by Cathy Dellosa-Ng, as  originally published at the Philippine Online Chronicles Every child has had to go through the phase of indulging in coloring books like there’s no tomorrow. But at some point in life, we eventually outgrow these candy-colored hobbies and move on to other stuff—grown-up stuff. Or do we? Adult coloring books are Read More →

titas of manila

written by Toni Tiu, as originally published at , “Tita of Manila” Mode: ON!, Philippine Online Chronicles Being a Tita has never been this “in.” “Tita” is what you call your Mom’s sister, your Dad’s female co-workers, basically any lady who’s a generation above you. But now, Tita is more than just a title or Read More →

mom loves lazada shopping

Did you know that 63% of Filipino moms read online advice from : Parenting websites (82%); Facebook (36%), Search engines (31%) and family and friends (84%)? More and more mothers are online because they have become tech-savvy, digitally engaged on their laptops and mobile. They made a purchase mainly because it was recommended on a Read More →