Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. (DAR chief’s son) Mauled A Father & Son at Valley Golf and Country Club

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January 5– News update Pangandaman kin face child abuse, injury raps over golf ‘brawl’ and Pangandamans file countersuit over golf brawl.

Check out the Online Petition for Pangandamans’ Resignation

(Update December 29- View the news video from GMA News as Bino, the 14 year-old cries on TV )

As soon as Caffeine Sparks plurked the report of DAR chief, mayor son accused of mauling golfers in Antipolo ( ABS-CBN has this news report), I read it immediately together with the blog post of Bambee de la Paz where she relates that

The world has gone crazy. Two politicians beat up a defenseless 56-year-old father and his 14-year-old son. At a golf course. I swear to God, I thought golfers were decent people. You would think politicians were decent people. I guess not. I guess they gang up on 56-year-old men and beat up pleading 14-year-old kids.

I don’t have a father anymore and my son would have been around the age of the 14 year old boy so my heart just went out to both father and son as Bambee describes how they were beaten up. I mean, wouldn’t you feel the same way if that was your father and brother or son? Yes, it could happen to you too.

(Photo credit to video)

Basing it on Bambee’s first person account, her 14 year old brother pleaded to Nasser Pangandaman Jr., mayor of Masiu in Lanao del Sur to please stop hitting his dad but what did the powerful Mayor do?

Photo screen cap taken from this GMA news video

The mayor looks at my brother, point to his face, and says, “Tatandaan kita!” And he tells me that my brother has a bad attitude and that I need to watch him. WHAT THE HELL?! So, my brother’s bad for defending his father?!

The de la paz family left the golf court but the powerful mayor Pangandaman was not contented:

We leave. We walk to the clubhouse to file a complaint. My brother asks for a doctor. My dad could barely walk. Their group comes to the clubhouse, sees my brother. Once again my brother pleads, says sorry, and is crying. He was CRYING, for crissakes. But no. The relentless mayor still punches him in the face, and then sees my dad and goes after my dad again. Him and his friend pull my dad to the ground, pulls at his feet, and steps on him like he’s dirt. I run to him and try to hold him back, holding him back by his shirt, while this other guy and this girl tries to stop me. She tells me to just stop it. I scream in her face “they’re beating my father up and you want me to stop?!” I pull at his shirt–I don’t let go. All I can see was my dad being trampled on. I didn’t even see my brother getting beat up.

Oh and to add injustice to everything:

1. Security personnel of the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo tells them “umuwi na kayo, napakalaking tao ‘yan (just go home, you’re messing with big personalities here).”

None of the security guards at the clubhouse even tried to stop the fight and that other personnel reportedly told refused to cooperate when they asked for the names of the Pangandamans’ companions.

2. Though the DAR chief did not participate in the mauling, he just watched. He watched two of his sons, as we figured out, the other guy was his son, too, beat up my father and my 14-year-old brother. He didn’t do anything to stop it. And this person is what now? A cabinet member. A politician.

3. Mayor Pangandaman filed with the Mayamot police station in Antipolo a counter-complaint of physical injuries and grave threats against the dela Paz father and son.

Imagine the nerve.

Watch video here of 14 year old Bino as he tearfully recounts his ordeal

Yes, I understand there are two sides of the story and I’d like to hear the mayor’s side in explaining how he could beat up a kid and a much older guy not ONCE but TWICE. My husband confirmed the mauling incident through a member from the golf club. (update: Check the Incident Report from Valley Golf Club). Ade’s sister is a friend of Bambee de la Paz. I want to hear the mayor’s side and why his father (a Peacemaker appointee) looked the other way. I’d like to know why the mayor should not be charged for violating the RA 7610, the anti-child abuse law. I wonder if the Valley Golf club is also a party to the violation of the Anti-child Abuse law after they failed to give them further protection accorded to member’s minor child. (Update : Their side reported from Inquirer’s DAR chief readies suit vs son’s accusers )

The father talks about the traumatic ordeal of his son in an interview with Philippine Star :

““Aside from the bruises, he has been traumatized. He does not want to go to a golf course anymore,” De la Paz told The STAR in a phone interview.

““In his little way, my son has brought honor to our country in winning some medals and trophies in international tournaments,” he said.

I understand Bambee’s anger when she says “The world has gone crazy” and I fervently hope that justice be given not only to them but to all other farmers over land reform issues.
(Photo credit of the son Bino De La Paz, the father, Delfin De La Paz , Bambee De La Paz to video)

Bambee closes her entry with Please pray for my dad, my brother and for my whole family. Please pray that we get JUSTICE. Oh God, please, give these people what they deserve.

I know it might seem such a daunting task to tackle this issue alone but What can you do about it?. For now, let’s keep it simple.

1. Blog an entry about this incident.

2. Please Digg This.

3. Email your friends about Bambee’s entry, The World has Gone Crazy

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  • Another reason to oppose term extensions and the suspension of elections come 2010.

    This kind of politicians must certainly be stopped.

    jhays last blog post..Have you tried TrackThis by Yotify?

    • we can really do our share by spreading the word.

    • jingo

      i sincerely wish, that these cowards come and visit our golf course here in iloilo and do the same act of extreme cowardice, and i promise the #$$$&$# mayor, the father pangandaman and their minions that they will never forget us ilonggos after we’re done restructuring their bodies and faces….as we say in ilonggo, ” andaman” mo lang pangandaman….meaning – Pangandamans “BEWARE”

      • cathy

        invite them personally so that you can see what youre looking for. Alam mo mababait yang mga pangandaman pero pag inaway mo sila talagang matitikman mo ang bangis ng MARANAO AT ILOKANO…



        • Hoy Cathy,

          D ko alam kung anong natulong sayo ng mga Pangandaman pero kung ano man yon galing cgurado sa nakaw at kurakot. Magkano ba lagayan dyan sa DAR. Ako alam ko dahil nagbayad nako dyan ng milyon.

          Saka yang sabi mong matatapang yan e bakit batang 14 yrs. old and matandang 56 yrs. old pinapatulan at pinagtulungan pa. Bakit d nila kayang one on one. May mga baril pa yan ba ang matatapang.

          My advice to you wag mong pakain sa pamilya mo tinulong sayo, may karma yan madadamay pa pamilya mo.

          Also hindi one sided ang story, pls. use your common sense. Ano ka ba bulag at bingi? Between their words againts the De la Paz’s words ang tawag dyan ” RES IPSO LOQUITOR” meaning the thing speaks for itself. GAGA!!!

        • Make my Day

          Pwede ba Kathy, wag mong idamay mga lahing ilocano at mga maranao. Binibigyan mo ng masamang impression ang mga dakilang lahi na ito. This is not a question of race.

          dapat sa mga pangandaman na yan, binyagan ulit.

          Secretary Nasser Nagpapayaman Sr. and Hermana Mayor Nasser Mayabang Jr.

        • tagaCagayan

          Nanghahamon si Cathy. Wow!

          Gusto rin niya na huwag tayo mag sympathize sa mga de la Pazes dahil daw ang alam lang natin ay ginulpi ni pangandaman at ang kanyang mga armed goons ang isang 56-year-old na tatay at ang kanyang 14-year-old na anak. Ginulpi nang 6 na mama hanggang dumugo. Yan lang daw ang alam natin kaya huwag tayo humusga. Wow!!!

        • Cathy, siguro mabait sila sa yo. But for this particular incident, they were not behaving as public servants should. Remember the facts.

          1. A 14 year old minor child was beaten up

          2. Public officials participated in the beating up.

          Now as to who is quilty or whoevver started it, the courts can decide that.

        • Markk

          The Secretary of Agrarian Reform today appealed for blogs to stop prejudging the case saying that the blogs have hurt his family and dragged PGMA into the controversy.

          I say don’t stop blogging.

          The weight of public opinion has began to take its toll on those who abuse and flaunt the trappings of power.

          In this case logic and common sense are behind the de la Cruz family and any whitewash by Valley Golf Country Club, in order to protect the powerful should be met by a shareholder boycott. Any neutral magistrate looking at the facts in this case would find it incredible that a 56 year old father with a daughter and a 14 year old son in tow would provoke or even start a fistfight against Pangandaman’s two adult sons, the Secretary himself and numerous armed bodyguards.

          Its incredible how the powerful and influential in this country would think that they are above the law.

          Please continue blogging and texting about this case until those responsible are held to account for their eggregious abuse of power. This is not trial by publicity. When everything else fails, the guilty should be held up to the bar of public opinion.

        • Apparently, through the comments, the Pangandamans have received a lot of public opinion condemning the action. Let’s remember the action not the religion or ethnic background of the politician.

          We, as bloggers have to be responsible in blogging and in accepting comments that are not defamatory or libelous. That’s why I am waiting for the charges to be filed at the prosecutor’s office before I write another entry about them. Then we can see their side of the story. Their official statement.

      • Negros Golfers

        I dare these hotshots to visit the Marapara Golf Course in Bacolod and get a dose and even more of their own medicine…tilawan lang nila diri sa Negros mag pabuang-buang!

    • sevenaccount1UK

      ofcourse trial by publicity, so we wonder why justice is very elusive, tsk tsk filipinos are idiots sad to say but we are

      • I’m sorry but i don’t agree with you. This is not a trial by publicity but rather these officials are subjected to the bar of public opinion. Infact TRIAL is what everybody seeks, especially the De la Paz’. The problem is Justice seems manipulated by the powerful and influentials. Filipinos aren’t idiots, tsk tsk maybe you are!

    • Leyson

      Dapat itong mga politikong ganito ang nilalagyan ng granada sa pwet!!!! Kung mga security guards at mga pulis may maximum tolerance di ba dapat lahat ng public officials ganun din.

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  • lee

    nakakapanginig ng laman ang mga animal at anung ginagawa nila sa Manila?

    lees last blog post..Wife…oh wife…

  • some Filipino politicians make me sick. i just can’t fathom the pain and horror the family is experiencing right now.

    • Politicians like the above should stop acting like war lords.

    • val

      Secretary Pangandaman MUST own up his failure to stop the altercations. It is HIS public duty as high official of the government to maintain order.

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  • Thanks for including my entry Noemi, I hate to say this but things like this help build up a bad image for Mindanao and its people.

    May the truth come out thru the help of the bloggers and may justice be served.

    I also pray for everybody to have an open mind and may all be healed with what ever pain it is they keep in their hearts.

    God Bless and Happy Holidays!

    yolynnes last blog post..A Mindanaoan’s point of view on The Valley Golf Antipolo Controversy

    • actually I didn’t conclude that the incident will give a bad image to Mindanao. I look at the person/s involved who just have this “entitlement” attitude. It has nothing to do with him being from Mindanao.

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  • pia cayetano

    This is terrible! Im out of the country and learned about this on your face book status.

    Whatever the story is, whatever versions there are, there is no justification for beating up people.. and a child! There is no excuse for such brutality.

    No one has the right, not even a public official to take matters into his own hands. In fact, a public official should be the first to maintain peace and order.

    Public office is a public trust. And the public officials involved here should make themselves available for investigation.

    • I do not understand either the actions of the Mayor. He is hard to reach. Bloggers have been trying to get his side of the story and so with media. I hope something can be done on the government side to stop this from happening.

      Thanks for the visit Pia. Enjoy your vacation with the girls.

    • jingo

      Senator Pia, we ilonggos wish you could do something about this incident…like what you said, everyone involved here should make themselves available for investigation..i believe no one should be exempt from being answerable to such cowardice and dastardly acts…We golfers are bound by an unwritten code of ethics on the fairways and towards fellow golfers..i guess, these people have no place in any golf courses, anywhere in the world.. Your dad and mine were friends and i believe frat brods in U.P. before. My family and i have very high regard for your dad because of his sense of integrity and value for morality and human dignity. Make your dad proud Senator Pia. Make us proud…God bless the Philippines, and good luck Senator Pia…Make the oblation proud!

    • Hi Pia,

      Please do something about this ” PAGANDAMANS” i voted for you during the last election and will vote for you again. Golfers will never be safe again unless this father and son will be allowed to enter in any golf course in the country. They should be playing golf behind bars o di kaya sa Muntinlupa. GRRRR!!! HONORABLES DAW! SHAME ON THIS 2 PUBLIC OFFICIALS HINDI BAGAY SA INYO ANG GOLF.

      Also please investigate Valley golf course Club why they allow this kind of people to play much more a member of the club. The club should likewise be held responsible. Innkeepers liability!!!

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  • okay, we’re all angry. and rightly so, of course.

    now, what will the administration do?

    call me jaded, noemi, but i’m guessing that there won’t be much done. perhaps a token reaction, but no more, especially since the queen of the enchanted kingdom needs all her allies.

    • It’s normal to feel jaded and all. It’s the same feeling that our countrymen felt when we were still under martial law but it didn’t stop me from losing hope.

      I am not too versed in politics so I am not in a position to answer that . What I can do is talk to friends in government and share this,

      Just don’t lose hope.

  • di katanggap tanggap yung sagot nung pulitkong yan, sila pa daw hinamon ng suntukan. wow ha. same political bullshit that we see in the movies.

  • same political bullshit. they should be hung by a tree.

  • jingo

    tell these cowards to come to iloilo, visit us in our golf course and do the same shit they did to the poor dela Paz golfers..i will make a promise to the asshole “mayor kuno” that he will never forget me after i rearrange his face…matapang lang mga yan kasi may bodyguards..”Mayor” Pangandaman, suntukan tayo kahit umpisahan natin sa umaga hanggang kelan mo gusto…wag yung 14 y.o. na di kayang lumaban sayo… sorry for the language, but i firmly believe these people, or rather “animals” don’t deserve to live…

  • dins

    Kahit dito sa Iligan City, Lanao del Norte.. o di kaya sa Cagayan de Oro….taena nyang Pangandaman na yan subukan nya dito sya magsisiga siga para malaman natin kung gaano sya talaga katapang kahit magdala sya ng sankatutak na bodyguard. Dyan lang yan matapang sa Manila dahil walang papalag sa kanya. Dito sya sa ibang province ng Mindanao lalo na sa Christian na lugar magpakita ng katapangan kahit sinong mayor pa yan. Hoy mayor mag-ingat ingat ka sa mga byahe mo dito sa Mindanao tatandaan ka namin!

    • dong

      I frequently go to Cotabato every week. i have a friend who was beaten black and blue by a son of a muslim mayor. The poor guy could not retaliate kasi ang daming armed bodyguards ang lokong drug adik. Pero nang gustong gaganti ang mga kamag-anak ng kaibigan ko, hanggang ngayon hindi lumalabas sa lungga ang mga duwag. Yan ang ugali nila. Matapang lang kon marami. Sa Tulunan , hinahamon sila ng harapan ng mga kristiyano. Takot yan sa mga kababayan ni Toothpick.
      Tama yong taga Iligan. Kon doon yan sa kanila, ginawang karne norte yan.
      Ang hirap lang sa mga de la paz, umatras ata.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I will write a post about this on my blog.

    sassy moms last blog post..My Homemade Goodies

  • a video footage of even part of the incident could come in really handy as evidence. Para sa kulungan nila subukan tapang nila. Dun palag kung palag ang totoong siga. Heartless sonsawitches deserve no mercy. I wonder, how can they even sleep peacefully when they know for themselves the truth of what they have done. And if they can sleep peacefully despite all this, what kind of creatures are they? Creatures not fit for public office, that’s what.

  • Thanks for the info and for spreading the news. What happened was really deplorable and should be condemned. I blog about what happened in my blog. Here’s the link:


    Kirhats last blog post..Miracle Babies

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  • OMG. What kind of people are they? How could these public officials do such a thing and yet they call themselves ” honorable” I think it’s high time we put this kind of people to jail. In addition i think golfers should not come and play in this golf course anymore because it’s unsafe. They could not even protect their members and guest. In addition why do they allow people to play their with guns and weapons in the golf course.


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  • politicians going on a power trip so they can cover up for their small bolls

    theyre one of teh biggest c^nts in this country
    epic fail 🙁 thumbsdown

    i hate this country w/ these kind of people running it
    and im sure people didnt vote for them too

    the golfcourse should be liable too
    i mean come on its obvious theyre protecting their biggest assets them dumba55 politicians yuck

  • BotChe

    Instead of setting up a good example as a leader and public servant, yang mayayabang na politicians dapat ay isuspende, kasuhan, at tanggalin sa puwesto. Aba eh dapat lang i blog eto ng taong bayan, kung di kayang hakbangan ng pamahalaan…concerned pinoy

  • mamaw



    • please refrain from using ethnic slurs. Judge the action not the ethnicity.

    • Kelan ba lumaban ng patas ang mga morong yan. palagi naman patraydor ang mga yan. pag nilabanan mo na tumatakbo lagi. magaling lang ang mga yan mag kidnap, pumatay ng walang laban, at mag terrorista. Hoy mga pagdanganan may bubugbugin din kami mga moro dito. and tell them all not to go to a golf course otherwise bugbog sarado kayo cgurado.

  • Ken

    Hi Noems, I’m listing everything that I could find also at … shameful talaga.

    On a more personal note, Happy New Year! Just talked to Lorns yesterday and will hook up with her and Eric sometime next week.

    • thanks ken for spreading the word. Kiss Lorna for me.

  • Crystal

    I thought these people swore to help the Filipino people. I suppose we are wrong. These power hungry people doesn’t care about Filipinos. The barely “respect” anyone as evidenced by their behavior. So what if they don’t know of him? Do they seriously expect every filipino to know the names of everyone in gov’t. Absolutely foolist – but then again – He is famous now…just not because he is a true sportsman, a gentleman, respectful, with integrity and honor but one that is most repulsive to the human race.

  • pulis na pogi

    and these MUKLOs wonder why they are being discriminated against? fuck them, they better confine themselves in their rotten serfdoms and maul their sorry subjects all they want.

    remember, you can take a MUKLO out of his bullshit environment, but you cannot take the bullshit out OUT the MUKLO!

    exterminate them!

    • peaceful citizen

      The issue here is the behavior of a certain person in power your comment are out of topic.

      This is a type of comment only heighten hate, wrong doing of a person should not be branded to a whole community.

  • toby

    What the mayor did cannot be condoned. It’s terrible that he would flaunt his power like that. Nakakahiya at ang kapal ng mukha.

    Still, a part of me thinks the father and son are not without sin. Perhaps they were a little too arrogant in their reaction to the people cutting in their flight. Maybe they were mayabang and like stupid macho pinoys, the mayor and his bodyguards were ‘nalalaki’ and reacted stupidly as they did.

    The victims maybe are golf going rich people who think they are above everyone else. Unfortunately, the Mayor thinks the same as they.

    • Toby,

      Sobra ka naman. Cla De la Paz na nga naapi yan pa ang comment mo. Paano ka naman lalaban e mga mukhang goons & uneducated ang mga kaharap mo. Pls. use your coconut, cguro moro ka rin. Better still i suggest you play golf with the pangandaman para makuha mo hinahanap mo , igso!!!

  • jimsband

    Those f*ckers are m*slim, right?

    • no ethnic or religion slurs please. The issue is about beating a 14 year old boy and an older man

  • toby not too proud after all. Take a look their header, seems most of the faces are Thai and not Filipinas. tsk tsk.

  • smo2886

    hay naku…
    even if the dela pazes started the fight or irk them to fight (kahit pa ba mayabang din sila eh), the pangandaman group still had to think rationally and just stayed away from the fight. It still not reason enough to lash out on them. My golly! You’re politicians! You must have been educated and yet, you eventually entered into the fight. And, even if the dela pazes throwed out the punch, where’s your evidence? Hitsura pa lang nung nangyari dun sa bata, halatang-halata na sila ang nabugbog. You’ve just proven that you’re stupid politicians. Para kayong mga bata na papatol dahil lang sa naungusan kayo ng iba. Enjoy having fun and being gods while you’re at your seats because in the next life, you’ll surely rot in hell. Ha! If something will happen again to the dela paz family, we’ll know who’s the criminal! Nakakahiya kayo! Let’s see if the government can really prove there’s justice in country.

  • Roy

    sana wag magkaroon ng whitewash o cover-up dito…

    dapat lumabas ang katotohanan para mapatunayan natin na may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas

    Roys last blog post..Another case of abusive government officials

  • Anonymous

    Pls. Do read this and find out who is the member of the Philippines Dream Team of Negotiators : Int’l Muslim leaders to hold meet in RP

    • what a shame! He should be out of that team.

  • Here’s the latest news from Gma7 – DAR chief apologizes for son’s involvement in Antipolo brawl

    Yolynnes last blog post..WAP Blogging

  • My advice to all golfers : If you see this ” Pangandamans” in any golf course, leave the place immediately unless you’re looking for trouble. Also if you want to be a member of any golf course club check first if the “Pangandaman” are members and if they are better withdraw your application. Likewise my advice to all golf clubs dont accept this PANGANDAMAN as members otherwise shares will surely drop in value.

    To the PAGANDAMAN, my advice you’re a shame to the sports of golf. Please leave this sports and just play other sports with your fellow moros, better still “don’t leave home” so others may feel safe. Lastly pls. resign, for God’s sake !

  • Allan

    Let’s email to the board of the Valley Golf and Country Club to cooperate with the police (see. ) and shed light on the issue (and asked them why the didn’t help the Dela Pazes).

    Their website:
    Their email: [email protected]
    The distinguished board members:

    Complete address:
    Don Celso S. Tuason Avenue Antipolo City 1870
    Mailing Adddres: P.O. Box 202 Q. Plaza, Cainta, Rizal
    Trunk Lines: 6584901 to 03
    Fascimile Nos. : 6584918 to 19
    Email: [email protected]

  • politicians should act as role models not goons O.o hay

    Rockys last blog post..Tales of Beedle the Bard Now Available in National Book Store!

  • Randy

    Let our friends and people in the world know that management of “Valley Golf and Country Club” will not help them when trouble happened on their property.

    • Daay

      PANGANDAMANS – what a dirt of a father and sons!!!!

      Justice Raul Gonzales, Sir, please rise to the call of the people – and to the call of JUSTICE and SENSITIVITY TO PEOPLE’S SENTIMENTS. Let the Pangandamans (father and sons) play ‘golfing matons’ in jail – not in the fairways. Fairways are strictly for decent people – and the Pangandamans clearly aren’t.

  • Jonathan Castaneda

    After the Dela Pazes had aired out in news blitzkrieg their side of the story, the Pangandamans have come out with a knee-jerk rejoinder on the issue — claiming it was the senior Dela Paz or the daughter who started the melee by hitting one of the Pangandamans with a golf umbrella… Anyone with a common sense wouldn’t dare do such provocation against a person, much less a group of male (factors), surrounded by an omnipresent, intimidating cordon of pea-sized-brain and fully-armed bodyguards — whose purpose is to rabidly, blindly serve their handlers who feed them, and to do so regardless of consequences and at all costs since they anyway shall be covered with the extended mantle of impunity. That’s how it operates here in this Banana Republic. The people involved in the fracas are neither idiots nor weaklings, regardless of how they overnight image themselves as the victims. Stop playing possum, all of you – media practitioners and bloggers included. They are no strangers to pelf, power and influence either not to immediately distinguish their own kind. The filthy rich jealously, immediately dislike in their conceited viewpoint of exclusive, monopolized self-importance their own kind. Self-love breeds contempt against all others. I also have second thoughts entertaining the side-track comments of the Pangandamans that the Dela Pazes “acted as though they owned the territory (Valley Golf).” The bone of contention was but a “few minutes of ownership” of “privilege playing rights” of Hole Number Three at the time of the dispute — where the Dela Pazes contend that it was theirs in physical possession of at the time; while the Pangandamans insisted it was theirs in the first place as they were merely lagging behind a group that was already playing holes far in advance. Both parties argued for preference and priority — with or without advertence to Golf Manual 101. That was the deal breaker that broke the spirit of the Holidays. “Love of self, amor propio, ako muna bago kayo.” Can’t and don’t blame anyone — people who do so get crucified for doing right. Flashbacks of the Rolito Go parking slot shooting and that of the similar Loyola Cemetery parking fight episode. What I am certain of is that somebody burst a short fuse, and one act of intemperance and inconsideration paved the way for more violence and arrogance. The circus is now in town. The parties involved were supposed to play the gentleman’s game of golf — but, like overgrown brats as they all are really, did some other silly, childish thing that has found them now in the limelight of exchanging brickbats in full view of the nation. Regardless against the backdrop of what is supposed to be the Happy Holidays. I leave you to elevate your love of self in full view of the amused public. We can use some pointers for life. Be that as it may, lessons shall be learned the hard and painful way for all parties concerned. Good luck on this episode where only the devil gets to win! – JVC

    • whatever reason it is, it’s no reason to beat the kid twice or the father

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  • Hi Noemi,

    Saw this a few days back.. it haunted me.. i guess the right thing to do is try to get the message across..

    Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, SHAME ON YOU..

    Antons last blog post..Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, SHAME ON YOU..

    • I don’t usually blog on knee jerk reaction and I took the risk in blogging it right away while at the same time verifying the story (through my husband’s sources) as I wrote the entry. I blogged about it because the idea of a 14 year old and an older man just struck a chord in me. IT could have been my dad or my son or my brother.

      thanks for posting especially at the Iligan City Portal

      • actually when i saw the video i felt the pain of the young boy.. scarred for life by an incident that shouldnt even have happened.

        I have forwarded the story to other iliganons too..

  • I myself do not blog about current events, but this episode sure warrants such reaction.

    Whatever “true” scenario is, the Pangandamans would be at fault. And I agree with Jonathan Castaneda’s comment, who in the right mind would start a fight with a group of men especially when he is with his family? The reaction of the officials being “public servants” are uncalled for, I guess that is how they resolve conflicts in their area… by brute force.

    By the way, did they disburse the people’s funds for their vacation?

  • Boom

    Philippine Daily Inquirer is MINIMIZING DAMAGE for the sick-Sec by calling it a “Brawl” instead of the truthful “Maul.”

    According to the article someone in Pangandaman’s group was hit with “an umbrella.” Then the sick-Sec let his goons at the businessman and his family. HOW CAN THAT BE A “BRAWL?”

    Inquirer is doing a cheap cleansing job.

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  • Roy

    let’s just hope that the media won’t be part of the cover-up in this incident.

    Roys last blog post..Would an apology suffice?

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  • aynako

    sana mabawasan ang mayayabang sa mundo.

  • bokyo

    the idiotic excuse by the pangandamans is expected as well as their cowardly and barbaric behaviour. as a mindanaon, i assure you that i am telling the truth based on actual events involving these people.

    but i would like to point out that the cowardice and stupidity of the shown by the valley golf management and staff should be noted and that at each opportunity, everyone in this organization should be reminded about how disgraceful their organization is. 20 years or more from now, this valley golf legacy should be retold. objective? just to tell people not to be stupid and coward because it sticks.

    this goes as well to the local police. if this happened in a civilized country, the place would be swarming with police and the maulers apprehended right away. but i guess antipolo has a pitiful police force (or forceless) or we are not just as civilized as we think we are.

    also, some in the media could not get the difference between a brawl and a mauling. if a bunch of goons beat up a father with two small children, it is called a mauling.

    to the de la pazes – you will overcome.

  • tagaCagayan

    Really exclusive neighborhoods in Cagayan de oro refuse to sell to the muklos and they have good reasons. We in Mindanao know the muklos and this is a good example of what would happen if you welcome them to your community.

    Lets be nice to them but keep them out. This is not an isolated case. We in Mindanao know that this is a general trend. The truth hurts sometimes.

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  • Michelle

    Putangina so fucking Gradeschool. Kaya hindi tayo umuunlad eh.

    If that asshole of a mayor could do this atrocity to a fellow country club member who is of a comfortable social status, I can only imagine what kind of horror he puts less fortunate people in his province through. What the hell are the bodyguards doing there with guns in the premises??? And those security staff should be FIRED!


  • Make my Day

    Dapat sa mga tarantadong politician na yan, ipa-liquidate sa mga vigilates. Kahit sa regional at provincial level ng DAR, ganyan din kayayabang at arogante mga “EMPLEYADO” nila. Take note mga taga DAR: EMPLEYADO kayo ng bayan! nandyan kayo upang MANILBIHAN at PROTECTAHAN ang taong bayan. May araw din kayo! Dapat lang na ibasura na yang Agrarian reform na yan, ang kailangan ng mga polotiko na tulad nito ay “MORAL REFORM”.

    Mayor, kung talagang matapang at siga ka, humarap ka ngayon sa media at ipagtanggol mo ang sarili mo. BAKLANG KA MAYOR! este, HERMANA MAYOR! humihiram ka lang ng tapang mo sa baril at sa mga gagong bodyguards mo. DUWAG! wala kang breeding. Dapat sayo, ipulutan na! nang di ka makahawa ng rabies!

  • pulis na pogi

    in this incident, the dela Pazes were first given attention by the media and add that to the fact the natural tendency of many filipinos (including me) to hold prejudice against moros, my first reaction is anger at the pangandaman.

    and i am still angry at them up to this moment. secretary and mayor pangandaman should have known better and should have acted with prudence no matter and however they were provoked. they are no ordinary citizens but persons vested with responsibility by the people.

    however, i now tend to give credence to the story of the pangandamans after my friend who happens to be a member of valley golf related his brush with the dela Pazes. and so the story goes this way:

    shortly before christmas, he was practicing his putting in one of the three putting greens in vally golf. in the other putting green is bambee de la Paz also practicing putting. mind you, this family of dela pazes are terrific golf players! all of a sudden, bambee, together with her mother fanning herself like crazy, joined my friend in his putting green, stroking the house balls here and there, oblivious to the presence of my friend. golf etiquette 101: this is not beig courteous. the same issue they used against the pangandamans. fortunately my friend is no pangandaman and so the scandal happend days later and not involved my friend. after around 30 minutes of pure arrogance and “i am a champion and who are you” attitude from bambee, she and her mother left my friend in the practice green with the 12 house balls strewn all around. etiquette 101 again: this is, again, not being couteous. the ball holders clearly bore the sign “replace after use.”

    after i heard this story of my friend, he and i thought, well, the arrogant dela Pazes met their match in the equally arrogant pangandamans.

    now, we are angry at all of them for bringing their lies to the public and wasting our time!

    • whatever Pangandaman’s reasons and even if de la pazes were arrogant, they are public servants. They should not have beaten them up TWICE. Get that?

      Let the courts decide who is telling the truth or not. The fact remains.

      1. a 14 year old was beaten up. This is against the law. Anti child abuse.

      2. The Pangandamans are public servants and should act that way.

      See Pia Cayetano’s comment on this incident. She says it well.

      • pulis na pogi


        i got your point. but look at the other facts: (i just took these off from another blogger)

        “*father and son got cocky

        *father and son started a fight

        *they were clueless that they are fighting an influencial proviciano with bodyguards.

        *end up getting mauled

        *then cowering like a cry-baby seeking sympathy.

        there is nothing herioc about their actions at all to merit a puclic outcry.

        is this straight enough?”

        as for my take, i reiterate my stand that the pangandamans and the de la pazes deserve each other. both of them are arrogant ass*holes and they should have killed each other right there and then, thereby sparing us of these nonsense.

        and by the way, the 14-year old was beaten up because he willfully joined the fight armed with a knike (by some accounts). and mind you, that stupid pangilinan law that redefined minors as persons below 18 is really stupid. high school students (13 and up) are more aware than that stupid pangilinan gives them credit for.

        i do hope that kc doesnt get raped by a 15 year old!

        • and by the way, the 14-year old was beaten up because he willfully joined the fight armed with a knike (by some accounts). and mind you, that stupid pangilinan law that redefined minors as persons below 18 is really stupid. high school students (13 and up) are more aware than that stupid pangilinan gives them credit for.

          BTW, the 14 year old did not a carry a knife.

          for your other sentiments, we hope the court will be fair in determining the truth.

    • tagaCagayan

      I think your point is that the de la Pazes deserved to be beaten up by those goons because they acted like “i am a champion…” and did not keep the balls after using them in an unrelated incident.

      The pangandamans said something about being attacked by an umbrella but not with a knife. But I guess you know better than them and that is why you are telling us now that the 14-year old attacked them with a knife.

      Also, I assume that you want us to believe that the goons were hiding in some bushes because you are telling us that the de la Pazes did not know that there were goons around to beat them up so they started a fight.

      Meron ka pang ibang interesting na kwento?

      • pulis na pogi

        just visit valley golf and country club for more kwento. c u!

        • Yes we got an incident report there.

  • Hans Reyes Jr.

    The Pangandaman’s just became golf fanatics after Nasser Pangandaman Sr. became Agrarian Reform Secretary.

    Is DAR and Golf Courses related to one another ? Absolutely Yes, GOLF COURSES needs the approval of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary whenever they apply for Land Conversion from Agricultural use to Commercial or Mixed Use. A golf course needs to be converted from agricultural to commercial or mixed use, or else they will violate the Agrarian Reform Law.

    Only DAR Secretary approves Land Conversion and my source from DAR grapevine, conversion application at DAR is truly bloody.

    Bloody in what sense? these DAR officials demand bribe of ?$? per square meter before a conversion application is approved or they demand exclusive shares and club memebership rights from these golf courses.

    Just an example, if one is applying for Land Conversion of a 50-hectare land Golf Course, then an applicant will probably shell out around Php 1,000,000 million pesos, a bribe money @ 2 pesos per square meter, this is the lowest and could go higher as mush as 5 pesos per square meter.

    What a lucrative business of DAR executives, and their bag man, their own Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers (PARO) in the City and Priovincial levels.

    No doubt that DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman is frequenting Exclusive Golf Courses.

    I am not saying that he is corrupt and demanding bribe from Golf Course Companies seeking Land Conversions. He may have been a Golf fanatic upon stepping at the doors of DAR, and most likely have purchased Club Membership at a generous price from generous Land Conversion Applicants.

    Golf is a game of the rich and famous, no doubt for Dela Paz family as they have known business (fishpond) to support their golfing hobbies.

    What about the Pangandamans ? unless they prove to the Filipino people that they have legitimate businesses, then I would believe that they have the right to play Golf.

    Ombudsman Mereditas Gutierez, please take a look at the Statement of Assests, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) of Nasser Sr. and Jr., they should prove that their means of livelihood could support their golfing hobby.

    I could not imagine a high ranking government official involved in a Brawling Incident and the fight is 6 (Pangandamans) versus 2 (Dela Paz), what a shame… this a government ruled by men and not by Law ?

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  • Paul

    Incidents such as these are the very reason I wouldn’t consider living there (as a foreigner). I wouldn’t want to live a life walking on eggshells with fear of offending “someone with power”. No one should be above the law.

  • Hans Reyes Jr.

    I would realy admire DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. if he RESIGNS out of shame.

    Save the Honor of our Muslim brothers, RESIGN NOW

  • Dela Paz family have now been receiving according to Phil Star tsk tsk tsk

    anonymarks last blog post..My New Years Resolutions and Hopes

  • This Pangandaman guy should be ashamed of himself… Mayor? He only gives a bad name for his city. For sure people from his city are ashamed of him….

    Nate Marxs last blog post..Featured Magician of January – Tony Slydini

  • i,ve seen the news and its not surprising…with my type of work i get a lot of chance to mingle and deal with so called muslim politicians …although there are still very few of them who are good,most of them acts as if they own the world and would yell at you anytime they want to.They cant understand explanations,they insist that they are always on the right side.
    i dont think he will resign…he is shameless!!!

    • we are talking of one politician here. It is immaterial if he was a muslim or an igorot hence let us not generalize on the Muslim politicians.

  • John Velasquez

    Honestly when I heard of this news it’s not new to me that government officials would use their influence and power to hit / beat up ordinary people and get away with it. This is a classic case of David and Goliath story but sometimes it doesn’t end like the fairytale we knew….Bottomline is that we all have to look into these things realistically that these politicians / government officials always have the last laugh. They pretty much get away with everything and anything but something to take away from all the this is not to mess with them or provoke them or give reasons why they should beat you up because in the first place… they are for one egoistically and improperly bred individuals, cowards that hides under their mother’s underpants (Call on PGMA to save their asses) when things like these happens and lastly stupid stupid stupid.

    In the end when judgement day comes I just wish that all the things you’ve done when you were still alive won’t haunt you in the 2nd life because I don’t think you can still call on your so called GOD (Money, Power and PGMA) to save your sorry ass!

  • Mr.J.N.P

    before anything else wag kau mag coment ng kung ano ano masamang bagay kac una hndi nyo alam ang nangyari. kamag anak ko ang mga pangandaman hndi sila ang nanguna imagine nag gogolf cla tapos my set game di ba then after sila ang naka next tapos akala nung de la paz family eh sinisingitan sila kahit hndi naman then nagalit itong si mr. de la paz at pinag sisigawan c mayor syempre dahil hndi nya un papansinin pero hndi pa nakuntento pinag mumura pa si mayor eh kung kau kea pag mumurahin sa harap ng maraming tao na wla naman ginagawang masama? at ang mahirap pa dun di pa sya nakuntento hinampas pa nya si mayor xempre as a person pag hinampas ka ano gagawin mo? iiyak? kea wlang my kasalanan dOn sana hndi nlng nya pinag mumura at hinampas pa.. kung kau kau kea pag mumurahin at sigawan sa harap ng ibang tao at hampasin? kalokohan na kung hndi nyo ipag tatanggol sarili nyo? right? ang gusto q lng ipabatid eh “wlang mananakit kung wlang nanakit” and hndi sila ang nanguna..

    mababait na tao ang mga Pangandaman Family..
    kea sna wag kau agad mag husga kac hndi nyo naman alam ang tunay na nanyari… kung hnd naman sila sinaktan eh di rin naman cla mag rereact db?

    malalaman yan pag nag imbestiga na..


    thEy just dEfend their self for such an arrogant act of dE la paz Family
    in the gOlf Course.

    or if you all want go to the Valley Golf Course Club for more and true


      Kahit naman totoo ito…baki pa idamay ang bata? The Pangandaman’s are officials and they should set a good example.

    • bong

      YOU must remember, THEY ARE PUBLIC OFFICIALS!

  • Markk

    This is abuse of power plain and simple.

    The facts:
    A 56 year old man.
    A 14 year old boy
    An 18 year old girl

    arrayed against

    Two Mindanao mayors,
    A Cabinet Secretary
    Numerous armed bodyguards.

    Hard to believe a precocious 18 year old girl would start a fight by hitting the second group with an umbrella.

    If valley golf whitewashes this case, the shareholders should boycott.

  • Lee Soriano

    On the assumption that secretary pangandaman has done a lot of good things at the DAR and helped farmers, lets give him due credit for that.

    However, all good deeds can easily be erased by one shameless action, or in this case, inaction.

    Its often been repeated that golf is a gentleman’s game and thus, one should be guided by proper decorum. It was shocking to hear that such an incident could have happened at the golf course. If your children and the neanderthals claiming to be bodyguards cant act properly, they had no business to be there in the first place.

    If its true that secretary pangandaman didnt lift a finger to rein in his brood and their canines, that just makes the incident even more disgusting….was this another case of power tripping?

    sadly, an incident like this doesnt help government in terms of creating good public relations……..hopefully your children have learned from this experience and own up to their mistake and not think that people will simply forget this, lalo na when the 2010 elections come around.

  • pulis na pogi

    now, the official security incident report is now out! find it at

    and guess what: take a look at lines 5, 6, and 7 and let me quote (with all the typo errors):

    “but based to the statement of VGCCI marshall/ starter (mr elmer saguisa) at that time he talk already both parties but sudenly he was not expected that argument was not settled.”

    aray! now, where did this detail first appear in the blogsphere?

    answer: from the post of brianna asal above, posted on the 29th of december or 3 days after the incident and i cut and paste:

    paragraph 3, lines 7 and 8: With the said explanation, del Paz replied “Okey, kortesiya lang.”

    paragraph 6, lines 5 to 7: “Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshall what he explained to the elder dela Paz, which his knowledge the former already accepted his explanation.”

    paragraph 8, lines 3 and 4: ” “Akala ko po, Sir, nagkaintindihan na ho tayo kanina”.

    another answer: from the post of p that only appeared yesterday, or 1 week after the incident: and i cut and paste again:

    paragraph 6, line 14 and 15: Thinking that things had been cleared up, Mr. dela Paz said, “Okay, kortesiya lang” (”Okay, just seeking courtesy“) .

    paragraph 8, line 8 to 12: During their break, the marshal approached Nasser Jr, stating that the dela Paz’s were complaining that there were five of them in their group and why they overtook the dela Paz flight. Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshal what he had already explained to the elder del Paz, to which his knowledge the former had already accepted his explanation.

    aray again. now why are these very telling details not in bambee’s blog? it is now clear as daylight that before the fisticuffs started, even the mashalls thought that the overtaking issue was already settled! ask mashall mr elmer saguisa!

    aray! aray! aray!


    and thanks to manuel quezon iii for marking my posts as spam and deleting them even before it is moderated. now, your pseudo-personality (leytenian) is commenting on my posts even if i cannot find it in the enties above! hahaha

    • I will let the courts nitpick on this details. However let me just reiterate my stand and stated by my friend, Senator Pia Cayetona

      Whatever the story is, whatever versions there are, there is no justification for beating up people.. and a child! There is no excuse for such brutality.

      No one has the right, not even a public official to take matters into his own hands. In fact, a public official should be the first to maintain peace and order.

      Public office is a public trust. And the public officials involved here should make themselves available for investigation.

  • pulis na pogi


    just can’t accept the fact that the de la pazes lied and that the accounts of the pangandamans are most probably more accurate?

    how many more lies are there in bambee’s story?

    • you can’t accept the fact that your public servant mauled a minor child, right?

      There are no lies. If there are inconsistencies, let the courts decide. I know only the facts remain true and does not lie

      1. a 14 year old was beaten up as shown in the incident report.

      2. The Pangandamans are public servants and should not have allowed this to happen whether de la paz provoked it or not.

      • pulis na pogi


        the 14 year old kid you are saying is a champion golfer with a 200 yard drive! by many accounts, he willfully joined the fray together with her sister!

        now, would you ask somebody his age before he hits you and if he is a kid, allow him to do it?

        i do agree with you that the pangandamans are public servants and that they should have acted better than they did, but it does not erase the fact that it was the de la pazes who started it all!

        just my take. thanks for the space.

  • dins

    its okay to defend yourself pero hwag naman OVERKILL! Lumaban ng patas! Ilan ba ang Pangandaman at ilan ang Dela Paz na involve sa pangyayari? PATAS ba? Kelangan ba maglabasan ng baril? Okay lang sana kung may baril ang DelaPaz or in danger ang life ng mga Pangandaman…eh hindi eh di ba? Payong lang karga nila sus ko po!

    Ano ang nangyari sa Pangandaman nasaktan ba sila duguan ba sila? Ang DelaPaz ano itsura ng mga mukha nila? Ilan ang mga tumulong sa Pangandaman? Ang DelaPaz ilan ang malalaki sa kanila? May laban ba yung 14 yr old at yung babae? Yan ang sinasabi kong OVERKILL, bai!

    At wag mo sabihin mababait ang Pangandaman, bai! Taga-mindanao pud ko… kilala ko rin sila. In fact kilala ko si Hussein at naging kaibigan ko rin yan…pero hindi lahat ng kaibigan ko mababait 🙂 May mga instances na na-witness ko ang paging arrogant at warfreak nyan palibhasa kargado palagi ayaw ko lang ikwento dito kse off-topic na. Though parehas kami may karga nyan sa mga lakad namin noon pero at least ako alam kung kung ano tama at ano mali.

  • cira

    putang inang mga gov officials na yan mamatay na kyo lahat. kami puro gutom kyo pa golf golf pa. pota kayo ginagamit nyo lang ang tax namin. mauso na sana ang suicide bomber dito sa pinas para mapatay na kayo

    • Let’s not get carried away with our anger. Condemn the action. But let the courts or the administrative office decide their fate.

    • May

      You’re right why many Filipinos out of country?coz walang makain, walang trabaho kaya ayaw mang umalis ng bansa napipilitan para lang kumita at may maipadala sa family.Samantalang ang mga goverment officials natin puro kayabangan at pangungurakot ang ginagawa.Kami tumanda na sa ibang bansa di makauwi dahil natatakot na paguwi eh, walang makain dahil wala kaming kabuhayan sa ‘pinas at ang kinita ay sapat lang na padala sa mga anak

  • jerick

    what do you expect from a politician like the pangandamans they are as good as the abu sayyaf people

    • let’s not compare them to abu sayaff and stick to the issue at hand. That a 56 year old man and 14 year old boy was beaten up.

  • yan ang epekto ng kakapanood ng laban ni pacquiao! seryoso, sana un may mga kapangyarihan ang namamagitan at hindi sila ang bumabanat sa kawawang nilalang. justice for de la paz family

  • Pack

    yeah motherfucker jerick is right…kick those pangandamans ass out of service…

  • the anger is understandable. Let’s not start calling them names.

  • lonewolf

    It all started when the De la Pazes’ flight caught up with the Pangandaman’s. I’m not a golfer but I suspect that what happened next was the inevitable consequence when golf bullies cross paths with bullies. That’s what happens when you sow the wind– you reap the whirlwind.

    The Secretary’s “fault” is that he failed to prevent the incident. But there is no showing that he abeted such wrogdoing. That might make him a lousy father but not a corrupt public official.

  • dong revila

    D de la PAZ’s family should look at the mirror and talk to thereselves first . . . . . . . . i think it all started because D DELA PAZ were overtaken by the mayor and co. and the father is a hot tmpered person and didt wanted what happened and confronted the mayor….. this started it all….. maybe D father shouted at them ….. ayun naupakan tuloy kyo. nakahanap lang kyo ng katapat ….. sorry to say but i think both parties are at fault so just go on with your lives. buti nga hindi sila napatay eh. ok na yun, maiinit kse ulo nila dela paz eeeeeeeeeeh

  • dong revila

    matanda na kse si dela paz kaya mainit ang ulo. nakakita ka ng katapat mo hahahahahahahahaha

  • Jason Abalos

    I urged each and everyone to cease condemning the Pandamangan. Let the justice system takes it course, however, we must put preassure on our justice system itself. Put even more preassure with the investigation, the senate, the police, even the congress. Let them know that no one should be above the law. The powerful must learn how to respect people of all class. They should learn how to respect the law.

    I myself sympatized with the complainants but its their words against the other. It is now time to go all out war against the big people and its time to end the culture of “Palakasan system” We can only change that and make the difference. There is no turning back now by filling the neccesary charges at all cost but in the right venue which is the court of law.

    Lets hear the argument in court. Gather all your evidence and your witnesses. Tell them the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. We should of course must believe and should have faith in our justice system otherwise you are going to lose everything you are fighting for. Do not even accept any monitary damages in exchange of dropping the charges. Let them pay for what they’ve done if proven otherwise. God bless and good luck.

  • judy

    ganyan naman ang manga politiko sa atin matapang kasi malakas sila sa korte .ang sa akin lang nong makita ko sa tv dito sa taiwan sobrang awa ako sa de la paz kung may kasalanan ang de la paz dapat yong ama na lang at nag bogbogan sana sila ng one on one ni pangandaman kaso mayabang ang pangandaman group.kasi nga may alalay ano nga naman ginagawa ng alalay di ano hitsura lang ang yayabang pati si matandang pangandaman.yabang nyo palibhasa nasa gobrerno kayo.yabang.

  • Jaime

    This Mayor Pangandaman is a piece of bullshit.A public official who acted like he was an untouchable leader of some street goons operating on one of the very dangerous places in are inside of a classy golf course in the Philippines.Matapang ka lang dahil may mga bodyguards ka at naka sandal ka sa walang nang hiya na Administration. An elected public official like you should have demonstrated good example by behaving professionally and not the other way around.

  • pulis na pogi

    here is the ultimate aray for the de la pazes:

    this is the post of a certain rge in forum. he is a member since april 2007 with 595 posts to date (he is a pioneer member i supposed, as the forum started only in end of march 2007) he placed his address as valley golf, orchard, eagle ridge so i suppoed he is personally known to many others in the philippine golfing community and is a “somebody” given his access to information sources. his preliminary statement said it all.

    I just spent some time with the head of the fact-finding committee. He has submitted all pertinent facts to the board and leaves it to them to make the necessary decision based on all the facts. I will outline the facts to you as it was outlined to me. Rest assured that the facts were obtained from all parties involved and all witnesses at each incident site. The statements were obtained both by the valley fact-finding group and by the NBI as well. Testimonies were recorded, verified, and re-verified. Fortunately for the parties involved, there were always witnesses to give supporting statements on the events as they occurred.

    i now wonder what is take of the de la pazes and their apologists on this?

