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misteryosa mFor those who have been reading my blog for the longest time now, I refer to my second daughter as M. I think I have mentioned before how M is such a private person, opting to keep a private blog for her close friends. She used to own two domains during her high school years. Her blog had amazing and original graphics. In fact , she churned out new designs every week. Quite a prolific web designer. I begged her to design customized headers for my blog and even willing to pay for it. I remember teaching her Adobe Photoshop basics when she was a pre-teen and she became quite adept at it, more than I could ever be.

It mystified me why she suddenly chose to have a private blog. And then out of the blue, the mystery is over.

M is not a mystery anymore. Why?

M launched a public blog marielli.misteryosa.com which is hosted by Shari at her award winning blog, the misteryosa.com. That is a mystery in itself too. Why did M choose to be hosted by Shari when I have a small webhosting outfit? You will have to unravel that mystery by visiting M’s blog. Spread the link love marielli.misteryosa.com.

I know I’m shamelessly plugging but let’s help new bloggers or resurrected bloggers.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

You may contact Noemi (noemidado @ gmail.com) for speaking and consultancy services in the following areas: Parenting in the Digital Age (includes pro-active parenting on cyber-bullying and bullying) ; Social Business ; Reinventing One’s Life; and social media engagement. Our parenting workshop is called "Prep to Prime (P2P): Parenting in the Digital Age (An Un­Workshop)" P2P Un­Workshops are conducted by two golden women in their prime, Noemi and Jane, who have a century’s worth of experience between them. They are both accomplished professionals who chose to become homemakers. This 180­degree turn also put them on a different life course which includes blogging, social media engagement and citizen advocacy. They call their un­workshops Prep to Prime or P2P, for short, to emphasize the breadth of their parenting experience. They tackle different aspects and issues of parenting ­­ from managing pregnancies, prepping for the school years of children, dealing with househelp, managing the household budget, to maximizing one’s prime life and staying healthy through the senior years.

  • Yey for marielli 🙂

  • she has your smile

  • I was surprised too. She started her email with the usual stalker line, “You don’t know me but I know you.” I was like, “Of course I know you!” Hehe.

    Still, it’s an honor to host her blog. 🙂

  • M being hosted by Shari made think why also. Another interesting blog added to my daily reads!

  • Globe was right all the way…you really are the blogging family. keep it up and more power!:)

  • so, M is slowly unravelling her mystery. i will be following her, my kids will, too…am sure she will be an inspiration to many, as how you and L have inspired many.

  • @tiffany- yay too

    @cecille – the smile is a remembrance from my dad. Dad had a wide smile.

    @shari- really you knew her somehow?

    @jeric- yes add her

    @ajay- hehe yeah we’re a blogging family. Pretty soon, the cats and the dog

    @sexy mom- thanks for the link love.

  • lemon

    Welcome, Marielle!

  • there is one more mystery to unravel—why with misteryosa.com?

  • @Noemi – Well, I’ve seen 2 young Dados since the Blog awards, and I already know who Lauren is, so… 🙂

    @Sexy Mom – Why not? Hehe! 😉