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Hear Ye, All Ye bloggers.

We have a new look over at the Pinoy Moms Network (PMN) which officially launched its ezine format at 12 midnight . With the new look comes new content. As I write this entry, the section editors are still awake at this unholy hour tweaking their entries . This just shows how much labor of love went into this new endeavor. Connie is right in saying that “it’s even misleading to talk about how much blood, sweat and tears went into the transformation of PMN.”

Speaking of Pinoy Moms, I invited a few moms to a small intimate gathering as part of my mini 50th birthday celebration. Thanks Dine, Chats, Lisaflor and Jane for making it knowing you had family affairs to attend to.

What I love about hosting parties is that I am forced to cook and bake. Ever since the girls went to college, I have relegated the grocery and marketing to my dear husband and merely supervised the daily meals to the household help.

I have slacked so much as a homemaker. What happened to that mother who whipped up specialty cakes iced to perfection? or the mom that baked scrumptious heart-shaped cookies on Valentine’s Day? or the mom who quilted a bedspread? Where is the mom and her cross-stiched frames ?

No wonder my two daughters often tease me “you don’t make birthday cakes for us anymore?” Is it because I am tired of being a homemaker and just want to venture into something different?

Or am I just royally weird now that I am 50 years old?

Probably not as weird as the awarding of the Royal Weirdness prize ( A scrabble set) to Chats by Dine, the second runner up. (Annamanila held a small contest to anyone who could outmatch her quirkiness. haha. Since the mysterious Annamanila couldn’t make it, she requested Dine to give the award in her place.)

I had so much fun just chatting the afternoon away as we nibbled sour dough battard dipped in Cheese Fondue. There are a thousand and one non-bloggable items to talk about but which is possible when one meets up in these gatherings. Like , the thrill of launching the PMN ezine as an entertaining resource for mothers of all size, shape, race and faith.

Come and walk with me as we give you lots of original content with the Pinoy Moms Network New Look.

Whether you’re a mom or not, do Visit Pinoy Moms Network.

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  • twas really blood, sweat and tears, thanks to Connie and Noemi–now PMN is an e-zine.

    and Noemi, we enjoyed the warm party last Saturday, food was superb–and btw, i ate some of the cold cuts (still young at heart?). thanks, till the next invite!

  • Thanks for inviting us into your home Tita Noemi! I love how you did your room, it was really amazing. Now, I just have to convince my mom that I can design my room too. 🙂

  • @sexymom- naku thank you dear. We all made it

    @christa- yes If you feel that way, you might want to suggest to your mom that you want to redesign your room.

  • Thanks so much for inviting us to your beautiful home, Noemi. Had a grand time.
    And oh yes, people, she cooks a mean cannelloni! (finally got the spelling right)
    Love the all-new PMN!

  • Thanks for having us over! Sarap nga ng food, I didn’t eat dinner when I got home hehehe. I will ask for a recipe of the pasta one of these days, and convince my Mama to make one too. 🙂 Again, happy birthday!

  • Adding my thanks for inviting us into your warm home, giving us the tour (love ko yung bed nyo!), and feeding us. It was worth breaking my diet talaga!

    Have not yet looked fully at PMN now though took a quick glance earlier. Looks GREAT!!!!! You and Connie really did such a wonderful job.

    Can you teach me how to make that chicken pasta you served up? So my kids won’t say I am hopeless in the kitchen department! 🙂

  • Enjoyed reading this post. Enjoyed your home and cooking vicariously. And I kinda like the way that phrase sounds: “the mysterious annamanila.” LOL

  • @chateau – too bad your diet got ruined. Hope you burned it

    @lisaflor- oh glad you enjoyed the food.

    @jane- Aww, but you aren’t hopeless in other aspects.

    @annamanila- hehe let’s make annamanila mysterious!



  • I used to bake a lot also! And Miguel would always be around, excitedly awaiting freshly baked goodies! Egads! I’ve been so busy that’s why! I miss those days! Maybe I’ll do some baking this weekend 🙂

  • sayang, wouldve loved to be with you ladies 🙂 thanks for the invitation nga pala ha?

    yay! out na ang pmn ezine! will contribute some time!

  • Happy Bday, Ate Noemi!

  • Thanks for all the hardwork you and the rest of the PMNers put in for the ezine.

    Sayang I missed out on the launch, wrong timing. I haven’t been able to bloghop until today.

  • Noemi, I’m so sorry for not being able to make it. I sent you a lengthy email. Hope you enjoy reading the poem.

    Take care!

  • Congrats for the e-zine Noemi (and Sassy). Looking forward to contributing and promoting your newest baby:)

  • Congratulations on the new PMN! I hope to be able to join, too, as soon as my sked permits.

    You’ve put a hold on cooking at home only to cook up a storm online! 😀

  • Hi Noemi. It’s nice to know that everyone had a wonderful time. Great food and wonderful company equates to a perfect combination. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your special day and hope that we’ll have another chance to meet again. Take care and God bless.