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Updated– Read the latest development at Nicole, Subic Rape Victim Doubts the Rape

rape.jpgI am disappointed at some of the public opinions regarding ‘Nicole’, the rape victim (read Subic Rape case). Reading this ‘Nicole Tells her Story news article on Nicole shows how judgemental some bloggers can be. Yes some bloggers but I have yet to surf a blog that blames Nicole. Or maybe I am not in that circle of bloggers.

But if blogs, Internet chat rooms, or family conversations are to be the gauge, Nicole is not doing all that well in the court of public opinion, according to Evalyn Ursua, one of her lawyers.

“This means we have a long way to go in terms of educating the public about rape,” the private prosecutor said.

Ursua said that per the “monitoring” done by volunteers, among them law students of the University of the Philippines who are assisting her in the case, Nicole is even being “blamed” for the alleged rape.

“Opinion is divided, and there’s a significant number of blogs we have monitored that are against her or think she doesn’t deserve support because she was drunk [on the night of the incident] and ‘therefore’ had it coming,” Ursua told the Inquirer.

Why should she have it coming? I know a lot of girls in their twenties who drink and want to have fun. I don’t condone alcohol drinking and I warn my girls of the dangers of alcohol intake. It’s just that they should look at themselves or their friends first judging “Nicole”. The UP Law center shows in a survey that 70% of young adults like Nicole drink. How do they even know she has loose morals? And even if she did, it doesn’t mean she sought out sex with these men. Does she deserve this kind of public opinion? There are so many myths and misconceptions about rape victims. A rape victim is credible if she was a virgin at the time of the rape. Perhaps even date rape is not acceptable in the Philippines.

Rape is defined as forced, manipulated or coerced sexual intercourse (or other sexual act) against the will of the victim. If the act occurs while the victim is unconscious, asleep or otherwise unable to communicate unwillingness, it is still considered rape.


I know the courts will establish if it was indeed rape or not. But in the meantime, those who judged ‘Nicole” should educate themselves on what rape really is.

As Nicole said:

“I am only fighting for my dignity and that of my family,” she said. “I just hope people would support me in this struggle. Please don’t judge me too harshly. I’m only seeking justice.”

Edit- December 5, 2006– Court Decision is out. Lance Corporal Daniel Smith is guilty. Read Nicole Moving on After Subic Rape Case Decision

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  • Emily

    I found one of them:

    written by a biased dude

    I was amazed when I heard that, as obviously the woman involved was not a professional lady of the night, but was still obviously sleazy enough to get blind drunk with the American soldiers and then even agree to go with them into their van, where they allegedly raped her as they drove around Subic.

  • lemon

    Noemi, you should hear some judgmental idiots I know talk about what they think about Nicole. Just disgusting,and I reminded them about Sarah Tobias in The Accused. No man has a right to force a woman into having sexual intercourse, period. Her sexual orientation,job, morals, beliefs, behavioral pattern, reputation do not make her any less a woman with a right to say NO.

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  • Emily: what an ignorant person. He didn’t get his facts straight on why Nicole was in the base.

    buwayahman: That’s a nice entry. A no is a NO …true

    Lemon: I hope they looked at themselves first before they made those judgements.

    I;m still curious to read those blogs written by twenty something women who don’t believe Nicole was raped.

  • Give me those blogs who said that it was Nicole’s fault. I’ll vent my fury on them…

  • The sad thing is the exploitation of Nicole in pursuit of an anti-American political agenda, which I think has little to do with the tragedy that has befallen them all. Not just Nicole. The four Marines are the sons of real mothers and fathers too. I am not convinced they are all guilty in equal measure, if they are guilty at all. But what that has to do with the Visiting Forces Agreement is something that I am sure Nicole herself is pretty astounded and puzzled about. Because their tragedy has become a part of a radical political agenda, I don’t think Justice can be done, for her or for them, because that agenda has the blessings of political correctness. And cannot be denied its sanctimoniousness, independent of any particular truth about what happened in Subic last Holloween. It has become inconceivable and unacceptable to the Lynch Mob that any or all might be innocent, the presumption having already been sacrificed at the altar of nationalism. Poor Nicole’s been raped and exploited by some of her own so-called supporters who are really out to prove a point, not to serve justice. Just my opinion.

