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Do you catch yourself yelling in your mind any of these questions? “I’m so busy! I don’t even have time to eat.” “I need more than 24 hours in the day.” “I don’t have time for that.” “I wish I had more time for myself.” Well, if you do, then just say “I need a Read More →

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A simple enough pleasure, surely, to have breakfast alone with one’s husband, but how seldom married people in the midst of life achieve it. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh It is a blessed Sunday morning as I take breakfast with my husband. These days, I don’t read newspapers unless I want to collect that issue, Our Read More →

Don’t we just love family meals together? It’s the perfect time and place to reconnect and to show my girls that they are our priority. Sitting across the table is where and when I find out more about my children’s likes, dislikes, and daily life. Now that they are adults, it is the place where Read More →

I feel guilty whenever I am away from home. Even if the girls are all grown up, I am just so used to being a stay-at-home mom working at the comfort of my bedroom. As election day nears, I find myself out of the house more often than I ever had in my married life. Read More →

If you’re a blogger, you probably have your own typical blogger Conversation within your family. What if you have a food blogger in the family? You know how it is. I post food photos in my Pinoy Food Photo Blog to complement my entry. Naturally, when my family eats out, I snap away at the Read More →

It’s a glorious sunday morning. The empty nest will be back to a full house. Marielle will soon fly in from a vacation in Singapore. Lauren is expected to be back from an overnight beach trip from Zambales. So it’s just me and my hubby. Butch and I enjoyed our quiet morning with a hearty Read More →

“Hmmm, so this is what sensual means…”. I could hear his voice . okay fine …I didn’t torture my husband by blindfolding him as he ate his lunch. You see, we both underwent a sensual experience with eight utlimate mouth-watering dishes from Serye Restaurant.

A few days ago, Lauren asked me “mom, were you invited to the Bloggers Breakfast at Portico 1771?” I checked my email and found the invite at my abandoned Yahoo email address. I thought it must have been Jayvee‘s idea. But no, he had no idea who invited us. New media as a path to Read More →

From Media? , the staff of Amor Maclang asked. No, I’m a blogger as I wrote down my name on the registration sheet of the Wagyu Beef Fest at the Diamond Hotel during lunch today. Handing me my name tag with the media label underneath my name seemed strange. Shouldn’t it be “new media”? Then Read More →

I think I have mentioned before that my husband is my co-homemaker . For the past two years, he took over my role in grocery shopping. It’s really sweet of him to shop for me. I don’t mind it one bit because I don’t enjoy grocery shopping. Prices of the goods are quite depressing. I Read More →

Taking snacks and desserts can be quite a challenge for diabetics like me. Our body screams ““sweetness”. We can only stare and drool at that mouth-watering chocolate cake or blueberry pie on the party table. It disappoints me that not many coffee shops carry sugar free desserts or low carb, low fat dishes. I often Read More →

The two girls arrived home last night due to the upcoming storm Reming but they were craving DOUGHNUTS. “Uh not now dears. It’s late! ” I promised to buy them [tag]Krispy Kreme Doughnuts[/tag] by waking up early for their Opening Day. Well, today is the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Opening Day at the City Center, Global Read More →

You should also check out the 12 Cups with the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Give in to Giving which offers a chance for you to donate to 12 charities and to receive a Giving Journal designed by renowed artists. Updated- Click here for the Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2009 Planner. View more photos of Read More →

It surprised me that there is a scientific explanation for those drivers that are just stark raving mad on the road. Scientists call it “Road Rage” Disorder or Intermittent Explosive Disorder. I thought they were just rude , annoying drivers. Excuse me! To you, that angry, horn-blasting tailgater is suffering from road rage. But doctors Read More →

The Jollibee Earthworm burger rumor is old news but to see the keywords in their website is news. View the HTML source of Jollibee Hamburger website. And what do you see? META NAME=”object” CONTENT=”jollibee food corporation, earthworm, earthworm hamburger, earthworm hamburger issue, earthworm hamburger patties, earthworm meat, earthworm meat price, earthworm price, earthworms, earthworms price, Read More →

I’m not a party animal but this weekend was something. I attended 3 parties. Two were birthday celebrations while the other was a high school reunion . I feel so bloated with all the food and the yummy desserts which I couldn’t resist. I have never attended a single high school reunion because going to Read More →

(View enlarged images) After attending mass at the St. Alphonsius Ligouri, we dropped by at “Ponzo’s” for lunch. “Ponzo’s” menu is fusion with a delectable array of pasta, meat , healthy vegetarian dishes. I dread dining out of the comfort of my home. Eating out can ruin my weight management plan however it can be Read More →

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