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On March 29,1994, the Philippines connected to the Internet for the very first time. My internet history dates back to circa 1995. Don’t you just miss the modem’s hissing sound as it cranks to connect to your good old ISP? The kids today and future generations will be missing out on the iconic sound of Read More →

carlos mangco new lawyer

Congratulations to my nephew, Atty. Carlos Mangco, for passing the Philippine bar exam! His dad is my late brother, Oscar Carlos Lardizabal. Like my sister said, my brother must be smiling ear to ear in Heaven. A lot of credit goes to Belle, Carlos’ mom who raised my nephew with such loving support. I am Read More →


by Ma. Rachel R. Yapchiongco , originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles , How to curb your child’s electronic device appetite Back in the old days, you can keep kids settled down by giving them toys to play with, pen and paper to draw, storybooks to read, and box of crayons and coloring books Read More →

senate hearing cybercrime bills

  I was not supposed to be one of the resource persons at the Senate Hearing on the Cybercrime bills but I had to tell my story because no one else have shown an actual threat on cyber-libel.  I promised to make it a one-minute speech. Due to time constraints, I was not able to Read More →

best blog Mabini Media Awards

Blog Giveaway: Get a chance to win a PictureMate PM245 or a LabelWorks LW-300. Check out my contest/giveaway below the cut for more details. Losing a son felt like the end of the world to me . I wanted to die along with him but I had to remember that I still had two children Read More →

epson labelworks 2

Update March 26- Mommy Blogger Contest Entries with the top 3 most number of Qualified Comments 1. Tina Ong 191 2. Cai Sio 147 3. Tin Dychiao 131 DEADLINE is March 21: Get a chance to win a PictureMate PM245 or a LabelWorks LW-300. Check out my contest/giveaway below the cut for Read More →

online libel

Originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles/ Blog Watch As one of the petitioners in the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) versus the the Cybercrime Prevention Act  or Republic Act 10175 , I believed that the law only increases the lavish power of Philippine libel laws.  United Nations Human Rights Council is correct in calling Philippine libel Read More →

PUP Mabini media awards best blog

Tired with my hectic day yesterday, I sipped fruit tea at the gym’s lounge. I didn’t realize I fell asleep until I was awakened by a phone call from Noel. He prodded me to check my email and I told him that I will do it once I reach home. Maybe he could not contain Read More →

safeter internet day

In support of Safer Internet Day, I wrote about How my daughter turned me into a digital mom in 1996. Wow, that’s over 18 years ago. There were just websites and online journals in those days. The internet was not complicated as it is today with so many new technologies. The question remains : “How Read More →

president noynoy aquino and photo ops

How time flies. It’s been four years since Blog Watch interviewed then Presidential Candidate Noynoy Aquino for his platforms. It was an intimate tête-à-tête and I thought we would have more of these talks if elected as President. These days, I am often asked this question “so what happened to the social media plan of Read More →

blog and social media entrepreneur

I am excited about 2014 for the possible opportunities that will come my way.  The start of the new year offers a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on 2013 and to set goals for the months ahead. I took concrete steps on the direction of this blog ever since I started in 2006.   Yesterday, I blogged about Read More →

public roundtable

How time flies. The year 2014 is my eighth year as a blogger. When I look back at my grief journey, the turning point is the day I became a blogger on February 25, 2006. It must have been my angel that touched me that one night. I embraced twitter a year after including facebook Read More →

gravestone for my son

I finished the Coursera Course on “Understanding Media by understanding Google”. I am so glad I completed the course. For the last essay, Prof. Owen R. Youngman told us to write our thoughts on sharing our lives online. The subtitle of Jeff Jarvis’ most recent book Public Parts, which we did not read but whose Read More →

google books

I always challenge myself to be a better person. I also challenge myself to learn something new whether it be a hobby or a course. The opportunity to learn something new came when Coursera opened a six-week course on Understanding Media by Understanding Google. Online media has been my life ever since I turned to Read More →

Positive thinking is something I had to re-learn as family tragedies befell one after the other. With 5 deaths in my immediate family (including my son), it might seem I am immune to pain. It never gets easier. Along the way, I learned to improve my life, change and reinvent myself. Allow me to share Read More →

Contact #SoMoms at [email protected] Visit our #SoMoms community Using the monicker ““momblogger” was a matter of convenience. I wanted to be called by my first name. You know how Filipinos are. There is always a title before one’s name like Ma’am, Miss or Ate. The evolution of my online name was more for vanity’s sake. Read More →

I am known as @momblogger in twitter. As one of the early adopters of any new thing that explodes online, I got hold of my monicker when twitter became popular in 2007. In fact it is my twitter birthday today: Really, I had no idea about personal branding nor did I want to dominate a Read More →

Don’t judge me unless you have looked through my eyes, experienced what i have, and cried as many tears as me. Until then back-off, cause you have no idea. Today Matthew Warren died of suicide. He is the son of Rick and Kay Warren who must be facing the most painful moment in their lives. Read More →

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