  • rita

    i believe that she was raped. but i thought her aim was to search for a foreign (perhaps american)”papa” at baka makachamba sya and who knows? malamang totohanin sya, coz why would her siblings leave ALONE and drunk in a bar. she wasn’t a prostitute(as in literally) though. malas nga lang nya kse she thought she was gonna have “foreign friends”… kaya lang, akala nun mga sundalo na game na game sya for a one night stand.. kase no decent girl would wanna be left alone DRUNK in a bar. nicole was a victim but i didn’t believe she was a saint either… minalas lang sya.

  • rita: I don’t think you know the circumstances why she was in the bar in the first place.She was not there to look for an American boyfriend.

    Two elder brothers had dropped off 22-year-old Nicole — not her real name — at a bar. According to the victim’s counsel, Evalyn Ursua, Nicole was accompanied by her 24-year-old half-sister and an American serviceman, a longtime family friend, while her 12-year-old sister stayed behind in the hotel.

    She felt totally at home in the bar with other US servicemen on furlough from a joint RP-US counterterrorism exercise in the Philippines.

    She grew up in a naval facility in Zamboanga, where her family runs a canteen frequented by US servicemen.

    After finishing her Management Accounting course at the Ateneo de Davao University and starting a nursing course, Nicole had decided to help out in the canteen.

    “I’m used to socializing with Americans so I felt safe and comfortable with them,” the daughter of a naval officer and a Philippine Navy

  • hi, please visit our blog. we’re the student volunteers referred to in the news article you quoted above.

  • scottlieanne

    i know there’s alot of people judging nicole for what was happened on last nov.1 2005 at the neptune club…..instead of acusing her as not a victim,why we don’t see what will be a justice dicision…we’re not there!!! so how can we say that there’s no rape that happened?! let us give nicole a chance to speak for her side as a real victim….not all american are nice,…i don’t want to give any comment against nicole untill we don’t have any evidences that say’s nicole was not a victim!!!!

  • joyce anne

    …sorry to say, but i’m so disappointed on what was happen about the case… if you are a descent woman, bakit ka pupunta sa ganoong lugar??? that you know in the very beggining that place is a club!! and if she drunk,why does her sister left there?!! and how she could know all the things that happened if she was drunk??? she fight for her name not because of she was a rape victim and she let someone to suffer some0ne just for her own !!! it’s unfair!!! i believe in karma…so,may the GOD give a punishment on the people who are lying….i’m avid listener and watcher on that case…sobrang awang awa ako kay daniel….my fiance is a us military also… JUSTICE FOR DANIEL! NOT FOR NICOLE!!!

  • Poch Suzara

    If our women do not learn from Nicole’s rape case, our women will
    continue to be third class citizens with no meaningful employment except to work in the baby factory. Today 1.5 million babies are born in the Philippines. Most of these babies are unwanted, unloved, and un-needed. I have every wish our women will wake up to the fact that there is more life than just to give in to morons otherwise more known as the father of their abandoned babies. Poch Suzara

  • Grace Santos of Justice for Smith

    My name is Grace Santos and I am the one who organized the Justice for Smith. We are giving Daniel’s picture to those who supports him and believed in him. Dan is a good person with a forgiving heart. He is not holding any grudges againsts anybody. He is very positve that things will be ok for him because he knows God is watching over him. Please include Dan in your prayers and to those people who supports him, let us be for vigilant.
    If you have any questions with regards to the activities of the group Justice for Dan Justice for the Strangers, you can email me at [email protected] or text and call me at 09174904180. We will appreciate all your support and Dan is very thankful too.
    Let us keep on fighting for the real victim of injustice.
    God bless!

  • Pedro

    We have Daniel smith supporters and Nicole supporters. Goodluck sa supporters ng dalawa.

    Basta wag masyado judgemental wala naman kayo dun sa SCENE OF the crime kung baga :p So wala nakaka alam ano ang totoo. Basta alam ko.. wala yan sa decent or not. lasing ka man or hindi, malandi ka man or easy, pwede ka pa rin ma rape. Yung husband nga pwede i rape ang wife.. kahit married.. prostitutes nga na rarape eh.

  • Compared to Smith, Nicole looks like more than a rapist compared to Smith!!!!!!!!!

