Holiday Rush in Divisoria

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christmas shoppingChristmas shopping is never complete without a visit to Divisoria to buy wholesale prices on Christmas wrappers, ribbons, and christmas decors. The sights and sounds are quite an experience. I also love the bargains on gift items especially bought on wholessale prices. This time around, my husband wasn’t too comfortable with me shopping alone after that earring robbery in Divisoria. I still went anyway. I left Lauren at 168 Mall to choose some trendy tops because bringing her along with me will just add to the maddening crowd.

Draping a messenger bag on my body, cellphone in my pants’ pocket, and a camera positioned on my cheek, I traversed the streets of Divisoria.

The camera looked silly beside my face and there was the threat of it getting grabbed by lurking robbers.

Wading my way from Sta. Elena St. to Tabora St. seemed like Hell Road. The piercing heat and the stench of rotten food along the way caused my head to throb. But I finally got to ribbons supplier. The array of pretty, colorful ribbons kept me busy for the next hour or so. I love bargains. All that effort was worth it.

Divisoria is a haven for wholesale shopping but it isn’t worth it if one is buying a few pieces of an item.

I am so behind in my Christmas shopping. Are you done?

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1386 Posts)

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  • oooh braving divi in december! hats off noemi! sana pala nagpabili na lang ako ng ribbons 🙂 i’ve done most of the shopping online and there is always SM and the major sale at podium this week-end. plus, giving away food makes the giving much easier 🙂

  • Miej

    not even halfway through my list… btw, saw you and your daughter last night at podium. =)

  • @cathy- I like to tie my gifts in ribbons kasi. Ah podium, i was there last night but I couldn’t find anything

    @Miej- I am also halfway on my list but that’s okay. I like the rush feeling, hehe. Sana you said hi!!! We were at a Rudy Project event but my husband called us to go home.

  • i was at divisoria for two consecutive weekends, and despite the madness that the season can bring to that side of manila, it’s still the “it” place for wholesale shopping. i shopped for school supplies that will be given away this christmas and i think i saved about 50-60% if i am to buy those in the mall! kelangan lang titigan mabuti ang bibilhin 😀

  • I don’t like shopping in crowds. Haha but I’m so late with my Christmas shopping as well. O_o

  • I miss shopping in Divisoria! I don’t miss battling with the crowds during Christmas though. I’m an awe that you dared to bring out your camera and took a video. I usually go to Divi is just the bare minimum: my mobile phone so I can call my sister in case we get seperated, money distributed in various pockets and a foldable bag for my goods.

    I started my Christmas shopping as soon as Christmas 2006 passed. I pick up various things throughout the year, so I won’t have to spend a huge chunk of my money come Christmas. Despite the early start, I’m still missing a couple of presents!

  • @Zherwin- I brought along a helper to tag along with me and wait at a certain place so we don’t drag our purchase from place toplace.

    @Tina- the only time I ever shop in crowds is in Divisoria and it’s worth the trip.

    @Nina- Yes I tied my camera to my wrists as I walked past the crowd. They had no idea I was taking a video. Maybe they thought I was just positioning my camera. Yes I always put money in various places. I just like to shop during the holidays and feel the buzz of people shopping. But I’d choose the mall this time of the year.

  • I love divisoria shopping for bulk purchases. They have everything from clothes, footwear, party favors, souvenirs, etc.

  • Riz

    Wow. That’s so brave of you! To take out your camera in divisoria! I was there last Monday, but I never went farther than tutuban anex. Hehe. Even there I was afraid to put out my cellphone.