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I woke up to the sunlight streaming down my face. A bit dazed, I thought “Where am I?” As the bay window shape loomed in front of me, I smiled and realized I was back home. Oh home sweet home, back to the arms of my sweet husband despite the sore right shoulder. I felt I never left home. The vacation in America felt like a brief respite from the humdrum of my daily grind in Manila.

The day after Lauren arrived in San Francisco, she wanted to spend her time with her good ole mama at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) instead of the malls. I yelled “let’s shop at the Sephora!” but she refused. This good ole mama just had to agree with her daughter. But the MoMA was closed on wednesday.

The Golden Gate Park was a better plan because it was a few blocks away from her friend’s pad. I just knew there was something for young and old alike from the green oasis of gardens, museums, and over 1000 acres of flower beds, meadows, lakes, playing fields, hills and forests.

But then again, the horribly jet-lagged Lauren could only muster a few steps. She ended up lying on my black trenchcoat, using my lap as a pillow.

As I run through my fingers on Lauren’s hair, I gazed at the beauty of the majestic trees. The cool breeze hovered around us despite it being a sunny day. What a lovely day. I held this wonderful moment in my hands. It is not often I have Lauren with me. *sniff* As kids get older, they spend little time with their parents. They have their own idea of fun not that their parents are boring. Kids just grew up! But at that point in time, I was right where I needed to be, with my daughter.

Today, I am right here where I am needed to be.

I am home.

How is everyone?

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Aww, there’s really no place like home! =)

    annas last blog post..Celebrating Five Years Over Dinner

    • yup. I am glad to be back.

  • awwww…bonding moments…

    we’re good.welcome back ms. noemi! 🙂

    edelweizas last blog post..Secrets to Staying Young and Happy

    • thanks edelweiza.

  • welcome home, Noems!

    Sexy Moms last blog post..Pinoy Stories: How the US credit crisis is affecting people in America

    • we should catch up with coffee one day. I missed Annamanila’s treat!

  • Welcome home, noemi. I’m looking forward to your stories and photos 🙂

    chateau a.k.a. imoms last blog post..Untitled

    • wonderful to be back. Hopefully I can upload the photos much later.

  • Oh to enjoy the sun without the humidity!

    BrianBs last blog post..4GB iPod Nano 4G spotted

    • The sun without humidity is quite piercing. I don’t know what I like most but no one uses the umbrella when the sun is out. haha.

  • Yet another touching post! This is one of those times, that I wish I had a daughter. =) Welcome home, Noemi… yeah you’re right where you are needed, and loved. 😉

    Meikah Delids last blog post..Yuta: Earthworks by Julie Lluch

  • rhodora

    Welcome home, Noemi!

    So true – kaka-miss ang mga kids when they used to always tag along, di ba. Well, with the second son reviewing for the nursing board exam in baguio, and marco in manila and daughter studying there too – that leaves just hubby and me playing hide and seek in the house. hehehe.

  • Welcome back and hope to meet you also, we will be in manila next week, i plan to see Ms. D as well, hope i can arrange a meeting with both of you, best regards. an2nette of germany

    antonette bachmanns last blog post..Sister’s Act, Mother Reacts

  • Welcome back.

    Your trips were so busy and fulfilling, as I see these from my point of view 🙂

  • i’m fine. and wishing i’ll soon be able to go to those places too!
    we’re glad you had a safe and fun trip.

    lady cesss last blog post..Offline, On Purpose

  • home is where the warmth of the family is — i would stop anything to receive cuddles 🙂 welcome home.

    raqgolds last blog post..A Tribute to Sheila Deyro 1969-2008

  • that a very big tree!! o_o