  • pulis na pogi

    for those who care to read, here is rge’s post (mabuhay si bill gates for the cut and paste technology!)

    I just spent some time with the head of the fact-finding committee. He has submitted all pertinent facts to the board and leaves it to them to make the necessary decision based on all the facts. I will outline the facts to you as it was outlined to me. Rest assured that the facts were obtained from all parties involved and all witnesses at each incident site. The statements were obtained both by the valley fact-finding group and by the NBI as well. Testimonies were recorded, verified, and re-verified. Fortunately for the parties involved, there were always witnesses to give supporting statements on the events as they occurred.

    I will compose the outline shortly as it will be lengthy but just to whet your appetite or get you thinking, you will be quite surprised with the findings. Let’s put it this way, the people we thought of as villains weren’t quite what they were depicted to be. and the supposed protagonists may have yet been quite as factual in their testimony as it turns out to be. Even our 14-year old isn’t as innocent and “prayerful” when all the details come out. just give me a few minutes….

    In the interest of making sure that no facts might be left undisclosed, I will take it upon myself to start from the very beginning. Firstly let us start by saying that on or at about 12:40 p.m., the party of the Pangandaman’s registered at the starter’s area. They registered for 2 flights comprised of 4 individuals per flight. Unfortunately, they still had 2 members of their group that had not yet arrived, so they initially tee’d off as 2 successive threesomes. The starter and marshall were informed that the 2 individuals that had not yet arrived would just catch up with them in the fairway. On or at about 1:05 p.m. the Dela Paz group registered initially as a twosome but since this isn’t normally allowed, they registered as a 3-some even if the elder Mr. Dela Paz was not really going to play.

    When the Dela Paz 3-some was playing on hole number 3, they were passed by 2 golf carts containing Mayor Pangandaman and his companion (in one cart) and the caddies being brought by one of the starter personnell. The Pangandaman’s did not ask permission to drive through because they did not want to disturb the Dela Paz’s who were in the middle of the fairway. Upon reaching the green of the 3rd hole, Mr. Dela Paz asked the caddie why the people in the cart just went through. Mayor Pangandaman who was already positioned at the 4th hole, personally informed Mr. Dela Paz that they were part of 2 foursomes. At this point, Mr. Dela Paz said “ah okay, courtesy lang naman”. This was verified by the caddies. Mr. Pangandaman said that he did not disturb them anymore because the player was about to hit. At this point, Mayor Pangandaman thought everything was okay so he proceeded to the 4th hole (Par 3) where his other flightmates were. In the records it says that Mr. Pangandaman was not yet even done pitching into the green when a ball landed near his 8-year old child so they immediately made sure the child was secured in the cart. ( For those unaware of the common practice at Valley Golf, on every par 3, the group behind you is signaled to hit into the green once everyone from your group is already on the green) Until you have been cleared to hit by the group ahead, you should not hit into the green. It is common sense and basic precautionary procedure.

    In this particular case, we have no corroborative testimony. One set of caddies say they were given clearance, while the other say that no clearance was given as of yet when the ball/s had landed.

    The Pangandaman’s claim that the same situation happened in the 5th hole (Par5). Even the caddied confirmed this. At this time, Bambee Dela Paz had called the Marshall to tell him that the flight behind them was complaining about why their pace was slow and that the cause of the delay was the 5-some in front of them. Shortly thereafter, a marshall on his motorcycle appeared and approached the Pangandaman’s and asked if they were playing as a fivesome to which the Mayor said no. “We are 2 foursomes”. Nonetheless, the Pangandaman’s had already agreed among themselves that they would rather the Dela Paz’s play through. The Mayor was even quoted saying to his Father. ” magagaling yung mga bata at malakas pumalo, baka mabagalan sa atin” They informed the marshall that they would just let the Dela Paz group play through and the marshall informed the Mr. Dela Paz of this. ( Just as an aside, the investigative group actually asked the group behind Dela paz if indeed they had complained about the slow down and the group said that the y said no such thing to the Dela paz flight. They were not even in contact at anytime before they arrived at the tee house to see the fight and eventually help stop it) When the Delapaz group reached the green of hole 5, the caddies of the 2 kids gave them their drivers so that they would waste no time playing through. The Mayor, who at that time was sitting along with their companions, stood up to personally tell Mr. Dela Paz to play through. Caddies, and the tee house server claim that the Mayor told Dela Paz na “Mauna na ho kayo” and walked to approach Dela Paz, The response of Dela Paz was “Huwag mo akong pagtaasan ng boses” Dela Paz began to question the Mayor why they were playing as a fivesome. The Mayor said that this was not the case but Dela Paz was insisting and even said (again corroborated by the caddies) “Linoloko mo ba ako?” “Member ka ba dito, Kilala mo ba ako?” (as you can see, this question did not come from Pangandaman. In fact, in the recorded testimony, this is exactly what Pangandaman claimed delapaz had said to him and yet in Delapaz’ recorded statement, he never said that the mayor asked him ” kilala mo ba ako” Completely different from when the media was already involved.

    When Delapaz was posing the above question, the mayor was heard to say. “Sandali lang, hindi naman tayo nagaaway dito. Akala ko ba naayos na natin yung issue kanina sa hole 3? At about this point Delapaz closed his umbrella and then poked the mayor on his stomach using the pointed end ( some caddies say Dela Paz swung the umbrella and some say that he poked the Mayor) The investigative board asked Dela Paz what he did, he said that he poked the Mayor in self defense. When asked who was attacking him, Dela Paz said that he was being surrounded by 4 men. The caddies and other witnesses on hand said that when the umbrella incident happened, it was only Dela Paz and the mayor that were talking. The other parties were in the tee house about 15-20 yards away. The Mayor says he was poked and so he backed off and just as he was about to be poked again, his brother, Hussein ran and attacked Delapaz and hit Delapaz knocking him to the ground.( At this point the commotion took place. One of the things observed is 14-year old Bino hit the Mayor with his driver. Apparently, the mayor parried with his forearm and hand so this is where he sustaned the injury. In the process also, Hussein was being pulled off the older dela paz by his 2 children but again Bino was seen to hit Hussein in the face and head while Bambee had scratched the other side of Husseins face. At this time also, witnesses say, that 3 or 4 other members of the flight excluding the Secretary, the 8-year old boy, and the girlfriend of Hussein were involved in attacking or subduing the older dela paz but this lasted very shortly and when the combatants had been separated the existing people in the tee house as well as the new flight that was playing behind the dela paz’s.

    At this point the Secretary told the delapaz group to leave so as to avoid any more trouble. As the elder delapaz was leaving he was heard calling someone on his cellphone saying ” may away kami, pumunta kayo dito”
    No one knew who delapaz was speaking to as he walked away towards the main clubhouse. A few minutes later, the secretary and his group decided to end the day instead of continuing to play. When they got to the clubhouse, Hussein wanted to wash up because he was bleeding in the neck area. As he got near the reception area, he saw delapaz and was heard to have said “O, nandito pa pala kayo” to which Dela Paz said “Hindi pa tapos ito gaganti pa kami”. At this point, Bino got in between his Dad and Hussein while saying ” Tatandaan ka namin” (None of the witnesses in the clubhouse, and there were many, ever saw Bino kneel and say that he was only 14 years old at maawa na sila) On the contrary, Bino was acting like anything but a helpless child. He sounded tough, angry, and antagonistic enough that the fight broke out again. At this point, the bodyguards of the Mayor ran into the clubhouse via the poolside entrance. When questioned about this, the mayor said that one was his driver and the other was his “Yayo”. As far as the board was concerned, the “Yayo” was also a bodyguard. Said Yayo came into the clubhouse with a clutchbag containing a gun and brought out the gun without pointing it at anyone. The Mayor immediately instructed him that there was no need for guns and the gun was put back. During the investigation, the Mayor said that the handgun was his and that his “yayo” was likely going to give it to him but he declined. Upon instructing his “yayo”, the man just stayed in one corner. At this time the wife of Dela Paz and his other son arrived. The son was wielding a baseball bat and the wife had a knife which she pulled out of a scabbard. These two were subdued by security but they were verbally threatening the Pangandaman’s during this time. There was also a reported incident where the driver of the mayor ran out and came back with a suitcase containing a supposed armalite as claimed by valley security. The driver never pulled it out or pointed it at anyone but it was readily accesible

    • yes I saw this even before you did and posted it here. As you see in his post, rge is not a member of the fact finding committee. Until an official report is out, rge’s post is hearsay.

      • pulis na pogi

        yaps, you are right maam, but unless this rge (who the site admin called as Ray) and the site admin himself (who i understand are both prominent members of valley golf) dare to make untruthful twists in the story narrated to them by the head of the fact finding team himself, then i think it is safe to say now that the truth is emerging.

        thanks again for the space.

  • pulis na pogi

    and here is what the site admin of pinoy says about the post of rge:

    “Great account of the incident, Ray. My compliments. I heard the same details third-hand from my sources. I agree with the others; Mr. de la Paz was foolish to pick a fight with his children present.

    The revelation of these facts cast a severe shadow on the Bambee’s blog, don’t they?”

    aray, aray, aray!!!

    • it does not change facts though. A 14 year old was still injured and a public servant abused his power of authority.

      • pulis na pogi

        well, i don’t know who between us does not get the crux of the matter. i am sure that you had already read that your 14 year old boy is 5’6 (or 5’7 by some accounts), 140 lbs, and swung a driver at the mayor, breaking the latter’s hands. in the clubhouse melee, members themselves who saw the incident cannot even sympathize with him!

        and by the way, when i was 14 (2nd yr HS), i regularly train on a bmx, riding from our town to the next town about 22 km away–and back, on a highway, winding around mountainous terrain.

        just to show you what a 14-year old can do maam!

        • well maybe you need to read the anti child abuse law for you to understand the crux of the matter. It is not size or weight but age.

          here is the law:

          My lawyer-friend was the consultant for that law.

        • pulis na pogi

          ra 7610 is a daily fare in police stations maam. so is article 11 of the revised penal code.

          good thing nobody still comes up with the lamer ra 9344 in justifying the actions of the 14 year old kid!

          i sincerely hope that none of the people you know gets victimized by a 14 year old holdupper on the streets!

        • Pulis na Pogi, I appreciate your feedback because it gives us insights on Pangandaman’s side.

          Anyway, what you say is irrelevant. Anti-child abuse law is a law, regardless. Now combine that with violation of Republic Act No. 6713 from two public servants, and it is not just an ordinary child abuse case you often see at the police station.

          Republic Act No. 6713


        • pulis na pogi

          actually, no argument on that maam. that will be for the courts to decide. what i am saying is that it is very lame for the de la pazes to play that “14-year old kid” card so callously.

          i dont mind whoever you want to be charged with child abuse but i suggest that it should include the elder de la paz, for the following violations of RA 7610:

          Section 3.b.1 – “neglect” obviously the father neglected to teach his kid not to intrude in the fight of elders.

          Section 10.e.3 – “Conduct any illegal activities” assault is an illegal activity

          Section 22 – “Children are hereby declared as Zones of Peace” yet his father started a WAR right in front of his child!

          of course i am joking in the “sections” part, but i am really serious in my stand that it was de la paz the tatay who started and ultimately responsible for all these events that hurt his children, himself, and so many others.

        • Let’s not play lawyer here. I only cited the possible violation of the laws.

          And this is my last discussion on the matter and if you repeat this, your comment won’t get through. Paulit-ulit lang tayo.

          Even if de la paz did start it, who hit the boy? Not the dad. But the mayor or one of his men. That’s what Bino said in national TV.

        • pulis na pogi

          no problem. thanks for the space and time.

        • you’re welcome. Just add something here if it is fresh or updated news. Thank you.

        • pulis na pogi

          will do.

  • this is what I have expected all along…maanghang itong si dela paz e kaso mas maanghang pala itong si mayor… e paano natalo itong si dela paz kaya umangal …ay nako.. let them learn their lesson

    • let’s hope both get the justice they deserve.

    • cvista

      I believe in the facts shared to us by pulis na pogi and we should not be too hard about our government polticians, their just human and wag natin lalahatin. Well in fact Pangandamans are low profile they are not well-known until this incident. If you’ll go on your ideals, of course you will side on the dela paz na parang nag pa dehado kunwari sa press and spreading false information, dali gumawa niyan.

      Pero sa tutoong buhay, hindi ka papatulan at papansinin ng mga poltiko at matataas na tao kung hindi naman sila na provoke. By nature, politicians or any high profile persons do not want to be known in public when they go out of their territory, they are also entitled to their private life. They have also a strong sense of PR, kaya nga nanalo ng Mayor, hindi basta basta makikipag away mga yan sa public. My advise, Dela Paz should take it easy, these things happen in a golf course, we know magagaling pumalo si Bino and Bambee, pero give consideration sa mga mahihina mag laro, kaya siguro nauna at naipon ang init ng ulo sa kabagalan ng laro ng mga Pangandaman. Hindi naman sila papatulan ng mga Pangandaman kung hindi sila ang nagsimula.

  • that is what I have expected all along…maanghang itong si dela paz..e mas maanghang pala itong si mayor..e natalo si dela paz kaya angal nang angal…. ay naku …let them learn their lesson

  • Mr.J.N.P

    ahekz… kung kau kea ang inunahan na hampasin ng payong di kau gaganti?? kabaklaan na un… it is not the position it is the dignity…

    for example isang snake hnd ka inaano tpos hinampas mo ano gagawin ng ahas?? xempre gaganti kac hinampas mo?

    tama lng un kac xa naman nanguna eh kung hndi nya hinampas si pangandaman eh sana wla sanang nangyaring gulo ang mahirap kac sa mayayaman eh sobra kung maka asta porke mayaman akala lahat ng tao kea kea lng nila atleast that arrogant de la paz encountered a perfect opponent that teach him a lesson. and whats that lesson??


    hnd natin masisisi c pangandaman kac ikaw ba naman hampasin ng payong ng wlang ginagawa at pinag sisigawan at pinag mumura sa harap ng ibang tao???

    akala nya kac pOrke mayaman xA eh kea nya na gnonin lhat ng tao..

    “wag mong gawin sa kapwa mo ang ayaw mong gawin sau”

    “at lahat ng tao pantay pantay”

    di pOrke mayaman ka eh pde mo na sigawan at murahin ang kung sino sino
    at hampasin itO..

    “guyz kung sainyo kea ginawa ni de la paz un? ung sigawan ka tpos murahin ka sa harap ng ibang tao? tpos di pa nakuntento at hampasin ka pa ng wlang tamang dahilan?”

    ano xa LORD???

    atleast now naturuan xa ng leksyon
    na hnd lahat kea daanin sa kapangyarihan ng “pEra”



    ang aga ng kArma ky dE la pAz kakahmpas lng nya ng payong at kakasigaw at kakamura sa ibang tao ng WLANG GINAGAWA sakanya eh ayon nakaharap tuloy xa ng tAong di natatakot sakanya..

    “kea kaung mga mayayaman wag kau umasta ng akala mo LORD
    dahil hnd pOrket mayaman kau eh kea nyo na apiapihin ang ibang tao”


    • next time can you not use text speak language when writing your comments.

      Anyway, assuming Delfin did hit the mayor with the umbrella, sobra naman yata yung “ganti” o ginawa ng mayor.

      Let’s remember that de la paz were beaten twice. There is nothing in the incident report that husseins’ hand got fractured. The Valley Golf Club report shows a bloodied Delfin and Bino de la paz.

  • Jason Abalos

    As I’ve said on my previous comment, let the right people do their own investigation. I know from the get go, that there is something very fishy with the De La paz camp story and Mr. Pulis na Pogi explained it all. First of all, He is allegedly been beaten by the younger mayor and his bodyguards, and assuming he was beaten, would it be possibly for him even got a change to tell his side of the story? I guess not. He should be laying commatose in the hospital somewhere and fortunately that he is not because what i think possibly happened is just a simple fist fight between two high tempered individual and I am most certainly think that Mr De La Paz is the more agressive between the two.

    I don’t know the mayor personally but i just think that some very influential people not only in the Philippines, still use some common sense to think before they react to any given circumstances unless somebody with an agenda to make money out of any situation push their button to do stupid thing otherwise.

    What i saw in the news is a very upset Mr. Mr De La Paz who’s trying to condemn the Pandangaman by using the media. Again, we really don’t know the whole story, but i certainly hope that we can give the other party a change to depend themselves.

  • Dainty

    Interruption please…

    Sa tuwing nanonood ako ng balita palagi na lang kasama ang issue na ito. Kelan kaya matatapos ang kaguluhan sa pagitan ng dalawang panig? Nasaan ang gobyerno para solusyunan ang bagay na ito. KILOS para sa mga dapat kumilos! Nasan ang hustisya? Palagi na lang ba ang media ang gagawa ng paraan para isiwalat ang katotohanan, KILOS GOBYERNO! Para sa media siguraduhin niyo lang na TOTOO ang ibabalita niyo para sa taong-bayan.

    Basta ako, GALIT ako sa mga taong nananakit lalo na kapag pisikal. Kaya sa mga nagsasabi diyan na hindi raw sila nananakit, HOY! MAGPAKATOTOO KAYO! Kasuhan ang nagkasala at ikulong sa bilangguan. Kaya PANGANDAMAN magpakatotoo kayo dahil saan man kayo magpunta MAY NAKATINGIN SA INYO!

  • i am sincerely touch about wat had happened. this kind of act would only b done 4 those people who have no heart. n bcoz they did it, they are one of them. we will pray 4 justice n this case. even though that the truth won’t come out here n this earth of living but time of real judgement would come to heaven. i am also asking the heart n conscience of those who saw the incident to please come out n speak 4 truth. i know guys that u have heart. so please don’t b afraid to tell the truth n purely the truth. i just hope that everything would be okay n your family would b safe n would do recovery.
    we will always there to support n pray 4 ur family.since we only wanted the truth n justice..
    God bless n be safe..

  • Leyson

    Dapat sa mga politikong katulad neto nilalagyan ng granada sa pwet!!! Kung ang mga pulis at security guards ay may sinusunod na maximum tolerance di ba dapat ang public officials ganun din.

  • jhoey

    Hi! Saludo ako sa pamilya de la Cruz na ipinakita nila ang kanilang katapangan na napanuod ko d2 sa New York TFC channel.Yung mga tao dyansa atin na porke meron cla power o nasa position o kaya nasa politika ipinapakita nla ang kanilang pagka arrogante na akala nla ay kaya nla ang lahat,nagdadala cla ng firearms,bodyguards na parang goons thats abusive in power.Saludo ako sainyu family dela Cruz,and God Bless.

  • Jasper

    disadvantage sa mga big name politiko eh madaling mapuna and masiraan. david and goliath battle cry. advantage ng mga not-so-well-off na tao engaging in a well off sport or activity so they would have themselves feel well-off, yours truly not exempted, is that we tend to be oozing with pride that we are so and so but when nakabangga tayo ng mas big time at mas malakas.. naturally we’ll lose,of course..we become bitter with our pride ohhh so badly bruised…and then we call in the big brother press people, yup typical of the not so well-off trying to pass as well-off with allegedly ties to somebody high up in the government(apparently no so high up)…or in the military. well can’t blame us, we have at least reached that level of education. and in our present heirarichal society ,,ouch ouch that’s gotta leave a mark.

    it can be settled out of court, $$$ cahching!!, of course not now..maybe a year or two when the lawyer fees and the incidental expenses had gone to the brim. premiums and loans will be too tight, and one may think a trip to boracay next summer in really not a good idea…if the kids promise to stay home and behave..ermm maybe.

    or extreme scenario…goons from mindanao simply board a plane and wipe out the whole barangay..all two storey of it. not a suggeston of course, but not a distant possibility, considering what the lower house building had gone through in th recent past.

    and there goes my humble view, kung natalo ka suntokan let the wound heals, and then strike back..well..not in a star wars kinda way.

    like all the stories from squabbles in the green..this will loss steam and just fade away into the night..and i really mean peacefuly.

  • Jasper

    this like a road rage ..except that..hehehe..the driver on the other side was no easy sheep.

    anger management course will be in order..cut bait and save face. enter into an out of court settlement and get some juice out of all these before the media lose heat of the trail..hehe

    of course, this is just my blog view

  • Marie Frias-Caravana

    Huh!? Amidst this chaos on economic…poverty and gross unemployment globally..these burgis-playing golf war freak people steal the scenes just right after the Christmas Day ( a day after the Jesus born), where most people were sober and peaceful.

    Anyway…I dont want to prejudge them…besides they both afford to hire top lawyers. Let’s leave this case to so many unsolved cases. Let us not forget …the issue of another de la Paz who brought millions of pesos to Europes and still not retrieved ’til now…the JocJoc’s fertilizer scam ..the Alabang boys…etcs…etcs…

    Let’s still hope for the best!

  • sky

    parehong maimpluwensya palagay ko. its just an ego WAR!
    baka nagkainggitan kc magaling sa golf ang dela paz family,
    nevertheless, there should be no physical involve. parehong
    mayayabang ang dating!, syempre kung sino duguan, sya ang
    lalabas na kawawa. above all, minors should not be beaten…
    kahit manakit pa cla(kc marunong na rin yang mga yan sumuntok)
    PANGANDAMAN family in Mindanao are very helpful and down to earth, but because of the incident, they need to give apology to dela paz para matapos na,same with dela paz. wag na palakihin,kung pride lang pairalin, wlang mananalo, nagsasayang lang kau ng pera, yumayaman lang mga abogago! peace

    • It’ not just an ego war.

      It is a public official that may have violated the anti-child abuse law and the code of ethics for Public Officials.

      Yes they may be helpful in your town but sad to say the Mayor may have violated the law here in Manila. They are two different issues,

      NOw that formal charges are filed at the Prosecutor, I just hope justice takes it course

  • Swapiks

    Tapusin na dapat to, magkasundo na lang dapat.

    • even with amicable settlement, the case will continue

      But one of the prosecutors in Antipolo City pointed out that it would now be difficult for both parties to arrive at an amicable settlement because of the Department of Justice Circular 59 of Sept. 9, 2002 involving child abuse cases.

      The circular calls for the continuation of the cases in court even if the complainants submitted an affidavit of desistance.

      “The physical injuries charges can be dropped easily but not the child abuse cases because of the DOJ circular,” the prosecutor told reporters.

  • farmer from bicol

    Tama si sky. Wag na nating palakihin ang simpleng away na yan. Kung sa kalye nga pangkaraninwan lang ang ganyang away. nagkataon lang na kilala ang family na involved. I have a friend na member ng Valley Golf Club and I heard na itong si DE LA PAZ ay madami ding hindi nakakasundong mga members ng club. ( I don’t know the reason pero baka there is something wrong sa ugali din nya). If I’m not mistaken nangyari ang fight sa Umbrella na na kung saan nagpapahinga ang mga pangandaman and the confrontation was held sa golf area mismo, it means tapos na ang tension at mainit na pagtatalo ng maganap ang sakitan. ngayon pano nahantong sa sakitan, sino ang unang lumapit sa sa kanila para humantong sa away at baket humantong sa sakitan (who made the initial provocation?) Ito siguro ang mga tanong na magbibigay sa atin ng malinaw na kasagutan BAGO tayo manghusga…. Kaya nga hindi lahat ng attorneys sa mundo ay nagiging Judge dahil it takes wisdom, expertise to analyze at keen judgment ang kailangan to be one. kaya wag tayong MANGHUSGA MGA KAPATID. WAG TAYONG MAGBIGAY NG MALING SYMPATHY.

    napakadaling sumira ng isang tao lalo na sa panahong ngayon, isang BLOG lang ok na like this. ang daming mga pusong mamon agad ang nagbibigay na sympathy sa author…


    • Farmer in Bicol, did you read my entry?

      I asked the Mayor to explain his side and until now, it is his father speaking for him and other unverified “real story” not signed by him.

      Were you at the golf course when you witnessed the umbrella poking kasi sabi mo “if I am not mistaken.///”. If yes, you should be available to the NBI for their fact finding

      I share Bambee’s story the moment I read it to spread the word but not to judge the Mayor.

