Nikon D40, A Wedding Anniversary Gift

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nikon d40
Our 23rd wedding anniversary is actually May 5 but Lauren will leave for a beach outing tomorrow so we celebrated our dinner at Portico tonight.

nikon d40
My husband is pretending to be shocked when I gave him my anniversary gift. Lauren seated across our table takes a video of us and a few photos.

nikon d40
Butch unravels my gift. Ooh, a Nikon D40. Soon he tests it out.

nikon d40
Alessandro and Lauren are a blur. I will have to teach him the basics of auto-focus. I know Butch always wanted a DSLR but he has never even used a point and shoot digital camera so let’s give him a break.

Let me try it. I get the Nikon D40. There… much better but not quite. I still have to figure out how to use all those buttons.
nikon d40

Maybe blogger friends and proud Nikon D40 owners like Jayvee, Phoebe, Eric, Marc, Sophie, Rhiz and I forgot the others will give me some tips. After all when I was shopping around for the best camera to fit my needs, the Nikon D40 was suggested for its excellent lens, vibrant color, affordability and light weight (and many other reasons). Yes, I wil share this DSLR too, you know.

It’s the perfect gift for our 23rd wedding anniversary (we are actually 30 years together as a couple) as we plan to travel more this year. For some of you, 23 years married seems quite an accomplishment. You bet, it is. Like most marriages, we had our fair share of “ugh I wish I never married you” or “let’s split up” or “I’m fed up”. I’ve written about our near-breakup in our love story which sounds more like a sappy soap opera.

wedding anniversarywedding anniversary

The thing is we learned along the way. We learned to compromise, to lower our pride, to be committed to our love and most importantly, to love ourselves first. Everyday we show love in words and in action. We continue to be romantic, and often whisper to each other “I love you”. When we have our bad days, we just keep our distance.

Today, after 3 children, a death of our son, white hair, lines and creases and flabby tummies to boot, our love is stronger than it ever was …

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  • Ely

    Wow. What a gift!

    Ely’s last blog post..David Heinemeier Hansson: Secret To Making Money

  • Congrats on 23 years and a new camera 😀

    nina’s last blog post..88DB Blogger’s Party

  • Awww, so cute together.. Wouldn’t have thunk the warrior lawyer would be like putty in your hand..

    Yes, Butch! Stick to blogging and law, acting is not your niche =)

    I think you should ask Rebel PIxel for some lesssons.. I’m not sure if he’s in Manila or what.. Or I think there are some Flickr groups too..

    Nick’s last blog post..Top 10 Surprising Facts about Barack Obama

  • Pau

    Love the wedding pics. Congratulations again! I hope I don’t have to wait for our 30th anniversary to get a DSLR. 🙂

    Pau’s last blog post..So I Know This Guy…

  • Happy Happy 23rd Wedding Anniversary to both of you!
    May you both continue to have the “kilig” factor you’ve felt for one another since day one you guys felt it 😉

    feng’s last blog post..SEEING THE LIGHT AT THE END OF A DARK TUNNEL

  • Congrats! 30 years of being together is truly a great feat=) Here’s to 30 years more! hahaha=)

    Love the wedding pics=P

    Sorsi’s last blog post..Uso Pa Ba Ang Crush?

  • happy anniversary! wow, that’s a lovely gift! i’m sure butch would be a nikon pro in no time.

    lady cess’s last blog post..Goodbye Spidey

  • @Ely- it’s the cheapest DSLR I could afford

    @Nina- Thanks. We’re excited to try the new camera

    @Nick- but he used to act for UP repertory.hehe

    @Pau- maybe not in 20 years. Try in 1 or 2 years.

    @Feng- there is “kilig” factor which actually works best

    @Sorsi- lol I can’t imagine that at the age of 20, we’d be together for 30 years. We just take one year at a time.

  • Wow!! 23 years!! That’s a lifetime to some 🙂

    Congratulations to you both!

    Looking forward to the great pics you guys will be taking with that new baby 🙂

    Kongkong622’s last blog post..To Hyphenate or Not

  • lemon

    Naks! Parang si Guy at si Pip noong kapanahunan nila.


