Photo Hunt- Yellow for Kippy Cat

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Photo Hunt’s theme for today is YELLOW. Let me introduce you to Kippy Cat once again. You first met him on Mother’s Day and later on during my trip to the USA. Kippy Cat was my son’s favorite yellow and black striped tiger stuffed toy when he was a young boy. He is also my travel mascot.

I showed him off to the pet cats of my sister in San Fransciso. Kobe (photo above) lies beside my Kippy Cat.

Oreo, another pet is naturally curious and sniffs at Kippy Cat.

Kippy Cat sits beside Whiskers, my brother’s pet over at his home in Missouri.

I brought Kippy Cat along as I took photos of the pristine blue skies on our way to Missouri’s largest Amish community .

And also in Chicago where Kippy Cat and I enjoyed the cool morning breeze at my sister’s balcony.

Death may have taken away my son but he lives forever in my heart and in my memories. Perhaps he might not have visited the states but I brought along Kippy Cat as my travel mascot.

kippy cat

Luijoe is with me always.

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  • Kippy Cat reminds me of my Garfield. I had to let go of it to a godchild who saw it and never let it go! =)

    Meikah Delids last blog post..Another Godchild is a Blessing

  • rhodora

    Indeed, Louijoe is always with you. For all you know, he was with you in the States along with Kippy Cat.

    My second son (Marco’s kid bro) used to have a stuffed bear too he named Sleepy Sherman. It was only when he graduated from college recently that he sort of ‘gave it up’. He was this kid who would lug around his pillow and stuffed toy when we stayed overnight somewhere else.

  • That’s soo sweet. I am sure he was with you along your travels.

    sassy moms last blog post..PHOTO HUNT : Yellow

  • That’s so touching. I have my own version of Kippy Cat – Moneng Cat. He/She (depends on who is holding Moneng) is my and my husband’s “pet” cat. We sleep with Moneng and “talks” with him/her daily. and when I am annoyed at my husband, I let Moneng “say” my annoyance to him as if she is the one annoyed by the action and not me. Moneng is our outlet. 🙂 BTW, I love you cat photos. I always save them.

    Arvees last blog post..Busy!

  • Myrna

    I was staring at the first photo and wondered why the cat looked so familiar. And I realized it was my kitty, Kobe!!! (Kobe Bryant is his namesake) and then I saw Oreo sniffing Kippy Cat. hahaha! (Midnight must have been hiding). That is too funny to see him at Lorna’s Chicago deck and David’s Missouri home with Whiskers.

    • oops thanks for the spelling. I was going to email you and show the post but I figured you’d see it anyway. It would have been fun if Lorna had a cat too.

  • Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. It shows how special Kippy Cat is to you. He is a sweet reminder of Louijoe.

    It’s cute how the cats are curious about him.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot #67