My husband and Grocery Shopping

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husbandI think I have mentioned before that my husband is my co-homemaker . For the past two years, he took over my role in grocery shopping. It’s really sweet of him to shop for me. I don’t mind it one bit because I don’t enjoy grocery shopping. Prices of the goods are quite depressing. I just buy whatever is on the list then leave the supermaket in 45 minutes. One thing has been bugging me the past months. I’ve never understood why it takes my husband more than two hours to shop.

Last sunday, I tagged along with him just to observe his system of shopping. Ah now I understand. If I had studied Butch under my time and motion study, he’d definitely fail .

See this is his style.

He leaves his cart in a location where there is not much traffic. He gets the goodies from the shelf then…

he walks down two aisles towards the cart and unloads his shopping goods.

No wonder it takes him a lot of time to shop if he has to walk back and forth.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed our sunday morning together just strolling the aisles together. Sometimes we sample the food, sip coffee or impulse-buy some things. We must have enjoyed ourselves too much because our bill reached 6,931.00 pesos ($145.00) . Too much! Our usual weekly budget for groceries is 5,000 pesos or $100.00. Like he always says, “let’s not scrimp on food”. Still, I can’t help but wonder if we can do with a lot of the grocery items.


Anyway, Butch wrote a review of SM Hypermart at our Food blog. It’s his favorite supermarket for the month. Let’s see what happens next month.

Speaking of grocery shopping, who does the grocery for your family? and do you stick to your budget?

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  • I do grocery shopping most of the time. I hate it when I get the defective shoppinc cart. I TRY to stick to our budget hehehe, my friend told me to avoid using the credit card, otherwise I’d end up buying unnecessary things. True enough, when I buy in cash, I only buy what’s in the list. When I lived alone 2 years ago, I spent 2,000 every 2 weeks on my groceries, pano naman kasi, may ice cream, cake, soft drinks, juices in tetra packs, junk foods, chocolates….tapos I spend 300 for market and that lasts for 2 weeks! At least I enjoyed my solo life before. Now I’m always on a budget, baby has the biggest part on the family budget! Hehehe…

  • kakaaliwa kasi my dad also does the grocery shopping most of the time and maski nung teenagers kami sya rin bumibili maski sanitary napkin namin.

  • @lisa- I think we can do away with ice cream and junk food.

    @leira- hehe even Butch knows what are overnights with wings and regular with wings and those sanitary napkins with no wings. funny no?

  • noemi, it is nice to have a husband who enjoys grocery shopping. my husband just picks a couple of things and suddenly i see him sitting at the corner of the store reading book while waiting for me.

    i really don’t know our weekly grocery budget as I do mostly our grocery shopping on a daily basis, more or less siguro $300. i take lunch at Wal-Mart everyday so that is where my 15 minutes goes…to buying groceries, 15 minutes eating lunch. this way, i can take advantage of the sales. like yesterday, i saw boxes of fresh deep red strawberries for only 99 cents. they were sweet and juicy! other day, i saw cantaloupe on sale for 99 cents, too. i also like to buy fresh carrrot juice, and green juice, which are quite pricey so that add up.

    on summer time, i save on veggies and herbs because i usually get them in my garden.

  • I love grocery shopping, so does my 3-year old. Lagi na lang nya sinasabi “shop” meaning magpunta kami ng shop. Thankfully he’s not disruptive. Unfortunately we’re not very religious with the budget. Most of the time we overspend by £20-£50. It hurts. But I hope that will soon change when my son’s totally nappy-free

  • I mostly do our grocery shopping. But if I need something and have forgotten an item, my husband has no problem stopping at a grocery store to get them for me.

    He’s around when I’m doing our bi-weekly grocery shopping but I do it all by mself coz if it was up to him, our budget will be over about $30 or more..LOL

  • I *try* to stay within my budget. There are times though, when I am feeling rich that I induldge myself and my family by blowing my budget and buying stuff on impulse. I never regret doing that though, because I know me & my family deserve the treat.

    Oh, and it’s good to know I’m not the only one who leaves my cart in a low-traffic zone. I never leave it THAT far though lol

  • i used to… pero ng hiningian ako ng detailed documentation ng hubby ko hehehe sabi ko… ikaw na lang mag grocery! hehehe mas magaling naman sya doon e…

    elle marie’s moms last blog post..Happy Birthday Tita Nene!!!