  • What a great gift!
    Happy anniversary to you and Butch. You have a very inspiring love story, proof that marriages can have happy endings.

    chateau a.k.a. imom’s last blog post..Two Movies in a Week

  • That’s such a nice gift! Go Nikon! I just love using my camera, but it’s a D60 with the VR lens. I’m taking photography classes since yesterday and it’s so much fun. 🙂

    Maki’s last blog post..Online Harasser/Stalker Material So Fucking Pissed off

  • Congratulations!!!

    eric’s last blog post..Aliwan Fiesta 2008 winners surprises and disappointments

  • Wow, 30 years of love, faith and everything in between is a milestone in its own right. Congrats, you and your husband deserve to be together and happy. God bless and stay in love! 😀

    edelweiza’s last blog post..Summer Adventure #2: Baguio City

  • Congratulations!

    Mitch’s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot #23

  • @kongkong- Yes I hope to produce decent photos

    @lemon-eh sayang Guy & Pip did not last.

    @chateau- you said it best. I get readers that tell me they get inspired.

    @maki- where are the lessons? I emailed you.

    @eric- thanks

    @edelweiza- That’s why I always celebrate!

    @mitch- thanks mitch 🙂

  • Ade

    Congrats! The longest relationship I’ve had was 2 years, and it was the longest ever. 30 years… wow. Here’s to 30 more!

    Ade’s last blog post..TMB Presents The Banana Gangbang Rock Festival: HOLY CRAP IT WAS AWESOMETASTIC.

  • i like your posts 🙂 Happy Anniversary to you and to your husband…
    well, id been subscribing almost for a month (ahaha hindi pa gaano katagal but i learn a lot lol~)
    i was hoping also na matulad rin and parents ku sa inyo…

    again, Happy 23rd Anniversary!

  • Congratulations to the two of you!

    The Nikon D40 is a good choice. A significant number of the pictures in my blog and photoblog were taken with this camera.

    You will also appreciate its long battery life.

    Paul’s last blog post..The Price Is High

  • Congratulations:) An SLR gift can only come from a blogger, to a fellow blogger… gadgets, and more gadgets. Hehe. Cheers to you and Butch!

    ajay’s last blog post..E-jeepneys become legal & get government go-signal, for the cause of climate-friendly cities

  • Happy co-wedding anniversary. Lucky Butch, I want one of those too 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary!

    The D40 is a good cam. I tried my friend’s unit and can say it’s good for those starting in photography or moving from a compact cam.

    Ferdz’s last blog post..China: Emeishan Summit Views

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  • Wow 23rd wedding anniversary? Congratulations for Noemi and Butch…Hoping all the happiness for you and the whole family :)…

  • Happy Anniversary! It looks like you guys had lots of fun. I was really inspired by the comment, “Today, after 3 children, a death of our son, white hair, lines and creases and flabby tummies to boot, our love is stronger than it ever was …”.

    That is soooo sweet. I’ve only been married for five years and ‘IF’ we make it to our 23rd anniversary; that’s what I wanna be able to say.

    Bless your family and now that I know where you are, I’ll come back often to see what your up to.

    Now I want a new camera too! 🙂


  • Tita Noemi, I’m having classes under Jo Avila. 🙂
    Here’s his website:

    Maki’s last blog post..Online Harasser/Stalker Material So Fucking Pissed off

  • Ami

    Hi there,

    Congrats to both of you. My recent posts on Earth Day 2008 in Baguio City were taken with Nikon D40, unfortunately the camera isn’t mine, booohooo!!

    Ami’s last blog post..Baguio City’s Earth Day 2008 Slideshow

  • Belated Happy Anniversary!

    watson’s last blog post..Iron Man: a movie review

  • Happy Anniversary, Noemi and Butch 🙂

  • Belated Happy anniversary….after all those lovely years u still look good together

    cielo’s last blog post..Another One for the Bank

  • Hi Noemi, belated Happy Anniversary. That’s a nice, very nice gift…

    Rowena’s last blog post..I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love

  • You look like a pair of lovebirds.

    Congrats, Noems and Butch. May you continue to inspire married couples who are struggling to keep the fire burning.

    annamanila’s last blog post..The Doctora-Not-Quite

  • thanks everyone for your greeting. Husband and I still struggle everyday but it’s not that bad as the earlier years.

  • Daisy

    What kind of camera did you guys use to take the dinner pics? Before he opened the DSLR gift.