The Wonders of Virgin Coconut Oil on Hair Growth

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1382 Posts)

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  • Toe

    Oh Noemi, I’m such a VCO believer! I drink 2 tablespoons a day and massage it on my hair and body and face every evening. It really did help my hair a lot because my hair was falling out everytime I had it rebonded. Would you believe, it also removed some warts from my body. I just applied it frequently and it just dried and fell out. Normally, I would have gone to the derma and pay for an expensive cauterization. Have you read Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife? It’s a great read. I always panic whenever my supply of VCO runs out. Everytime someone comes here from the Philippines, my first bilin is always VCO.

  • I, too, attest to the healing power of VCO!!!!

  • @toe- I forgot to add that my husband applies coconut oil on his face. His complexion is so much finer and healthier. He even looks younger

    @Eric- and we have to buy those stupid expensive products.

  • lemon

    i’ve been hearing a lot of raves for the wonderful effects of VCO, but this is the first time I’ve heard of its effect on hair growth and warts. wow!i must try that too, instead of heading for the derma. thanks!

  • Wil

    Wow, does this stuff really work? I sound like a bad actor in a commercial. hehe. Anyway, I’ve got thinning hair myself, I hate to admit it. People have even recommended that I buy horse shampoo like some Pinoy stars supposedly do. I’ll have to look into this. 🙂

  • it’s me

    Well I am very skeptical about this product …I used to take cvo every day for 1 year and it made me loose a lot of my hair

  • HI,
    You mentioned that u applied the vco twice a week. Pls tell me how to apply before shampoo or after? To be left on the scalp for how long? I’m interested to grow my thinning hair too. Pls advise thanks!


    • Lore

      Hi Libra,
      I was reading your question that you posted in 2007 about VCO to your hair. Did the person reply and has it worked on your hair?


  • pisces

    well, vco really works in stretch marks. so preggy mothers go and buy na!!!!

  • Cecy

    I am loosing a lot of hair, I want to apply VCO but what are the instructions?
    Do I apply twice a week before or after Shampoo?

    and long do I leaveit on?

    Please, pleaseeeee advise…

  • Lori

    I was reading an article in Womans World magazine on coconut oil and hair growth. I am going to try this and see what happens. I would love for my hair to be a little thicker and longer.

  • vanillaflavoredlove

    hi… i am recently experiencing hair fall.
    can i know how to apply vco on my scalp?
    before or after shampooing???
    tnx a lot!

  • Patty Kuda

    I was wondering how to use the VCO for hairloss. Do you put in on after or before shampooing and how do you apply? Thank-you in advance. Also where can you buy it?

    • panoters

      after shampooing then apply the oil it works for my dad

  • it really worked? i always had thin hair. I can see my scalp and its not nice because all the guys are so much taller than me and they see my scalp. Im only 19. I’ll try this ok? then i will tell you about what happened..

    joannas last blog post..Sister of my heart

    • Joanna I totally understand your problem because I had the same problem. It’s been 2 months I am using coconut oil on my scalp almost daily.

      I will wirte a post on my blog about my experience with coconut oil and my hair treatment. It works. Try it and don’t be discouraged. I had big patches and my scalp was clear especially on top and on one side. Now, it is becoming fuller.

  • mykol

    could you please help me, in what manner should the VCO be applied on the scalp? should I shampoo first before applying or after shampooing?should I leave it and let dry for a while after application? your response would be very much appreciated! thank you…

  • I love the effect coconut oil with my hair too! I have been applying coconut oil to my scalp for about 2 months and noticed my hair is growing. I have thin air and the change is obvious. I hope to see fuller and thicker hair soon.

    Anna O.
    How You Can Lose Weight Now

    I started to use coconut oil on my face too as a moisturizers.

  • jane amisola

    hi my name is jane i have problem of my hair getting thinner and i would like have a nice long hair. as i seen here lots of them tried vco and i think it is very good. then i would like to use it too. anyway,i would like to ask how to use Vco before shampoo or after? how long to leave it? pls, help me thank you and best luck!


  • Vansen

    Hi, i have thinning hair too and Im starting to lose alot of hair.. I would really love to try this VCO. Pls advice me on how to use it.. And do u just get the normal VCO from the stores? I hope to hear from you soon.. =)

  • sunita menon

    i have been using MeritVCO virgin coconut oil extracted from coconut milk for my skin.It taste’s very good …

  • Nick

    I was also woundering how u would go abouts applying this as i would like to try this my hair is thinning at the crown and i am 19 i wantto stop this A.S.A.P…… i really am hoping this will work 🙁

  • Hemant Rao from Fiji

    Hi there, I am a producer of VCO and have seem amazing results myself, I do receive positive testimonies of benefits from the use of VCO. I had lost bulk of my hair and now ater continous use for three months I have managed to get back hair on my head.

