Pow Chavez eliminated from Philippine Idol

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Pow Chavez gets the boot but this is not the end of her journey.

What touched me was her good-bye speech that made me tear and everyone else in the audience: (thanks Jove for the transcript)

Pow Chavez: (before the announcement)
““Gusto ko lang magpasalamat sa lahat ng taong tumanggap sa akin, ah, iyun pong dalhin nyo ako sa stage na ito malaki na pong karangalan sa akin!”

Pow Chavez: (teary goodbye)
““Baka hindi na ako makakanta (pause) di ako umiiyak (pause) ah gusto ko lang pong magpasalamat sa (pause MR C hands her a hanky) mula po sa puso ko (pause) nagpapasalamat po ako tinanggap ninyo ako at nakarating ako ganito kalayo (pause) di po ako sumasali sa mga singing contest kasi natatakot ako na baka hindi nyo ko tanggapin, isang taong kagaya ko, pero kaya po ako narito kasi po gusto ko kumanta….

Of course, we accepted her for who she is. It’s just people like old school [tag]Philippine Idol[/tag] judge, Pilita Corales who insist on seeing her wear a dress. Forunately , Lea Salonga is more open minded and advised Pow that a dress doesn’t suit her. But Pow was game, she wore a dress for her movie clip (View Youtube video of her movie)
There may still be homophobics in the Philippines but when they see raw talent, they forget their homophobia like the homophobic parents of this blogger

My mom voted for Pow for all the weeks that she was competing. A huge feat for my mom given that she and my dad are majorly, majorly homophobic. Ang lungkot di ba? My parents are so homophobic but Pow somehow managed to win over my mom while I’ve been trying to get their tiny approval for years. An average of 75 votes kaya siya per week!

Pow has a strong fan base to keep her in the music industry. After every show, a crowd of adoring fans gather around her just to take photos with her. She is humble, charming and likeable to her fans taking time to thank them for their support after every photo ops. You don’t see a lot of fans hover around Miguel and Jan , the weaker performers but these two have powerful voting blocs. Pow wanted to stay in the competition while Miguel was lukewarm about his stay:

Ryan Agoncillo:
““Miguel for the past two weeks you’ve been scratching your head after results night kinakabahan ka lagi especially last night, it struck me when you said -I’m ready to go-. Gusto mo pa ba mag continue sa competition na ito, Miguel?”

Miguel Mendoza:
““Oo, if there are people who will still vote for me, okay lang, okay lang din hindi”

He tears after every results night. Maybe he is sad that the better Idol Finalists leave before him knowing they are so much better.

Haay naku. But that’s life. Life is unfair but it doesn’t have to be unfair forever. It is not the end of the road for Pow. We will be seeing more of Pow in concerts, album launching and tours.

More POWer to your future . You have a lot of fans, Pow.
mepow with Lpow with M

To read more about Pow’s elimination, read fellow blogger and ABC insider, Jove Francisco’s entry. If you missed Pow’s performance, here is the youtube video (below) of her song in the Movie Themes portion where she sang “So Far So Good” and the YouTube video “I’ll Give my Life for you”

And this is the link to sunday’s performance, Movie Themes and Musical Night
http://www.mininova.org/tor/490308 or the YouTube Video

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  • Gene

    i am quite devastated by last night’s results. it seems mediocrity is really “in”, considering how such so-so “talents” like jan & miguel have managed to stay in the running. jan has transformed into a mega-airhead (thanks to mamita’s adoration) while miguel looks (& sounds!!!) less & less deserving of his current place in the final four. now it’s up to gian & mau to stand up & prove that philippine idol is still worth wasting time on. mau wasn’t so up there in my list of female hopefuls (it has always been pow). di pa rin ako gaanong bilib. so my final bet would be gian, gian, gian, gian…yun na!!!

    sana tubuan ng kulugo ang mga daliri ng text brigades nina jan & miguel. masaya na ba kayo, huh???? YUN LANG!!!

  • @gene- we are all devastated. Jan and Miguel have to be out . I was rooting for Pow to be the first Philippine Idol. She is such a nice and charming person. I hope she continues to reap success in her singing career.

