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Top 3 Winners

1. Mnel- First Kiss

Lauren says This story is captivating because it focuses on just one aspect of the love story – the first kiss. Other events and details were written in such a way as to emphasize the magic of that moment.

2. Lady Cess- The Promise of a Fairy Godmother

Lauren says that Her love story has a great hook and an interesting twist. I love how the ending leaves a lot to the imagination.

3. KingDaddyRich- Siya

Lauren says It was a bit of a struggle to read his entry because it’s written in Tagalog, but I love how he made poetic use of the language to create imagery that stays.


1. Kongkong – The End of Friendship

2. Fitz- A Valentine’s Date to Remember

3. Mr. Z- Strange Times My Dear

As a couple, Butch and I celebrate three anniversaries: the day we met, the day we became steadies and the day we got married. See, that’s how big I am with celebrations and anniversary dates. Celebration is a high form of praise of gratitude. To celebrate is to delight in the gift, to show gratitude. And that’s what I intend to do today. Celebrate the day that Butch and I first met each other 30 years ago.

diary.jpgI sifted through the yellowed pages of my diary to that day when I first met my ex-boyfriend at the UP Campus Shopping Center. I laughed at my entry because apparently, I was in love with another guy that day I met Butch. I simply forgot about it and it explains why I did not fall for Butch right away.

I was dating this guy, let’s call him Mark, a Senior Veterinarian student. Though we were not officially a couple, we often ate out together at the Shopping Center. That night, my brother dropped by my dorm and we went to the Shopping Center where I caught Mark eating at Rodics. The nerve, he didn’t even invite me. I felt he was avoiding me. I ran back to the dorm and cried in bed. Then I thought, maybe I should go back and talk to him. Luckily my roommate wanted to go to the Shopping Center. I peeped in all the eating places looking for Mark. Over at Lizettes, I caught two of my roommates sitting beside a cute guy which turned out to be Butch. They called me over to join them.

Still frustrated at Mark, I ranted about my “Mark” problems to my roommates. Laughing, they adviced me to talk to Butch about my boy problems. So I turned to Butch who seemed eager to listen to me. While talking to him about Mark being such a snob and all, I noticed Butch wasn’t paying attention to my litany of Mark rants. He was staring at me, almost stripping me giving me such a seductive look. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable. To top it all, my roommates noticed it and started teasing me. I stopped talking to him and turned away from his direction. But he was still staring and had the gall to say You have beautiful eyes…that look in your eyes in front of my friends. How very untrue. I had bloodshot eyes from crying over Mark. Ack.

And that’s how I met him that day, January 26, 1978. Our love story doesn’t end there, of course. Obviously, it was Butch who was more love struck than me.

love struckSo what is this Love Struck Writing Contest? I thought of giving back to my readers, visitors and lurkers part of the prize money I won from winning Best Website (Blogs Category) in the last 10th Philippine Web Awards.


    Three (3) winners receive US$ 50.00 each for top 3 Love Struck entries.

    Three (3) lifetime (for the life span of my Protagonist WebHosting) domain and hosting plan worth $30.00 each. Prize is transferrable but NOT convertible to cash.

Duration January 26, till February 23. Winners to be announced on February 24,2008 which is my second blog anniversary.

Rules– Open to all Single or Married Couples

    1. Write a blog entry on a Love Struck moment. The object of the love struck moment should be a person, not a thing, animal or place.

    2. Post the link of your story in the comments section below. (Email the link to [email protected] in case your comment get’s caught in Akismet)

    A link to this contest is required so more can join.

    3. Entry will be judged by my love struck daughter, Lauren. She will choose the top 3 winners and 3 consolation prize winners.

So start writing! Come and celebrate the day with me.

