Noynoy’s Ad: ” Hindi Ka Nag iisa ” Music Video

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I accept the plea of the people. I accept the responsibility to continue the fight for the people. I accept the challenge to lead in this fight. I will run in the coming elections, Noynoy Aquino

The Noynoy’s ad is just brilliant! Well, technically it is. The support given in this ad from the entertainment and advertising professionals is just inspiring. The star-studded cast will surely attract the masses.

A love offering to Senator Noynoy Aquino from entertainment and advertising professionals
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It’s beautifully made with an all star cast including two TV station’s talents such as Sharon Cuneta, Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda , Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Aiai delas alas, Mariel Rodriguez, Bianca Gonzales, Eric Santos , James Yap , PBA Players and more.

It certainly has mass appeal, but wait do we know noynoy’s platforms?

If you recall, I wrote an entry on Noynoy Aquino, the Game Changer just before he announced his presidential plans. Values, preservation of democracy and no ambition and intention to stay in power is the Cory legacy which Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is not. That is the campaign line.

We have not heard any official statement on his platforms. He must still be working on it.

Noynoy said “The reason why I am on this path is because I believe the public will support and help me in the campaign.” and added that “I want to make democracy work not just for the rich and the well-connected, but for everybody.”

Majority of my readers and social network believe in Noynoy. Do you believe he will make a good president?

“I will be there because of the people, I will stay there because of the people and hopefully I will be true to my word to serve the people, Noynoy Aquino

Policy Pronouncements of Noynoy Aquino as of October 31,2009

While a formal platform has yet to be released, you might want to read this Compilation of policy statements by Senator Benigno Aquino III arranged by topic.

BSAIII Policy Pronouncements 10-31-09

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  • all star cast ha.. iba talaga ang power ni kris. I really don’t have much faith on Noynoy but he seems the least evil on all the presidentiables
    .-= pehpot´s last blog ..Mommy Moments- Precious Gift =-.

  • I was shocked to see that Noynoy Aquino had joined the domain of traditional politicians with his artista-packed infommercial on TV this evening. I cringed while watching it. He’s already leading in surveys. That obviously was not necessary.

    OA sa dami ng artista. And he joined those campaigning prematurely. So it makes him no different from the rest now. Minus points in my book.
    .-= Ivan´s last blog ..White Hat Yogurt serves great frozen yogurt! =-.

    • whoever conceptualized this wanted to draw mass appeal which is artista based. Yes you are right this is the same medium used by trapos but I ‘d rather focus on issues hence I reiterated why he is a game changer.

      • Yes. I just hope we hear more reasons to vote for him aside from the fact that he is Ninoy’s and Cory’s son and that he will continue what they started.
        .-= Ivan´s last blog ..White Hat Yogurt serves great frozen yogurt! =-.

        • traditional media coverage of candidates tend to focus on celebrities. That’s where bloggers can come in to focus on the platform and issues and discuss it more thoroughly. I am using the video to drive in hits so I can encourage readers to focus on platforms

    • jun rr

      magsolo ka wala kang kwentang Pilipino. nananiwala ka sa paninindigan mo. well magising ka.

    • jun rr

      magsolo ka wala kang kwentang Pilipino. nananiwala ka sa paninindigan mo. well magising ka.

  • i believe Nonoy’s the only best & logical choice for the Philippines.
    .-= noteither´s last blog ..A simple solution to the global problem called climate change =-.

  • I hope if I vote for him I won’t be voting for his family, too. His family is powerful enough its interest will often come against the interest of the country.

    • I know. let’s review all the platforms of the presidentiables. let’s focus on the platforms and not on the celebrity status of the candidate

  • i cringed when i was watching the video. it was too much. but i guess you do with what you have and with kris as a sister of course you’ll draw showbiz support.

    i love the idea and the concept though.

    i can’t wait for the campaigning period to officially start and to finally make a choice come election day!
    .-= neva´s last blog ..ManilaMommy Reviews: Pigeon Teether and Lip Trainer =-.