  • Hindi dahilan ang kalasingan para makapang rape ang isang tao o di kaya ay ma rape yung iang tao,buti sana kung ung babae lang yung lasing pwedeng rape yun o yung lalaki lang yung lasing.Eh paano kung parehas silang lasing tapos parehas nilang hindi nakontrol ang kanilang mga sarili???Ganun na lang ba yun???Mag sasampa ka na lang ng kaso???GINUSTO NI NICOLE ANG NANGYARI KAYA LANG NAPAHIYA NA SYA NUNG MATAUHAN.Kaya sya nagdemanda…..

  • Boracayman

    Nicole deserves all the help and support that she can be given… After being raped.. she has had another ordeal… the Philippine Media and court system which isnt anywhere near as supportive of rape victims ..compared to other countries that certainly would support the Rape Victim.

    Nicole was treated worse than an Animal by Smith and his brave U.S servicemen buddies. After having their way this Nicole.. what did they do.. Called her a Bitch and Dumped her half naked in the street by the Pier.. and then threw her underwear nearby with a condom still sticking to it…

    What do you expect the court to do…. give them an award…. No… The evidence against Smith was ovewhelming… he was found guilty. The penalty in the Philippines is Harsh… the usual conviction is for a period of life imprisonment…equates to 40 years..

    In my book.. if you do the crime… you do the Time…

  • Pedro

    I am not even a pro or anti Nicole. I am just pointing out that Rape can still happen even if that woman is a prostitute.
    Thats why raped victims are not coming out to file cases against their abusers because FILIPINO CONSERVATIVES will always try to blame the women for leading the men to rape them!

    Doesn’t matter if a woman is too stupid to get inside a car with strangers, even if she wanted to have sex with that man but changed her mind after a few minutes, RAPE IS RAPE.

    Are you guys helping Daniel because he is FREAKING GOOD looking? HOw did u know he has a forgiving heart? Are you guys that close?
    Of course he looks like an angel, he can use the media to win. Honestly, I don’t know who is telling the truth Nicole or Daniel but to side with a man just because he looks like a saint is just wrong and to blame a woman or saying a woman had it coming because she went inside that van with strangers is just stupid. Wake up people!

  • maya

    Okay now…I was just gonna read comments here and not add my 2 cents like I’ve been doing in every blogspot I can find on this issue. Okay, I support Daniel Smith, the american. Having said that, I don’t support him because he’s cute or because he’s white. I’ve lived stateside for 20 some years …his appearance is a dime a dozen out here. Nor do I support him because I’m an american now.
    I examine Nicole’s argument, even putting myself in her shoes…and I have gone out with friends, gotten so innebreated I was stuporous. When I went to bars, of course I knew I’d meet men. I also know that actions speak a lot and if by chance my actions are contrary to what I want them to be because of alcohol, I make sure I have a friend to take care of me. So, yes, in good conscience…I can judge Nicole. It all started when she took her first drink…without a contingency plan. Yes. A contingency plan…every smart girl knows what I’m talking about. Irresponsible behavior does not end well and should not be rewarded. If she was raped as she alleges…it would really help her heal if she comes out and take responsibility for her part in this fiasco. It will be so much easier to look at herself in the mirror and it will take a load off her chest. But I’m sure all these political groups using her will never let that happen…poor girl.

  • Cynthia

    Man everybody knows she’s stupid and I’m quite sure she has told herself that so many times. Thats why she got raped in the first place, for being too dumb to get inside that van. And yes you are right, irresponsible behavior does not end well, I mean RESPONSIBLE AND SMART behavior do not even always end well. She doesn’t know what the heck is contingency plan .. because like i said.. she’s slow.

    Its not as if she’s denying that she wasn’t at fault. But she cannot take responsibility for rape either. Since she was the one raped not the other way around, if thats the truth. What do you want her to do? Not file charges because she was a tease?

    So even if she was responsible for being stupid, drunk and promiscuous half the time she was with Daniel Smith, it doesn’t follow that she should be responsible for her own rape either. She’s guilty of being dense, unintelligent and even slow-witted but can never be responsible for her own rape.

    Even when you move around rubbing your butt on some guy’s crotch, that doesn’t give a man the right to rape you when you say No to sex or even too drunk to say No.

    Issue is not about a woman’s character, intelligence and even a woman’s sexual experience. Its about rape. It can happen.

    By the way I’m not a fan of Daniel or even Nicole.

