Photo Hunt: Garbage

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It’s saturday’s Photo Hunt again. Today’s theme is Garbage. I’d like to present this disgusting photo I took over 5 years ago at a port in Malabon, Metro Manila.

My daughter and I were invited to a fishpond in Obando, Bulacan. I was not aware that we had to take a banca (small boat) from Malabon. It was a rainy day and the streets were flooded as we neared the port. I was totally appalled at the garbage floating all over the shore.

It’s amazing at the number of footwear found floating. So much garbage. Where did these come from? No wonder the streets are flooded. The drains are clogged with so much debris.

I haven’t gone to this Malabon port since then. I hope the government cleaned up the mess.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1386 Posts)

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  • ian

    hi ms noemi. that’s a frustrating sight indeed. if you have time to scoot over to my entry for the week, i have something that may help lift your spirit about the burgeoning garbage problem in our country =]

    a great weekend to you!
    .-= ian´s last blog ..PhotoHunt: Garbage =-.

  • bim

    This is a sad sight, indeed. Frustrating is the right word.
    .-= bim´s last blog ..Garbage =-.

  • I am not surprise about what i saw in your pictures because I saw it myself when I visited Manila last 2005. It was really bad…Mine is up hope you visit me.
    .-= gengen´s last blog ..I want A Vacation =-.

  • Yeah, it is a sad sight indeed.

    I have a similar experience everyday when I walk the stretch of Jone’s Bridge every morning and see the never ending flow of water lilies on the Pasig River and the sickening stench of the river and esteros.

    When will clean these rivers up?
    .-= Ishmael Ahab´s last blog ..LOL Cats =-.

  • srp

    I have not seen anything this bad around here… of course the highways used to be bad in places but now they have lengths that are cleaned by community groups and I’ve noticed that it is much better.
    .-= srp´s last blog ..SPH: Tip-Toe Through The Trash =-.

  • issai

    that’s what happens when people are not educated about effects of pollution. in college, i had to tell my ex not to litter. i guess he had no concept about environmental responsibility.

    on a different note, i saw a picture of you and alodia gosiengfiao on her site. i love her cosplays.

  • Appalling, isn’t it?

    And the footwear will last for decades even in the water.

    On the other hand, some floating footwear has proved a boon to scientists who study ocean currents!

    In 1990, 21 shipping containers fell into the Pacific. Five containers containing 80,000 Nike shoes were among them. Four broke open, releasing some 60,000 of the shoes.

    The shoes float about the ocean and scientists have actually been able to do studies about ocean currents based on where shoes are located. They have literally floated around the world! (The shoes have serial numbers and all the serial numbers for that shipment were logged so they know if a shoe is or is not one from the ship.

    Another famous shipment which has been helpful to scientists is a shipment of 28,800 bath toys (Friendly Floaties) which was lost at sea in 1992, again in the Pacific. Some have actually found their was into the Atlantic ocean via the Arctic!.
    .-= Anneke (Mudhooks)´s last blog ..PhotoHunter: “Garbage” =-.

  • Wow, this is an amazing blog! (+ Bookmark)

    Anyway, it’s sad to see that place is still the same. It’s hard to clean the entire place up. I hope that we can help improve that spot since we have NSTP class. 🙂

  • This is the reality…It reminded me of the creek in Mandaluyong that the water is not flowing freely because of the rubbish – from plastic bags to debris from houses! I cant imagine if this garbage will go back to our footsteps during floods… Anyway, Im hoping that the government will continue plans for proper waste management.
    .-= reymos´s last blog ..Welcome to my eWorld… =-.

    • Let us also hope that the Filipino people learn to reduce their waste and also learn to properly dispose off their garbage. The proble that we are having on filthy rivers is caused by the people who have no respect to the environment.
      .-= Ishmael Ahab´s last blog ..Congratulations to New Nurses! =-.