Feeling Good with Lipton Milk Tea

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It’s a glorious sunday morning. The empty nest will be back to a full house. M will soon fly in from a vacation in Singapore. Lauren is expected to be back from an overnight beach trip from Zambales. So it’s just me and my hubby. Butch and I enjoyed our quiet morning with a hearty breakfast just a few hours ago. For the first time, I ditched my usual caffeine fix from brewed coffee. I wanted something different.

My pantry contains tea bags, three boxes of instant Lipton Milk Tea (Gold, Vanilla and Original), Tropicana Orange and coffee beans. I picked the Lipton Milk Tea Original Flavor.

lipton milk tea
It was M who first introduced me to milk tea when she dragged me over to her favorite beauty salon. “They serve milk tea there”. The combination seemed a bit off. I’ve always associated tea with bitter aftertaste. I never knew one could mix milk with tea. Ever since I drank Milk Tea, I associate it with relaxation and childhood memories of mom handing me over a cup of hot tea to calm my upset tummy.

Come to think of it, no wonder I associate tea with relaxation. A tea drink calms my nerves.

According to the UK Tea Council, 72% of women tested admitted to feeling more refreshed after drinking a cup of tea.

Tea’s secret weapon is the naturally-occurring amino acid, Theanine. Theanine naturally stimulates activity in the brain called alpha waves, which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state. Isaac Newton for starters, discovered the universal law of gravity while having a cup of tea.

Theanine is also a known mood booster, which is why it’s the beverage of choice of those who want to reflect and relax. No wonder.

But milk tea? The warm Lipton milk tea tasted really good. I thought it would taste milky and overpowering the tea flavor. The milk and tea taste were both distinguishable unlike the milk tea I drank at the beauty salon. What a better substitute to coffee! The sweetness and smoothness of milk balanced the bitter taste of the strong black tea I associate as a child. The delicate balance of milk and tea, gave such a rich, smooth, and subtly sweet taste.

It’s delightfully delicious and soothing setting me into an alpha state that I completed my scheduled tasks quite early enough.

The girls will be home soon and I am ready to listen to their banter.

What type of drinks gives you a relaxing feeling (aside from alcohol)?

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  • I love milk tea. It’s definitely a break from the usual coffee for breakfast. I like milk tea to taste like tea with a hint of milk in it.

  • I like tea in any form. Some teas are just so expensive though. I wonder if the instant tea mix give that theanine.

  • @dina- It’s quite delicious and it set me in the mood to finish my work early today.

    @marnie- I read that there is tea extract. I do hope there is some left in the instant version

  • I can’t remember what that feels like. It’s been so long since my house is anything but sorrounded with 5 children and their pets.

    Shoshana’s last blog post..Kids Say: Different

  • @shoshana- it feels so lonely without my girls. Something is missing.

  • Hi Noemi, I always have green tea to calm my nerves esp. when I’m stressed out or just had a fight (ha ha), but that one (the milk tea) I gotta try soon…

    Rowena’s last blog post..Chocolate Chip Cookies For Summer

  • @Rowena- I will have to try green tea. I just recently acquired the taste for tea and I am liking the “alpha state”.

  • I knew milk tea the day I met my husband. Indians are very fond of this.

    When I recently came back here, that’s when I learned about Lipton’s instant milk tea. Masarap sya! I, in fact keep a box for me too and replenish it when it’s almost over. I am sending some over to my husband so he can have it instantly too!

    Mitch’s last blog post..WPP Gives Back Contest

  • @Mitch- Now I know what to serve you when you come over to Manila. I prefer the Gold and Original flavors cos I find the Vanilla just too sweet for my taste. Then again, I know a lot of people who adore vanilla.

  • Good old green tea is the staple in our family. Not the instant one or else my grandma would go berserk.

    But now that you’ve mentioned it, perhaps a sip or two wouldn’t hurt.

    jhay’s last blog post..Php33k for Asus Eee PC 900?! I’d get a Compaq notebook instead

  • Ed

    I love milk tea, especially iced cold milk tea. I love the sweetness of milk and sugar plus the aroma of the tea though I’ve read somewhere that tea isn’t as effective when mixed with ( it said that milk has certain effect on tea that’s why it turns out like that). Still, I love milk tea. =)

    Ed’s last blog post..International Music Charts Weekly Updates (April 21, 2008)

  • @Jhay- Green tea is excellent but yeah, I am loving the change from coffee to milk tea.

    @Ed- I saw that article too where one shouldn’t mix milk with tea but I still like the flavor anyway.

  • Milk tea is my favorite too…But I like it to be served cold. Taste more fresh.

  • I LOVE Lipton Milk Tea. I especially love the spicy one, though I’ve only seen it in Bangkok. There are other milk tea mixes in the market but they don’t taste right at all.

    toni’s last blog post..One foot in front of the other

  • Hah and I thought I was sounding like a commercial but it is true. The way it was formulated is just right and even the right sweetness. I have seen a lot of tea samples at supermarkets and they are all manufactured in Malaysia. It must be cheap there to make it.

  • Ever since I saw the Lipton milk tea commercial on TV I was just dying to try it. I’m normally a coffee person but I do enjoy tea occasionally. When I finally got to try milk tea I absolutely loved it and its now part of my regular grocery list.

  • Fist impression is a bit bizarre milk+tea but actually it’s soo good tried it today at an arab restaurant here in hungary!


    Heal’s last blog post..White Teeth Obtained by Natural Methods are the Key to Success

  • lemon

    An officemate was just raving about the taste of milk tea yesterday. It’s a perfect way to minimize coffee-drinking.

  • So Lipton has a milk tea now? I should ask for that as a pasalubong. My first milk tea was in China and loved it. I now can order them at Thai restos. I try not to have them regularly tho because of the calories. I recently discovered green tea with toasted rice (genmai-cha) and I’ve been hooked ever since – healthier pa 🙂

    geri’s last blog post..Long Weekend in Madison

  • Noems, in 1984 in the town of Solihull, England — both of us had our first English Tea experience when we visited a Rotarian’s home (close to Birmingham, England). I remember this because our hosts had a beautiful rose garden in their back yard and a fat cat in the living room… and we all behaved in a veddy-veddy polite British manner. A pretty porcelain tea service was set up for us… and so was the cream and sugar cubes.

    Milk tea is something I also enjoy — so I’m glad you love it too! Brown sugar (or muscovado) is really lovely to pair it with, also.

  • @lemon- in fairness, even if it is instant, the taste is really gerat

    @geri- yes have someone bring milk tea for you.

    @Lorna- ah I totally forgot about that milk tea experience. How very British. I remember our host was a Vincent Price look-a-like.

  • iya

    i have a pic taken with bianca gonzales endorser of lipton milk tea , i had been enjoying a cup of lipton gold since lat year! its really oozing with d perect blend of milk and flavorful tea!

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  • Pam

    I read that Lipton Milk Tea contains 73 calories per serving, it has fats coz of the creamer they put. Okay for once a day, but when you get addicted to this, better alternate with a healthier version! Steep a bag of Black tea (onlly black tea gives the same taste) and 1-2 teaspoons of non fat milk. No need for sugar, trust me. It tastes exactly the same, has all the antioxidants of fresh tea, has zero fats and loaded with good-for-you protein and carbs! 🙂

  • G.

    Hi! Is the Lipton milk tea vanilla still available in your country?