Love Struck Entries

1. Mitch – Two Weeks

2. Edelweiza – Against All Odds

3. Kiel – Thank You Daddy

4. Lad- Joy of Having Joy

5. Peko-peko – Love Struck Writing contest; ng pumana si Kupido

6. Marjie – Darion: the introduction

7. Fitz- A Valentine’s Date to Remember

8. Rolly- Love Story

9. Mhel- The Whirl of Love

10. Ami- In that Room

11.Ann- Postcards

12.Yoru- Reminiscing the Small Red Box

13. Em Dy- Not Love Struck All the Time

14. Jesy- Perfect 10

15. Kreez- Right under my nose

16. Mhalou- Unforgettable

17. Mec- Love Struck

18. Summer- Love Struck

19. issai- Love, a change in perspective

20. KingDaddyRich- Siya

21. Klinne- Nang dahil sa YM

22. Karmi- Dahil sa isang bote ng Coke

23. JHS- It All Began at Chuck E. Cheese’s

24. Buds- Sleeping Prince

25. Vloe- One More Time

26. Dakilang Tambay – Crush

27. D. Superwomom – Love “Trip”

28. Jel- The Story of Us

30. Michelle – Happy 11th Monthsary, Mahal!

31. Igno- Drive: fairy-tale ng man in waiting

32. Isel- Ocean Avenue

33. Ria Jose- The Cheesiest Songs

34. Bojoy- Utopian Dream

35. Joanna Marie- Love Struck Writing Contest

36. Romy Diaz- quickie

37. Joaquin- Second Time Around

38. Vylette- Harana

39. Cherry Mae- sAkit nA dULot nYa..

40. Lingling- Taluhan

41. Andrea- the story of us

42. Woobie- Friendship Driven Love Affair

43. Eliza- Book Perfect

44. Lady Cess- The Promise of a Fairy Godmother

45. Kongkong – The End of Friendship

46. Mnel- First Kiss

47. Mr Z- Strange Times My Dear

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  • i love your story noemi! nakakakilig!
    i’ve posted our love struck moment many times already, but I’ll join this contest anyway. wait for my entry!

  • this is going to be lots of fun, noemi! 😀

  • what a sweet story 😀 i am obliged to join this contest but i dont know if my hubby would approve sharing our supposed to be ‘secret’ real love story… let me think about it. my husband remembers those first dates… and i dont, hahaha. at least he pokes me when the date would be nearing so i could prepare, too. what a lousy wife i am 🙂

  • Hi Noemi. Thanks for sharing how you met your husband. It shows how love can come very unexpected.

    This is a great contest and I would love to be part of it.

  • I’m in! :p have to dig my previous entries about our love story hihihihi!

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  • Here’s my entry

  • A very beautiful story Noemi. Happy anniversary to you and Butch!

  • aliwwww! sa mga married couples lang ba ito? 😛

  • @ajay – Open to all. Single or Married!

  • The way you described Butch, he was totally smitten. And nothing gets to a guys heart than a damsel in distress. I think it brings out the inner “knight in shining armor” in them 🙂

    Love this contest. I too have posted our “love story” but I’d love to re-post it for this contest 🙂

  • astig! kakakilig! you can count me in on this…in some of my blogs, i mentioned about my dad’s baby..i think, i can give it a try sharing how everything really started for us…more power to u!

  • my husband is too shy about this..but in the spirit of romance and love..i’ll definitely join!!!

  • i was browsing the pages of the future blogs i will feature in my entrecard and it lead me directly to your blog.

    my first time here, and I should say, reading your profile, I got courage in you that you will recover, and i now you have, from your sons death.

    anyway, i wish you all the best. have a nice day ahead. God is with us always. have a great morning.

  • Hi Ms. Noemi! This is fun. Can I join? Here’s my entry


  • my previous comment is not posted.. cguro nasa spam section po… waaaahhh…

  • hi Noemi, it’s been a long time haven’t come back here! nice to be back today. thanks to this ongoing love struck contest of yours. 🙂

    this is a very interesting contest. and you got a very wonderful love story. I am thinking to join but i still have to think when ws the time i was love struck. LOL!

  • Hi. My friend Lisa suggested that I join your contest. She thinks I’m still love struck. 🙂 Here’s my entry

  • It’s a nice contest…You know Noemi, I think I get in love with this site. This site talk a lot about love, couple. and family relationship. Very useful for marital life.

  • pao

    yiheeee! hehehehe. ang danda ng labstory. try ko din sumulat para makasali. 🙂

  • @yatot, arlene, viona, and pao- PLEASE join or if you can’t just promote it in your blog. Who knows you might have love struck readers out there?

    @kongkong, phoebz, dhanggit, lad and all the others – I am waiting for your entries!

  • My entry is HERE.

    Have a nice day.

  • oh yes… definitely… i will join this contest! hahhhahaa… now… got to dig up that frustrated love story of mine.. hhahahahha

  • Nakakahiyang sumali. :p

  • @Lad- posted the link in the entry. Thanks

    @yatot– sige hope to read it soon

    @ederic- you can always “change” the name. 🙂

  • rolly07

    Another contest? =)

    Well, I have another entry and I feel that my chances of winning again is quite good. I will post it later this morning because I have to edit it first to customize with your “love struck” subject. I also found the right way to end my blog courtesy of this post. Hahaha…

    Can’t wait to post my entry. =)

  • arny

    dear noemi,

    call me a stalker or lurker but i am a great big fan of ur blog. i never commented kasi some points were raised by the first readers. well anyway i will join ur contest. exciting ito. wait for my story ha…..

