War in Gaza Brings Children Casualties

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“My children are dead, why am I alive?, a mother wailed in the funeral of her children.

I have lost count of the children casualties in war-torn Gaza. Is it 100 deaths so far? As I glanced at a newspaper’s photo of a father reaching out to his dead child, his companion was trying to hold him back. If I were there, I won’t hold back the father. I will allow him to wrap his arms around his child and cry all he wants. I have been there. A dead child looks like they are sleeping but just not moving. The reality of death is just too much to comprehend at that point. Let him wail. Let him hold his child. Let his tears flow. When death comes without warning, the shock and disbelief can be overwhelming. It is never in the natural order of things for a child to die before his or her parents, and this can be especially intense when the death is sudden and/or violent.

Photo Credits to Yahoo News

My heart reaches out to these children. Why do they have to die? I cannot fathom the pain of the parents even if I have been there. War is just senseless to me. A child’s death does not make sense. A parent should not have to bury their child.

As in any war, it is the civilians who greatly suffer. Mostly women and children.

Photo Credits to Yahoo News

More than 500 people have been killed in the weeklong air strikes and the ground fighting that began over the weekend. The 1.5 million people of Gaza have been cut off from food and water supplies. Medicine is running out in the poorly equipped and poorly supplied hospitals in the strip.

It is deplorable. It is a humanitarian crisis.

Photo CreditsYahoo News

This war has to stop!

Photo Credit to Yahoo News

Photo Credits to Yahoo News

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  • This war is really absurd, could Hamas stop this war…Israelians are long been waiting for him to stop. Not only Palestinians, but Israelians are the ones suffering…too bad mostly innocent. wt?

    Lyndsay Cabildos last blog post..Nha Trang’s Best Food Place

    • i don’t care who started it. They should let the civilians leave if they can’t stop the war.

  • Crazy War, innocents are dying…We keep wishing for this to stop, but what?

  • Paul

    Absolutely right, people suffer on BOTH sides.

    For interesting historical context, please see:


  • prayers to the souls of the victims… may they rest in peace.

    war is done by two sides and who’s the real victim?the innocents. let’s pray that it’ll stop as soon as possible without more casualties

    raqgolds last blog post..Unwritten Rules

    • They should allow the civilians to leave.

  • The conflict in the Gaza strip is really troubling. But what’s more troubling is the Filipino public’s relative indifference to the conflict in our very own Mindanao.

    Children there are not just being hurt or killed by bullets and mortar fire, they are starving, separated from their families and cannot return to school.

    It’s good to know bloggers and ordinary folk are concerned with overseas conflict and its humanitarian impact, but we should also encourage more awareness and involvement in helping end the conflict in Mindanao.

    • I don’t think it is indifference. I live in manila and can only rely on news report from Mindanao. If only more Mindanao-based bloggers can write about it I will surely post it here. Children issues are one of my advocacies and I want to share these to my readers. I have written once on the poverty issue in Davao due to the death of marianne amper.

      You are right. We do need more coverage.