  • maya

    Cynthia, I haven’t read anywhere that she even admitted some of it was her fault. All I know is that she was so relieved when the ruling came out…she can start rebuilding her life. She could have at least said, “to all you women out there, don’t do what I did ” or something to that effect. She even made a joke about not being denied a US visa …what was that! A young man’s life was just ruined here by an incident that they were both a part of no matter who was at fault and she’s making a joke about hopefully getting a US visa??!! It would be ironic if she ends up in St. Louis when she does. But ok, I digrese and attribute that to the fact that she’s dense. Then again, she has a college degree… she couldn’t be that thick.
    I know, I’m too judgmental against women…I strongly believe that sometimes we put ourselves in negative situations by decisions that we totally have control over and then complain that we’ve been victimized. Totally not what Women’s libbers want to hear.
    What I know of the law is,” the burden of proof lies with the accuser. Conviction of the accused is then decided when guilt is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. “(You can tell I watch too much court TV.)
    For me, there’s just too many holes with her side of the story. She was either too drunk or lucid enough at convenient instances to support her case. I hate the fact that she was treated badly after the act. All 4 of those guys should have paid for that. But I still don’t believe it was rape. 40 years is too harsh a rule for behaving badly. But that’s just my humbe opinion, the judge in this case decided otherwise.
    I’m not a FAN of Daniel Smith either, if he was my brother, I’d beat the C*** out of him for putting himself in this situation. I do support him. I think he’s being treated unfairly and he’s being used as a political pawn by factions out there that hate America.

  • Cynthia

    Its nice to exchange ideas and opinions without even arguing. I totally agree that women should be in control of what they do, take responsiblity in every aspect of their life. BUt then lets face it, sometimes no matter how perfect you do things, no matter how you take care of your reputation and yourself, sadly not all things can go your way.

    If she was really raped, she doesn’t need to make statements to warn people, her story is already a lesson. Doesn’t matter what the liberals say or what the others say too, as long as people learn from their own mistakes and totally believe in their own principles in life, I can respect them. You cannot please everyone, which we should be thankful honestly, just imagine how many gifts you have to give if everyone likes you (lame joke).
    Hmm being judgemental, once in awhile everyone is like that. The actual challenge for people is to think beyond themselves, to put yourself in their shoes and see the other side of the fence.

    The sentence of 40 years, harsh? For the others its just right, well for some its harsh I guess. According to the newspaper I’ve read, smith is guilty, all the evidence point to him. I also know, in every court hearings, there is one winner and one loser. So its not really new if someone cries foul at the end of the verdict. I know of one in Canada, well he was found guilty too. He was sentenced to 10 years only( he was guilty of raping girls below 15 and chopping their bodies, I think he killed like more than 10 girls). Well what do you think of the sentence?

    Well anyway, I think both their lives are ruined, you cannot help it, its a public trial after all with all the media and politicians everywhere. But one rape case shouldn’t affect the Philippine-American relationship that much.

    And now, have fun everyone because I have to study again for my exams. Good day!

  • Maya

    Cynthia, It was a pleasure exchanging opinions with you. If the likes of you and I ruled the world…I believe it would be a better place. Good luck on your exams.

  • cmon folks…a rose is a rose is a rose is a ….
    nicole made the decision to go over to the bar, got friggin piss drunk, picked on the best lookin naive young redneck marine, flirted and lapdanced with the guy, got too plastered to know she even help smith put the condom on when they were doing it in the van! End of story?

    oh but now she figures she wants to go abroad to the US even..kapalmuks..cige punta kang amerika ma rape ka pa ng negro!

  • Dennis

    From my understanding of the whole rape case, “Nicole” was allegedly drunk when the supposed rape incident happened. All I can say is that she shouldn’t be drinking in the first place because every sane person knows that drinking clouds your judgment. Second, she shouldn’t have placed herself in that situation either. Drinking yourself to the point of passing out is just plain stupid. Yes, I said it…”Nicole” or whatever her name is, is STUPID. If you drink and pass out…and then get raped in the process, it is your own fault for putting yourself in that situation. She shouldn’t have drunk that much anyways. I don’t consider her a rape victim…she is a victim of her own stupidity for getting drunk. And now she wants sympathy? Excuse me?!?!

    Oh by the way…if she was drunk…how can she, without any shadow of a doubt, accurately recall the events? I think she’s just trying to find someone to blame for her own stupidity rather than take responsibility for what happened to her.

    I don’t support rape but I’m also not in favor of stupidity.

