Ingrid Ramos, The Mystery Woman is the Other Woman?

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infidelityWith the arrest of Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan at the vicinity of Ingrid Ramos’s townhouse, the question is Who is Ingrid Ramos?. In today’s issuse of Philippine Star , “Mystery woman: Who is Ingrid Ramos?” sheds some light…

PNP chief Director General Oscar Calderon….refused to answer questions regarding allegations that Honasan has an intimate relationship with Ramos, who was reportedly a former secretary of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile, in a press conference, denied knowing Ramos: “I don’t recall any woman by the name of Ingrid or with the family name Ramos. Maybe if that was her middle name I could not recall. Maybe she was one of my campaign supporters but I have so many thousand campaign supporters and I did not know all of them.”

Pray tell me, what is Gringo doing at 2:00 AM in Ingrid’s townhouse? There seems to be two versions on how Gringo was captured making me suspicious that they are trying to protect Ingrid and Gringo’s wife from undue embarassment. Tito Sotto’s version is that ” Honasan was arrested by police after a brief car chase at the vicinity of Christ the King Church. He said the fugitive senator jumped out of the moving vehicle and tried to hide in the neighborhood. It was while scaling fences that he hurt his right leg,” but the police operatives insist he was arrested while visiting the woman at 2:00 AM. Media seems to play the mystery woman to the hilt.

Police sources said they witnessed a confrontation in which Mrs. Honasan shouted profanities at her husband, accusing him of being unable to control his libido.

She vowed never to visit him again, the sources said.

(Source:Fugitive captured in ‘lover’s’ townhouse)

I can’t blame Gringo’s wife. If that happened to me, I’d smack my husband on the head with my Macbook , oh not that…my kaldero (pot). Even if my husband has a working relationship with a fellow lady lawyer, I find it despicable for two people to be working in the dead of the night and at a townhouse at that. It’s just too bad Gringo got caught in the place of residence of this mystery woman.

Stories of spouses getting caught is nothing new. With the advent of cellphones, a philandering spouse is sometimes caught in the act if their cellphone is turned on accidentally. I know of a friend who overheard the illicit conversation between her husband and the other woman in a hotel room. Apparently, the cellphone’s setting is such that a call is answered when any button is pressed. Imagine the anguish and anger of the wife upon hearing her husband’s romantic advances with this woman. The wife lost all respect for him and felt so violated.

The roller coaster ride that came with infidelity brought hurt, betrayal, anger, love, threats, hope and depression. My friend turned her pain into action. After the anger and the crying , she went into the bottom of the cause of the infidelity. She knew she had choices . “Either I can use this pain to make my marriage stronger, that no one and nothing can ever come between the two of us again or I can let the pain lead to the end of my marriage. ”

It’s easy to blame the philandering spouse and especially the other person involved, but it’s much harder to look at oneself and ask, ““Was there something lacking in me that made my spouse want to connect with another person?” Fortunately my friend learned how to use the pain of infidelity to make her marriages better than ever. It continues to be a work in progress. Jane’s anger (if she is mad at Gringo over that woman) is valid but after all the anger has died, she knows she has choices to make just like my friend had.

Pain is our greatest teacher. Regardless of where the pain comes from, there are always lessons to be learned.

For more news, read Inquirer’s Gringo also stayed at Ingrid’s Cebu homes—source (November 17, 2006)

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  • Noemi,
    It seems behind the success of a man is a woman and another woman. hehehe

    The downfall is caused by the latter.

    Here in the States, the mighty male legislators fall due to another
    man and a young man (perhaps, usually an intern).

  • @Ca T- It’s a curse to have this other woman in a man’s life. How ironic that she was the cause of his downfall, the arrest.

  • lemon

    hihi, noemi, to think that as soon as news of gringo’s arrest in Ingrid’s townhouse came out,it led me to conclude that hmm, there’s something going on here. And my hubby said I am one malisyosa woman. hehe. See? Talk about female instinct.wink!
    I pity Jane Honasan. Even without the infidelity issue, how she can take Gringo’s adventures and misadventures, being a familyman at that, is beyond me. Parang napaka selfish, di ba? How on earth did she go on with her family life and career, all these years, with all the worries that he caused? As if that wasn’t enough, he has the nerve to carry on with another woman.

  • @lemom- the news reporter didn’t have to hint anything. The mere mention of the name of the woman raised suspicions on its own. I also pity Jane because they are old already. Tama na yung kalokohan and set things right.

  • eugene suria

    Kayo naman para naki-jingle lang namam si GRINGO ..he.he.he..

  • eugene suria

    ok moderation..naki-CR si GRINGO kina INGRID!

  • @eugene- Inquirer said they caught him with his pants down

  • haynaku Noemi,
    Laundrywoman pala niya. Launderer daw yata ng mga perang kinamal ni Gringo. Hala Laba. Hala laba.

  • @The Ca t- hay naku…. Gringo’s spokeman told media to leave Ingrid Ramos alone

    What a futile attempt to clean Honasan’s image. He was made to look like a fool during the arrest by dragging Ingrid Ramos name.

    Now they are blaming media for rumors

    Sotto said he knew Honasan even before they became senators, but claimed no knowledge about his relationship with Ramos. “I don’t know that, I even thought they were relatives.”

    Sotto was incensed by those spreading “rumors” about Ramos being Honasan’s mistress, and the nasty details about his supposed state of undress when he was arrested at around 2 a.m. after leaping from the window of the master bedroom of Ramos’ townhouse in Greenmeadows.

  • gary sungduan

    i was one of the many members of honasan’s political staff and i knew that he had a relationship with one ingrid ramos since the late 90’s. during that time, gringo and his wife would always fight because of her.

  • @Gary- am sure his wife knew of this relationship. I bet she was pissed off he got caught in her place

  • miss shy girl

    it only proves that philanderers like Gringo and Erap only goes to one place, sa kangkungan ng kulungan, hahahaha

  • @miss shy girl- you are so right there. I didn’t make the connection right away