  • @rollly- yes I can’t wait either. I am a sucker for love stories. hehe

    @arny- lurker is a better word. Not stalker naman. It’s okay. But I want to see that story soon . Spread the word!

  • My love story started when my father died. He was bedridden for 2 years. He died peacefully. It was a relief for all of us and most especially for him. He left us penniless. To augment the family he left behind i started tutoring grade school kids. I was from UP. (87) Parents flock to us because of our academic excellence. Filipino-Chinese in genes, i came to the employ of another fil-chi. The mother seeing me unemployed, and with a zero love life started making rounds of introducing me to her nephew and then to her friend’s son. The first was a complete comedy. Unkempt, chubby but smart i am in no hurry to be hooked up and i wasn’t attracted. The other one was a no spark.
    I told my boss (the mother of my wards) hinay-hinay lang!! (go slow please). she heeded my plea, thank God. One day i went with her collection secretary to get a check from a company who have an outstanding balance. To kill time since i am waiting for my students. I was awestruck with the employee who accommodated my companion. Filipino Chinese din, he is dashingly handsome and clean-neat looking. I asked my companion who he was and she told him maybe it is the brother of the owner. I was giddingly high school smitten!! I told the mother of my wards hook me up pronto!! She happily obliged.(chineses are fond of matching and they get an ampao(red envelope with cash or anything) for a good match and ending). She did introduce me to the brother of the owner but it is the wrong guy!! The guy that i apparently like was the nephew.Tough luck!! But i cant tell her it is the wrong man. nakakahiya. But he asked me politely my phone number. (this is circa early 90’s. no cellphone at that time ha!!) He is okay and not dashingly-handsome-clean-neat guy but averagely will do. No light bulb and no sparks flew.
    The next day he called me and i accommodated his hellos. and in the next days ahead, months and years he would call me untiringly. He pursued me diligently. He has plans. His nephew was a playboy and no spendthrift. My man was completely his opposite. God pushed me to him and him to me. But i think it was my dad’s spirit. I am thankful. It has been 12 years we were married. I am so blessed. And so was my boss. She got a fat ampao!!
    It was a secret up to now that i once had a crush on his nephew and not even my husband knows this. But i love my husband with all my heart and soul. And i am grateful.

  • hi there, here is the link to my entry:

  • rolly07

    Waaahhhh! My comment and my entry somehow did not get through earlier this morning! It seems that it is being blocked by Akismet. Maybe because it’s a Friendster blog. So I just sent you the link.

    I wrote the blog a few months ago and I just edited the second to the last paragraph to customize with the subject of this contest and found a better way to end my blog. Thanks to the inimitable Noemi Dado. =)

  • Hey Noemi,

    I’m interested in joining my entry the contest. I posted a “Love truck” entry this month, and I’m not trying my luck on it. Please give it visit here when you get a chance. I’ll also email you the link to make sure 🙂

    Cheers always,

  • @rolly- I saw your link. Please add the link to this contest and make your entry show the current period of the contest. (between January 26 to February 23). Your old love story entry is acceptable but just have to make it current.

    @marjie- thanks so much!

  • ow, I meant “NOW” trying my luck….lol…sorry! emailed you narin 🙂

  • rolly07

    Hi Noemi,

    I received your reply. So the blog to be entered should be written within the promo period and I need to re-post my blog to update it to this date so that I can join. I’m not sure if I’m willing to do that. It was one of those “spur-of-the-moment” writing and I don’t want to re-post it because it would lose the significance of the date. I know I did update it and added a paragraph but only so that I can join your contest and the date I wrote it was retained.

    However I still want to join the contest. I’ll think about it. =)


  • I want to join din po sana kaso hindi romantic love ang balak kong i-submit hehe tsaka shy me :p

  • rolly07

    Hi Noemi,

    The link is still being blocked but I sent you the link in your email. Thanks! More power to your blog and God Bless.

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  • what a “sweet contest!” lemme see if our love story would be “nakakakilig enough” to be an entry. 😀

  • Hi Noemi,

    My entry can be found here.

    Thanks and more power!

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  • It took me some time to write our very own love story but it’s worth it.

    Here’s my entry Noemi. Hope your readers would like it. Happy V-Day!

  • Ami

    Hi Ms. Noemi, my entry is at entitled: In That Room: A Lovestruck Entry. Sorry I don’t know how to put a link here.

