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The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer The brouhaha of the alleged child abuse committed by Willie Revillame and the filing of a child abuse complaint at the fiscal paved the way for the approval of an important legislation that will Read More →

Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime. –Herbert Ward Remember the child abuse complaint filed against Willie Revillame two weeks ago? I am one of the co-complainants from the third suit filed by concerned citizens that includes Froilan Grate, Peachy Bretana, , and Fr. Robert Reyes. Yesterday was the first preliminary hearing Read More →

Remember my article Discovering Tranquility in Luijoe Meadow? I felt something good was going to happen. Positive developments on the resolution of the Willing Willie incident looked promising. During the Holy Week, I received news that a child advocacy group would file a complaint of child abuse against Willie Revillame. I kept the good news Read More →

I had no idea what awaited me that Sunday afternoon as I clicked on a Youtube link provided by a concerned blogger who wanted me to write about it. My heart broke as I watched a six-year-old kid gyrating like a macho dancer on the variety show ““Willing Willie,” with TV host Willie Revillame making fun Read More →

This letter is response to my entry Willie Revillame humiliates a crying 6 year old boy. You might also be interested to read an Open Letter to Jan-Jan. March 28, 2011 MR. MANNY V. PANGILINAN Chairman ABC Development Corporation Dear Mr. Pangilinan: This is with regard to the 12 March 2011 episode of your show Read More →

Jan-Jan is the 6 year old boy who was dancing and crying in Willie Revillame’s show. This is a letter written by my good friend, Cathy Guballa . I have posted it here with her permission. Dearest Jan-jan, My heart broke as I watched you cry on television. You should never have been there in Read More →

This is just so disgusting. Willie Revillame, you are the lowest of the low. I watched this video of a six year boy crying as he danced in Willie Revillame’s show. Watch as Willie laughs and picks on the poor boy (removed video now) My heart just goes out to him. My friend, a mother Read More →

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