  • lyla

    Excellent point, Dennis! She should take responsibility for placing herself in a compromising position. I’ve put this comment in other blogspots too: one should not expect to be treated like Mother Teresa on a whim after acting like a tramp for hours on end. What’s a guy to do!!! Even a good psychic will not be able to read that signal… and to Women’s libbers out there: true empowerment lies not in the ability to garner support after putting oneself in a compromising situation like __________ * did but by avoiding said situations in the first place through self respect and common sense. There !!! Make that your logo…then maybe people will buy into your crap.

    *Edit- I edited the name you placed here.

  • Mary Ann

    My daughter who is only 12years old got raped by a Navy soldier and I am beyond furious how disrespect the navy is to my daughter giving no support for her trauma, therapy, and the family around my baby has suffered tremendously and need help financially but they do nothing to help healing in anyway, also the 22 year old soilder is still not paying for what he did to my baby and the NCIS is not doing anything to push the case faster so the family can finally close that chapter of our life, after 7 months, sex rape kit, video confession, they are dilly-dalling about one of their man, unbecoming of him but all who pertecipate this long Navy Games! So unfair, I even wrote to the governer in state of Hawaii where we live and the US President, no HELP~!

  • LOS ANGELES – The Medical Board of California acknowledged Thursday that it is investigating a Los Angeles doctor who, according to documents, authorized all 11 prescription medications found in Anna Nicole Smith’s hotel room the day the starlet died of a drug overdose.

  • resty cuvin

    wala hindi nangrape si smith sa totoo lang si nicole protitute yun tapos ginawa niya lang yun para makarating sa america(stupid bitch)so masaya na siya ngayon kasi pa tour na lang siya sa america tsaka maghanap ng mayaman pero paayos niya mukha niya pati mga animal tatakbo sa kanya na lasing lang yun si smith akala niya maganda pero kung di lasing yun di mangyari yun sa pangit ng babae papatol siya..

  • kan

    i dont know if there’s really sufficient evidence to prove that she was raped or not. either way all i can say is that i am disappointed either way at nicole.

    better that she gives a clearer statement of what actually happened and what she wants to happen.


    if she was raped then she should fight for her rights and every other person who has been abused. not run away and blame it on a judicial system. if she believes that the system is broken then just runs away…

  • Brye

    Ikinalulungkot ko ang pangyayari para sa mga kababaihang ngpapatuloy na itaguyod upang mapaganda ang imahe ng ating mga PILIPINA, subalit sa pangyayaring ito ipinakita lang ni Nicole kung anong merong uri ng lipunan tayo meron.

    Sa pangyayaring ito, patunay lamang na may na-abuso. Ito ay ang ang Samabayanang Pilipino, inabuso tayo ni Nicole sa pagbibigay ng simpatya sa kanya upang makuha nya ang kagustuhan nya. Inabuso tayo ng amerikano sa paggamit ng mga kasunduan ating nilagdaan na kung saan tayo ay naniniwala na tayo ang higit na nakikinabang, at dahil sa kababaang uri natin patuloy nila tayong susubuan ng mga kasunduan upang manatiling nakasandal sa kanila. At ang mga pangaabusong sexual at kung ano-ano pa ay maisasantabi lamang dahil tayo ay mga hampas lupang umaaasa lamang ng biyaya sa kanila.

    Ang katanungan ngayon ay hindi kung ano ba talga ang nangyari kay Nicole? Ang nangyari sa kanya ay napatunayan na sa korte…

    Ang katanungan ngaun ay kung papano babangon ang PILIPINO sa ngyaring kahihiyan? Maraming Pilipino ang nagnanais bigyan ng karangalan ang ating lahi, subalit sa isang iglap lang ang lahat ngaun ay nakatuon sa isang pag-amin ng isang maambisyong PILIPINA. Nais nyang unawain sya para magkaroon na sya ng kapanatagan ng isipan at magkaroon bagong buhay. Subalit milyong-milyong pilipino ang binigyan nya ng kahihiyan? Malamang kung buhay pa si KIKO naalayan sya ng isang kantang RAP.

    Sa saganang akin, Nais kong magpatuloy ang pagkulong kay Smith at naway makuha natin ang kanyang kustodiya, samantala hayaan na natin si Nicole sa kung saan man sya naroroon, dahil habang buhay syang hahabulin ng kanyang kunsensya sa pang-aabuso nyang ginawa.