  • shey

    it was just sad to see pow go… i mean she has proven to everyone her talent and that its not a gender issue here… unfortunately, its the texters who just don’t learn from all of this… I was really sad for miguel kasi parang he wanted to go na talaga kasi every week nakikita naman na he just survives because of the people who believed in him eh kung siya nga sa sarili nya parang di na siya confident… he knows his place… buti nga si ken naalis na din eh!!! sayang si arms, si drae, si raymond… mas mahaba pa sana journey nila if only people would vote wisely!!! masyado kasi obvious that miguel just stays not because the people admire him and adore him but because the family can afford to vote for him!!! im happy that GIAN is still in the running… i hope he wins… at least proud tayo if he needs to compete with the other idols around the world…. well’ that’s just my kuro-kuro….

  • @shey- the problem is text votes cost money. A lot of Pow’s fans are the young crowd . Gian is also my bet. I wouldnt mind if Mau wins though. She’s better than Jan and Miguel.

  • oh my, i couldn’t sleep last night coz of last night’s PI tear-jerker ending… why Pow of all finalists?!?!?!? i was betting for her and mau, of course Pow being my only crush in this season… i was expecting her to at least make it to the final three coz kinda thought a larger crowd was into her, with all those intense shouts and claps whenever she sang… so is that how powerful the other contestants already are — that they were able to surpass enormous voters supporting pow?! i don’t even notice as much fans though…anyway, pow is such a brilliant singer… whether she’s a girl or a boy, that i don’t mind at all… the fact is she has the voice of a mermaid, the courage of a soldier and the passion of an artist… and to pow, may you continue singing… singing… just singing… and we will sway to your rhythm… your success doesn’t depend on the title of being a Philippine Idol… it’s how much you’ve put into the fight and how much people you have touched… so that in return, they would put you in top… with God’s perfect timing…

  • @nami- I rooted for Pow to be the First Philippine Idol too. Like you , at the least I wanted her to be in the TOP 3 finalist. I really felt sad. My family felt really bad about her boot. We will continue to support this beautiful person . She is truly our Philippine Idol.

  • Aina

    kakaloka ang results…The only contestant na talagang gusto ko sa Philippine Idol ay si Pow..Kaya ako nanonood kasi alam kong kakanta sya..

    Ang ganda talaga nang boses nya. She would have been the first Philippine Idol.

  • millet

    i am so sad when pow bowed out yesterday. me and my husband really believed in her. even before the idol contest, we have been watching her at panay kalipay , baywalk, every friday night. we really believe in her talent. it is just so sad she can’t continue her idol journey. but nonetheless, we know that with her pure talent, she can make it. GO POW.

  • gina

    I share the same sentiment here… VERY MUCH DISAPPOINTED ako that Pow was eliminated last night. NAKAKAINIS!!!! I was hoping it would be Miguel or Jan (no offense guys pero hindi kayo ganun kagaling!)Well I just hope that Maw and Gian would get more votes than these two finalists. Kasi kung hindi, ang Philippine Idol eh parang Nursery Singing Competition na lang (just like one of the judges mentioned before). I was just thinking why don’t they just leave the verdict from the judges instead of people’s votes. Nang sa gayon un mga karapat dapat ang mga natitira! What’s the sense of them being there anyway? Hay, kahit siguro mag-ngangawa tayo dito, useless na rin, na-eliminate na si Pao. But I believe that Pao will have better chances in the Music Industry. She has the heart and soul for it. And for sure mi nakaabang ng talent manager jan!! May the force be with you Pao!!!

  • cherry

    I was not able to watch last night coz someting is wrong with our cable here but I called my Aunt there in Mla. and heared POW’s goodbye speech. I wish ABC5 will consider giving POW her own TV show. Thank you for sharing with us what a wonderful person she is. Like you we will continue to support her. p.s. I voted last sunday!