  • avediz

    hi.. im only 18…
    and guess what..
    my hair is getting really thin!!
    i can see my scalp!
    it is very horrfying!
    i even envy girls with thick long hair..
    please help me!!!
    im dying to get my old hair back!
    i needed the instruction to how am i going to apply the vco on my head..
    please and thank you!

  • ann

    i was wondering how long did it take for you to see the changes? and can you please show us how to apply? that’d be great!!

  • mel

    hi mam noemi,

    my name is mel. i have read some of the items in your “A Filipina Mom Blogger”. i was looking for information about virgin coconut oil. you see, in one of the books i’ve come across with, i learned that vco is helpful for cancer patients. i don’t know if i have breast cancer.i still have to take a mammogram test next week. i bought a TheraHerb VCO. is this a real vco? is this the one that you and the other bloggers in your site are talking about? if this is not the one, please tell me what vco you are using. this is really very important for me.

    please help me.


  • Angelina

    ) Coconut oil nourishes the hair from the roots to ensure healthy growth. It has a cooling effect on the scalp and is an excellent conditioner. Infact it should always be used before shampooing hair, it will work as a pre-conditioner.

    2) Regular use of coconut oil strengthens hair, thereby controlling hair fall. It makes the hair soft and gives it a healthy shine.

    3) It also helps in treating dandruff, coconut water is also known to be beneficial in hair care. It can be mixed with the shampoo or conditioner for healthy and beautiful hair.

    • Val

      How many times a week do you apply the coconut oil to your scalp before shampooing? Do you apply it every time you shampoo or maybe twice a week?

  • jai

    yes, its great. My hair is growing too.. VCO.. you see the Indians have good hair, the south indians especially.. due to coconut oil.. they are rarely bald…

    use it… its great

  • leya

    hi, gusto ko lng malaman kong ilang minutes bago banlawan ang buhok pag nilagyan ng vco? tnx

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  • Tonya

    I LOVE this stuff! I use coconut oil every single night. I wet my hair and towel dry it. I massage the oil into my scalp for about 5 minutes and then add it to the rest of my hair (coat it really good) then I put a plastic cap on and leave it on until I get ready for bed (usually about 2 – 4 hours) I rinse it out (do NOT shampoo) then let my hair air dry. In the morning I rinse again and towell dry, then I add a small amount on my palms and massage into the ends of my hair, dry, curl and go. If my hair seems to go limp (too much oil in the scalp area) I will use a natural soap, like Dr. Bonners to wash it out. Then I reapply a small amount of the coconut oil to the ends. I hardly ever use soap on my hair. I have a couple of different jars of the Virgin Coconut Oil…one is just plain old oil and the other I have added several drops of Tea Tree Oil for the winter months as I get a really itchy scalp in the winter. My hair is soft and silky and at 40 years old who could ask for more? 😉
    I am caucasion with blonde hair and I color it regularly.

    Oh and one more thing…I add the melted coconut oil to all my lotions and shake them up really good. It is so luxurious and my skin has never felt better! Coconut oil is the all around wonder product for me and I HIGHLY recommend it!

    • Carrie

      Where can I purchase VCO?

  • Coconut Oil is an amazing product to use. Not only for beauty, but as a cooking agent as well. The medium and short chain fatty acids are directly used as energy (when taken internally), rather than being stored as fat. So if you are looking to lose weight, but don’t want to stop cooking with oil, try coconut oil.

    Also a note: Whenever you use coconut oil, always make sure it is organic, and extra-virgin. This will eliminate your chance of taking in pesticides or chemicals in your body.

  • Cathy

    Does anyone know wich brand I should choose???
    I wanna buy it but I’ve heard you shouldn’t buy the extra-virgin..

    Quote: ” Virgin v. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    Don’t be mislead by the term “extra virgin” when used in conjunction with coconut oil. This term is borrowed from the olive oil industry and there is no such product or existing standard that can be applied to coconut oil production. If you see the term “extra virgin” be assured that it is simply a marketing ploy to encourage you to believe that the oil has something more to offer than virgin coconut oil. ”

    Can anyone help me pls?

  • vet

    On Amazon dot com -Nutiva brand. God bless!

  • Peppoi

    I woke up with itchy red eyes (sore eyes), on the first day of the year, new year; we had VCO, but I didn’t think that it could cure my problem. I’ve read a lot about VCO as a sort having “antibacterial” properties; so, I dropped some into my eyes, and since I was still a bit sleepy; I dozed off for a while, for an hour; and then, VOILA! WHEN I WOKE UP, NO MORE ITCHY RED EYES.

    Another story:

    A stray cat gave birth on my backyard; I didn’t want them there, so, I decided that I’ll make them go away when the kittens are big enough to fend for themselves, so it meant that I would have these ‘unwanted guests’ for a while. This scenario invited heaps of fleece (spelt wrong, I guess). Everytime, I’d passed by backyard; I would be bitten by these insects; thus, leaving my legs sore with annoying un-ending itchiness; so, I tried VCO, I would just them off every now and then;and as usual, IT WORKED. The funny thing is; I had a wart that I’ve suspected as cancerous for a long time; since it’s around the area where I got those insect bites; it had been wiped with VCO too; IT TORED OFF A FEW DAYS LATER. SO, I THOUGHT ‘WOW, WAS I RIGHT ALL ALONG?..’

