Remembering Luijoe on All Saints Day

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Remembering our departed loved ones on All Saints’ day and everyday of our lives.

Did you know…the universal symbol of remembering is a candle?

Did you know…letting go of our loved one, but honoring their memory with a symbol is a ritual that brings healing? Sometimes words are not there to express what we want to say, but a symbol that brings meaning to us can help in the grief process.


We can’t know why some things happen…

But we can know that love

and beautiful memories

outlast the pain of grief.

And we can know that there’s a place

inside the heart where love lives always…..

And where nothing beautiful can ever

be forgotten.

Remembering Luijoe, and my immediate family members like my mom, my dad, brothers Ruben and Oscar today and everyday of my life.


Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1382 Posts)

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  • liz

    rituals are really important for those that lost a loved one.

    • We light a candle in Luijoe’s memorial table.

  • emily

    Luijoe is indeed an angel. I too light a candle in memory of my father.

  • sana binata na sya ngayon…

    • he would have been 15 years old. Nakakamiss.

  • beautiful words, noemi! so touching.
    i love the flowers. 🙂

    lady cesss last blog post..Solutions

  • I don’t know how you can handle such a loss. Just thinking about it makes me cry. Thank you for being an example of strength and faith. Some of us needs to see that sometimes…

    Gigis last blog post..Not all Parents are the same.

  • Yesterday’s mass sermon was something that made me think. The priest said death should be looked at as something beautiful, because it marks the beginning of a new life with the Lord. He said this “kaya gustung gusto ko yung Filipino word ng death – ‘sumakabilang buhay’. Ibig sabihin, nasa kabila lang sila, tayo andito, sila anduon, pero iisang buhay lang ang pinag-uusapan natin. Parang ‘two sides of one coin’. Lahat tayo darating din doon. Hindi ba ang saya, may pag-asa, alam nating magkakasama sama rin tayo.”

    Just wanted to share it. 🙂

    lisaflors last blog post..Horror

  • beth G.

    Its hard for someone esp. to a mother to let go……………. it still there……… the pain…… I know………….I’ve lossed a daughter 1 week after she was born………….last September 1999………… hangang ngayon….dito parin……….. may nagsabi nga……… isang napanood ko ……..sabi ng isang ina ” I WILL NOT BURY MY SON………BUT RATHER MY SON WILL BURY ME.” maraming tanong sa isang ina……..mga tanong BAKIT, PAANO…..siguro masasagot ko yan pag time ko na harapin ang MAKER….. your lucky you have those memories

  • Ana

    I cried when I first encountered your blog about your son Luijoe 3 or 4 years ago but I still have heavy heart whenever you mention you son because I’m a mother now. Just the thoughts of losing my my son terrifies me.

    Death or losing someone we love is one of life’s miseries but we have a saying in Denmark that “one’s death is another ones gain” which you turn
    your grief into mission of helping or supporting others and became an inspiration to many Filipinas.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • It’s good to have a tradition dedicated to our departed loved ones.

    Those are beautiful flowers at Luijoe’s resting place.

  • May

    I was still in college when my 6 year old brother died. He was also our youngest and he too died in an accident. Devastated as my other siblings and I were then, I am sure the grief that befell my parents was immeasurable. As a mom now, I can imagine what kind of horror the tragedy of losing a child can bring. And it’s scary. It’s been 12 years now since my little bro left us for a better place, and the healing has set in for our family. But I am sure, my parents, my mother most espeically, is still nursing a wounded heart.

    Mays last blog post..picnic fun : bunny crafts! : THE easter egg hunt that rocked!

  • i am so moved.. can i use this as my facebook status? my dad died 15 yrs ago, same age as our youngest sister, since she was born the same day that my dad was laid to rest.. i still miss him, and the thought that i have no father beside me when i walk down the aisle on my wedding day, brings tears to my eyes..

    • Anonymous

      sure you can use it for your facebook wall status.