  • seggie

    i was shoched! it felt like another Hero-assassination. I felt really, really depressed together with my husband who is POW’s number 1 supporter.(many thanks to all doctors and medrep friends of DR. Babiera.) I knew they went their way out, too. First things first, Pow is an idol material because she has the charm, the voice, the character, spirituality, everything. She is a model to our modern day youth! I should know, I was her teacher back in her high school years. She never changed. She remains to be the same simple, humble, and sensible girl, I knew. She may look boyish, but that’s her individuality. I regret that the Filipino viewers were deprived of knowing her better and deeper, though I know it is beginning to take place. Her final words are piercing to the soul. Whose heart will not be crushed by her “hindi po talaga ako sumasali sa mga ganitong contest kasi natatakot po ako na baka hindi ako matanggap ng mga tao…” imagine??? But POW you know, we love you very much. What makes POW really unique is her pure love for sharing her talent. I could almost feel what she means when she said, “Gusto ko lang po kumanta” and “Salamat sa Diyos who gave me my second life para makakanta ako ulit.” Pow, will sing forever, I know. She is too good to be there in Phil Idol. Now, I feel relieved to read this blog! Thanks co-fans of POW. I can let the sad feeling go knowing how many millions of people were really touched by her songs.

  • @Aina= Pow’s voice is very unique. I do hope she releases an album soon

    @Millet- with the help of her loyal fans, she will make it. She has the talent and the exposure now. My husband and I were also disappointed. My kids don’t even want to watch Philippine Idol

    @Gina- with the help of Pow’s fans, we can make Gian or Mau win. Pow’s fans has got to help Philippine Idol from going to the dogs.

    @Cherry- I hope producers will get interested in her. She’s not the usual mainstream singers in the Philippines. She’s truly unique

    @seggie- wow you are part of Pow’s life. That’s great. I can really feel through Pow’s sincerity. My family just love her. I am convinced that Pow will make it big. God has plans for her.

  • Ma.Ruby Marcelo

    i wnt to commment on what happen lst night voting result, i was so very much dissapointed when Paula Patricia Chavez booted out,well ang gnda ng name nya ha,i think its my fault kya sya natanggal kc hindi ko sya binoto,kc d ko napanood yung performance nya,sobra kong nalungkot sa nangyari, but its okey kc for me si Pow pa rin ang philippine idol ko, kahit d ko sya personal na kilala,d ko pa rin sya nakikita in person,but i like her sa kin di sya boring,wala syang boring na performance,it so painful,its so very hard for me to accept what happen,i really love her khit d ko sya kamaganak or what so ever,your not a loser your a winner pow,i support you all the time.- Its mhe your friend Ma.Ruby Marcelo

  • shannestef

    pow is great ! yes, this is just the beginning of her journey

    but I hate your saying jan has no adoring fans! that is riduculous if not totally absurd! i do not know jan personally but i believe he has the makings of a PI. kanya-kanya tayong gusto eh..that explains..that makes me unique and different from you…your best may not be even good to me and vice-versa.

  • @shannestef- have you been inside the live shows? Yes, Jan has fans but compare the adoring fans of Pow, Mau and Gian. They clamber just to have photos with these 3 finalists. But Jan, there are fans….just that…not adoring…

    Face it, Jan is there because he has a strong text voting bloc composed of his parents, family and Unilever . I heard them talking about it during the first day of the show (top 12 Male Finalists) not minding that people can hear them brag about their text voting resources. They are even scared of Miguel because they are richer daw.

    I give credit to Jan for trying his best and has shown great improvement but he is sad to say NOT Philippine Idol material. Videoke king perhaps?

  • noemi! my sister and i were so depressed yesterday. This was just unfair. Pow deserved to stay longer. Now I really want a Gian-Mau finale/

  • @patty- talaga. My girls were so sad that they dont feel like watching it live anymore. Yes let’s root for a mau-gian finale.

  • It’s great to hear how filipino’s are doing in music industry.

    Have a nice day!!!

  • hi noemi. like you i am disgusted at how the bloc voting goes in PI. syempre may super defend sa mga camps ni jan and miguel, saying that it’s not their fault na they’re rich, but is it also our fault that we can not buy all the votes for our bets? we vote for our bets because they have legitimate talents. ang tunay na talo dito ay ang mga fans. kaya ibagsak ang bloc voting! Yes let’s root for a Mau-Gian finale. Kahit sino ang manalo sa kanilang dalawa okay sa akin. love the photos btw!