    Subalit sa aking espekulayon lamang, kung magpapatuloy na maikulong si smith ito ay hanggang embahada lamang. at kung pagtitibayin ng korte suprema ang desisyon, sya ay malamang na mabigyan ng presidential pardon bago dumating ang eleksyon sa 2010,

    Minsan nakakapagod ding mag-isip kung bakit ganito ang buhay nating mga Pilipino, pero isa lang ang masasabi ko. .
    Taas Noo kahit kanino ang PILIPINO ay AKO!

  • ron smith

    Anung ginawa ng isang babaeng magaling,may pinag-aralan,desente at galing from middle-class family sa Neptune Club? According to her affidavit graduate siya ng mgmt accounting sa Ateneo de davao tapos she take up nursing naman sa Ateneo de zamboanga. You came from exclusive school like Ateneo.kahit sabihin nating Ateneo sa mga province, class A at prominent na school pa rin yan.Ang alam ko pag-grad ka sa exclusive shcool gaya ng ateneo may finesse ka naman,mamimili ka ng lugar na pupuntan at hindi sa ganun ka chipipay na club.Tapos ang babaw lang ng pangarap mo maghahanap ka ng mga kano para magka-U.S Visa at green lang.The worse magsasakdal ka ng taong di ka sigurado na ginahasa ka.tapos bigla kang magre-recant or retract ng affidavit mo in exchange for greener pasture in the U.S..It is mockery on justice system and she is guilty of perjury.Kawawa naman yung tao nagdusa sa loob ng piitan ng 3 taon kahit sabihin nating sa embassy siya na detained..kahit 1 day ka lang makulong napakahirap ata nun.Yun nga lang mapagbintangan ka ng estafa case kung wala kang pambayad sa abugado at koneksyun posibleng makulong ka pa..Mas credible pa nga kung ang G.R.O,escort at sex worker ang magsampa ng kasong rape kaysa kay nicole at least kahit ganun ang trabaho nila mas may rights for their own protection.Kung pupunta ka nga lang na Rockwell Powerplant Mall at ATC sa alabang wala ka sigurong makikitang Yupees.kolehiyala or educated living in posh villages in makati and alabang na nakikihang-out at may karaykaray na 6 na kano at male foreigners.Sa Kultura nating mga Pinoy kung ikaw ay isang dalagang pinay na may boypren siguro naman kahit pilitin ka ng boypren mo na i-entertain at tour yung mga barkada niyang lalake d2 sa pilipinas di ka naman siguro papayag na di mo siya kasama.Lalong lalo na ang makipaginuman at sayawan sa kanila.Kahit tiwala ka sa friends ng BF mo unethical pa rin ang sumakay ka sa van na puro sila lalake at ikaw lang ang babae..Lumalabas lang na she allow herself to be kung rape nga yun..ang ibig sabihin game siya..In american culture it is gangbang hindi gang-rape..ang expected ni nicole ihahatid siya sa bahay at mag-greet ng gud-evening yung mga kano sa family niya.Eh ang alam ng mga kano nanood siya ng porn-reality show na bangbus after gamitin ang babae for casual sex itatapon lang sa kalye..tapos may condom.Kaya siya naghabla ng rape dahil napahiya siya at parang hayop na itinapon..Hindi excuse kung finese o flirt ka,sosyal o poor ka,prostitute or from desent family ka ..Ang importante siyempre decency,yung behavior kung paano makitungo sa opposite sex at respect sa relationship sa boypren mo..di natin masisi yung mga kababayan natin na naniniwalang na no rape na nangyari…Ang mga tunay na Atenean pumunta sa states para mag-doctorate,mag-masteral sa harvard at enroll sa wharton university,mga ivy league school at business conference…Kung graduate ka ng posh school sa pilipinas ang pagpunta mo sa abroad crusing,business trip atpleasure lang Para lang kumuha ng U.S visa napaka desperada niya maghahanap pa siya ng kano para makapag U.S lang .May mga classmate naman siguro siya sa Ateneo na may kakilala o kamag-anak na immigration lawyer at U.S .mas ethical na paraan yun..Ayoko sana mag-generalize karamihan ng pumupatol na pinay sa native american ay mga katulong ng middle at upperclass dito sa pilipinas,mga prostitute,at yung mga impoverished life sa mga remote provinces natin.In other words mga exotic beauties..

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