 am of May 7).

And why are so much personal details required? Still unanswered and it still brings doubts to most bloggers. Regnard Raquedan in his Ako Mismo No Thanks says it nicely:

Look, I’m not saying that the Ako Mismo is a campaign with no credibility. Its intentions are good, in my opinion, and they have launched one of the most intriguing campaigns of the year so far. However, there are just too many obfuscated strings (links to certain personalities, market research, data mining, etc.) for me. For the average user, these may not matter, but for me, they do.

My conclusion is that their site was not properly tested or no Usability Testing was done which can give direct input on how real users use the system. It is a beta site. I feel the Ako Mismo site is still a work in progress. It is good that the owners DDB, under its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, DDB Cares, finally answered some of my concerns.

It is a commendable project for everyone. I will affirm it again.

I believe in the concept of Ako Mismo. I believe that I have no control over people, places and things yet I have control over myself. I have control on my own actions and attitude. Change starts with me. Others may start to follow suit. But first, it begins with me.

I, myself.

I don’t really need an Ako Mismo site to bring this point across, do I? I don’t need the Ako Mismo site to work out its kinks for me to believe in Ako Mismo

My blog can still deliver this message to my readers, my subscribers and my community.

Ako Mismo.

I Support Ako Mismo and I registered just now. My Ako Mismo is probably the 64,644th pledge.

I gave my conditional support two days ago because I didn’t want my personal information to be harvested . Their assurances in their FAQ make it acceptable to me. Also, it was Patrick “Pato” Gregorio a good friend of my husband who vouched for this campaign through an email sent to my sister (with a cc to Gil Chua, the CEO of DDB Philippines) . Apparently, Pato and Gil started this idea. We have known Pato for the longest time now and trust him. When I continued to raise doubts, my husband assured me “if Pato is behind this, he is trustworthy”. Even if I know him, it didn’t stop me from being critical of some kinks in the Ako Mismo website. My sister, Lorna wrote more on this. I trust Pato and if “napapahiya ako dito”, he won’t hear the end of it. Mark my word.

To protect myself, I used my prepaid phone number and an email address solely for Ako Mismo purpose , and where I can address SPAM issues.

Ako Mismo will blog about Ako Mismo to ensure it is a lifetime campaign and not just a short term solution to our country’s problems.

Ako Mismo gumawa ng paraan.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein

Visit AkoMismo.org

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