  • @manzkee- thanks for dropping by

    @jher- Hayy very defensive sila because it’s true. Idol Finalist families should be more discreet inside the PI theater so these so-called “speculation” will not arise. I am definitely rooting for a Gian-Mau finale

  • I am making a stand. My Philippine Idol will be Mau, but Gian and Pow will be more popular. Pwede na ba yon? Hehehehehe

  • CJ

    My choice is Mau for the 1st Philippine idol. Yes, it’s true that Gian can also be a Philippine idol but in case there will be a world idol competition Mau is more deserving than Gian. Mau is a better world class performer compared to Gian and someone whom the Filipino people can be proud of.

  • Hi. Thanks for posting Pow’s teary goodbye last Monday. Her talent, sincerity and love for singing really transcended my mom’s homophobia. I’m not sure how this affects her acceptance of moi (because I can’t sing like Pow to save my life! Hahaha!), but at least, even for a teeny tiny bit, it opened her mind.

    In fact, it’s been two days since she was voted out but my mom still talks about it with her friends.

    Kinda makes me wish she was my gf na lang ‘no? Hahaha. Makes the acceptance easier to come by. 😛

    Anyway, I do wish Pow goodluck. Perhaps her talent and her passion for her craft were too much for the Filipino sipsip mentality. 😉

    Keep me posted if you hear any news on where she’ll be performing soon? 🙂

    Thanks! Have a nice day!

  • @Jher- I am also happy if Mau wins. It has been a fact in American Idol that the title holder and the first place are often assured of success. It could happen in Philippine Idol. Both Mau and Gian will be successful

    @CJ- Mau is world class. I just worry about her moodiness sometimes. It’s one factor against her. Well that’s my opinion

  • And oh, I wasn’t a big Lea fan, but after her comments last Sunday, she gained another fan in me. 🙂 She was a very fair, very technical judge, and most importantly, she was very honest. No sugar coating there, just honest-to-goodness constructive critique.

    Yey Lea! 🙂

    Go Pow! 😉

  • @Lavender Girl- Your mom is just in denial perhaps. Maybe in time, she will accept you.

    I also have much respect for Lea. Sugar coating is something filipinos want to hear. That;s why Mo Twister is hated

  • NOEMI!!! Gian is my Philippine Idol too (durr). I’m definitely linking your entry to my blog when I write about PI again.
    You’re so right. Fans of the other Idols shouldnt stop voting just because their favorite is gone. We need all the votes we can get to beat supposed “voting blocs.” Here’s to the next two weeks. I’m really hoping its a Gian-Mau finale, with Gian emerging as the winner of course. 😀

  • Lag

    Though I am saddened by Pow’s removal in the last episode- her rendition of Id give my life for you- is the living proof of great a singer she is. Her voice is so pure and definitely radio friendly- no offense to Mau- but sometimes her rendition is not as entertaining and soothing to my ear.I dont know, maybe some might be really awed by her singing prowess and I dont question that-but there is this a boundary between natural singing(voice) and shouting.You may agree with me or not but thats how I feel.Could she try to sing any streisand’s song for a change? Streisand’s songs are difficult to sing too- and will not require shouting or birit as they call it – i am just tired of singers reaching the highest of notes- . Why dont they listen to the likes of Salonga and Ledesma, they could really get pointers on real singing.

    Anyway, back to Pow- more power and i know youll make it. For the rest , do your best still.Mig dont be discouraged by the comments- you are still young- take everything with a grain of salt.Its not everyday that we can hear a 17 year old sing -with almost perfect notes and voice. Stage presence and showmanship will develop in time.

    Gian- I feel that you will win and atthe same time-deserve it. I just sense a little arrogance and overconfidence in your performance- and its not making me feel comfortable at times- but these are just minute points to ponder.

    Jan- just continue singing- but youll make it too.

    All of you are good singers, and your families must be very proud.

    God Bless.

  • Hi again Noemi. My friend Bong Austero also wrote about the Idol results here: http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=bongAustero_nov22_2006

    We should really push hard for the success of our bets!

  • @Patty- we should encourage Philippine Idol fans to vote.

    @Lag- What we can do now is to vote for a Philippine Idol. If you don’t want the inferior candidates to stay, vote all out for your choice.