      Let me repeat what I commented to Sky:

      It’ not just an ego war.

      It is a public official that may have violated the anti-child abuse law and the code of ethics for Public Officials.

      Yes they may be helpful in your town but sad to say the Mayor may have violated the law here in Manila. They are two different issues,

      NOw that formal charges are filed at the Prosecutor, I just hope justice takes it course

    • Formal Charges have been filed

      Radio dzBB’s Sam Nielsen said dela Paz’s lawyer Raymond Fortun filed two counts of slight physical injuries and two counts of violation of Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act against Nasser Jr, mayor of Masiu town in Lanao del Sur; and his brother Hussein.

      The Pangandaman brothers’ bodyguards, meanwhile, were charged with one count of slight physical injury.

      The criminal complaints were filed before the Antipolo City prosecutor’s office.

      • pulis na pogi


        have you seen the original version of bambees blog? i supposed that when it was edited to its current version, somebody must have emailed it already. of course bambee can deny it nu?

        but my oh my, how that saying “your can only hide the truth for so long” rings so true now.

        before, all accusations of wrongdoing on the part of the de la pazes are dismissed as insinuations. but now, with the original version of bambees blog wildly flying in the blogshpere, what will her supporters say about her now?

        her words: “My mom had a miniature baseball bat with her, and my older brother had a real one, and they lunge to attack.”

        uh uh, indeed so sorry for bambee/ i think she is about to totally lose her credibility to many!

        • yes PNP I read that.

          it is up to the courts to decide that as evidence. but let’s not play lawyer here. The prosecutor will analyze documents.

          Of course, all that is to destroy Bambee’s credibility.

    • Lee

      Farmer In Bicol,

      I beg to disagree…..there was wrongdoing here, and its so obvious.

      Unless of course you are wearing blinders.

  • mer

    It is not like if someone HITS you, your going to do the same thing..
    because it hurts you, esp If you are someone who has a position in GOVERNMENT… c’mon ACT like an OFFICIAL not like a CHILD.

  • adonis

    yayabang ng mga delapaz sa salita lang sila.
    kong tutuosin sila naman ang nag- una kasi hnd yon mangyayari kay delpin kong hind siya masamang tao.. ingitiro si delapaz nainggit sila sa mga pangandaman.. if i know familya delapaz nag hahanap sila ng gulo kay nasser sr. kasi gusto nilang mag apply sa DAR secretary..
    at si Bambe delapaz obious naman na nag papacute kay mayor Nasser Jr.
    Mga Inggitero mga delapaz family

    • uh paano sila nainggit? di nga nila kilala. Stick to the issue.

    • jhonnydepp

      Paanong sasabihin mong mga delapaz ang nauna….hoy gumising ka! cguro nalagyan ka rin..kagaya ng witness ng mga pangandaman hahahahah .

    • Lee


      What kind of logic is that??????

  • Khaz

    I think is it affair to call the incident as “MAULING”. It was more of a misunderstanding which led to an unfortunate situation. There was no intention by both sides to be physical with each other but because of a heated argument, it became a BRAWL or a FIGHT (NOT MAULING) and obviously the DE LA PAZs were hurt against the PANGANDAMANS.

    But it seems that most of the comments are one sided due to Bambee’s blogs attacking the other party with her account of the story. We should give the benefit of the doubt for each party and let the investigation undergo. I heard bambee talk about what happened and she portrayed it as if they were ganged up. I also tried getting the side of the MAYOR but they decline to give information saying that it may just worsen the situation.

    Every blog site I read shows hatred to the PANGANDAMANS because of their status. The issue here is what happened in the golf club and not about politics, religion and race.
    I haven’t seen any blog that the other party defended what Bambee is claiming. If the DE LA PAZ were indeed battered, then by all means provide their evidence in court. I am not taking sides here but I don’t appreciate a person destroying another individual by mere words of unproven facts and getting sympathy by crying and appealing to the public through a media frenzy.

    How this incidents is seen, whether the PANGANDAMANS are proven GUILTY of whatever they are being accused of or being cleared of what happened…It is obvious that they have lost because of what was perceived of them.

    • Yes let’s the court decide on this.

      khaz , I’d like to correct you that I am condemning them because of their status. so let’s all stick to the golf incident like you said,

  • Sky

    Paanong sasabihin mong mga delapaz ang nauna….hoy gumising ka! cguro nalagyan ka rin..kagaya ng witness ng mga pangandaman hahahahah .

  • dugong pinoy

    Im not taking any sides but the bottom line is someone got hurt, let alone a 14 yr. old boy

    For me, its not really a big issue who instigated the fight. The Pangandamans are clear have the advantage in number and muscle compare to Mr. Dela Paz. Even if Mr. Dela Paz provoked the Pangandamans with their lousy and war-freak bodyguards , they should have excercise RESTRAINT and could have at least hold Mr. Dela Paz arms to bring him to Valley Golf’s Security Office for proper sanction since Mr. Dela Paz does not carry a gun or a have a pre-concepted intention to inflict harm (let alone with an umbrella). The question is “ACCOUNTABLITY” , whatever their bodyguards does are clearly the Pangandamans responsibility. This actions are unbecoming of a public officials knowing that his sons were involved in the scuffle.

    The Damage has been done, no matter this case ends in out of court settlement. This incident should not be ignored or taken aside for any rumors or malicious intentions there may be, the TRUTH must be revealed. People should not take this lightly since this might happen to us common people as well, ( i.e not in golf course 🙂 ) but this incident should send awareness that people should fight for their right if they are oppressed and treated as a second class citizen in their own country. There should be Accountability in all our actions and NO ONE should be above the LAW. This might sound rhetoric but it has its purpose.

    Let us send a BIG MESSAGE to people in POWER ( rich, police,senators,president…etc) that their actions and their people working for them, have the accountability or command responsibility for such actions that might undermine their credibility.

    If the Pangandaman are affected with the series of Blog messages against them , then they should had think twice before they engaged on a petty fight and they cannot stop people in expressing their views.. they dont have the power now to stop it and they will never will….. Dream on then if they like …

  • Khaz

    Ms. Noemi, relax ka lang…..Masyado ka obvious to be on the side of the DE LA PAZs.

    Being the moderator…You should give both parties the benefit of the doubt.

    • Khaz, in the nature of blogging, the blogger shows their opinion and bias. Blogging is not the same as journalism. Hence, My opinion leans towards condemning the actions of the mayor to the kid. and abuse of authority.

      I moderate comments in such a way that commenters stick to the issue not religion or to use defamatory language. I have removed comments now that cuss them

      Also, comments allow others to air their side and create balance to my bias.

      lastly khaz, why don’t you start a blog so you can air their side? I will gladly link it.

  • peter

    bobo lang ang manilawala sa pangandaman sa rami nila at may mga bodyguard pa cla na may baril,cla pa ang susugodin ng mga de la paz, na 56 years old,, isang babae at isang bata.. mahiya naman cla sana.. d2 sa mindanao alam naman natin ang pag uugali ng mga moros na iyan,, na mga politiko d2,, pag dumaan yan cla d2 parang mga dios yan cla,, ang daming sasakyan din maraming bodyguard na may matatas na baril.. kong d2 lang cguro yan nangyari sa mindanao,, pinatay na nila ang delapaz,.. kaya dapat cguro na mag tatag na ng ilaga groups dyan para may lumaban sa mga tao na yan.. kaya hindi matapos ang gulo d2 sa mindanao,, dahil yan ang pag uugali nga mga leader d2.. at kinukonsinti naman nga ating goberno.. dahil malaking boto ang mabigay nila yan sa pag datin sa election.. kac magaling yan cla sa daya.. kawawang juan dela cruz pina sesweldo nila ang taong bobongbog sa kanila,, wala na nga nagawa sa kanilang bayan,, human right violator pa..

    • Let me remind you that we are not talking about the politician’s religion or ethnic background.

      It’s about a politician who may have violated the Code of Ethics of Public officials and the Anti-child abuse law. Now that is deplorable.

  • Jason Abalos

    As Khaz had said, we should not be bias just because the accused are influential people. We should not judge them because the author of this blog is one member of the accuser. We should give them the benefit of the doubt. Hindi lahat ng nakaka angat sa buhay na tulad ng mga akusado ay malulupit na tao. I just think na something trigger the incident. Tulad ng sinabi ko, I sympathized with the De La Paz dahil dehado sila, pero ang tanong naman ay, paano at sino ang nag simula ng gulo. I’m sure people like Naomi, Khaz or Pulis na Pogi are old enough to understand that we are all responsible for our own action. We should think first before we act or react into any given situation.

    There should be a right venue to file charges and that is the court of law, but of course this blog is just one way to express our concern and opinions, but not to take side. I am most certain that on one in this blog really knows what exactly had happened other than what we have read in the paper or any other blog, internet site, hear in the radio, or television, etc. Kaya hindi na tayo umasenso, dahil mahilig tayo makinig sa mga tsimis. Pansin niyo ba, masyado tayong maka diyos but we judge one person through mere tsimis.

    This blog is only one of many ways to gather information and to know what was going on around us. This is a wonderful tool with the help of this new age technology, but we are using this in a wrong way. Nag papadala tayo sa ating emotion at masyado tayong naniniwala agad sa mga sabisabi. Sayang pinaka matalino pa naman ang pinoy sa lahat ng lahi sa mundo pero sa simpleng blog ng author ng blog, kumampi naman tayo agad at nakaka sira tayo agad ng reputation ng isang tao. Peace to all 2009 na po.

    • This is my blog and I am entitled to my opinions and how I write my story. Now if you don’t like it, you should also blog and write a different opinion to rebutt mine.. If you and my readers have another view, I allow you to do so through the comments even if you use strong language as long as you stick to the issue.

      when i first blogged this, we were only 3 bloggers. my initial purpose was to share information, share the story and at the same time say my views.. it was not to judge the mayor and his father. I questioned their actions and asked for their side. It took them a long time to air their side. Once they did, it was through some anonymous commenters and a multiply blog. There is PNP who came here and other blogs to defend them which now creates a balance to my bias. The commenters are part of this blog. I even told PNP to update me if he has other stories to share on the Pangandaman’s side.

      For you to dictate it is done the wrong way is for my readers to decide. I have my community here of mothers, parents and others who are interested to read my views. It is not for you to decide.

      Now that charges are filed at the prosecutor’s office, you will have to excuse me now because it is not my role to be the judge.

  • babes

    We have been following this story since it first came out last December 26. We are also reading blogs written about it. Sad to say that most, if not all, who write or share their views are quick to judge the Pangandamans, who we are sure, don’t even know them from Adam. Is it because they are government officials that they automatically, branded Corrupt and Abusive? We agree that the inclusion of the 14 year old Dela Paz son was unfortunate but he shouldn’t have joined the so-called fracas in the first place. The fact that he did just shows human nature taking its course because he felt that his father was in trouble. Just like Hussein, when he saw his brother Mayor Pangandaman being poked by an umbrella and “himampas” by a golf driver, go to his brother’s defense.
    Let us not judge them anymore since the cases have already been filed at the Courts.

    We just want to share with everyone what sort of a person Secretary Pangandaman is and the kind of people his sons are. Sec Pangandaman became our Secretary in DAR last 2005 previous to that he was one of our Usecs. Since he entered the DAR, he was always low profile. If anyone of you has ever noticed, our department is the government office along elliptical circle that never runs out of rallies and streamers against CARP or the DAR Administration. Sometimes, kaming mga empleyado pa nga ang napipikon sa mga ginagawa sa ahensya namin ng mga tiga Civil Society. But has our Secretary ever been pikon sa kanila? Never! kahit pumunta pa kayo dito sa DAR at mag imbestiga. Si Sec namin ay sobra pasensyoso at maka tao. Sa Katunayan nga isa siya sa pinaka well loved na naging Secretary dito sa DAR. Ang mga anak ni Sec are ganoon din mga mababait, magagalang at masusunurin na anak. Kaya kami ay nagulat kung bakit ganoon ang nangyari sa kanilang mag ama dahil hindi totoo ang mga sinasabi tungkol sa kanila. Hindi kami naniniwala na ang kampo ng Sec namin ang nagumpisa ng away dahil hindi nila yun gawain unless siguro hey were Provoked to the limit!

    • well he showed his “other side” in the golf course by being a spectator.

      Good to know he is a nice DAR chief to you.

    • Lee


      I respect your statements about the secretary. If you perceive him as a nice guy, so be it.

      Would have been more appreciative of his strength of character if he had stepped in and put an effective halt to what happened. A cooler and more logical recourse would have been to leave the place and file a complaint with management.

      Both parties could have done just that. Then perhaps this whole sordid affair could have been minimized.

  • Jason Abalos

    Naomi, I am sorry, i am so damn not to know who the author is and so you are not only so bias yourself but also the judge itself. We read your complaint now its just the matter of believing what you’ve all said right? Don’t get me wrong, It;s not that I don’t believed with your story, of course you are one of the involved party and I am not there to prove you wrong otherwise. I’ve just said that we should not judge the accused by reading your blog and to every words you said about the incident, but I don’t think that it is also pair to the other party to condemn them either. Remember, that each and everyone of us is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law and not in the court of personal opinion. I thought Philippines is now a democratic country?

    First of all, what is your intention of writing this blog? I understand that your family and you are involved on this incident. I am not a lawyer, but I think you should cease making comment about it because as far as i know, the charges had been filed. In the other hand, the accused camp probably don’t want to comment about it since the complaint against them had been filed. Does it makes any sense?, if you know what i am talking about. You have to prove your case in the court of law not through this blog.

    When I first made my comment here, I have said that i am not taking any side at all but to express my opinion about this case. i respect each and everyone’s opinion, its a healthy way to express a very decent conversation. Being bias is a totally different story. I am not going to subject myself to a very agressive and a very opinionated individual who’s only buying sympathy from other bias people, but then again, I sympathized with your family especially with your younger 14 year old brother. Any individual, young or old people alike are capable of hurting anybody and each and everyone of us have the right to depend ourselves, so again let me go back to what I’ve said before, something trigger the accused to hurt your younger brother. I will leave that to the investigator. I sympatized with your family it is because they are the one who sustain more injury. Do they deserve it? Well let the court decide and not this blog. Just my two cents.

    • excuse me, I am not Bambee. I am merely a blogger. I shared Bambee’s story.

      To read Bambee’s story, go here

    • Lee

      Hi Jason,

      With all due respect, I believe that people have a right to say what they want to say on this issue.

      This blog stands for what it is, a forum for an exchange of healthy opinions.

      Thats what freedom is all about… are free to agree or disagree with each other. Important that we keep the conversation going.

      Lets not kill a good thing.

      Best regards to you.

  • Jason Abalos

    Again, I am sorry, I am really confused. Now I got it…..continue with the blog, or may I say, “happy blogging” ? 🙂

    • Lee


      Thats the spirit. More power to you.

  • Jason Abalos

    Hello Mr. Lee,
    I respect each and everyone’s opinion wholeheartedly and I don’t disagree with them either. That’s the reason why I keep on answering and/or responding through this blog. It’s a healthy and democratic way of expressing your own opinion. I do not question the content and the substance of the blog, but the feeling and expressions of the blogger. What I don’t aggree is how this thread is being used for personal gain by the author to buy synpathy. For me, it’s undemocratic and it’s not fair. Again, that’s only my opinion, you have yours and I respect that. PEACE.

    • Lee

      Hi Jayson,

      Thanks for responding. I salute you for the commitment to a healthy and democratic space.

      I dont know how old you are but if you were around during the Marcos years, you would remember how dangerous it was to speak out against the powers that be.

      With reference to the intent of the moderator to influence belief, its entirely up to you if you wish to be influenced. I trust that your sense of right and wrong has been clearly developed by now. If you say you agree with her, fine…..if you say that you disagree, thats also fine. Whats important is that nag-uusap, di ba?

      Keep on blogging bro….cheers.

  • mindanaoboy

    Presidente Gloria Macapagal Arroyo… Madam Presidente, Public Servant/Official mo, nambubugbog ng inosenteng Bata at Civilian! Sana di mo talikuran ang pag protekta mo sa taong bayan! Kami ang nagbibigay ng SWELDO sa inyo! kaya luxurious ang buhay nyo ay dahil sa amin. Ayusin mo itong PROBLEMANG ito!

    Ang Masakit dyan. Sya ang ating representative sa Peace Panel!!!!!!????

  • ‘m a golfer too & I can relate to De La Paz family , Pangandaman klan needs to realize that golf is not for everyone (even if you can afford it), this game is not a sabong or boxing match… there are rules that needs to be followed & diplomacy is always encouraged . God i wish I get paired w/ that family in one of my golf round here in U.S. so I can show them how the real golfer should behave even when I’m having a bad round.
    In the golf course…. your attitude, skill & score will tell everyone who you are…. you need a good swing not bodyguards & machine guns to go under par. I’f I could suggest Pangandaman family should build their own golf course kung saan mang bundok sila nangaling…so they could make their own golf rules & possibly add MP5 or M1 carbine as another club to their golfbag.


    Mr Torrey Pines

    • TERRY

      tama, they , the PANGANDAMANs and the like species shud have their own ground and we’l call it
      “GOAL-OF-CURSE”. Bagay ba?

  • archer92

    Power tends to corrupt.. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

    Those who got a abuse power and influence,are a menace to a decent society. Evidence : turning a gentleman’s golf game, to a game of golpe!

    I saw the footmarks on the victims (dela Paz). Decent people don’t fight or WORSE step on other human beings. (literally and figuratively.) Even dogs don’t do that. These Pangandamans, their kind and their minions are worst than dogs! They have positions of Cabinet Official and Mayor, yet they behave like hoodlums and thugs. Shame on you.

  • POL

    The despicable behavior of the Pangandaman siblings speaks of the kind of parents they have. Through his inaction, Sec. Pangandaman condoned his sons abusive behaviors. What are we in power for.. right Sec? With that kind of paternal models, I’m afraid to think of what might his grandkids can do. IF YOU HAVE ANY SHAME LEFT..YOU SHOULD RESIGN FROM YOUR GOVERMENT POSITION.

  • julyo

    Pleeeease lang… Stop judging!!!! We really don’t know know what happend that day as you and I were not there!! Nasa Courts na let’s wait for the verdict nalang.

    • we are having an exchange of opinions and discussion. This issue is imbued with public interest hence readers render opinions.

      The final judgment comes from our justice system.

  • Jason Abalos

    Mr. Lee,

    I salute you back, sir. This is my way of saying how I respect every intelligent people like you. I am very careful to what I have to say and/or write in this forum because I have the understanding of every people’s opinion count and I think that everybody should also follow the same rule or is there any? Oh, well only if other bloger should stick to the issue and share their own views and stop the name calling then it should be more fun reading the blog because we can learn something more from it.

    Yes, we share views and opinions and that is the most important thing as far as communication is concern. The success of each individual, marriages and even in business rest on good communication and I know you’ll agree with me on that. I can only suggest whether they will follow or not, is to stick to the issue and share their own views with us to educate us some more. Again, happy blogging 🙂



  • Rick

    Palagay ko maaacquit yang mga Pangandangans, kasi alam nyo naman yung Judicial system dito sa Pinas. Pag malakas ka acquit ka at kung may pera ka acquit ka rin.

    Mataas ba ang suweldo sa pagseserbisyo sa gobyerno? Kasi tinawag ang Dela Paz na “Low Income Earners” eh, I heard na balewala naman ung sweldo ng mga government officials eh dahil sa tindi irregularities and corruptions dito sa Pinas barya lang ang talagang sweldo ng mga government officials kaya nga nagpapatayan ung mga politicians para makaupo. Ang di ko lang alam ay kung dahil sa desire nilang makatulong sa tao or dahil sa greed of power and money.

    Pero ang ipinagtataka ko lang ay kung paano naging aggressive “daw” ang mga Dela Paz(es) na isang 56 yrs old, 14 yrs old at isang dalagita vs. Pangandangans na mayroong bodyguards na “Armado” ng mga high caliber weapons.

    Kung titingnan natin ung sequence ng pangyayari, parang obvious na maaaring nagcomplained ang old Dela Paz to Pangandangans about a breach of golfing etiquette and if we say its an arrogant act for reminding that “breach” dapat wala ng rules na inestablish, may exception pala depende sa social standing na kapag mataas na tao (yun ang feelings ng mga pangandangans) ang pagsasabihan it is called “arrogant” pero pag mas mababa it is called “breach of rules”. Pero kung ichachallenge sa away ng isang matanda na may kasamang bata na 14 yrs old ang 6 na maton na armado ng high caliber weapons, parang di na ito kapanipaniwala! Di naman mga bobo ang mga judges dito sa pilipinas, katunayan nga alam ng mga judges ang mga loopholes ng batas natin eh at thru technicalities kaya nilang baliktarin ang naagrabyado na sya ang may sala or o pareho silang may sala kaya patas lang at case dismissed if the price is right! Dahil dito palagay ko acquit pa rin ang mga pangandangans, malalakas yan at kaya nilang bilhin ang hustisya rito sa Pinas.

    By the way wala bang rules na bawal magdala ng deadly weapons sa loob ng golf course? Kung wala, mahirap pala dahil baka may makabangga kayong tulad nila Pangandangans. Kung meron naman, applicable lang ito sa depende sa social status at exempted siguro ung tulad nila pangandangans, mahirap pa rin yata.

    Pero atleast kung may pangalan ang mga naglalaban mas mabilis ang lutuan at decision di tulad ng mga ordinaryong mga mamamayan na natutulog lang ang mga kaso sa korte. Laging postpone at kung ano- ano kunwaring seminars at meetings ang pinupuntahan na di man lang inisip na ang mga may cases ay patuloy na nagbabayad sa mga lawyers kahit postpone. Kung tutuusin kung talagang aayusin ang justice system sa Pinas ay pwedeng pwede, magdagdag sila ng judges at kung kinakailangang expansion gawin nila, pero siyempre public service iyon eh di naman para sa personal interest ng mga corrupt na mga nakaupo kaya, its not even in the list of priority or baka naman nasa potential improvement list na since 20 years ago di pa lang nagkakaroon ng tamang pagkakataon ang mga nakaupo para iimplement ito…

    • Lee


      Entertaining comments on your part.

      Hopefully the courts will be fair in this particular case….If the pangandaman boys get acquitted, sana its based on merit and not influence.

      Wages of government employees have improved kahit papaano but in a lot of cases, mababa pa rin compared to their counterparts in the private sector. That’s why probably, mahirap kumuha ang government ng really qualified people…Oo nga naman, if you can have steak, why settle for pork chop, so to speak? On the other hand, some people enter government service for truly patriotic reasons at yun ang dapat tularan, not those who are into it for the juicy contracts and influence….Napakaganda sana if those in government really join for the noble service of serving the public and the country, di ba? Kung ganoon ang pananaw ng lahat ng empleyado sa gobyerno, walang duda na walang kurakot at maganda ang serbisyo.

      As far as I know, bawal magdala ng “deadly weapons” sa mga lugar na ganyan…Kaya nga nakakapikon ang nangyari, the blatant display of arrogance then after they feel the heat of public opinion, they project themselves as if mga santo sila sa media at sa mga blog tulad nito sa pamamagitan ng mga PR people (obvious ba na kumulat na sila dito). I really wonder how they were able to bring guns into the facility…..Exemption? Dapat walang exemption. Baka naman takot sila sa dami nilang mga kaaway.

      Tama ka, the justice system in the Philippines must really be improved. Yun din ang sabi ng mga kaibigan kong abogado at judges. Importante na maibalik ang tiwala ng tao at isa sa mga paraan para di lutuin ang kasong ito is through constant public pressure tulad ng mga blog na ito.

      Anyway, thank you for sharing. Hope to hear from you again.


      • Rick


        Thanks for your reply.

        I am hoping that the court will be fair not only on this particular case but for all cases regardless of their social status.

        Magaling naman ang abogado nila Dela Paz kaya lang sana sa filed case nila wala na ung word na “Slight” Physical Injuries but just simply “resulting to a Physical Injuries” kasi pinagsusuntok sila at may dugo pa kahit ung 14 yrs old na anak nila. Ang word “slight” ay nagpapagaan ng kaso. Di naman kinurot lang ung mga Dela Paz(es) eh binugbog sila.

        I agree with you that “If the pangandaman boys get acquitted, sana its based on merit and not influence.” but I really have a big doubt about it.

