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Yesterday , I celebrated One Internet Day which coincided with the Digital Filipino Club’s 7th anniversary through the invitation of Janette Toral . I caught sight of J. Angelo live blogging during the event and Adrian.

This year’s theme is E-Commerce Build-up for SMEs with topics on:

1. E-Commerce for National Competitiveness
2. Data Privacy and E-Commerce
3. Building Buzz with Blogs
4. State of E-Payment in the Philippines
5. New E-Commerce Opportunities
6. Making E-Commerce Work

But what caught my attention was Maoi Arroyo’s talk on Buzz Marketing with Blogs. Take a look at this latest Blogosphere report (available only to Digital Filipino members which you should join if you’re into e-commerce), there’s an untapped way of talking to the young and upwardly mobile segment of Manilenyos:

18% of internet users read blogs
55% of bloggers are < 20 years old 20% of bloggers are between 20 to 29 years old 71% are male 84% are single 48% are students 97% have their own computers at home

So that means I belong to the 25% bracket of 30 years old and above bloggers and the 29% female blogger? Hey, that doesn’t mean I have nothing better to do. It just means we , female oldie-bloggers know how to maximize the internet’s capability other than just emailing or chatting.

Another aspect in building buzz with blogs is to pay attention to “long tail” influentials like Connie’s Connie is so popular that her blog was mentioned twice by Maoi. I know that Connie cannot be easily influenced by PR practioners. Watching her on the Cheche Lazaro’s ““Media in Focus”, she mentioned that she will not compromise her blog having ads that are contrary to her food blog’s theme. Corporations now realize that bloggers can create a buzz. Remember the Globe-Innove sponsored meet in Temple Bar? And there is blogcon sponsored by them for September 25. These corporations should be prepared for favorable and non-favorable feedback from bloggers. I even mentioned to Globe-Innove that you can learn a lot from your most difficult customer. Tomorrow, I got invited to an intimate gathering with them. I wonder what they have to say about their products and services this time. I do hope they offer superior services not available from other telecom providers.

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Maoi and I used to e-mail after she commented on my blog a couple of years back. We lost touch. So she still reads me… that’s one gal with come very innovative ideas about how to use technology. 🙂

  • @Connie- Yes she mentioned that you and she were email pals . She also said “I have never met her personally so if you’re here in the audience, Connie..hi”

  • Thanks Noemi for coming to the event and for joining the club. Look forward in catching up with you soon.

  • Hi Noemi, pleased to meet you. *shakes pixelated hands*. I’m glad you enjoyed my talk. Tried to give an overview so it might not have been as in depth as you would have liked. On another note, I love your photo of me… I look thin!

    @Connie: Dude, we have SO got to meet up sometime. 😀

  • @janette- I ‘m glad you invited me. It was worth it.

    @Maoi- you’re an effective speaker. Your case studies made it more interesting. Oh yes that photo looks flattering indeed. Side view shots are the best. 🙂

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