    @Jher- That’s a great column. I blogged about it. Thanks for the heads up. Yes, we need to vote wisely and consistently for our chosen Philippine Idol.

  • Sweetie

    it’s been four days now still can’t believe that POW will not perform this coming sunday 🙁 my daughter and I will going to miss her, we really (really!) like POW, she is the only reason why we watched Philippine Idol… I just hope that some record producers will give her a chance to be one of their talent because i know deep in my heart that she will make it n the music industry. WE LOVE YOU POW! finally we’ll get to see you in person this coming saturday (SM Valenzuela) GOODLUCK! we are sure that you will be a big star. SEE YOU SOON! 🙂 huggggggggggg from my daughter yan 🙂 kisssss from me 🙂

  • augustman

    Don’t put down the Philippines too much, it’s a universal and accepted fact that money is the biggest help and necessity even in the presidential elections in the United States of America. The presidential hopefuls in the USA , even how good and dedicated they are to their causes step out of the race when their financial resources get depleted. And this is a truly very acceptable, heralded need, and the candidates keep on working to get more money , announcing everywhere they go and raising funds everyway they can. Enough of my word salad, i just want to emphasize the accptable fact that money is a very needed and the most important , legitimate element even in politics, anywhere, including the most powerful nations on earth. Thank you!

  • cyd

    I agree with all the fans of pow. Shes a unique singer and i was also disappointed that she was booted out that soon. I expected miguel or jan to leave the competition. nothing more to expect from the performances next week exccept from gian and mau. For me the performaces of jan and miguel are boring and dull. Ever since I am fan of Gian and always voted for him. He is a great entertainer and can sing any song genre. It was three weeks in a row already that I voted also for mau after another great singer-arms booted out. Im rooting for gian-mau faceoff on the finals. Whoever wins from the two of them, I will be satisfied because both can truly represent philippines in the world.
    To all the fans of pi lets block vote for gian-mau to let them stay on top 2.


  • Neleb Casanova

    For me, Gian Carlo Magdangal deserves to be the first Philippine Idol. He has the looks, the talent, and appeal. Mau is ok too, but Gian is my bet.

    Gretchen and Tony Boy’s daughter is shy, but she’s beautiful.

  • its total package – jan has it. gian,aside from his family and friends, has the SMART block voting,too,but he doesn’t have the looks

  • miguel “bunso” – still premature for him to be the first PI


  • miguel “bunso” – still premature for him to be the first PI

    mau – voice quality,tongue tied ako, worldclass

    gian – as professional singer, magaling talaga, konting retoke lang kailangan sa mukha

    jan – amateur pa as singer but despite all those awkward movements he is a star material – gwapo na talented pa –

  • nene

    i vote for miguel because i can see his talent. i also noticed that his character is ok.

    gian and jan are ok with me also but i dont like the character of mau. i think an idol is someone who people can see as a model in terms of character.

  • shay

    gian is my top pick to become a philippine idol. he was consistent from the beginning. he brings life to the stage. he’s cute.

    ok rin si mau for PI. if she wins, she will also get a standing ovation for me.

    jan, although improving, needs some work to improve his skills. has potential to become an idol, but not yet for PI.

    i hate miguel. i don’t know how he got this far. IMO other finalists should have been in his place.


  • decembergirl

    Gian Carlo Magdangal – sana ikaw ang very first Philippine Idol.

  • who else? jan nieto of course ! he is very goodlooking, smart, talented (fresh na fresh pa), humble ergo…he has the total package !!!

  • luckily i have tickets for this coming sunday. everyone in the family is rooting for JAN – an epitome of a Philippine idol !!!!

    meron na aqng load …and since i know hindi q mauubos yong P2K for two (2) hours, pasa q nalang sa friends q who will be there also to cheer our idol

    go jan!

  • ian

    hey guys.. nasa youtube ba yung video ni POW bago siya umalis? i mean nung time na naalis siya? hindi ko kasi napanuod.. nakikibalita lang ako sa mga friends ko from the philippines.. kung meron, anong title nung video..?? hindi ko kasi mahanap sa youtube.. thanks guys.. mail nalang poh dito [email protected] thanks alot POW IS THE BEST!