        The judges and prosecutors are absolutely not morons, Old Dela Paz and his boy I am sure are also not morons to challenge into a fight the 6 big men even if they are not armed! What more if these 6 big men are equipped with heavy firearms?? But money talk speak louder than Philippine justice many times. Sad to say but it is just a fact, probably not for all judges and prosecutors but a lot are really influenced by money.

        Meron ding ilan-ilan na government officials na maayos, so far I only know one. Si “Herbert Bautista” sa tagal nya sa serbisyo bilang Vice Mayor, hanggang ngayon di pa rin sya matatawag na mayaman compared to the other government officials na ang P 100milyon pesos ay chicken feed lang mula ng umupo sila. Kaya nga ung ibang government officials (na mas maliit ang legal na sweldo na natatanggap) ay natatawag pang mga low income earners yung ibang mga medium size businessmen na nagbabayad ng taxes para pangsweldo ng mga government officials na yan, kasi kaya nilang sabihin na dahil sa sincere sila sa paglilingkod sa bayan pwede nilang sabihin na kahit di nila tanggapin ung sweldo nila bilang mayor o government officials na ipinagmamalaki ng mga taxpayers na sila ang nagpapasweldo sa mga ito ay ok lang. Kasi nga the truth is baryang barya lang ito sa mga under the table na natatanggap nila kaya sa palagay nila walang karapatan ang mga taxpayers na sumbatan sila na sila ang nagpapasweldo rito.

        Palagay ko wala ng pag-asa na mag-improve ang justice system dito sa Pilipinas. Kasi kung mayroon silang intensyon dapat noon pa. Mayroon akong kilala na halos 3 years na ung kaso “civil case” lang nga iyon pero di man lang umusad kahit konti dahil laging postpone ung hearing at irereschedule na naman ng pagkatagal tagal pero postpose ulit pagdating ng time na un at loop again, hanggang mawala na ung mga witnesses sa tagal ng kaso and therefore case dismissed for lack of merit at very proud ang mga judges na kala mo kung mga sino for their job well done “kuno”. Pero maikli pa yan meron ngang umaabot pa ng mahigit 30 years hanggang malagay na lang sa archive ang kaso.

        Sabi mo nga “Importante na maibalik ang tiwala ng tao at isa sa mga paraan para di lutuin ang kasong ito is through constant public pressure tulad ng mga blog na ito.”

        Sana nga but I don’t think it will happen in the lifetime of my future children and grandchildren, pwede siguro na mapabilis sa mga known personalities, pero paano ung mga ordinary people?? Paano nga ba maibabalik ang tiwala ng mga tao sa justice system natin? Para sa akin action still speaks louder than words, kailangang magkaroon ng expansion ang mga courts natin dahil sa dami ng mga pending cases at kailangang magdagdag ng mga judges, ireview ang mga current judges performance and integrity ng mga ito at kick-out those that deserves. Pero kaya nilang paglaruan ang batas and they are the law.

        Si GMA kasi busy these days sa pagpapalit ng mga SCs at eager siyang mapalitan ng cha-cha ung current system natin.
        Naniniwala naman ako kay GMA sa sincerity nya na wala syang planong maextend ang last term ng pagiging presidente nya kaya nga gusto nya ng cha-cha eh. Wala namang Presidente ang cha-cha kaya hindi naman extension sa term ang pagiging Prime Minister diba? Kailangan lang bumoto ung mga alipores nyang mga congressmen (di na ung taong bayan) para maging Prime Minister sya at pag nandoon na sya mas mahirap na syang tinagin kasi wala ng eleksyon sa susunod so di tutoong gusto nyang maextend sa pagiging Presidente, anong akala ng mga tao kay GMA isa pang greed in power?? oh common…Out of topic na ko sorry, hehe…

  • Nick Bari

    I do believed that Mr De lapaz is sincere i know they are telling the truth. Sana maawa naman kayo sa binugbog nyo mag sabi na kayo ng totoo away ni God ang sinungaling,

  • gwapongbastos87

    ganyan kayo, kasi yasn ung pinapalabas ng media, syempre istorya nga naman mabenta. tignan nyo nga muna yung mga katawan nyo kung wala kyong mali. hnd lahat ng cnasabi nila tama, syempre nga naman ung ilalalagay nila ung mabenta, ung makakakuha ng tao. advertisement, kung marami nga namang babasa manunuod or makikinig syempre mas maganda mag advertise. walang dangal ang media pera pera nlang lahat. walang kwenta media.

    • Lee


      He he he…..may point ka din. Hindi pangkalahatang malinis ang media…Some stories have a business angle, if you know what I mean.

      Kaya nga maraming media men pretending to PR men which really prostitutes the entire industry to the point na akala ng mga may perang tao or corporasyon that they can just pay reporters, editors, etc to make them look like saints when in truth they really smell worse than horseshit.

      And this looks like one of them…..

  • Jason Abalos


    I totally in agreement with your point of view. I, myself hate those kind of people with passion who break the very same law that they themselves had created. Sana pag bawal, bawal whatever’s your status in our society. However, this people hired a bodyguard for a reason. They are in the Philippines and like most normal citizen living a normal life, of course this people wanted to go out in public and do what they wanted to do most in life like of course playing golf but the only difference is they have to hire a goons to protect them for any reason like eventually had happened there that day.

    What I’ve wanted to point out is, who’s the instigator, of course none of us knows that nor have the first hand knowledge, other than the actual people involve with this incident. I strongly support filing charges by either camp but both of them should have a strong conviction in doing so. As I’ve said from the beginning, no turning back, go all at war in the name of justice and they must prove their case in the court of law.

    Now I’m sure we are going to question the justice system in the Philippines. Sayang nga lang at walang Jury system in the Philippines unlike here in the state, where the jury panel decide the fate and the outcome of the case without the influence of either party regardless of their status in the society. The case lies on skills of their lawyer and how far they can get through to win their case. We should of course trust the system and abide by the decision of the court because if we don’t trust the justice system, what’s the point of going through the process itself? You are just wasting your time and money. Fight for your right but if for some reason, you loose the case, you should respect the decision rendered. Lets not make any excuses because we already knew that only in the Philippines where there’s only two ways to determine the outcome of the case, the winner and the one that had been cheated.

    GOOD LUCK…….De La Paz lawyer is a high caliber lawyer and he is proven to be a very good lawyer but on the same token, if he doesn’t get the result in his favor, that should only mean a couple of things, and that is, He don’t have a case or He didn’t do a good job gathering all information, witnesses, and evidence. We should not blame it all on our justice system or the influence of the pangandaman be an excuse.

    • Rick


      Thanks for your reply.

      In general we are in agreement except for the justice system in the Philippines. You are right that it is sad that unlike US, there is no Jury system in the Philippines. Sa sobrang dami ng kinopya ng Pilipinas sa US ang maganda ang di nakopya. I really want to trust the justice system in the Philippines but the truth is bulok talaga ito. Unless you know somebody personally or experience yourself how the justice system works in the Philippines, you will remain in equilibrium that I myself think of before. I hate to say it but is just a fact. There are thousands if not millions of pending civil and criminal cases for decades and even worst some even stayed at the prison for the sins they’ve never done and if by luck, it was found out after 50 years that they are innocent they should be thankful that finally, the decision from these very proud lawrulers had been released but sadly, their life in general has been destroyed through-out those years.

      In US or in Europe, if that happens, the judges will make sure that those sufferings must be compensated. They will count those wasted years and pay compensation and anything on top of it that they found necessary plus the “Interest”. In the Philippines, they will open the door of the prison camp and congratulated the innocent prisoner/s (for 50 years) now an ex-convict (in the eyes of the other people) that doesn’t know where to go from then on and says congrats, you are free again to go wherever you want!

  • Jason Abalos

    If there is a smoke, there is a fire. The Pangandaman sure did not went to the golf course to hunt for people randomly to pick on and beat them like the De La Paz is claiming to be. They are just simply in a wrong place and in a wrong time. On the other hand, so with the De La Paz’s whom I believed has an ego problem himself. Something that trigger the incident and they both colide in an instant. The Pangandaman are loaded and ready for something like this, remember they feel like they’re untouchable, and cannot be overtaken by some wanabe like the De La Paz. Its like a fuse of a bomb ticking wating for it to explode. One thing leads to another, and then, the innevetable, both colided with full force. Each side doesn’t want to be outdone by the other until the smoke turn into a small flare and eventually became a full blown fire. End result both side sustained gashes and bruises, only De La Paz’s sustained more than the other, but then again, they are outnumbered. He then came into a reality na na argabyado sila so his EGO is badly bruise and it is more important now than his pride. What more can you say, he knows he cannot beat them physically, of course, he’ll try to beat them emotionally by attacking their personality, dignity, and most importantly, their credibility. I say….File charges prove your case, you have the best lawyer that you can ever have. Concentrate on how to win this case and do not even think about the influence of the accused. Fight to win and not the other way around. Let’s just hope for the best…….2009 na maraming magagandang balita sa Pilipinas beside this…Take the case of the good Major of PDEA who’s being offered a brive by the infamous ALABANG BOYS. but then again i’ll reserve my comment on another thread. PEACE OUT PO

    • Rick


      Sure, Pangandangan did not go to golf course to pick up a fight but they surely knew that they outnumbered one old man and one boy. Aside from that, they also know that these two poor guys have no deadly weapons compared to them which are carrying heavy firearms and are exempted to bring deadly weapons inside the golf course.

      They also knew how powerful they are so they will not go for the alternative “diplomacy” to instruct their big bodyguards to pick up the old man and a boy to the security and report if it is really true that these “old man” and a boy is challenging the six armed men to a fight!! Rather it is much enjoyable that their father a “DAR Secretary were watching” the commotions for sure with great satisfaction. I said for “sure”, otherwise he will stop the fight by any means.

      When I was a little boy, whenever I got into a fist fight, my parents were so angry to me and remind me not to have a physical fight again. I still remember that one time I was caught in the act figthing with another boy near my house because this boy was so cocky and really looking for a fist fight, He immediately stops the fight and I was hit in my legs by a belt so hard and instructed me to go home. I repeteadly said it is not my fault and told the story but he said that is not the way to handle it. I was told that it is not a cowardness to stay away from troublemakers, It is better to talk with them and settle the issue in a friendly way rather than in a fist fight, I remember that lesson since and realized I cannot win at all in a physical fight even if I have beaten my opponent due to if my parents knows it, I will surely be punished. So I tried to do it his way and found that I have less nemesis and realized he is right.

      But of course each Father has its own way of teaching their children. What else can I say? What is right for my father’s principle is wrong to the other father/s. It has something to do with the upbringing. Those with the same upbringing as Pangandangans agrees with their way while of course those with different upbringing don’t.

      Old Pangandangan has its own way of teaching to his children and he is a powerful man that he believes that his character and indirect consent to handle this kind of circumstance must be inherited by his children. I really don’t believe in your word “innevetable” or maybe you mean “inevitable”, they can avoid it without losing their face by carrying like “two lost children” the old man and a boy to the security office and report that they are looking for a fight and let the security deal with them. If they do that way, the old man and a boy will look more awkward and funny. Or the father should simply shout stop and don’t fight! Then instruct his people to go the proper channel of the golf security to avoid further misunderstanding!

      But of course again, they absolutely know it is a mismatch fight that Pangandangan surely knows they could win the fight even with their close eyes so they rather want to show the world who they are by beating these two poor guys badly.

      Pangandangans are surely not fans of Spiderman so they don’t believe that “great power comes with great responsibility”. They rather adopt that “great power must be used ignoring its responsibility”.

  • Rick

    Sorry for my typo error of Pangandaman written as Pangandangan, wala kasi silang pakundangan, Joke!

  • glentomacruz

    Clash of ego ang nangyari.. isang mayaman at isang politico…. pang maykaya lang ang golf e… status symbol…. pati anak ni dela paz e naglalaro… gentleman’s game daw ang golf…PWE! ang asal ng mga yan e hoodlum…

    yang mga pulitikong mga yan, ang yayabang pati mga bodyguards… e sineswelduhan lang naman ng taumbayan…akala mo na kung sino.. idamay niyo pa yang mga pulis, militar, konsehal at pati hamak na barangay tanod…
    Kaya lang kung iisipin, yang mga dela Paz e mayaman din kasi(kaya afford maggolf)…tinamaan ang mga ego sa paglalaro ng golf…away ng mga mayayabang…nagpa-awa effect din na kesyo matanda na yung tatay… tapos yung anak e may hangin din sa ulo..

    gaya sa badminton sa corporate, daming mayabang(gaya ng duktor na ulol na naglalaro sa centro-inihian ko sasakyan mo gago!) at ngayon lang yata nakapaglaro ng competitive game… hindi nakakaintindi ng pagkatalo or sportsmanship…mga PWE!!!

  • Jasper

    you kiddin me?

    let’s be honest here,
    we all hate politicians, their reputation in pinas is rabid.
    and they;re easy targets for media slaughter as well.

    but come on,
    hey, the dela paz patriach swings a bad temper..and towards somebody of greater power and influence..and firearms undoubtedly.
    now come on, he must have a inkling of what’s coming back at him.

    i say wrong move pal,
    you should have tend to your anger..and your temper when you’re out in public..especially if your kids are around…jezzz..
    i know am a dad too, and there are times when am driving and some rude road user gets to me..wew..i look at my kids in back seat and i defuse with rationality .
    although, sure 10-15yrs ago if the same thing happens to me..i’d be out of the car with a not so nice attitude and with ill intent …i tell ya.jail time or a testosterone dynamite.

    the last thing you do is poke around your brolley(although not actually hitting anything or anybody-really pointless, an act only known to those who doesnt know how rumble), because that would be fuel to a brewing fire. damn! why can’t the old man then just gave it a pause and think!!crikey!!he was teasing the lion with fresh meat by what he was doing!!

    if i was the politician being shouted at ang being invited for a brawl..
    my o my..i’d be in the same headline as the israel vs gaza conflict.
    thank god i hate pinas politics..

    and what now? using the child in defense to mount an offense?
    low blow..cannot be borrow one..
    exactly my point, why the heck did the old man blew his top with the kids around? what in godsgreen earth posssesed him to do such that..because they’ll gonna miss their tee?..for a bloody golf swing?
    man,,he is ?56..he should have known better!

    to mayor and usecretary pangandamans’,despite all these i think manila is still a safer playground than back home..but please keep it down a notch next time..

    p.s. by the way? why the heck are you so far away from your people mayor?shouldnt you be more spending more time in your constituent rather than playing golf?dont tell me you’re on your break..that would be lame..soooo lame.

    • Rick


      As you mentioned :

      “p.s. by the way? why the heck are you so far away from your people mayor?shouldnt you be more spending more time in your constituent rather than playing golf?dont tell me you’re on your break..that would be lame..soooo lame.”

      Even though you help educate Jason as he mentioned in his post with your excellent analysis and I believe with Jason’s remarks about learning from you, please let me share a little bit on the way I look at it and trying to be fair enough.

      Everybody needs a little break from their routine work… Regardless of their social or political status…Even the President of U.S. is not an exception and must take some time-off for their personal pleasure at the right moment… Executives, Construction Workers… who else? Everybody….Else humans might end up with nervous breakdown and even worse can make their job performance poorer without “rest and recreation”,

      Rest and Recreation should however not be spoiled by a fight, else it is not fun anymore.

      I am not defending Pangandaman specifically but I am defending our human race in general of which deserves R&R regardless of status… It is how are you “going to spend” or “afterwards spent it” that really makes the difference.

  • jason Abalos


    I got your point and I certainly agree with you about the pangandaman’s being loaded with who knows, high calibered weapons and I m sure you also knew the reason why they carry such weapons. When I say ineviteble, I only meant one thing, they are ready for anything in any circumstances that may arise in any given situation.

    You said that the old De La paz group were outnumbered without any weapon, and for that, i will disagree with you this time. Anything on hand can be use as a weapon. the umbrella itself is a weapon much less the golf club that alledgedly use by the 14 year old son, is already considered a weapon. When you are approached by a very distraught individual, tryiing to pick a fight with you armed with an umbrealla, of course you are going to react and I know that your first reaction is to depend yourself. Remember, that in every action, there’s always a reaction.

    All this is just a mere analyses on my part, because I have to admit that, I have no first hand knowledge to every datails that transfired that day. My opinion is based on what I’ve heard and seen on the news. I am not an attorney but I gave the benefit of the doubt to the De La paz side. The Pandamangan are armed but keep in mind, if they’re intention is to really hurt or even worst killed anybody that day, they can probably done it without a doubt in my mind but instead all you see on the news reflect a very mad De La paz claiming they got beaten badly by the mayor’s group, althought, if you look take a closer look, the only thing that is badly bruise is his ego.

    Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i am appealing to you, let’s not judge anyone though hearsay. they are the only people that knows what had happened. let’s give justice one more try. lets not forget that anybody is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. i am sure that we already gave our justice system a lot of preasure for at least on this case alone. We cannot dismiss the fact that the De La Paz can afford to hire a high caliber lawyer, they have all the capabilities of winning this case against the mayor but they must prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

    Each side had influence in their own right. The only difference is that the pangandamans are a public servants and a public figure on the other hand, the De La paz is a wanabe big time. This is simply his take so he has to take advantage of the situation…..nonetheless, both of them should grow up, it will be a wake up call for both.

    • Rick


      You have mentioned that I said

      I did not say “without any weapon”, I said (verbatim cut and paste)

      “Aside from that, they also know that these two poor guys have “no deadly weapons” compared to them which are carrying heavy firearms and are exempted to bring deadly weapons inside the golf course. ”

      I can’t see a reason why you should disagree with it and I am sure that even the court will not consider umbrella and a golf club a deadly weapon until they were “deadly” misused. The main purpose of umbrella is for shade and golf club to play a golf while guns are intended to fire if necessary. You don’t need a license to carry an umbrella and a golf club if you’re gonna bring them in the public, because they are not considered as “deadly weapons”. While if you carry a firearm in the public, you must have a “Firearm License Card and Permit to Carry”. Very big difference.

      Yes I said “they were outnumbered” which is a fact.

      For the fairness of the situation, both parties (Pangandaman and Dela Paz) had mishandled the situation.

      Pangandamans are public figures so they should exercise maximum tolerance and all possible alternative to reach the least evil outcome of that argument like carrying in both sides of the hands “the old man and his son” like two little children by their bodyguards to the club management” and let the management deal with them or by calling the attention of the management to go to the location and deal with it .

      On the otherhand, if Pangandamans have failed to do it before any heated arguments and commotions, it is never an excuse for old DelaPaz to initiate the corrective action by going to the golf management and report the situation and let the management handle the issue/s of the two parties rather than playing hardballs by entering into verbal egoistic fights to show how tough they are that ends up with commotion. Probably (but not conclusive) they thought, they are untouchables (maybe) with the expectation that most people in that club knows them already for being an elite member for 10 years and an international tournament participants.

      Dela Paz is also coming from a rich family and as some commentators had pointed out and is basically right, there is some sort of egoistic war in there. Dela Paz thought that since they are rich, member of the club for 10 years and his children are tournament players, they deserve courtesy and respect above to all the rest. What Dela Paz were demanding in the golf is the “LAW OR RULE” and must be followed by anybody who played it, which is absolutely correct. BUT Dela Paz is more than determined to handle it by himself than to go to the proper channel as alternative to deal with Pangandamans of which can be interpreted that his ego or being possibly very proud, overshadowed a wiser decision that despite that it is the law or rule, he is not or never the law or rule enforcement in that club but the fact of just being another member to insist that to Pangandaman or to anybody just to show their superiority. That is the other reason I can see of why the situation they have now arises.

      If for any reason, the management failed to do any corrective action should old Dela Paz made that wiser decision, then that only means – time for their family to quit their membership to that valley club for its useless management and look for a better one.

      Final judgment is for the court and blog is for the opinions. Each comments would look like a judgment but its weight is not conclusive but with moral implications that others should learn to. That is my belief.

      What else can you learn from the court?? Just answer the question by either “YES” or “No”, else you will be charged with contempt!? The rest of the information to twist the facts are done by both parties with the help of their great liers (sorry wrong spelling, I mean lawyers) on their favor and at the end only half truth was revealed that became the basis of the court judgment.

    • Rick


      As you mentioned :
      “Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i am appealing to you, let’s not judge anyone though hearsay. they are the only people that knows what had happened. let’s give justice one more try. lets not forget that anybody is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. i am sure that we already gave our justice system a lot of preasure for at least on this case alone. We cannot dismiss the fact that the De La Paz can afford to hire a high caliber lawyer, they have all the capabilities of winning this case against the mayor but they must prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.”


      I have a feeling that they will reach an amicable settlement soon rather than banging their heads further in the court but lets wait and see…

  • jason Abalos

    Glentomacruz and jasper, excellent analysis. Please continue to blog. I need to educate myself more from people like you guys……

  • baycas

    I wonder why the comment box is “obliterated” in the blog post Obliterated:


    Removed link and title because I don’t want to give link love

    • ewan ask MV. He has every right not to place a comment box. Baka takot siya to receive comments. Blind item pa. How did you know Manuel referred to me anyway? there was no link referring to this blog. Did he ask you to comment here?

  • baycas

    I wonder why the comment box is “obliterated” in the blog post …….


    Sorry edited your comment and removed link because I don’t want to give link love to this particular person.

    • He has every right to speculate why I changed my entry.

      Let me explain to Manuel Viloria because he doesn’t seem to get the idea that I have every right to edit my entry.

      When I wrote “dysfunctional”, I didn’t know he was a Peacemaker appointee until the next day or was it two days after. So I edited it. Thought it was a better replacement because of the irony.

      Of course, now he puts malice into it even questioning my credibility.

      But did it change the essence of my whole opinion? No.

    • there was no link referring to this blog. Did he ask you to comment here? if not, how did you know it was my blog?

      • baycas

        I followed link on the said blog post when I was Google blog searching.

        Google “dysfunctional pangandaman” and it will lead to your blog. Not contented with that, please try googling “dysfunctional bambee.”

        Edit– link love removed.

        • How interesting that Manuel said the same thing in his blog re google cache. You think I am afraid of google cache? Read my lips: My sentence still stands the same.

  • jason Abalos

    You wrote:

    I have a feeling that they will reach an amicable settlement soon rather than banging their heads further in the court but lets wait and see…

    I just hope not sir I am still in favor of filling charges and let the litigants fight out in court. Test of power, sort of and who knows, it maybe time to break the culture of ” palakasan system ”

    That is what I hate with this egomaniac so called elite in the Philippines. They flexed their muscles, go to the media and treat their foes with lawsuit and act like they own the justice department but next thing you know, they reach amicable settlement like you’ve said and they will forget everything including the values to which they fought from the very beginning. People like us, who followed the story and gave some importance to their drama end up as the real loser. Just my two cents.

  • jason Abalos


    Please strike out my comment about the deadly weapon. You are obsolutely right when you say umbrella doesn’t need a licence to be carried around, however umbrealla can be use as a weapon. It may not kill you, but it may hurt you bad. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure I am going to react immidiately if some very angry individual approach me screaming and ready to attack. I am not going to second guess what the person can do to me. I will react to depend myself. It’s with us as a Filipino. We don’t wait till the other guy will hurt us in this kind of situation, in other words, “hindi tayo nag papa una, upak agad ”

    Mr. de La Paz doesn’t look like his age at 56. I am most certain that the mayor doesn’t have any idea who’s Mr. De La Paz and what kind of person he is and most of all, he doesn’t have any idea what’s this person are capable of.

    • Rick


      Anything can be used as a weapon, even your hand, feet, knee, or head and even teeth can be used as a weapon depending on the circumstances but what are those you called weapons compared to high powered firearms?

      About your umbrella weapon encounter, I have to be franked to you that I don’t have physical fight resulting from heated arguments for a long time since at a certain point of my childhood because I’ve learned from my father’s teachings together with his martial arts knowledge (he was a second dan blackbelt in Karate, Taekwondo and a blackbelter in Jujitsu gained from abroad and a businessman but still died at old age of 74) to settle as much as possible any issue in diplomatic way to avoid a fist fight. My last encounter happened at I was about 20 years old, when the two holdappers carrying knives had pushed their luck to touch my girlfriend despite of giving the money and jewelries they wanted. I have no option then but to immediately disarmed the first one and knock him down by hitting with my elbow at his backneck followed by a hard knee strike to his chest then I immediately turned to the second holdapper that unfortunately and unintentionally broke his arm carrying weapon.

