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In all the 36 years that Butch and I have been a couple (as steadies for 7 years and as married couple) , not once have we celebrated Valentine’s Day outside the home. During the 7 years that we dated, he’d say “I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s day but let’s go on a dinner Read More →

me and my ex bf

I wrote this seven years ago but I thought I’d share it again because today, January 26 is the day we met 36 years ago. Yes, we celebrate the first day we met (January 26), the first day we became a couple (March 7) aside from our wedding anniversary (May 5). Our anniversary is a Read More →

my children

One of the biggest life-changing event in 2013 is when the last of my kids has  finally flown the coop.  My new life as a blogger in 2006 came just when the kids were in college which then prepared me  to let go one year at a time.  Being alone at home with four cats Read More →

our christmas tree

Your home is whatever place you long to be. Transient feeling of sadness overcomes me when I recall those good old days when my family was complete. Our home is mostly an empty nest during most parts of the year. When my son died 13 years ago, Christmas was bearable because my two daughters were Read More →


The last Christmas with my mom in 1975 was spent singing Christmas songs in our dining room . How we crooned to my mom’s delight as all the 7 siblings from 19 to 10 years old gathered around my brother who played the melody in the Yamaha organ. At times, mom accompanied the songs in Read More →


Every man ought to be a macho macho man, To live a life of freedom, machos make a stand, Have their own life style and ideals, Possess the strength and confidence, life’s a steal, You can best believe that he’s a macho man He’s a special person in anybody’s land. (Village People – Macho Man) Read More →


Sparkling and dazzling lights dance around our Christmas tree. Hundreds of tiny lights run along the garlands like waves stretching all the way to the second floor. The girls’ bright red and green Christmas stockings hang on the garlands, just waiting to be filled up with yummy candies and goodies on Christmas day. These pretty Read More →

jollibbee best gift ever

The Christmas season will always remind me of my childhood. There is always this warm feeling in my heart when I think of Christmas day. A child always lives in my heart. As a little girl, my parents could not afford to buy expensive gifts but I was always happy with whatever they gave me. Read More →

It takes two to make a relationship work. It is easy to blame the other partner if something fails in a relationship. I used to blame my husband for every little thing without even checking if I too had my faults. When I took away the focus from my husband and turned to myself, wonderful Read More →

Yesterday I turned 56 years old. I indulged in the joy of celebrating my 56 years. Seven years ago, when I first started this blog I was just heading towards the resolution of my grief journey. Recovery is about knowing I have choices and giving myself the freedom to choose. I chose to enjoy the Read More →

I managed to squeeze in some love-dovey moments at the height of the miting de avance of presidential candidates three years ago. Now it is the 2013 mid-term elections and luckily today is a Sunday so I am spending it with my daughter. Sadly, my second daughter is now in Germany and can’t spend it Read More →

Two Valentine’s Day from the two most important guys in my life (next to my dad) strike me as the most memorable. The first one is my first Valentine’s day with Butch, my ex-boyfriend. The second is the last Valentine’s Day Card that my son lovingly crafted for me. Leafing through the yellowed pages of Read More →

A year ago, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer posed an interesting status message on his Facebook wall. Forget about those New Year’s resolutions in which you decide on the first day of January how you will be conducting your life for the next twelve months. Instead, set up day-to-day goals for yourself, and then resolve to Read More →

What better way to spend Christmas than be with family and sibling. If I could give each of you a gift I’d like to give you the gift of peace, as much peace as you can possibly find. If you find your situation is less than ideal, I hope you take what’s good and let Read More →

This is by Toni Tiu, a repost from Philippine Online Chronicles because the site is down right now. There’s an old Merry Melodies cartoon my sisters and I loved watching when we were kids. It’s a story of seven kids and how they can’t for Christmas morning. Santa Claus drops by on Christmas Eve, filling Read More →

To all my visitors, may you have a Blessed Christmas. May the warmth and love of family and friends that make the holiday season so memorable. May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through. Merry Christmas everyone. Peace and Joy to all. From the Dado Family To those who have Read More →

Christmas lights bring out that warm fuzzy feeling that glows inside for the entire season. Childhood memories of twinkling lights along with Christmas carols are enough to lift my mood. Even during the darkest moment in my life when I lost my son, the fond memories brought joy in my heart.  It is my wish Read More →

Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall. A mother’s secret hope outlives them all. – Oliver Wendell Holmes I was once a mother with small kids. There are so many amazing mommy experiences that I want to capture them in a few photos. I loved watching my girls sing, laugh, and play together. Read More →

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