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  • ann

    hi noemi,

    congratulations on your anniversary…may you and your husband reach many more milestones in your marriage.

    this sounds like a fun contest, here’s the link to my entry


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  • Ms. Noemi, I’m joining the contest 🙂 My entry is here.
    Reminiscing the small red box

  • Jesy Agregado

    the post brings back lots of memories 😀 here’s my take:


  • Hi Ms Noemi,

    Thanks for the opportunity to share and read about sweet moments in time for valentines day. here is the link to my entry:

  • Hi Ms. Noemi,

    I’m giving this a try…here’s my story:

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  • I wrote a post for the contest too.

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  • Hi noemi,

    here’s my post. not really a love story but something that means a lot to me.

  • happy valentines day noemi! 😀

  • hi miss noime.. i didnt expect na kaw rin po pala nagmemaintain ng blog na ito.. we met on trinoma bloggers food tour.. by the way.. i would like to share my own lovestruck moment.. here it is…

  • klinne

    whew, finally nakagawa din ako ng bl0g… nice story, you really are meant for each other… kze, he was there when you needed a shoulder to cry on… I want to join your contest… here’s my link

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  • hi ate noemi.. i want to join this contest. 🙂

    ito po ung entry ko.. ^_^

    thank you po..

    tc! ^_^

    — karmi

  • JHS

    Here’s my entry. The title is “It All Began at Chuck E. Cheese’s” —

  • i will join! weeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hi this is my entry!
    We are crossing our fingers!
    thank you for this opportunity 😉

    – Buds and Jaypee

  • vloe

    hi noemi i really enjoy reading all of the entries for Love struck writing contest and I try to joined also.

    the url of my exclusive blog for this contest…

    thank you so much…..

  • hi ate noime, i want to join. here’s my entry for this contest.

    thank you so much

  • Hi Ms Noemi,

    Thank you for this opportunity to share our lovestruck moment. Here’s my entry.

    Salamat ng marami. 🙂

  • Jel
  • how cool! i don’t have a lovestruck story to share, but i love reading the other entries! galing naman. 🙂 i’ll promote na lang to my site….

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  • Hi Noemi!

    I’d like to join your contest. Here’s my entry.

  • here’s mine:

    thanks for this site, i’ve read different love stories…

  • hi, ms. noemi! i just want to try if i can enter the contest…here’s the link of my love story

    i love reading these kinds of stories…thanks to your blog, i have all the time to read other entries as well while i’m under medication as of the moment..

    happy valentine’s…
    and advanced happy anniversary….

  • Hi ate naomi..

    Puwede po bang sumali?

    Eto po ang link ng entry ko..

    maraming salamat po… 😀

    ps. Ang galing po ng contest. 😀

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  • hi te naomi.. pwede ba po bah mka habol sa contest??? tommorow ko na post sa blog ko.. ng fifinalized pa po ako sa aking story 😀 gusto ko mka habol pwwss..

  • Pahabol! Here’s my entry. I figured my entry is not as kilig as the others but what the heck, everything’s fair in love.

  • Here’s my story… LINK. 🙂

  • Hahabol din ako. Eto po ENTRY. ko.. 🙂

  • hi! hi! eto na poh yung story. :D. . enjoy. 😀

  • Goodmorning po. Can I join this uber amazing contest of yours Ate Naomi?

    Here’s the link to my entry.. Thank you..

    entry second time

  • Hi po. I wasn’t planning on joining because I didn’t really have a great story to tell. Glad boyfriend saved Valentine’s weekend (after I ruined it. hehe). Here’s my entry:

  • pwede pa p0h bang sumali?!
    eto p0h entry ko..

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  • first time ko pong mapadpad dito sa site ninyo dahil sa pinost ni mr d na entry niya sa pakontest na ito.. hmm.. gusto ko din pong sumali! eto po ang entry ko:

    my entry

  • February 23 11:59 PM is the deadline! I will announce winner anytime on February 24l

  • I hope I made it before the cutoff time!

    my entry

  • yes woobie. Deadline is still feb 23 at 11:59 PM

  • Hi, here’s my entry: titled ‘Book Perfect.”

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  • Jinky Lopez

    Hi, it is actually my first time to visit the blog site and when I read about the “lovestruck writing contest”, I thought of sending in my story which I’ve written a year ago…

    I felt that sharing my lovestruck moment is like reliving the very time when I first felt it. Thanks for the chance. Good luck to everyone who joined!

    Here’s the link:

  • Jinky Lopez
  • @jinky -please make a new entry with a link to show the old story and follow the links needed to join the contest.

  • hello po! i’m joining the contest. here’s the link to my entry. ^_^ cheers!

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  • Mrs.Park

    Good Evening! This is Korean Salon HairNews Mrs.Park.
    Today one customer came to our shop and she told me our shop is very nice in website. and I want to know their website and I search it. and it’s your website and also i remember you. thanks for submit my picture & good comments. Happy New year and God bless you. See you!

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