      So about your umbrella dilemna, as you said “likas kasi sa ating mga Pilipino and di nagpapauna”. You probably forgot to mention na kadalasan pa siguro ang siyang magsisimula ng gulo dahil sa kayabangan at taas ng ere. Kaya upak agad diba, para masabing matapang? Paano ba pwedeng mangyari itong umbrella dilemna? If you encounter an unknown person like in the situation of Pangandaman and DelaPaz, they surely had reached the point of heated arguments that ends up in commotion. Kung may Law or Rule enforcer/management naman sa golf club and I’m sure there is, so why not go there? If I were DelaPaz or Pangandaman, I will go to the golf management instead kahit nag-iisa lang yung violator and I will let them handle that crook. I went there to enjoy and not to get unnecessary headaches. If the management can’t solve it, then its time to say goodbye to that golf club, it is not a good place for my relaxation and would not hesitate to discontinue my membership should they fail to solve it in accordance with their rules.

      I really hope my employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and people I encountered in several occasions like birthday, christmas party, weddings, family reunions, acquiantance and sports gathering will not do that. So far in every gathering we all started cheering each other and leave cheering each other as a sign of respect.

  • jason Abalos


    I believed that we are both in the same page. I just wished that each and everyone of us have the same attitude as we are, when it comes to making a sound judgement by turning the other cheek around each time we smell trouble. Unfortunately, we are all born different and every person has their own way on how to deal with problems.

    De La Paz is old enough to think about the welfare of his family by not trying to push the mayor’s button and eventually putting his family in harms way. Sure there’s only two option to deal with the situation. To ignore the mayor and let the proper authority deal with him, or try to become somebody that he is not to pick a fight with the real somebody who’s armed with a real deadly weapon and of course, he chose the later and he got hurt.

    You disarmed a thug trying to hurt your love one when you were 20 years old. I would do the same thing bro. to depend my interest. I will certainly not going to have anybody lay a hand on any member of my family or even my girlfriend for that matter. However, this situation is completely differ from the golf incident. Your experience is much worst that anybody can imagine because its the real criminal that is involved and ready to hurt anybody for the money. You’re in a situation where most of the time, you are not prepared to encounter. These criminals lived by its name. They are capable of taking a life in the name of almighty peso. Unfortunately for them, they encounter somebody like you who is trained to protect and depend.

    The golfing incident can be prevented but its the ego of both party is mightier than their wealth. They can summon the proper authority to handle their argument but they chose to flexed muscles and even put other members of their family in harms way. (lapse in gudgement I supposed) In fact, if I am not mistaken, please correct me if I am wrong, you’ve mention in your previous post that Mr. De La Paz is equally liable in putting his 14 years old son into this mess. He is equally liable for that anti child abuse law? (I think he should)

    Again, I still urge both camp to settle their differences in court and let see who’s got the biggest and mightiest ego of them all. I am just hoping that they don’t settle anything but the real justice that they are seeking from day one. Happy weekend everyone.

    • Rick


      Yes, we are almost on the same page.

      “when it comes to making a sound judgement by turning the other cheek around each time we smell trouble” as you mentioned is “holy” and I am not sure if I can do that since I am only human. But I would rather try to think of an alternative for the least evil effect. Like I previously mentioned if I were Old Dela Paz or Pangandaman.

      You are right that the incident can be prevented but it seem that both parties ego wants to prove something beyond the spirit of golf and they got it!

      I did not mention that Dela Paz is equally liable in putting his 14 years old son into this mess. Let me give an analogy that has always an effect in the interpretation of our law.

      Case 1 : Supposed somebody’s driving a car in the Philippines then another car is fast approaching and bumps that 1st car in its back right side. Whose fault is it then? The 1st car or the 2nd car behind? The answer is the car behind that bumps the 1st car.

      Case 2 : What if there is a 3rd car saw that fast approaching 2nd car is going to bump the 1st car? The driver of that 3rd car
      is a son of the driver of the 1st car and so the 3rd car driver decided that in hope to stop the 2nd car to bump his Dad’s car, he then to drive faster and stepped ahead to cover his Dad’s car of which resulted that the 2nd car hits the 3rd car at its back side instead of the 1st car. Whose fault is it then? The answer is still the 2nd car.

      Case 3: Another similar example: somebody again is driving a car in the Philippines then suddenly change its lane a little bit but failed to notice that there is a car behind that bumps the back right side of his car. Whose fault is it then?

      Well the answer is depending in who is driving that 1st car. If he is honest, he will say it is my fault due to I change lane a little bit and did not notice the car behind him. BUT what if he’s not? Then he could use the law that it is the fault of the driver of the car behind him. The car at the back should exercise more due care because he sees very clearly the car in front of him. He bumps the car despite that he can see that there is a car in front of him. And if that 1st car brought the case to the court, he would surely wins because the damage shows that the second car hits the back side of the car. End of the story unfortunately.

      Now lets go back to Pangandaman/DelaPaz situation. How could we know the whole facts? How could we relate it with the above 3 cases?

      The answer is how truthful each of them to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? So here comes the Liers (I mean the lawyers) to make the case stronger in favor of their clients, half truth must become the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Briefing…briefing then ready….

      As you have mentioned, you will certainly not going to have anybody lay a hand on any member of my family. Young Dela Paz is no exception. In the newspapers, you can even read real crime events such as a little lad at the age of 6 tried to cover his mother so the criminal won’t hurt her mother further that sometimes ends up that child gets killed instead of his mother. It is heroic act of the same bloodlife and most of the time done without second thought.

      The bottom line, there is a child abuse law and that law doesn’t define that if the minors are with bigger built and with strong muscles they are not considered minors anymore and can be abused. There is no such exception in the law. And the truth is even the word “abuse” is also “heavily abused” by some culprits in their favor. I am not talking of Dela Paz in this specific remarks but just in general.

      The law is not perfect unfortunately, even for child related law. For example, supposed a bit drunk delinquent teenager (an upbringing problem) initiated a fight against an older guy. Despite of the older guy tried to avoid it, that teenager insist to fight and to make things even worst he took a knife and stabbed the older guy and unfortunately got killed.

      The case then of that delinquent teenager will go to DSWD and the decision can be fabricated that its the older guy’s fault (he can’t defend himself anyway, he’s dead!) and it is just a mere self-defense for the teenager.

      Now lets change the story a little bit that the moment the teenager stabs the older guy, the latter caught the teenager’s hand and tried to disarm the former but the teenager is persistent not to release the knife but unfortunately, the knife went into the teenager’s body. The teenager did not die and just went to the hospital, thats fortunate!

      But here comes the law again! The family of the teenager filed a case of “Child Abuse” (per child abuse law) against the older guy. The older man despite of self-defense is now violated and punish by the law…

      That is one side of the coin, lets flip it to the other side of the coin…

      Now a very simple story…

      An older man is sitting almost in the middle of the road then one minor is running very fast and unfortunately hits the older man and both of them fell. The older man got angry, he castigated the minor that he should look carefully so he do not hit anybody! You’ve hurt me!

      Now lets reverse the characters situation and the minor was the one sitting almost in the middle of the road and the older man is running quite fast and unfortunately hits the minor and both of them fell. The older man got angry, he castigated the minor that he should not sit in the middle of the road. See what happened, you’ve hurt me!

      Oh my, that is why I did not aspire to become a lawyer, my reasoning contradicts my own reasoning for searching what is really right. I will never become a good one based on the definition of being a good lawyer…

  • pulis na pogi

    i wonder what is the next thing that the de la paz apologists will say, now that valley golf expells Dela Paz and only suspends for two years the dar chief.

    valley golf concluded that de la paz instigated the fight!

    • True, PNP. He instigated the fight but the sons beat up the kid TWICE. That’s why the two sons are banned.

      DAR chief did not beat the kid and father. Valley Golf findings are quite relevant.

      “Pangandaman Sr., a member of the golf club, was held liable for allegedly allowing the actions of his two sons. “

      Criminal case is another issue to hurdle. Let’s see what happens based on these findings

      • pulis na pogi

        i wrote my thoughts about the so-called 14 year old “kid.” what are your thoughts on this?

        • Nice to know you have a blog.

          My thoughts are ….that is the anti-child abuse law regardless of weight and size of the minor. Maybe you should bring this up with senator pangilinan so the law can be amended.

          But let the justice system work now since they both filed charges of child abuse.

        • pulis na pogi

          hehe, i forgot all about that blog when i made it around 2 years ago. thanks for peeking on it.

          about the pangilinan law, yes i think the pnp is already making its position known to sen pangilinan. during the interim, the law also gave rise to a very creative runaround conceived by a barangay captain: he organized his junor barangay tanods composed of “children” below 18 years old. these junior barangay tanods are the ones “unleased” against minor criminals. (personally, i do not approve of this method.)

        • jason Abalos

          Polis na Pogi

          You are very right sir. The Pangilinan law needs a lot of fixing and it should be emended immidiately. I still see many kids as young as 3 years old working in many areas of the Philippines. Kids should be in school period and cannot be roaming around the street much less doing something that their parents should be doing instead of them and that is making money for a living. Philippines should give the responsibility back to each local government from the Baranggay level all the way to the governor. Only in the Philippines where a law maker makes law without any alternative. Gawa lang ng gawa ng batas but they break the very same law that they themselves had enacted.

  • bryan

    even here in germany. kilala nang masamang tao yan si mayor pangandaman jr. ( it could be tsismis lang). this incident did’ nt surprise me at all. even de la paz being expelled, pangandaman is suspended. its a good thing lumabas agad sa media. dahil kung hindi they’r dead by now. sorry to say but you’re not getting any justice, not in your lifetime. that DOJ investigation is just a show.

  • good luck with the senator. Am sure your inputs will be taken to consideration.

  • si ako

    sabi dati, “makakahanap rin ng katapat yang mga Pangandaman na yan.”

    ang sabi ngayon, “naku, mukhang nakahanap ng katapat yang mga Dela Paz na yan ah!”

    ang hirap sa karamihan sating mga Pilipino, napapa-amo agad dahil sa simpatya; naniniwala agad sa ma-aksyong kwento. yan siguro ang napapala natin sa kakapanood ng wowowee at kakasubaybay sa mga telenovela.

    suriin munang mabuti ang tipo at pag-uugali ng bawat (di-umano’y) nasasakdal, lalu na ang (di-umano’y) nabiktima. magbasa at magsaliksik nang mabuti. maging mas objective at wag padadala sa mga haka-haka at maramdaming emosyon ng iba.

    at pakiusap lang, wag idamay ang mga kapatid nating Muslim. ang Islam ay pag-ibig, tulad rin ng Kristyanismo.

    manalig sa katotohanan, dahil naririto ang katarungan.


  • chuck

    Looks like valley golf has already unloaded some penalties on both parties.

    You may want to think of it as a solomonic solution. There are certainly lessons to be learned here….

  • julyo

    All I can say to the Dela Pazs’ is….. AND NOW THE KARMA BEGINS…… THE END!

    • That is just the internal report. The criminal aspect is different. So let’s wait and see.

      • Jasper

        What else do we still have to satisfy? Criminal aspect my cheeky moonshine! No wonder lawyers never lose..

        The old man started it and in the scuffle the boy got tossed. Which reminds me of that advert once ages ago..”sa mata ng bata..ang mali nagiging tama”..what are we teaching the kids nowadays..’if we cant have it our way, get ready to rumble?’

        Don’t be bitter and hold gruge(bad fung shui..hehe, my chinese is less to be desired), that’s just how it is. That’s life..and there will be more dissapointments and painful experiences(hopefully lesser than mine).

        The media(which conventionally favours any politician’s side) is starting to loss interset in the case.

        Poor 14 year old he was already beaten once and now he’ll be used as a sling shot to favourably tilt the scales their way.

        Let it go..and move on.

  • cvista

    I have said again, lets not decide based on our ideals that polticians are always the culprits, they may be corrupt but not violent. Too petty and insignificant for the likes of Pangandamans to make the first move. There’s no way to become offensive when your golf flight is ahead of that of dela paz. I may do the same if I got poke by an umbrella, its just normal to react defensively and not blame his companions or bodyguards to respond to what they are being paid for.

    What happend sa mga tama at ga tuldok na dugo sa mga dela paz are just nothing. It could be worse kung sa dami ba naman ng kasama nila Pangandaman, e di dapat mga lumpo at basag basag ang mga mukha ng mga dela Paza at meron pang oras hanapin si Atty fortun, dapat doktor kaagad ang punta, so I presume that the Pangandamans acted in self-defense. Dela Paz should take it easy in the golf course, hindi lahat ng naglalaro kasing galing nila. They have no idea kung sino ang binabanga nila, simple overtake lang ng golf cart at sa kabagalan ng laro ng Pangandaman, naipon na ang init ng ulo. I would say kung nakilala lang ni Dela Paz na mga Pangandamans mga yan, hindi siya ganyan katapang. Hindi rin sila papatulan ng mga Pangandamans kung hindi sila ang nagsimula.

    • jason Abalos


      AMEN pare…..That is exactly my point from the beginning, the very first time I made my post. Kung talagang one sided ang gulpihan na nang yari, di hindi na sana naka pag salita much less sa media pa. I still believed na simpleng suntukan lang ang nang yari. Just my analysis, I could be wrong.

      • C. Vista

        Jason Abalos that is true, Atty Fortun should not have come into the picture, ang babaw, siyempre its business as usual to the Law office and they will sensationalize it para naman ma market ang Fortun-Narvasa Law Office. The old dela paz should have set an example to his children na yung mga ganyan eh nangyayari talaga sa Golf Course pabayaan lang and concentrate in your game. Like the flight ahead of us na laging nag celphone which delaying our game, bawal yun sa golf course, simpleng senyasan lang ng mga caddies ang communication, OK na, hindi umbrella… at happy pa after over a bottle of beers or brandy hindi sa station ng police para mag file ng case hehehe. Eh di dapat ayos sana ang New Year ni Dela Paz, sige gusto niya mag pasikat na maraming pera ayan….BTW, is he related to the Euro General? Just asking nothing else and no issue abt it…

  • Rick

    Based on the recent report from the Golf Club, if it is true that Old Dela Paz instigated the fight then he can also be blamed for whatever outcome of that commotion (no exception). I can’t deny that I am surprised for this kind of bully attitude from an old man. An older man should be more patient and should make even more sound decision.

    I wonder what was playing on old Dela Paz mind that time he instigated the fight. Probably Dela Paz thought that he is so wealthy and deserves to be respected? And bullying = gaining respect?

    I believe that people don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy respect. But you can also be wealthy and respected at the same time. For example the Sy family that owns SM, I never heard that any of those Sy family get involve into any disorderly behaviour but they are very well respected, I can surely say,it is the result of the family upbringing. I don’t know if Dela Paz wealth have already reached 1/10 of Sy’s wealth but Dela Paz wealth seem already over and above his head that made him so proud and forgot the basics of human relations and the use of proper channel. I don’t want to think that old Dela Paz had already reached the height of mentality that being rich is invulnerable and fearful.

    If its true that he instigated the fight then he should regret his action and think of changing his attitude going forward even he is already an old man otherwise his next generation might inherited his bad behaviour by make believe he did what is right. If he is an honest person even at least for himself, he should realize now (even seem quite too late for his age) that bullying is not a good approach even if he considered himself an elite. Else if he remains with the same attitude, his being elite might become “delite” (oops sorry wrong spelling ” “) when meeting his match.

    If old delapaz thought he can afford to bully anybody in hope to create fear to the other party then the respect he is looking for shall soon diminish and most probably can even create hatred against him.

    Despite that golf club report is internal and not the final probe of NBI, it has its own weight and still can be used as a hard evidence against old Dela Paz of what really happened due to several witnesses within that club, unless, Old Dela Paz have its own sets of witnesses that can discredit it.

    I also believe that respect must be given to anybody regardless of his/her status but to enjoy its continuity, it should be earned and not automatic.

  • Jasper

    There is a new comment on the post “Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. (DAR chief’s son) Mauled A Father & Son at Valley Golf and Country Club”.

    Author: Rick

    As you mentioned :

    “p.s. by the way? why the heck are you so far away from your people mayor?shouldnt you be more spending more time in your constituent rather than playing golf?dont tell me you’re on your break..that would be lame..soooo lame.”

    Even though you help educate Jason as he mentioned in his post with your excellent analysis and I believe with Jason’s remarks about learning from you, please let me share a little bit on the way I look at it and trying to be fair enough.

    Everybody needs a little break from their routine work… Regardless of their social or political status…Even the President of U.S. is not an exception and must take some time-off for their personal pleasure at the right moment… Executives, Construction Workers… who else? Everybody….Else humans might end up with nervous breakdown and even worse can make their job performance poorer without “rest and recreation”,

    Rest and Recreation should however not be spoiled by a fight, else it is not fun anymore.

    I am not defending Pangandaman specifically but I am defending our human race in general of which deserves R&R regardless of status… It is how are you “going to spend” or “afterwards spent it” that really makes the difference.

    See all comments on this post here:

    To manage your subscriptions or to block all notifications from this site, click the link below:

    In tangent, I implore objectivity.

    Let’s be brutally frank here, the mayor’s town isnt exactly a thriving first class municipality. And that’s what i don’t like about Philippine politics, like you are running a company that is not doing well, should the manager or in-charge ponder upon a miraculous bail out plan out on a beach somewhere in Boracay?Or perhaps a round of golf?

    You mentioned US presidents? Heck , they will go on vacation and breaks/why? because they can afford to! America isnt exactly a gloomy war-torn impoverish southern muslim town in the Philippines is it?

    If you were a meek agricultural constituent in such a town, with stomach hollow in content, and you go seek out the help of the in charge for a certain concern…and the answer you get after all that hassle coming don to the flat land from the that your mayor is out up north playing in some posh golf club and beating people up and dodging the media…

    the same feeling would likened to a customer services call ‘ tahnk you for yopu call,due to high volume of calls, the town mayor is busy right now but if you just hold the line ;he’ll get back you shortly, ..’

    that’s one reason I hate Philippine politicians..this is no time for relaxation!!! the ship is not in good shape! people jumping off(the OFWs) should be a no brainer!

    • Rick


      Sorry but your comment is kind of stranged and unconsiderable. That was 26 of December and its declared national special holiday season. Municipalities regardlesss of its class were close all over the Philippines. Even the offices of the private companies which are not doing well or at big operating loss were closed. It is also not a sudden “closed” but declared ahead of the period so people regardless of location should know that their municipalities are close. If you want to blame the scheduled declared holidays, it should not be the local government but GMA.

      Should the people need assistance regarding peace and orders? The police were instructed to be on-call duty. Though they should be also on vacation but they can’t as they are in-charge in peace and order and it is completely understandable. They can however take their allocated vacation in some other time. Its not only a practice in the Philippines but again all over the world.

      About war? the soldiers in Mindanao are still there, why? I’m sure you have the answer and whoever sits there as a Mayor, even he works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or 366 (if there is a leap year) can’t solve it unless the Muslim renegades would sincerely stops the fight or they are totally eliminated.

      If the people whichever place needs assistance from the municipality offices, they should come at the scheduled working hours. It works not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Even the best machines are subject to breadown much earlier if used without rest or maintenance, what more the people?

      I am not defending Pangandamans, but all people regardless of their positions whether in the government or in private sectors should be entitled for a vacation regardless of their performance. If the voted government officials are doing bad, then the only solution is do not vote them again on the next election and if they are really doing bad like criminals then someone should initiate a court case to prove it and kick them out in their post if its really true (but do not expect much from the court due to the probability of solving it on time is very remote. Most of the time the term is almost or already finish but the case remains pending) or if people power works then do it. Same with the Executives and officers of the company, if their performance is bad, somebody above them should kick them out. No one is indispensable!

      However, I agree with you that the Philippine politics are rotten to its core. That is why the situation never improve but in fact getting worst because majority if not all wants to ensure their pockets first. That is why they spend too much to win the election because they know that if they won, they can get more than 10 folds of their cash outlay and public service is just secondary for them.

      • Jasper

        hehe..That’s ok bud, I was just bored stiff.

        This is one of those times when being a workaholic boomerangs at you. I can’t help it, ’cause when I work I expect the others alongside me also works as hard as I am. Just one of the reasonsss I left the country. Now don’t go off on that one either I wasn’t voted to run a company or a town(at a very tender age,mind you..hehe) I worked my arse off. One day holiday is one too many(official holiday pays bigger rate). But hey that’s just me, being born poor and yet managed to glide through this credit crunch like I knew it was coming 20 years ago.

        Back on track, hehe..I must assume one is not from a Muslim town in Mindanao nor have a good working understanding of how the such pyramidal leadership works in Mindanao. Sometimes or often there are matters where the police is of little use in the town’s feudalistic culture. The leader of the clan is always sought almost always to tip the balance. Such a strong point of disagreement with Christian laws(among others) hence the AFP’s body bags keep coming. So, in such a set up a national electoral candidate could possibly get ZERO vote in certain town(s). ..’cause everybody follows what the main MAN says.

        And Jason, please my dear, get your education somewhere for I hold no responsibility over your need-to-learn things in life. To each his own..well, at least in the journey towards personal enlightenment. But thanks anyway, it doesnt hurt to be tickled pink sometimes…in flattery i.e.

    • jason Abalos

      Let me just iriterate my comment about getting educated by jasper on my previous post. Not everything that he wrote, I agree with. Ayways, the way he respond to our discussion and the feeling or demeanor of the writer that makes me learn something if not everything. I am not presently in the Philippines but i am more focus on what was going on in the Philippines rather than my presently adopted country.

      I am also learning from blogers like PNP, Lee, Naomi, and of course to you Rick because you guys approached the topic in a very intelligent manner. Kaya magulo ang Pilipinas kasi walang gustong mag patalo, alot of people seems to know everything when its not. Here, we share different opinions and its more constructive and we should all learn from that. Kaya ang gulo ng ating gobyerno kasi ang daming opposition. They always oppose but they don’t have alternatives and that is very distructive.

      • Rick

        Thanks for your remarks Jason,

        I presumed that we are all openminded here, Our “opinion” is just an opinion and not the fact. I still hope that the truth is yet to come.

        You are right that kaya magulo ang Pilipinas kasi walang gustong magpatalo mapapulitika or kahit sa simpleng discussion lang. The truth is no one knows exactly what happened except the accused, the victims and the witnesses.

        At this moment, we are just wondering what exactly happened based on the third hand information. For every development, we create hypotheses and reasoning behind it but should never be the conclusive.

        Court cases are still pending and until the final decision is released and acceptable to both parties, whether its just half truth or the whole truth, the story ends and I guess we can learn some lessons in their event.

  • Erap

    kung di pa kami tapos maglaro ng basketball(per hour ang renta sa court-fibreglass at painted glossy woodtiles), at ang susunod na nakareserve is bullying the team captain to move over and scamper…hehe. I hope it would not be the 56 yr old dela paz poking things at us …’cause …wew…it will not be good for his health, i tell you.

    baka sa kangkongan tayo mag press conference.. at mag lie detector!


    there was this line my older brother used to say in our neighbourhood playground whenever a bully flexes his muscles over us midgets…kuya andoy would come around and say …’ why don’t you pick someone your size?!’ hehehe..i love my brother he settles things on the ground..hehe

  • konsehal ako

    Putang ina mong mayor ka!!!!!!!! ako subukan mong makaharap may paglalagyan ka sa aken makikita mo.

    • are you serious with that challenge? or is that your anger just talking?

      • Rick


        Probably “konsehal ako” is really tough…


        konsehal ako,

        I’m sure you know where to find the Pangandamans, just go there and show them how really tough you are in action and not just by talking…

        We will wait for the next headlines whether Pangandamans meets their match or there will be just another DelaPaz or even worst kind of story.

        But if you go to their territory, there is a possibility of missing in action and won’t hear any further news regarding you. Your toughness will be wasted for there will be no news about your great encounter with Pangandamans.

        So I suggest you publish your full name and address then ask them to hunt you instead…so atleast there will be another headline news afterwards…Goodluck!

    • C. Vista

      Konsehal ako, you are unbecoming of a counselor. Your language doesn’t speak of a public servant, or not really just using the name of “Konsehal ako.” Peace….

