Globe Visibility (HSDPA) mobile broadband on my Macbook

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Globe VisibilityWhile waiting for our purchase at the drugstore, my husband starts “playing” with his laptop’s Globe Visibility Mobile Internet feature. Hehe, how I wish I had [tag]mobile broadband[/tag].

This afternoon, we dropped by at The Hub in Glorietta Mall to see if they could provide a demo for my Macbook. Well, we couldn’t because my Macbook needs this Nova Media launch2net (which cost Eur 75 ) to support Huawei E220 USB Modem. Haay. The [tag]Globe Visibility[/tag] sales representative in The Hub have limited knowledge and I am not a very patient person when my questions are answered stupidly. Simple questions on “what is the speed of [tag]GPRS[/tag]/[tag]EDGE[/tag]?” have to be asked from another sales rep. I better visit The Hub in the Podium since Marc swears it has better sales representative. (Edit- Visibility is now compatible with Mac . Software can be downloaded at

I might postpone getting the Visibility [tag]Moblie Internet service[/tag] for now. You know, the only reason I need it is when I vacation in the mountains where my husband’s hometown is located 5 hours away from Baguio City. I told him I cannot be internet-less for more than 2 days for economic reasons. Not that I want to be online 24/7 but I just want it there when I need it. The nearest internet cafe is a 30 minutes rough road drive. Travel time to the mountains is no joke and I don’t want to just stay there for 2 days and traverse down the rough mountain trail on my third day. I envision lying down in a hammock, enjoying the cool pine scented breeze with my dear husband. That is my ultimate dream vacation.

I am not even sure if Globe has a 3G network in Benguet towns. The National People’s Army (NPA) maks it impossible for Globe networks to grow in these far flung areas. “sigh”. Smart’s 3G alternative seems cumbersome as it needs rotating the antenna to the right direction. Which leads me to the question: connectivity versus convenience. If I have to , I will choose connectivity and use my daughter’s laptop.

Now if only I can just test Globe’s Visibility mobile internet service before I get locked in the 24 month period.

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  • Hi. I doubt if there is even GPRS in Benguet. See my comments in Marc’s blog. Better to bring your phone there and see if you have GPRS or EDGE.

  • @Miguel- Maybe SMART might have it. I told the Visibility group to do a test in Benguet for me. Hopefully they will.

  • This is cool! I’ve been trying to find a way to be on online constantly even while on the road. I thought Smart’s 3G offering was cool and cheap, but if this works well even up in the mountains, I may consider it.

  • Elvin

    Hi. Visibility can now work on Macs without the need for the Novamedia software. Check out this link for more info:

  • miriam defensor

    To those who are suffering a very slow connection or timed out connection with your Globe Visibility plan, you are not alone! I have been experiencing this problem for three days now and counting. Until now no one can give me a definitive answer on why this is happening or what is causing this or what steps they are doing to remedy this. The best advice they can give me is to switch my Huawei E220 connection from HSPDA to GPRS, well that’s one great advice (NOT!). If I wanted to have a slow connection then I would have sticked with a dial-up or at best PLDT’s WeRoam. I do get an HSDPA connection which from their ads I should have a download speed of up to 1.4 Mbps, but sadly I don’t. What I get are error messages like “Page cannot be displayed, or “Timed Out”, or “website taking too long to respond.” In other words no data is being downloaded!

    Another thing to note to those of you planning to switch or get a Visibility plan is that they don’t have a technical support hotline. They have people to answer your call but these people are not trained specifically to answer technical queries regarding their wireless data service. I salute these people for trying their best to give me an answer, but this is not what I expected from Globe. They charged everyone who avail of this service 2,000 pesos for installation fee without installing anything but they should at the very least spent that money to train people to assist us, Visibility subscribers.

    I am publishing this to serve as a warning to those who are thinking of switching from their current fix wire broadband connection to Globe Visibility. Don’t do it just yet, basing it from my experience with Globe they still are not ready to support this type of service. If having an Internet connection is a necessity for you please veer away from getting this service, stick to fix wire broadband connection.

  • Lyong_Min

    For me Globe Tattoo works fine to others globe tattoo has a worst service. But it ends up to one thing, your location.

    From my home at El Pueblo, Kingspoint Sudb. Bagbag Novaliches signal is always HSDPA. But using it in Muñoz area it always fall on GPRS only and connection is really slow……

    SmartBro (prepaid)on the other hand is really slow at El Pueblo, Kingspoint Subd. Bagbag Novaliches. But haven’t tested this yet in Muñoz area.

    I’ll try SUN Broadband next to check and finalize which I will subscribe on….. Because I’m using SUN on my mobile and its always on full signal at home.

  • Lyong_Min

    Just an advice for those who want to avail of wireless broadband, test them all sa mga area na madalas kayo pumunta o tumambay.

    Test GLOBE, SMART, SUN. After doing your test, decide on what TELCO you will choose may it be SMART, GLOBE or SUN since their service are wireless I’m sure their service will vary depending on the area of coverage and where you will test them.

    I tested GLOBE, SMART, SUN at work, home and place where I used to stay most of the time. And my test resulted to tell’s me to choose SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS.

  • mary salazar

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