Anna Nicole Smith’s Death

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anna nicole smithMy heart goes out to Anna Nicole Smith. In death, she is still in the spotlight. [tag]Anna Nicole Smith[/tag]’s Death remains a mystery as of press time. The medical examiner says her death was “sudden, unexpected and unexplained. Upon hearing of [tag]Anna Nicole Smith’s death[/tag], the first thing that entered my mind was her grief over the loss of her son, Danny five months ago. The reality of child loss is devastating to a mother. There are overwhelming feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and most often feelings of failure. These feelings can overwhelm a mother for several months following the death of a child, and it can be quite difficult to build a support system to carry a mother through this roller coaster of emotions.

I have known bereaved parents who numb their pain through alcohol or drugs. So the second thing that entered my mind was did she die from drug overdose, alcohol or both?

Though Anna Nicole monopolized the gaudy, gossipy celebrity stage in life and in death, I can truly relate to her pain.

I don’t drink alcohol but during the early months of my grief, I just wanted to numb the pain. My doctor recommended anxiety pills but I refused. All I could think of is ” Stop my heart from hurting, please. ”

I also feel sad for Anna Nicole’s bereaved mom who is also a grieving grandmother. This is not the natural order of life. Children do not die before you.

Arthur (her mom) blamed drugs for her daughter’s death. “I think she had too many drugs, just like Danny,” she said, referring to Smith’s 20-year-old son, who died while visiting Smith and her newborn daughter in the hospital in the Bahamas, “and I tried to warn her about drugs and the people that she hung around, and she didn’t listen.”


Lastly, I wonder what will happen to her baby daughter.

Three men are now claiming to be the father of the child, who is potentially heir to a multi-million-dollar fortune.

Minutes after word of the death of stripper-turned-celebrity Anna Nicole Smith, the blogosphere began the autopsy of a life lived in the headlines, and the verdict wasn’t at all pretty.

“Anna Nicole Smith’s condition downgraded to dead,” one writer on news commentary site coldly noted. Thousands of visitors had posted remarks within hours of her death. Fark commentator “LikelyCulprit” posted a photo of a beached whale entitled “preliminary autopsy photo.”

Ugh . No respect for the dead. Let’s give her some peace.

Amidst all the confusion, the lawsuit, and the medical puzzle, I pray for her , that she is granted the peace that eluded the last few days of her life, and that she may find comfort in the presence of her son, Daniel.

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  • Anna Nicole Smith couldn’t just become aged & expired playmate. Living the life like she did requires an appropriate epilogue. It is so suitable for a white trash princess, to pass away suffocated from her own vomit. She was an American model, kind of an actress and mostly a celebrity. A Chronicle of her life is amazingly crowded with raging events: At the age of 25, Smith – a divorced single parent – named Playboy Playmate of the Year and signs contract to replace Claudia Schiffer as the official model of Guess clothing…At age 26, Smith marries Texas billionaire J. Howard Marshall… A Year later Marshall dies, and since than Smith battles Marshall’s family for a portion of his $1.6 billion estate…She hosts a reality show, getting really fat…and than lose 69 pounds…getting pregnant…gives birth to daughter Dannielynn….3 days later Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel dies in her hospital room…wowooo… and did you expect her to just die from old age?

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  • Curly
  • mike

    I don’t know. Despite of all the bad things people are saying about Anna Nicole, she did do alot with her life.. From topless dancer in Texas to having her own show, being the media starlet..
    I didn’t know that her history until I saw her timeline

    I’m impressed. R.I.P Anna Nicole

  • Children don’t die before their parents. This was what my mother kept saying when my sister (1982) and brother (1996) died, both of kidney ailment. Life is a mystery, we never know what lies around the bend.

  • Oh how painful it must be for your parents.

  • the past few months must have been very tough for Anna Nicole. my heart cries out for little Dannielynn. i hope she will be able to cope with life without a mother. somebody ought to protect her from hounding press people and from people claiming to be her father, but are not.

  • Sam

    Hi Noemi. You are blessed with a loving and sensitive heart. Keep blogging, you inspire me.

  • this has been keeping me up all night. i keep thinking about her little girl. i have a 5 month also and I just can’t imagine my daughter growing up without me 🙁

  • @Sexy mom- Maybe Anna’s mom will take care of the baby

    @Sam- Thanks for your inspiring comments as well.

    @dexie- I hope her baby will be loved by her substitute mother/guardian. I hate how the men are all after the paternity of the baby.

  • Alan

    Anna Nichole Smith did what she wanted to do in life,And she did it. Never cast judgement on other people unless you have walked in their shoes. At lot of people that have made rude remarks about her should check in their own closets for some dirt.

  • china

    My heart goes out to this beautiful woman, she was misunderstood by many people, but one thing was true about her she loved her boy, and i knew when he died not long will she be gone too, u could see the pain in her eyes she was never the same after his death. Now i just wish they would just let her rest in peace and be with her son. Anna i will never forget u and hope u are finally happy with ur son and may ur daughter be in the best hands. God bless u.

  • Maria Gonzales

    I also am so sad by Anna’s death. I do believe the paternity should be priority after the burial. I do believe Larry is the father not Howard Stern. Look at the baby and she looks exactly like Larry and Anna. I would bet her fortune on it.

  • lis


  • lis- I feel sad for dannielynn. All these men claiming to be her dad is just wrong. I wonder if they have any ounce of fatherly concern.