    • C. Vista

      Counselor, that is a serious one, its unbecoming of a public servant. Pangandamans are not like that, they wont make patol to you, beside, your reporting officer is the Mayor, thereferore you should respect Mayor Pangandaman, para mo na rin binastos lahat ng mga Mayor, tao din mga yan. Or just using name “Konsehal ako?” Gumamit ka na lang ng name na “Senador ako” para naman meron impact. Wag mo lagay sa utak mo yang pag pa Konsehal mo. Paglilinis ng banketa at kanal ang asikasuhin mo muna dyan sa distrito mo, check mo rin kung na pickup na yung mga basurahan ng mga residente dyan sa inyo para mawala ang mga langaw at lamok at para hindi ikalat ng mga pusa at aso, yan ang utos ni Mayor sa iyo…..

    • jason Abalos

      HAHAHAHA pagod lang yang konsehal, itulog mo na lang muna then you can join us for a very intelligent discussion when you get your most desrving rest. wink**

    • Jasper

      hehe..konsehal vs mayor..

      I believe you reacted in harsh prematurity. Such off the rails behaviour led those poeple in this mess. Count 1 to 10…one , two..go on..hehe.

      I hope my taxes ain’t funding your bodyguards(well you must have some otherwise why the high instigating voice, di ba?). I’d rather my tax goes to public services and social work if you don’t mind..hehe.

  • C. Vista

    Jasper, you are getting overboard about the topic. We’re getting far already. His professional life is somewhat different from his personal or private life which the Pangadamans are entitled to enjoy as Rick has mentioned. But to make way for you in this discussion, Rick mentioned its Dec. 26th, Pangandamans are enjoying a dayoff at a golf course, nothing wrong about it. Its Biblical to rest, even God rested on the 7th day when he created our world. Rest is a gift from God, you wouldn’t perform very well in your duties if you are not well rested. Enjoying life is part of resting, thus, Pangandamans spent resting at the Golf Course, however, evil spirit intervened. Peace to you….

  • C. Vista

    Jasper, you are getting overboard about the topic but to give way for you on this discussion, Pangandamans’ professional and personal life shouldn’t be mixed up in judging the incident at the Valley Golf. Rick has mentioned is Dec. 26, therefore, it’s vacation time. Pangandamans are entitled to enjoy their personal and private life at a gold course despite or regardless of the situation at their home town.. Its human and Biblical to rest, not only the President of the most powerful nation can rest but even God himself rested on the 7th day when he created our world. Rest is a gift from God that we deserved so that we can be energized to perform our duties very well. Enjoying life is part of resting, therefore, the Pangandamans are enjoying playing at Valley Golf, however, evil spirits intervened in a form of a dela paz. Peace to you…..

    • Jasper

      Yeah I know, sorry about that, I was getting bored. The topic became like a bitter exhaust of impulse reaction though ironic in the sense that when the internal investigation came out that the elder Dela Paz instigated the event..things are now academic..and moot.

      This link is similar to what happened in Valley GC. In the same breathe, if this indeed happened anyway near a posh club, this will definitely gain media momentum. Wouldn’t you agree?hehe

      Dec.26 – the boxing day(bank holiday in UK and Canada), and they indeed celebrated the spirit..literally..hehe

      Dec 26- the day after Christmas..yes but the problem is..Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas. I don’t about some Christians but I don’t normally celebrate Ramadan or Id…or do you guys?

      • C. Vista

        No problem pare, peace to you……

  • chuck

    its really no surprise that after the valley golf committe report came out that we now see an avalanche of new bloggers on the side of the pangandamans.

    looks like the sanitation crew is now at work…..

    • would you know which blog entries are these. It would be interesting to read more on them.

  • C. Vista

    Why now quiet on the penguin side? Becoz Batman came in, the defender of truth? Speak up all penguins, now you heard the truth, kinawawa niyo sobra ang mga Pangandamans. Valley Golf directors are not stupid to expel Dela Paz, period. Pangandaman should be reconsidered on his 2 yr suspension.

    • there is still the criminal suit. Let’s not forget that the report also show

      1. that the kid was mauled.

      2. DAR chief was held liable for the actions of his sons.

      All others are irrelevant to me. Sure, they got provoked but why use excessive force? It should have stopped at the golf course.

      • C. Vista

        That is now the problem with the Law. In a free for all or rumble, nobody would dare to ask the ages of all the participants before they hit each other. Also, Sec P. and old Dela Paz should also show their Sr, Citizens ID, para hindi makasama sa bakbakan, baka meron discount pa!!!!

        My golly, just a simple quarrel and they called the expensive Atty. Fortun to exagerate or aggravate everything. Ego, the dela paz wants to break the barrier of anonymity that they are untouchable and rich, lumang tugtugin nayan. Isn’t it enough they have the Euro Gen already? Its money to newly rich that makes the head go round ( if they are new). To old rich, peace counts a lot than money.

        Moreover, VGCC board members are not stupid to expell the old Dela Paz. Suspension to Sec.? Is just a consolation but shouldn’t be becoz his only fault is just being a father to the 2.

      • jason Abalos

        I’m still in favor of getting this case settled in court. Criminal court that is. I wanted to see who’s the real victim here. As I’ve said, the culture of “Palakasan system” must be stop and I just hope that this is will be the turning point. I’m sure it will take only a short period of time for this particular case to be heard in court dahil parehong me pera yung mga litigants.

        Believed me, we can learn much more if they fight it out at all cost and hear some verdict but we can only hope that it would not end up in a whitewash nor some kind of settlement.


        Just my two cents comment….De la Paz allegedly provoke the fight or confrontation. The mayor can only ignore him or face the challenge. Assuming, he did took the challenge by the older man and as you’ve mentioned, why use excessive force? It is a human nature to react on any given situation like this. He was allegedly approched by an agry Old man, poking him with a umbrella. The initial reaction is sack him where it hurts to minimize or even stop the attack. Here comes the angry 14 years old boy come to the aide of his father, swung a golf club at the mayor. Any normal human being, is not going to ask your age before you even hit back. i don’t know about you or the others, but I will not second guess what this kid can do to me.

        Sure, there is a violation of the anti child abuse law here, but as PNP said, this particular law has some flaws itself and should be amended. The court should decide that beyond reasonable doubt. Each and everyone has the right to defend themselves and I think the mayor is just being defensive.

  • Killerlook

    kahit ilang beses natin pagtaluhan ang lahat ng mga pangyayari between the Pangandaman at sa Dela Paz the conclusion is:

    Ano ang nagprovoke kay Delfin Dela Paz para iconfront ans Pangandaman?
    Ano ang reaction ng Pangandaman nung kinausap siya ni Delfin?
    Bakit hinampas ni Delfin ng payong si mayor Pangandaman?
    Assuming na tumulong and kapatid ni Nasser Jr. na si Hussein nung makita niya na hinampas ng payong ang kapatid niya. Tama ba na pagtulungan ang isang 56 years old na tao?
    Yung participation ba ni Bino at Bambee sa incident ay nangyari after pagtulungan yung tatay nila?
    Bakit naulit pa ang pangyayari doon sa may clubhouse?
    Ano ang nagprovoke sa magkabilang panig para mag suntukan ulit?
    Saan eksena pumasok si Secretary Pangandaman to stop the fight?

    These are some of the questions that I just constructed from my mind… there is always a reason after all the actions na ginagawa ng isang tao… for my conclusion;

    There is no proper communication from the both parties kaya nag umpisa ang gulo… and I know its always the EGO that keep us from trouble I just hope that this time they learned something from it… always be HUMBLE kahit ano pa man ang estado mo sa buhay… I guess the Dela Paz is somehow well stable ang pamumuhay nila sila yung kasama sa above average na tao sa pilipinas while the Pangandaman is a rich family and politically famous not only in their respective place and also very close to the president… Sino ang llamado o dehado? I guess kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo…to hit the main point…both parties suffered from this incident on the Dela Paz side they will not allow to play GolF anymore sa VGCC plus the trauma from his Family… from the Pangandaman side it just show in the public how their family handle a situation like that considering that they are public officials. I was wondering how would Pangandaman Sr. will handle a more complicated task if as simple argument like this eh hinayaan niya na lumaki. much more pa siguro sa DAR (kawawa naman mga farmers natin). There will always be a two side of the story who’s telling the truth? No one knows… The court will decide kung sino ang dapat parusahan but one thing i am 100 % sure that there is a Child Abuse involve here. let’s keep each other posted nalang…
    Next time Mr. Delfin learn how to control your temper… at sa mga Pangandaman naman… learn how to be HUMBLE and patience sa mga tao katulad ni Mr. Delfin…

  • chuck


    good point, thanks for sharing.

    just thinking out aloud, wala bang security cam dun sa hole at sa club house?

    naomi, any comment?

    • I appreciate all your comments really. Your comments are now part of the blog entry.

      Incidentally, you will hear more from me when I guest in ANC’s Media in Focus hosted by Che che lazaro on Thursday, January 15 6 to 7 pm. The topic is “de la paz and blogging”. Other guests are Carlo conde, atty disini and someone from Ang Kapatiran.

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    i was about to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now am starting to wonder if you are one the sanitizers of the pangandamans.

    what gives? people are here for mature discussion. why turn heckler?

    • that’s what you call managing their online reputation.

    • C. Vista

      Chuck I apologize if you are offended but I am not a heckler, OK? And never met the Pangandamans in my life. I am entitled to my observation and opinion. This is a blog so you must expect something like this, thus, not saying bad languages here, so stop calling me a heckler.

      My advise to you Chuck, let Noemi do her job. Just concentrate on the topic not to wonder on me or concentrate so much on the personalities of the bloggers, be strong and be matured so you dont’ easily get affected. Blogs are not for weak people. This is where you get ideas and opinions its up to you to consolidate and filter it. This ends with you……

  • chuck


    bravo! good to hear that, just means that your efforts at moderating this blog has not gone to waste.

    sayang, destiny does not carry anc but will try ti find a way to catch it.

    best regards.

  • chuck


    yes, there is still the legal battle.

    am sure people will be keenly observing the proceedings for a variety of reasons.

    undoubtedly, this blog has helped create an indication of public sentiment, whether or not it is founded on fact or emotion….likewise, we have seen how hard people have tried to confuse issues for reasons that some of us have tried to guess…well, i guess these people have their own reasons or motivation for doing so.

    keep up the good work.

  • chuck


    you would probably have to right to retaliate if you are threatened…..its all about self-preservation.

    what got people all riled up was the excessive response from the other side.

    was it therefore a case of “excessive defense?” he he

    • jasper

      I wouldn’t dare and try to exagerate..but try touching my hair…haha.

      Sad to say, all these are forgetable. The dela Paz’s, the mayor, us and we…wounded pride will not heal.

      And as long as people on his camp feels it, it will haunt them and if left will consume them.

      And on the other hand..the Pangandaman– life goes on like usual.

      And we we’ll have a new president, my best friend will be a new dad..and Manny Pacquiao will be coming home with a victory yet again from Las Vegas…and there’ll be little sign of this event..if at all memorable for Atty.Fortun’s lawyering fees. And that surely will leave a dent! ouch!

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    away mayaman yan……otherwise you wouldnt see all these expensive lawyers and pr agencies at work.

    imagine if ang naglalaban ay ordinaryong tao, i doubt it if anyone would really notice.

    re your statement about the unfairness of suspending secretary pangandaman, i think he got off quite lightly pa nga….remember, he brought his children there and without the 2, wala sanang nangyari….also, bilang ama and a ranking cabinet official at that, he should have stepped in and exercised due diligence….his silence could have been interpreted as either condonation of the act, or just plain indifference.

    • C. Vista


      Pangandamans should have called it quits, OK na sana kung hindi pa sana tumawag pa ng miyembro ng familya na mey dala pa ng baseball bat at kutsilyo si dela Paz,.. at OK din na sana kung hindi na lang siya tumawag key Atty Fortun.

      That is not a sign of mayaman, baguhan siguro sa larangan ng kasalapian. Nag improve ang bulsa pero ang utak hindi.

      Analogy lang, parang Gaza si Dela Paz na nag fire ng Rocket sa Israel, eh bumawi si Pangandaman na parang Israel.

      Napaka linaw pare, kahit balibaligtarin mo mundo. I even heard that from one of the columnists of PhilStar na si Dela Paz talaga ang nag simula. Being in the cabinet or any government position is beyond the point pare…. you are in a golf course and out of the office. Eh kung ganun, paki alaman na rin ang business ni Dela Paz and tangaling sa Jun Golf ang mga anak niya dahil sa kaguluhang eto, bad image to local and international sports. Sa stilo ni dela paz, he cannot be part of the inner circle, he should took it as an opportunity to increase his network of friends, malay niya maging sponsor pa ng JunGolf ng mga anak niya.

      Tayo naman mga lalake na pag daanan naman natin ang mga suntukan diba noong kabataan? Mas grabe pa! Noong elem and high school , nakakaaway pa ang mga anak ng navy rear admiral natin at anak ng executive sec ni Marcos, OK lang sa mga bodyguard, walang demandahan kahit dugodugo pa mga ilong at labi namin. Bakit nag datingan ba mga parents namin, its part of growing up.

      During Marcos time, My brother and a son of a military general nag sagupa dahil sa kotse, nagsumbong ang anak sa tatay niyang general at pinadampot ang kapatid ko sa mga bodyguards. Siyempre helpless kami, my father did not file any complaints instead, called Malacanang and ask the help of the President, ayun eh di tapos at naging barkada pa at kaibigan ang familya ng general. My point here, you can actually refer to the highest authority, si GMA, any senator peace kaagad yan at palagay ko imbitahin ka lagi ni Pangandaman…

      The bottom line of this case, only the Law Offices of both sides will gain. They will only complicate and prolong the matter, suntukan lang yan. Of course the bodyguards are there as protocol, they are meant and trained to protect their bosses.

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    my apologies too if you were offended.

    at this point, so much has already been said about the incident that i really believe that we should now move on and focus on its lessons and how it affects us.

    noemi has done a great job in moderating this blog under the circumstances…minsan sya pa ang pinapalabas na masama at pinapanigan…she should instead be appreciated.

    now as for you, ok time to bury the hatchet and lets engage in constructive discussion…enough of the drivel as i assume you are just as willing to learn from this thru constructive exchange.

    i’ve already gone beyond personality issues and i invite you to do the same.


    • I have to thank everyone here for cooperating. Initially some of the comments were ethnic and religious bias. I have since then filtered/deleted those commetners that refuse to stick to the issue.

      If you see negative entries about me, remember I am NOT the issue. It is the child abuse and abuse of authority.

      • Hello Noemi,

        I have been following various discussions on this topic for sometime but never bothered to leave a comment. My research on this matter led me to various blogs including yours (which incidentally prompted me to write one myself).

        I chose to do so now that the issue has died down, hoping that I would be able to convey to you what really transpired. I won’t dwell on details, but I can assure you that there was no “child abuse” and no “abuse of authority” either. I wonder though if you would be prepared to hear it from the lawyer of the party concerned. Just the same, I wish you and your husband (I believe I know him personally) all the best.

        • Hi Ted

          Thanks for the visit. I understand you are one of the Pangandaman’s lawyers. Is there a preliminary hearing already? I ‘d be interested to hear their side and see how it cannot be child abuse inspite of the injuries on Bino. Same with abuse of authority/

        • Noemi,

          I can’t believe I’m typing my reply on V-day 🙂 My wife is still in her clinic working on a patient… and it’s 8:45 pm. There goes the much anticipated day 🙂

          I hope that my posting a message here won’t spark any further animosity among your readers. As I said I read a lot of discussions in various sites because I wanted to see first hand the extent of the damage caused by the aftermath of the incident. I never left any comment elsewhere, except here… and I did so for reasons completely unrelated to the incident.

          The proceedings in the Antipolo and Marawi prosecutors’ office are both on-going. In Antipolo, the parties have submitted their respective counter-affidavits, reply affidavits and rejoinder affidavit. There are two more dates (in the next couple of weeks) for the preliminary investigation stage. In Marawi, Bambee Dela Paz has yet to submit her counter-affidavit. I was told by one of her lawyers that Bambee went back to the US, so the affidavit may have to be subscribed before a Phil. consul in the US.

          I can write lengthily on this case after reading all the affidavits of the Dela Pazes, and after interviewing our clients as well as the witneses. But I will just briefly answer your question about the alleged child abuse on Bino, and the abuse of authority aspect:

          I think the part as to who started the fisticuffs, as well as its antecedents, had been pretty much settled. Delfin began by thrusting his umbrella against the much younger JR. JR’s brother Hussein came to the former’s defense. Bino (who is probably at least 5 feet 7 inches tall) joined the fray with a club. If you join a melee like that, you are likely to get hurt. Bambee joined too, wildly scratching Hussein’s face. Lucky for her she was not hurt.

          The same thing happened in the clubhouse. Delfin blocked Hussein who was on his way to the locker room. Another fight ensued. Bino helped his father and got punched.

          In both incidents, Secretary Pangandaman did not just watch JR and Hussein fight with the Dela Pazes. He was there pacifying everyone. There were others who helped break the fight too. They executed affidavits in support of the Pangandamans.

          The Pangandamans at that time did not have “several bodyguards” (over five according to Dela Paz) . They had one bodyguard, and the second one was a driver. Yes the bodyguard was armed, but it was not used or pointed at anyone. He was not even a participant in the fistfight. In fact, the Dela Pazes did not include the lone bodyguard in their complaint.

          It is easy to draw conclusions from a situation like that. In fact, almost instantly from the time the Dela Pazes went public, the Pangandamans were wildly vilified. Did people try to get the Pangandaman side? Some did, but did not believe them anyway. Most did not, and simply went on a rampage with bigoted comments against the Pangandamans. Some went on to call us, the lawyers, names.

          I won’t be surprised if some stragglers would call me a paid hack for writing this. Sure we get paid to lawyer, but I do not have to write you, and on V-day at that 🙂 Thankfully, many learned about the truth. Unfortunately, I read only one apology. Mon Tulfo wrote his piece and apologized to the Pangandamans even when no apology was demanded. I now rank Mon on top of columnists I hold in high esteem. Mr. Conde wrote something not even close… but if it’s any consolation I think he removed the “warlord of Masiu article”. I think though that he should not have.

          If there is one lesson I learned from this episode, I learned to blog 🙂 I like writing so I will probably continue blogging. You may want to visit the one I created only yesterday. Its at

          Happy Valentine’s Day!

        • Well let us see how the judge will decide this case. Just letting you know that my stand remains. I do not have to apologize to the Pangandamans or anyone for that matter for my stand , my opinion that was based on Bino’s injuries who is still a minor btw and we have laws to protect our children no matter their size or built.

          And it’s okay that you are commenting here so the entry is balanced in both viewpoints. It’s good to blog . It’s your democratic space online. I will visit your blog soon and share it to my blogger friends.

        • Hello Noemi,

          I hope you didn’t get me wrong when I mentioned about Mon Tulfo’s article about the apology. None was demanded. I hope too that I did not remotely suggest in my reply that you needed to. We lawyers were trained to respect other persons’ views and opinions and their right to express them. As lawyers would typically say, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it”.

          I fully understand your opinion which as you said was based on Bino’s injuries. That’s exactly the same question most people I meet ask. Why was he hurt? The short answer is, because he hit JR first with a club breaking the latter’s finger and he too threw punches at the Pangandaman brothers. Again, please don’t get me wrong here, I don’t blame the kid…I blame the father.

          Delfin put his son in harm’s way…and he had the gall to show his son’s bleeding ear on national TV That to me is child abuse… and as Susan Roces will put it “not once, but twice”. I am a father too. And believe me, under circumstances like that I will get my son’s injury treated first than worry about it getting filmed by a TV crew for future public exhibition.

          I guess we can go on and on. But you are right, let’s just wait for the courts’ decision. However, before we even get there, I just want to thank you for being patient with me. For that alone I will take the liberty of inviting you and your hubby for lunch or even coffee if you guys are too busy 🙂

          Thanks again and best regards,


        • there is a contact me button on my blog , up there if you are serious about coffee. Same as my husband’s blog

    • C. Vista

      OK Chuck I may accept it but one more thing, in my status, the phrase “willing to learn” is not the right word for me. And I dont see any point that I’m not constructive. I believe I’ve been constructive all the time. The way you sound seems you’re telling me that I don’t know what I’m doing. In a blog, you may disagree but Pls avoid being “Mr Right” directly to a person just concentrate on the topic, OK?.

      BTW, congratulations Noemi as part of guest of ANC. I myself was a guest in Channel News Asia-Singapore before. The crew went to our house in Makati.

      • one thing for sure we all agree to disagree

        Cool, C Vista. It is my 4th appearance in ANC as far as I recall.

        • C. Vista

          Thats great, it seems you belong to a prominent name or in media?

        • C. Vista

          Congratulations Noemi, thats good 4 times been a guest? probably you belong to a prominent name or a media figure?

  • jasper

    excessive force?

    hehehe.. i think they have a seperate flowchart broadly outlining the rules of engagement in the Valley wouldnt miss it..near side right hallway..hehe

    where these goons come from in mindanao, an 10 yr old is old enough to join the lucrative trade of banditry.. plus added garrand-ty of early retirement..hehe.

    a threat is a threat…one can not even joke about explosive whilst boarding a plane…when you’re even a passenger of the flight!!hhehe.. excessive? embarrasing maybe for a senator to have his shoes toaken off in public..hehe

    right,ok..trigger happy or not… i say you don’t tease a lion with fresh meat and expect for the beast to marinate it first overnight(probably to consult Mom about recipe..hehe).

    a decisive action was made on that particular when you saw and heard of the politician beating the crap out of the youtube guy–the thought was..abusado!!..or other more intense adjective to that effect..hehe..

    probably on the assumption that people in the place have some decent capacity to do damage..the reaction was in my first flat..evebody is carrying..

    or probably training and conditioning, you dotn survive mindanao(or even philippine politics) that easily. not only you are disliked by everyone..there are actually people out to get you..and i dont mean it in a paranoid schizo way..hehe..


    i really hope the elder dela paz will be sent to anger management councilling..there’s a neat and tidy joint up in up state new york( that’s what the cop suggested to my kuya once…hehe).

    take heed .. for there is no measure for retaliation(esp in our culture). “kasi pag inunahan ka-gantihan mo…at lintik lang ang walang ganti!..” as the pinoy phrase goes..

  • chuck


    ha! ha! ha!…..cute comment.

    it wasnt actually excessive force….more of excessive defense.

  • chuck


    ok yan, we need some light moments here from time to time.

    how about putting up a “war room” at all the country clubs?


    Incidentally Baycas, since you are stalking this thread and posting comments on every blog post, Manuel Viloria did not disclose in his current post that I had emailed him in 2007 about these issues and he said everything was okay and that we need not meet up. I have emails of this communication.

    Now look who is not disclosing?

    You took his bait.

    Remember folks, the issue is NOT about me. Bloggers will try to cloud the real issue. I am not afraid of libel suit. I am not afraid to stop blogging tomorrow because even if I retire from blogging I will still fight what is right and just.

    This blog entry is balanced and fair because of the other commenters here. Even Pulis na Pogi a staunch critic knows my stand from day 1. He respects my stand .

    Read more

    • pulis na pogi

      arekupo! wag po wag po! bakit ako nadamay dito? wala po akong kasalanan! sa presinto na lang ako magpapaliwanag?

      kaya pala nakagat ko dila ko…

      hehehe. magandang hapon po!

      • kasi we all agree to disagree in a respectful manner.

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    noted and will respect the comment and its source.

    take the phrase “willing to learn” as something that applicable to everyone, not just to you or me…i’ve always taken day-to-day life as an opportunity to learn something.

    dont get me wrong on the term “constructive.”….from this exchange of opinions, am sure that you are, and i look forward to further discussion.

    mr. right? never claimed to be that… just a guy willing to share an opinion.


    • C. Vista

      No prob Chuck, peace to you….

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    i follow your analogy.

    oo nga naman, it was different before, there was a greater sense of understanding then.

    do you think that its a indication of social / moral decay in this country?

    • C. Vista

      Chuck, social and moral decay? yes, we have forgotten these terms already in our society. Legal is not the solution to every problem in our country, just like whats going on with the 2 families, Pangandaman and Dela Paz, it should be the social and moral aspect that should solve both parties.

