Being a seventies’ child

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Being an 80s child & why today’s youth never had it so good brings back sweet memories of my youth. Hence, I’ve come up with my own version of the 70’s child. (yes I am that old. High School in 1970 and college in 1974).


We didn’t have Playstations, Nintendo 64, X boxes, video games , cable TV with over 100 channels , VCR’s, surround sound , cellular phones , computers , online chatrooms.

Instead we, had…

1. Dance parties that started at 4:00 PM because martial law imposed a curfew at 12:00 midnight. A permit was required whenever there were more than 5 guests.

2. Portable typewriter instead of a laptop. When you made a typing error, you had to use a correction fluid . No delete buttons. And you had to have your content ready before typing.

3. Four TV channels: Channel 3, Channel 7 and Channel 9 and Channel 13.

4. No call waiting. No direct dialing. One time, I had the shock of my life when an operator rudely interrupted a telephone conversation with my suitor because of an incoming long distance call.

5. No Automated Teller machines. Since I dormed at the UP campus, my allowance was sent through telegraphic transfer. Queuing at PNB for 30 minutes or so was not fun at all.

6. PONG . If you don’t know what PONG is it is a rudimentary side-view tennis game, the ball bounces off a long horizontal line at the bottom of the oscilloscope, and there is a small vertical line in the centre to represent the net.

7. No email. I wrote letters to my siblings with a pen , of course and rode a jeepney to drop my letter at the post office. Often it takes a week for our letter to arrive. If we wanted instant messaging, we had to use the telegram such as RCPI.

8. No World Wide Web. Research had to be done in the library. And nope, there were no search engines. One needed to be proficient in the Dewey Decimal Classification System and use the card catalog to get the right book.

9. No bottled water. I drank water from the faucet or from a hose in the backyard.

10. No portable music player. No Napster. No. torrents. No MP3 ‘s. No IPod. Vinyl records and cassette tapes were so cool. I brought my friends over to the house to groove with the music and dance along with the music- 12 steps (not the 12 step program, duh), LA walk, the Swing.

TRS 80
11. No macbooks . No IBM. No Microsoft. We had a TRS 80. And the RAM was either 4 or 16 kilobytes of RAM . Whaa?

12. No CD’s or floppy disk either. Instead , we used cassette tapes to store computer data. If the tape got torn, you splice it.

13. No computer schools. I did my own self-study on BASIC programming .

14. Groovy . Not astig.

(I will add more when I remember something. )

To the children of this decade: I hope that you take advantage of the new technologies to enhance your God-given talents. You never had it so good.

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  • Good inputs Noemi. I haven’t asked my older sis about this, she was a 70s child. I forgot in my own entry that there were no fax machines then so in the newspaper where I worked, we had to dictate our stories to somebody over the phone while he banged the typewriter:)

  • Toe

    Hi Noemi. I’m an 80s child but I remember the 70s. There were no cds, only casette tapes which you have to roll with a pen to rewind. There were no vcds and dvds… you had to watch the movie itself in Delta or Circle, although the betamax was probably in vogue in that decade. 45s and 33s referred to the size of the records. At that time, Shoemart sold only shoes. 🙂 You had to go to Clark to buy PX goods.

  • This is cool. But on the other hand, what was better in the 70s?

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