Smile. Have a BREAK with Pinoy Signs.

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Let’s have a break. Break into a smile with Pinoy Signs through photos.

Jagging Pants

I wanted Waitress

Note– These photos were sent via email forward from a friend. If you claim copyright ownership, please let me know so I will take it down.

Here is my contribution:


This road sign along the road near Benguet says:
No dumping of garbage along the road. Throw it down

And it was signed by the Department of Public Highways. How environment friendly? Do these public officials know what they are doing? They should have some garbage retrieval in place. Signs like this just promote garbage disposal problems . It does not teach discipline either.

And another one taken by my brother-in-law , this time from a police outpost in a town in Benguet. I wonder if crime rate is low there.

Which photo gave you the widest smile?

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    There’s this sign outside the Cityland being constructed next to our building that I have yet to take a picture of. It’s mounted on a post and says: “Caution, Falling Dibres”. And then there’s another sign behind it that says: “Caution, Falling Debris”. Too funny.

    Helgas last blog post..MOVIES, I.

  • LOL. This will give a run for its money.

  • Entrance only, do not enter -LOL! Wow! Nice signs!

    Poyts last blog post..Cosplay at the World Asian Cyber Games

  • ia

    This reminds me of something: since when did “PEK^2” became a decent way to describe *those* kinds of shorts?

    ias last blog post..Hinabing Pakpak ng Ating mga Anak

  • hahahah! I used to pass by Hurry Cutter almost everyday when i was in Davao. lol.

    Hmmm, should I revive my i So da Sayn blog?

  • I like the Entrance Only, Do Not Enter sign a lot. 🙂

    Eugenes last blog post..The Upcoming Showdown Between Google and Nokia

  • CandyQ

    Oh my… Those were really funny, LOL! 🙂

    But I don’t get what was funny about the “circumcision” list. Or maybe it’s because I have a medical background. 🙂

  • so funny! hahaha. panalo talaga pinoy! woohoo!

    venices last blog post..Pho, po.

  • Hope this makes you smile, too. These were taken on our trip to Asin Hot Springs in Tuba, Benguet, Mountain Province.

  • liz

    “miserable life in a miserable place but living in the name of love…bittersweet. hehe.

    lizs last blog post..Meet Aligaga

  • I love the welcome sako on the corrugated metal house. It written correctly too. Maybe media should attempt to interview the people within.

  • I want to pass along that pic to to other blogs.

  • Helga, notice that sign too.

  • Wagi ang mga photos 🙂

    julies last blog post..Friday Night Dinner with Friends

  • i love all of them! but my favorite would be that “miserable” dwelling with residents who are “in love.” now that is positive thinking!

  • Cookie

    Natatawa pa din ako!! Hindi kaya nag-nosebleed yung mga gumawa ng mga signs na yan?!? My favorite is the one about bubble funny…and witty ha 😀

  • bem

    i like the “miserable” sign and the “comfort room”. nyay, ayaw ko mag-ww dun!

    bems last blog post..PhotoHunt 119: What is that?

  • The laundry message is so funny…That’s what happen when we mix local dialect with English 🙂 . It’s happened in my country too.

  • Maloloka ako sa mga rules ng Isla Beach Resort…di ako pupunta dun! Lol. 🙂

    edelweizas last blog post..Watch The Mummy 3 Premier at Trinoma!

  • Paula

    hahaha! Ms. Noemi reality bites talaga. Nice topic!

  • MWAHAHA! I’m still laughing! hehe!

  • hahahaha, i love pinoy signs! here in germany naman merong isang sign advertising a live band yet it says — LIFE BAND 😀

    raqgolds last blog post..Swimming in the Rain

  • hahaha! Entrance only, do not enter

    …still laughing!!!

    michguevaras last blog post..PNKY – Collection, Café, and Bed & Breakfast

  • I’ll go for the Pacquiao thing. hahahahah

    deutss last blog post..Bullet Points: WordPress 2.6, Dark Knight, Investments, iPhone 3G

  • “Entrance only, do not enter” is a riot. Hahaha.

    I’ve written about this in my blog, businesses should learn to check their grammar and spelling – Spellcheck Your Business.

    Thanks for making me smile with this post. 😀

  • Funny. When I received the emails, gusto ko nga rin i-blog 😛 On the look-out for more signs to come…

    ajays last blog post..Bagnet at CFront resto .. because pork fat rules

  • Darla

    cool!!!… nakakloka hahahaha….

  • bida pala dito mga kababayan ko :p

  • freakyserious

    super funny. didn’t get the pacquiao post though.

  • This gives me an idea. Collect photos of Pinoy Signs for my own collection.

  • The “Entrance only, Do not enter” sign is quite funny!

    This is a cool post that brightens people’s day. I love it!

    ceemees last blog post..Defying Age

  • I was reading this with my husband and the “Entrance Only, Do Not Enter” made us laugh best. Quite confusing really! Nagdugo ilong namin ^^

    And I have to agree. It started our day with a laugh.

  • LOL. i got my fair share of funny signs like that, i compiled them on my site too, i’m a proud collector of signages and hope it grows :D. never fails to make me laugh :D. lalo na yung mga signs sa cr.