  • I will vote for Noynoy kasi idol ko si Kris, and also Mar kasi idol ko si Korina. *kidding*

    I will seriously vote for Noynoy, why?! Choose the lesser evil, haha! Plus, he doesn’t exploit the poor campaign, blah blah which really annoys me
    .-= Developerholic´s last blog ..Fold Dice WordPress Theme =-.

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  • NoyNoy will be a good leader if ever he wins!

  • jupiter

    i haven’t seen the video… the only thing that i can say is i’m 100% percent sure that noynoy is not a corrupt official. i believe cory aquino raised her kids with strong and good moral values. knowing that cory is his mother is an enough assurance for me. right now, what we need is somebody who will stop from stealing the money in our government… lumolobo bulsa ng bawat maupo, nakakainis isipin na halos galing sa pinaghirapan ng ibrang tao ang ninanakaw nila!

  • jun

    i’ve been listening to the song, and the song calls for Filipinos to rise up again, and tell Noynoy that he’s not alone. If you lead us, we will follow and fight for change. I guess that’s the real intention of the song.

    • NMart

      I agree and thank you for pointing out the motivation of the song. It an all star cast, but then again, there are regular Filipinos in the video as well. So, rise up all Filipinos from all walks of life, join hands and magkaisa and don’t leave Ninoy to fend for the hope and change Philippines need and desprately needed by Filipinos. Vote for Noynoy and support one another in Philippines’ journey to a better Philippines for all Filipinos. Remember, a leader alone cannot do it all. A humble leader like Noynoy and Mar Roxas tandem are letting all of us know that they need us to make an impact. As well, be patient as change take times. Many many years of corruption, colonization among others brought Philippines to its current state now, so it will also take years, if not as many to bring Philippines up to where it should be. But it will all be worth it because we will all be taking part in raising Philippines along with its people. We deserve better, but we also have to give better than what we already have to ensure that one day, even if not our generation but for the Filipinos that will come before us.

  • Ben

    It’s a nice video I must say. I don’t know any of the names you gave here, but I think it’s a really lovely song

  • still need to hear about his platform.

    hindi naman pwedeng dahil sikat lang siya t anak ni ninoy at cory eh pwede na siyang maging prisidinti
    .-= mountain top experience´s last blog ..I Am A Barbecue Lover =-.

    • a lot of readers are waiting for his platform. Anyway, I have embedded some of his policy statements below the entry. It may be a glimpse of his plaform

  • ang galing nung ads nya kapamilya and kapuso unite… heeehee!
    .-= aLine´s last blog ..Wine Tasting @ Foley Estates Winery =-.

  • Ideally, Filipinos MUST focus more on the platforms of the candidates gunning for presidency. But knowing the MASA, they totally enjoyed seeing their favorite stars (be it a kapamilya or kapuso) in the advertisement and they now have faith that Noynoy can give them what they’ve been longing for- unity of channel 2 and channel 7.

  • what happened to good versus evil? this is a classic trapo approach to early campaigning…
    .-= Papi for President´s last blog ..Why I Will Not Vote for Noynoy: Part 2 =-.

  • Carlo

    I agree with some comments here. The first time i saw the commercial what i thought off was “TRAPO” campaign strategy. What happened to the “pagbabago” that was Noy’s platform? With this commercial he just proves that he is like all those traditional politicians out there. How sad.. I hope we don’t start seeing his posters all over the place before the official campaign period.

  • kristine0019

    If you’ll ask me, Sen. Noynoy’s aforementioned ad was overkill and smacks too much of traditional politics (read: over-reliance on star power). It undermines his platform (if he has) and his image as a reform-oriented leader. If he truly has what it takes to become the next President of the Philippines, he won’t resort to celebrity endorsements.

    Apart from being overkill, the ad was also exclusionist. Take note that most of those who participated in the ad were white-skinned celebrities. It seems out of touch with the Filipino masses. Should the average Juan de la Cruz appreciate the ad, it is most likely because his or her favorite celebrity is there.

  • i will vote for noynoy. i believe in him. i know it in my heart that he is not corrupt, can lead the country well, and will be responsible enough for giving to the Filipino people what they need.