    Another story:

    Lately, H1VH1 FEVER is gaining unpopularity and I thought I might get it. Then, a week ago, I felt some symptoms of an upcoming fever; I didn’t do anything as I wasn’t sure, but when I wojke up in the morning, I was hot and shivering, I HAD FEVER; so, I took VCO again, but this time, I had to drink it, lots of it, about the 6 spoons of it in for one time; SURE ENOUGH, I GOT CURED…IN 15 MIN… I went to the gym in the evening of the same day.

    On baldness:




  • Beena

    very interedted to join

  • Hi there, I have had thining hair for the past few years now, I started to apply VCO on my sculp every night after shower and wash it off with just water in the morning, it soaks in, leaves my hair stronger and healthy, now the thinking has become less, but I believe with more use it whould stop. I can see slight new growth as well. I also drink one table spoon every morning and evening, it gives me an energy boost and immune boost. Always use the very clear VCO without any foul smell.


  • Cecilia

    I just brought the VCO from GNC. Hopefully it works well for me. 🙂

  • hi .. isn’t truth?? i want to try it but i’am afraid to lose my hair . how to use it?? isn/t before shampoo or after ? pls answer me . thx

  • ravi

    My hair in pubic area as turned grey, can some one help me in making it black.

  • Huang Poh Lo

    Hi. Nice reading about your result with coconut oil. Strangely, I was looking for coconut oil at all the stores in my city ( Kota Kinabalu) but found none( He He ..I am 60, young at heart, and always positive at trying new things ).The natives here, especially the Kadazan-Murut-Dusun ladies use coconut oil daily. Many above sixty still have luxurient black hair, and its amazing. Log on to Sabah, Malaysia and you could see pictures of natives.

    Have a wonderful and glorious life!

    Huang Poh Lo ( The Man Below The Wind )

  • marko

    hi! i wanna try that staff… how i wish it could help me on my part, i am 26 yrs of age.. and my hair getting lost.. i hope it can help.

  • rahul

    I have been applying coconut oil on my scalp. But it is making it itch. Coconut oil should not produce itching. Can somebody please help me out. I use homemade coconut oil. thanks.

    • Hemant Rao

      Hi Rahul, I have been using Virgin coconut Oil and have experienced a whole lot of benefits. it should not give you ichiness, so use VCO, apply little amount at a time, allow skin to soak it and repeat application by means of soft massage on sculp or skin daily after bath. Try to avoid using copra oil.

  • Alexis Steward

    When my friend at work recommended Shielo Volumizing Shampoo and I tried it – I was sold on it. I

    Here’s about me: I have used some of the best volumizers in the past. I used stay at home a many of days very upset with my flat, lifeless hair. I would see other girls and they had the most beautiful head of hair. I tried all the mousse, gel, spritz, you name it – I have probably used it.

    Not now though, Shielo Volume Shampoo made my hair is so full and shiny. I can just blow dry a litttle and go. All day lasting fullness. I tell all my friends about it, and even went as far as to give it in gift bags for the women in my family for this past christmas. I was put off at the price at first, but a little tiny drop makes your whole hair later – and its last longer than the cheaper bottles i used to buy…way worth it!

  • coconut oil doesn’t work for insect bites especially mosquitoes i travel to the Caribbean 3 times a year and on 1 of my travels i decided to try the vco on my skin as an insect repellent… i was EATEN ALIVE! this myth is right up there with consuming b vitamins to protect you from mosquitoes…. that also doesn’t work!

    but on a plus side VCO especially Nutiva smells delicious, makes my hair grow and my skin looks and SMELL delicious.

  • coconut oil doesn’t work for insect bites especially mosquitoes i travel to the Caribbean 3 times a year and on 1 of my travels i decided to try the vco on my skin as an insect repellent… i was EATEN ALIVE! this myth is right up there with consuming b vitamins to protect you from mosquitoes…. that also doesn’t work!

    but on a plus side VCO especially Nutiva smells delicious, makes my hair grow and my skin looks and SMELL delicious.

  • Anonymous

    Today hair fall is a big problem before us.There should be proper care and knowledge.The above trick is nice one.I will share it to my Facebook friends.
    Thanks For This Blog.

  • noordiana zainal

    hi, im suffering from hair lost and dry hair so i was thinking of trying virgin coconut oil. The oil that i have is the liquid form in a bottle. I’ve read some articles that some VCO treatments starts with warming the bottle in warm water before applying. do u warm it first? and if so, will it affect the quality of oil if you warm the bottle every time you want to use it? hope u can apply..thank you.