      Social and Moral will prosper the understanding, patience and creat bridge between the rich and poor plus the fear of God then every person regardless of status will become equal.

      I went in favor of the Pangandamans based on the sequences of the incident as well as the characters of both parties, although I didn’ say the Pangadamans are good people, both are good actually, probably can’t handle this type of pressure particularly on the Dela Pazes.

      I also set aside their titles in life (i.e. Mayor, Sec, golfers, businessmen) as you said, applied more on the social and moral aspect of it. Nawala ang understanding, patience and respect sa bawat isat isa. Ang masaklap diyan, eh baka kasisimba lang ng mga dela paz nung Pasko, nawala ang moralidad na tinuro ng simbahan, good for 2 hours lang pala yun. Well, Muslim naman yung kabila.

      Siyempre yung offense ang mas matindi na kagaya ng ginawa ng mga dela paz, sila talaga ang nagsimula, no need to wait for the legal reports. Ika nga, madali gumawa ng away pero mahirap labasan yan pag nasimulan na. Humility from both parties can solve the problem, papayamin lang nila ang mga attornees nila……

      Noemi, do you have another topic, like about the impeachment of Justice Puno? This pulbic servant is really good, his type is very rare in the government service.

    • C. Vista

      Chuck, social and moral decay? yes, we have forgotten these terms already in our society. Legal is not the solution to every problem in our country, just like what’s going on with the 2 families, Pangandaman and Dela Paz. The social and moral aspect that is lacking to solve both parties.

      Social and Moral will prosper the understanding, patience, humility and create bridge between the rich and poor and particularly, fear of God, then, every person regardless of status will become equal.

      I went in favor of the Pangandamans based on the sequences of the incident as well as the characters of both parties, no need to wait for the formal report from the legal. Although, I didn’t say the Pangandamans are the good buys, probably both are good, just they don’t know how to handle such pressure like this. I also set aside their titles in life (i.e. Mayor, Sec, golfers, businessman) as you said, applied more on the social and moral aspect of it. Nawala ang understanding, patience and respect sa bawat isat isa, nangibabaw ang kayabangan. But the culprit pa rin are the dela paz, being the offender, while Pangandamans defended vigorously, parang Gaza-Israel. Who cares about the ages of the participants in a free for all or rumble unless below 5 feet tall.

      Madali lang pumasok sa away, anytime yan pwede, ang problema paano ka lalabas pag nasimulan na. The Law offices will only gain in this battle kahit meron ng verdict it will not guarantee you the exit. Pero kung meron humility on both parties, the problem could have been solved right there and there at the fairways, baka sa hole 5 pa lang tapos na ang prob.

  • chuck


    ganoon na nga….

  • jason Abalos

    The table is now turning in favor of the Pangandaman……We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel…..Vindication time, sort of.

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    ganoon nga…..sana nga we could just let these old farts settle their differences “old school”…..lock them in the cr then let them work out their anger…the fewer hotheads we have in society, the better for all of us.

    whats worrisome about the whole situation is that (and am sure you will agree), this isnt the only case….we gotta go back to our roots in terms of morals….imagine if you will similar incidents multiplied ___x times….wheew!

    yung kay justice puno? i smell politics, pero we dont have the full facts yet, do we?

    live long and prosper…

    • C. Vista

      About Puno, we have the full facts in the newspapers already just a matter of consolidating it and identify the point of discussion. Parang tumaas tayo ng level dito kasi its a national issue na. Yung VGC rumble (not mauling to me) pwede na sa barangay level lang …..dapat kasi sa Barangay Hall muna yun na ayos katapat ang kapitan and mga kagawad sa peace and order at sports…. hehehehe

  • chuck

    hi jason,

    if both are penalized, as in the case of the valley golf ruling, wouldnt you call that fair vindication?

    based on whats now come out, the trigger behind the incident was already pinpointed in the report, as well as other parties with varying degrees of offense.

    kung di lang mga mayayaman ito, kung away magkapitbahay, siguro hanggang opisina ng kapitan del baryo lang ito….at malamang napagalitan pa sila pareho.

  • chuck

    c. vista,

    yung sa VGC rumble, turning out nga na mas nakakahiya kesa nakakainis….kung ako nga ang barangay kapitan, baka batukan ko pa yung dalawa for dragging the neighbors into it….para bang straight out of a tito, vic & joey movie….ngek!!

    yung tungkol kay puno, i really smell political agenda.

    • C. Vista


      you are right, dapat nga ganun lang ang handling ng case, pang batukan lang, kapitan at tanod lang ang aareglo hehehe. Keso eto si Atty fortun pansin niyo? wala ng makita kung di yung tirahin ang government position ni Sec and the youth involvement of 14 yrs old, just to sensationalize for media mileage para naman pogi points uli sa Law Office nila, aba’y per ora ata ang rate ng fee nyan…….

      Just to share again, OK lang? In reality specially a golf player, can actually look like 10 yrs older than his age because of the effect of the sun rays, nakakatanda ang laro ng Golf bcoz of the exposure in the sun, therefore si Bino can look like in the 20s….Sorry kung napatulan siya, kasi rumble yun…Member ako ng Frat, Tau Gamma Phi, from the age of 13 during high school to college, basta rumble lahat dampot wala ng tanungan kung ilan taon ka kahit ang naka sapak sa iyo ay nasa 20s na until that Pangilinana Law na yan….. With all the experiences that I had, I became a better person and a good father to my children……. Ayaw mo ng pasukin uli pag na experience mo na yan…..

      Just a tooth,,,,

  • ali bubot

    hoy jun santos

    Ikaw naman Dong basta tumulong malaking bagay na yan.Sino ang plitician di kurakot sabihin mo,Makatanggap ka sa akin ng pabuya.

  • Jasper

    see, the flame is out…now it turn cold

    life moves on

  • Here is Media in Focus video on “de la Paz and Blogging”

    Guests include, Carlo Conde, Daniel Arana Arao (Assistant Professor of Journalism in UP), Atty JJ Disini, Councilor JC de los Reyes and yours truly.

  • chuck


    he he ….dont be too sure….flame’s not really out, just waiting for some intelligent conversation.

  • Jasper

    Waiting for what exactly?..hehe Constant battering on academics to extract favourable outcome would prove barely, minimally if at all, beneficial. There is no logical and justifiable form of deliberation when regretful actions are carried out during the height of anger. It is simply idiotic(at best i.e. some would consider that a credit..hehe) to expound such uncivilised character manifestion, irregardless of social circumstance.

    Viewed in equal weight, mayor or not, or well-off bussinessman or not, the latter is just fishing out excuses while the former act in conditioned reason, disproportionate or not..again try not to mess my hair..hehe..or else you’ll find out disproportionally first-hand..hehe.

    And no matter how the case goes sideways to exact revenge(poor kid, silly dad) or to tenderly comfort the unfortunate/disavantaged old man from the scorns of his action(s), there is no reprieve from the world of common sense.

    So next time when you blow your top..don’t make hasty moves..hehe ..look around you and give it a pause..and think to yourself(there are times when you have to think for your kids too)…Am I really that invincible?
    Which reminds me of owning glass houses..hmm..and throwing stones..ring a bell?hmm

    Surely I would not dare sticking an umbrella onto Manny Pacqiuao..or even make instigating insult/in-your-face remark of his command of the English language..especially if I’m favoured near his left arm. Would you brave it?hehe

  • chuck


    correct ka dyan….nobody is invincible….kahit si goliath natalo kay david….si foreman natalo ni ali….ang crispa natalo ng mariwasa.

  • Jasper

    chucky, mamen.. thanks for pointing out the biblical and historical precedences…hehe..

    although i have initial reservation(s) to the one who started this blog, of what was the honest intent to begin with, i would rather keep it to myself and leave a parting thought that sometimes when one swallows a least take the nominal effort to check the label and save us all from burnt marks..ouch

  • pulis na pogi

    wow, bumanat si alex magno. have you read it?

    • Yes I read it. TO be fair, Alex Magno raises many valid points how some bloggers took all the facts in “hook-line-and-sinker.” same with mainstream media. Fortunately I didn’t make sweeping statements on the Pangandamans. I even asked for their side.

      However, Alex is living in a box and does not understand the nature of blogging. Blogging enables the commenters like you to fill in the late breaking details as they filter in, with the full picture being painted not by one author but a ‘collective.’

      • cvista

        Yaan mo na si Mr Magno, Noemi, I believe he read our comments before bringing out his article. Kasi parang na basa niya yung sa akin taht gave him the idea na in a golf course, there is no way you will instigate a fight when your golf flight is in front but to defend from the flight behind you… balls can kill people that is a crime of the dela paz also considered by the VGC. They were hitting the balls within the range of the Pangandamans including the 8yr old son. When my father was hit in the forehead by a golf ball, he was immediately rush to the hospital, ganun ka tindi ang nyan.

  • cvista

    Here is his column dtd Ja. 20, 2009. Hope this will put closure on how we judge both paries. So sad about blogging but I agree as qouted,

    “Some have taken this as a license for irresponsible commentary.”

    All also some media people who bring out stories and news without investigation or getting all the facts, that is also sad to our Phil Press/ Media of today basta lang maka submit ng column on the deadline.

    FIRST PERSON By Alex Magno Updated January 20, 2009 12:00 AM

    It was every professional journalist’s nightmare: bloggers taking over a story, running it without the facts, twisting it with the standard emotions of the moment, and, soon enough, a lynching mob set loose on cyberspace.

    After that bizarre brawl the day after Christmas at the Valley Golf Club, the first recounting of the incident on the internet was done by a party to the incident. Bambee de la Paz’s version of the incident involving members of her family and the Pangandamans, was hysterical, agitated, foul-mouthed and, and subsequent investigation of the affair proved, grossly inaccurate.

    Grossly inaccurate is, in fact, an understatement. She attributed to Sec. Nasser Pangandaman a statement seeping with hubris: Kilala mo ba ako?

    As every witness to the event testified, it was not the Agrarian Reform secretary who made that statement. It was made by Delfin de la Paz as he poked Pangandaman’s son with an umbrella. This was after the younger Pangandaman graciously allowed the de la Paz’s to overtake them on the course.

    Bloggers of every stripe were soon on the case, none with any careful inquiry into what actually happened. They took Bambee de la Paz’s version of what happened hook, line and sinker. All of them were entrapped in the powerful narrative of the powerful inflicting themselves on the powerless.

    Soon, that standard narrative flowed out of cyberspace and spilled into the old media. Broadcasters and newspaper commentators were soon echoing the Bambee line and crucifying the Pangandamans.

    It was bad enough that there was so much irresponsibility in the blogs. What was worse was when journalists echoed the unverified version on the blogs and jumped on the case with the same gross irresponsibility. Indeed, with the same unrestrained commentary that used to be the domain only of the most obnoxious bloggers.

    Last week, the Valley Golf Club released its decision on the incident after careful investigation of all the witnesses. The conclusion reached was that the unseemly brawl in the golf course was caused by Delfin de la Paz and aggravated by his children.

    The de la Paz family was banned from the course for life. Secretary Pangandaman’s two sons were likewise banned. The Secretary himself, a member of that golf club, was suspended for two years because his guests were involved in the brawl.

    Most golfers agree with the wisdom of the Valley Golf Club’s decision.

    The first time I heard about the incident and read the first commentaries on the internet, including Bambee de la Paz’s, I felt there was something odd about the initial version of what happened. As a golfer myself, I know that there is really no way a flight of players playing in front could possibly aggravate the flight behind them. It is the flight behind that could aggravate the ones in front: which is by hitting balls before the fairway was clear.

    Hitting balls while the fore players were still within range is the most indecent thing a golfer could do on the course. It is not only impolite. It is dangerous. Golf balls hit from the tee could maim or even kill a player on the fairway.

    As the investigation did reveal, the de la Pazes hit balls at the Pangandamans. That act alone merits suspension at the very least. Pangandaman Jr., instead of complaining about the indecency of the de la Pazes in fact allowed them to play through. But instead of thanking Pangandaman Jr. for the gracious act, Delfin de la Paz verbally assaulted them and then poked an umbrella.

    I played Nasser Pangandaman several times. He is a low key person and is a happy golfer if there ever was one. Bambee’s inaccurate version of what happened was entirely out of character.

    On the other hand, many golfers and a few golf course employees I have talked to felt that Valley Golf Club’s findings about Delfin de la Paz’s reported behavior was completely in character. The fellow apparently has not endeared himself to caddies and other players.

    Going back to the issue I began with: in the light of Valley Golf Club’s findings, some of the journalists who had joined the bandwagon of hate against the Pangandamans have gone on record apologizing for coming on the case without the facts. Some apologized in their columns, others on a number of broadcast programs.

    What I have not seen is a single ranting blogger from that lynching mob on the internet writing an apology for arriving at wrong conclusions in the absence of the facts.

    In the “old” media, there are mechanisms in place that restrain professional journalists from going on an irresponsible binge. They may be imperfect mechanisms, but they are there. Anyone unfairly treated has some avenue of recourse.

    To deserve their freedoms, the “old” media has mechanisms of self-regulation in addition to the code of ethics journalists are expected by their peers to live by. When, as in the Valley golf case, journalists and commentators were clearly misled, they apologize.

    There is also the rule of equal space. Journalists as a matter of standard procedure should try to get the other party’s version of events. Or else, they are entitled to equal airing of their side when the main story if slanted to favor one side.

    There are no such mechanism of restraint in “blogosphere.” Most of the bloggers hide under pseudonyms and are not answerable to editorial boards. Some have taken this as a license for irresponsible commentary.

    But that should no be the case. The citizens of cyberspace should assume the responsibility for self-regulation either by criticizing an offensive and unfair commentary, by checking the facts themselves and by refusing to pass on irresponsible content. The freedom in this sphere can be deserved only if its citizens are vigilant on the side of fairness.

    • Like I told Pulis na Pogi, Alex Magno makes some valid points only because some facts were not brought in. However, let me quote a blogger friend , Ding Gagelonia

      In terms of him tracking the slant of the ‘thread openers’in the flood of blog ‘reports’, Mr. Margo is correct.

      Magno fails, however, to understand ‘the nature of the beast’ in this brave new world of blogging.

      Magno does not realize that the reportage in blogging enables the commenters to fill in the late breaking details as they filter in, with the full picture being painted not by one author but a ‘collective.’

      • cvista

        That is correct, but let his opinion or observation come through and not to put so much weight on that, not worth it to have another discussion about him. He won’t mind whatever criticism we throw on him.

      • pulis na pogi


        may i invite you to end portion of mr gagelonia’s article where i believed, i totally trashed his line of reasoning. he is reechoing in that @midfield article his indefensible arguments, specifically about that “alleged armed bodyguard.”

        let me quote in toto my last arguments to him regarding this:

        “Lawyer Raymond Fortun, the dela Paz family’s attorney, said Masiu, Lanao del Sur Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., his brother, Hussein, are facing two counts of slight physical injuries and two counts of child abuse for mauling dela Paz and his 14-year-old son, Bino, over a golf course altercation.

        Three of the Pangandamans’ bodyguards were charged with one count of slight physical injury. The criminal complaints were filed before the Antipolo City prosecutor’s office.”

        nasan ang mga baril na sinasabi mo na “pointing menacingly”? don’t tell me na nabobo na si fortun? kung may ginamit na baril dyan, dapat may grave threat pa. knowing fortun, baka nga kargahan nya pa yan ng attempted homicide or attempted murder.

        i believe i learned something new in this incident: once a blogger had taken a stand, it is easier to defend the indefensible rather than apologize and make a turn around.

    • jason Abalos

      Yan ang sinasabi ko. Self distruct tayong mga pinoy dahil emotion ang pina iiral kaya sa huli pag nadapa masyadong malalim ang sugat. Mr magno has the valid point. Bloging is simply no competition for the accused individual. Yung ibang blogger hatred lang ang nasa puso at nag hahanap ng kakampi sa kanila like of course Bambee. Parang senado at kongreso, hindi dinadaan sa tamang proseso ang mga bagay na dapat ay sa korte lang ang way at hindi kung saan saan. Peace and I’m out….

  • cvista

    Before I went on the air on this case, I tried to get some facts about the case because something strange about Bambee’s blog, it came out prematurely, exagerated and the stories told seems inconsistent with the Photos….. injuries are too light for mauling.

    Why columnists apologized to the Pangandamans after they heard the truth from the witnesses (i.e. caddies, waiters, etc)? Why the VGC expelled the Dela Paz without respect to the children who are competitive golfers? Why Pangandamans did n’t make the first move to file a case? Because its just a petty incident for them until the old dela Paz called on tbe baseball batter relatives and the knife weilding wife including the high paying Atty. thus, bodyguards reacted defensively as what they are meant for.

    Peace and Happy New Year

  • Rick

    When I first seen the news, I don’t believe that Old DelaPaz would instigate the fight due to :

    1) He is quite old “56 yrs old” that can handle the situation well as a more matured educated person.

    2) He has to protect his children by ensuring violent acts only worsen the situation.

    3) Dela Paz are outnumbered and for sure if commotion happens they will only get beaten and no one is so foolish to bully people.

    But after the released of the VGC reports, the way I looked at the situation changes completely.

    1) Old Dela Paz instigated the fight to prove to Pangandamans that he is well known (by saying kilala mo ba ako!) and tough (by using his umbrella to prove to Pangandamans that he also know how to use umbrella other than as a shed- but no one is afraid of umbrella Mr. Old Delapaz). But atleast, when Old delapaz instigated the fight, he succeeded for his dream to become known for atleast the current generation even as a loser kind of bull when the news came out and he also let known atleast within the Philippines that he is really an elite that can hire an expensive lawyer, it is a sign of warning that whoever beats him like Pangandamans should face a good lawyer like fortun.

    2) That I maybe made a mistake for thinking that no one is so foolish for his age to start the fight, but find there is always an exception as there was one….

    3) Since old Delapaz had instigated the fight, he is obviously also responsible for whatever outcome…

    The bottom line, even Old Dela Paz lose this case, he is probably contented by atleast achieving his long awaited dream (for atleast 50 years) to become well known to the Public as a rich person who can hire a good lawyer like Fortun and knows how to use umbrella other that its real purpose (but unfortunately beaten by Pangandamans who were not impressed for his umbrella fighting skills demo).

    But I still want to change the way I look at the case right now, so I wanted to see a fair trial to prove that the whole truth is yet to come.

    • cvista

      Are you saying that Dela Paz should now have an anniversary for this to celebrate.. using umbrellas as his give aways… hehehe

      maybe he can put up a business like Dela paz umbrella company.. he may invent a convertible golf driver into umbrella or putter to umbrella.. hehehe…. why not??????????……..

      Probably this incident has a purpose…..

      • chuck


        ha, ha, ha…..nice one, always enjoy your wit.

        hmmmmm, yes….the umbrella industry may have found a spokesman.

        likewise, the pangandaman boys could end up as poster boys for charm school or the pr industry when their political careers are over.

        sabi nga nila, there’s always a slot somehow for everybody…

        best regards.

        • cvista

          Pangandamans can market for more buyers of the golf cart, they demonstrated it on how to use it when you are late in a golf flight.

          one of their custromers are the dela paz family…… so that they don’t need to open their umbrellas anymore while on the on fairways, just point it na lang………..hehehe

  • chuck


    Ha ha ha……nice one Rick.

    Well yeah, I guess everyone is entitled to his moment in the limelight, or 5 minutes of fame as some would have described it.

    I guess the Pangandamans should also be grateful to Mr. dela Paz. Isipin mo ha, libreng publicity which should be helpful in the next election.


    Wala ba blog about pre-need? I think we should discuss this, ang daming nabiktima.

    • Rick

      Yes Chuck but I guess, the issue is almost dead after the release of the VGC report. The court case in my opinion become basically weak after the VGC report. Old DelaPaz objective to be known however by atleast within the Philippines is somewhat achieved. Some people can now recognized Old Dela Paz as an aggressor but mauled guy due to his not so impressive umbrella fighting skills demo to Pangandamans. But I think after a year, only few people can remember that event happened except within their family circle and those who invested time for the blog.

      I hope Old Dela Paz will not challenge another known personality (probably much bigger personality like FG to have a lasting effect to be known) to show how tough he is by saying “kilala mo ba ako!!” and get mauled again unless he really wants to show that this time, he really improved the umbrella fighting techniques and even mastered it so look-out!

      Old Dela Paz is a businessman so he can ask or scream the question “kilala mo ba ako!! much safer to his employees. If his employees said no, fire him and if the employees said yes, but your umbrella fighting techniques needs to be improved, fire him also! The employees should only answer Yes Boss, Opo Boss I salute you, kumusta na po si Atty Fortun?

      • diego

        i bet you tell that to your bodyguards, mayor! maul them or i’ll fire you!

  • chuck


    henyo ka talaga my friend.

    sabi ko nga sayo na something good would happen from this…..di may 2nd career na sila.

    • cvista

      Hey Chuck, im glad that you’re always online. Ganyan talaga ako, lumalabas ang mga kalokohan ko kung wala akong magawa…….

  • chuck


    always pays to stay in touch and updated…..

    ….mukhang at this point, this topic is almost dead na except for a comment every now and then….i really hope this comes to a mutually satisfying conclusion dahil sa panahon ngayon, we could do with less conflicts.

    am pre-occupied with helping parents victimized by all these pre-need educational plan scams (Pacific, CAP and now Legacy)….kawawa talaga itong mga magulang at bata because of either the incompetence or corporate greed by people otherwise known as honorable…it really sucks my friend.

    • Hello Chuck, cvista, Rick, Jason Abalos, Pulis na Pogi and everybody else who commented on this issue. My apologies to the rest who I simply referred to as “everybody else”–you are just too numerous to be individually mentioned 🙂

      You may find it strange why I joined the “discussions” this late. As I mentioned in my previous replies to Noemi, I did so now because the issue has “died down”. Please refer to my comment to Noemi’s comment to Chuck’s comment (1-14-2009; 11:49:01) 🙂 And only in this site, though I still get tempted to write a paragraph or two in the others 🙂

      I have written my piece; and I thank Noemi for taking time to read. Thanks Noemi too for visiting Now, what else can I say? World Peace!



  • chuck


    No problem. Your always welcome to blog.

  • Hi Noemi,

    Did you get my reply to your message? I sent it through your “contact” page which I had a hard time to locate 🙂 Anyways, let me know when you and your hubby are free this week.



  • Cherryl

    It shows his arrogance and his abuse of power. He’s powerless without his body guards. Seriously, he should rot in dirt. “Hindi nila kami kilala! Sabihin mo nga sa kanila kung sino ako!” – your someone who should be thrown off from your position; and to think that your ‘SOMEONE’, is a waste of words. Trust me, you don’t deserve to be called ‘Mayor’ in the eyes of a number that can over-ride your number. This is an advocacy, for the cause of justice.

    • Ted

      Another comment. And I thought that this issue is dead??? Please check your facts Cherryl.

  • masiu people

    the sympathy should always be sided on the victims. I’m sorry for the Pangadamun and his son mayor of masiu.. Allah will punish u soon even u will not fell here in the earth but u will fill his punishment in life after death. it is a sin, killing is prohibited in Islam. if you really a Muslim you should not do any bad action that might hurts for the other family. are you not happy for being a mayor in masiu for so many years? are you not satisfied for the era, the money from the government? are u not satisfied for your house palace? from the very beginning of my life knowing about the mayor, he can do all the bad things.. We pray for the new President of the RP, Noynoy Aquino to help and give even a minutes of his time for this issues…. Masiu is still a Masiu… noon at ngayon walang pinagbago because of the corruption. How much the salary of being a mayor? look how happy person are they? yes of course they are the holders of power.. kahit ako, i’m afraid if they are my rivals i know for my self that they are a killers. they have a lots of money, they can also hire a person to pay for killing… justice justice justice… kailan pa?

  • Another mauling by the Pangandaman. Here’s the latest news…

    Lanao del Sur Rep. Mohammed Hussein Pangandaman on Monday denied mauling a security guard at a commercial complex in Quezon City and said that he was the one that came under attack in the incident.

    Pangandaman, who figured in a brawl in an exclusive golf club with his brother in 2008, admitted having a confrontation with the security guards at the Ayala Technohub last week, when one of them allegedly tried to draw his firearm toward him.