The ultimate stage mother?

webs   Thursday, March 30, 2006   3 Comments on The ultimate stage mother?

I believe that college kids are responsible enough to take care of their own peer problems. So why did the mother of an actress confront my daughter because of “an offending entry” about her daughter? Can’t her daughter just talk to my daughter? And why does the mother want to report her to the Dean? Report her for what? I hope she reads the Student’s Handbook before she complains or she will look really foolish. I want to say more but maybe this mother will report me to the police.

/me shuts up.

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  • dexie

    LOL, patawa yang nanay na yan. Doesn’t she realize that with her daughetr’s celebrity status, she’s bound to have critics? Not everyone will kiss her daughter’s fake pa-sweetums behind.

    There’s a lot of offending entries online regarding BUSH, GMA and huge hollywood celebrities, you don’t see their mothers threatening to sue the authors. LMAO! If they want to stick around in the Philippines showbizness which is even more cut throat than Hollywood IMO, they need to stop being pussies.

    Yun lang.. 🙂

  • noemi

    It’s as if these kids are high school. “I’ll report you to the principal”. Instead it’s “dean” now.

  • Kleenexlambot