I am so excited. I will soon get a chance to visit Palawan again and this time around, I will stay at the Astoria Palawan. 


My winning instagram photo with a 3 day two night stay at the Astoria Palawan

I will be back soon, Palawan. The last time I visited Palawan, I wrote “Six things I enjoyed during my visit ”  so I was so excited when I got invited to the launch of Astoria Palawan. I was there to celebrate the completion of two facilities: the much awaited 1-hectare Palawan Waterpark and the world-class Mangrove Convention Center.  Palawan will not only receive tourists because these developments usher Astoria Palawan’s bid to become Palawan’s top-of-mind venue for business travelers who seek a balance between work and play.


The Astoria Palawan is situated on a sprawling 5-hectare mango orchard in Brgy. San Rafael, Puerto Princesa, Astoria Palawan presents an eco-sanctuary experience that reflects the distinct charm of Palawan and the lifestyle of Palaweños.

The strategic location and leisure activities complements Palawan’s eco-sanctuary experience. Imagine work and leisure at the same time. I believe it is an ideal choice of MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) travelers.

Let me give you a tour of the development:

Expect a musical welcome from the Batak Tribe, one of the last remaining aboriginal tribes in the Philippines.

Astoria Palawan Entrance


Astoria Palawan

The Water park

Astoria Palawan Mangrove

The Mangrove Convention center

The Mangrove Convention Center accomodates the increasing need for off-site meetings, conferences, team building sessions, and exhibition venues in the country.

Astoria Palwan Mangrove main function hall

Mangrove main function hall

Astoria Palawan Pool

The Pool

What is a resort without fun activities on the beach. Working by the beach makes me happy. There is just something magical at the beach. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. It is as if I live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.

I am glad there is wide array of in-resort activities for travelers, like swimming in Honda Bay, snorkeling in the house reef.

Astorial Palawan Pool at night

The  Pool at night

There are soothing in-room massages, movie screenings underneath the stars, beach volleyball, golf cart rides, and mountain bike rides.

Astoria Palawan Waterpark

The Waterpark

Look at that majestic Waterpark! It has water geysers, bamboo water cannons, splash pads, wave pools and beautiful artwork of Palawan’s endemic flora and fauna and high corkscrew slides, which will surely provide so much fun for adults and kids of all ages. I can’t wait to try it!

Astoria Palawan Pool

The Pool

Astoria Palawan One Bedroom Suite

 One Bedroom Suite

There are  72 spacious and well-appointed private accommodations housed in 13 leaf-shaped wooden cabin villas.

Astoria Palawan two bedroom suite

 two bedroom suite

There you have it . How exciting for business and tourists.

Astoria Palawan is the latest addition to Astoria Hotels and Resort’s portfolio, with a presence in well-loved Philippine destinations: Boracay, Bohol and Palawan. It is located in Kilometer 62 North National Highway, Bgy. San Rafael, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines. For more information, please visit Astoria Palawan website at www.astoriahotelsandresorts.com, follow them on Facebook.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram produces a 3-dimensional view of the breast that helps identify and characterize individual structures without confusion of overlapping tissue.


I can’t leave you yet. God, don’t let me die.

I cried in bed and my thoughts went to my mom during the days she suffered from the ravages of breast cancer. My first mammogram 20 years ago showed suspicious findings. After the surgery, I was overjoyed to know that the breast mass was benign.

It’s been 40 years since my mom died of breast cancer. Technology for early breast cancer detection is in place. Even the medications increase chances of survival. October is breast cancer awareness month and it is important that women educate and empower themselves with the right tools and knowledge to fight this disease.

A mammogram is used to check for signs of the disease in women who may or may not have any symptoms. Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer, but it can detect early signs and thus save lives.

I am grateful that I got to attend “Fight Like A Girl – Check & Protect with Health Cube ‘s  Breast Cancer Awareness Event.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Through this event, I hope to share with you to be  aware of regularly monitoring themselves of potential risks such as Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis. It will be my first time to check out the 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram (the first of its kind here in Manila) and  the Whole Body Densitometry test.

Early detection is important. 

The only way you can fight this sickness is early detection by self-checking, monitoring, and having a regular check-up which includes a mammogram especially for those who are at risk (40 years old and up, with family history, had early menstruation, late menopause, smoking, alcohol, no children or no children before 35 etc).


The Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO) recommends that “women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam (CBE) as part of regular health exams by a health-care professional about every three years for women in their 20s and 30s,  and every year for women 40 years of age and over.”

PSMO further adds that “women age 40 and older should have a screening mammogram every year and should continue to do so as long as they are in good health.”

The Health Cube 3d Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Health Cube, offers the latest in breast screening with its 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram. This test produces a 3-dimensional view of the breast that helps identify and characterize individual structures without confusion of overlapping tissue.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Also called breast tomosynthesis, this new technology allows the physician to see thin mammography sections of the entire breast and gives a clearer image thus, decreasing the need for further examinations. 3D mammography is better at detecting changes earlier that regular 2D scans. It can help distinguish superimposed tissue from real abnormalities, leading to less anxiety for women whenever they are due for a breast examination.

I was able to try the breast tomosynthesis and it takes only 10 minutes or so. There is a bit of pain but nothing like the pain of giving birth.

A Health Cube 3d Tomosynthesis Mammogram is Php3,200

Bone Densitometry to measure the strength of your bones

The rate of bone loss speeds up after menopause when estrogen levels fall. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone, a medical condition in which bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue or calcium and or Vitamin D deficiency. Since I am over 50 years old, it is important to check my bone density so I can can take steps early to slow its progress and prevent complications.


Bone Densitometry, also called dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), is an enhanced x-ray technology that measures the strength of your bones. It can detect serious bone loss, otherwise known as osteoporosis, thus leading to prevention of fracture and disability. The procedure is completely painless and is easily performed with minimal radiation exposure. This procedure can identify problems early, enabling you to start treatment and prevent further bone loss.

The Health Cube Whole Body Densitometry  procedure takes 10minutes and costs Php5,000

Blog giveaway : One free 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram from Health Cube

Remember breast cancer maybe cured if detected early. Surgeon and breast cancer advocate, Dr. Sherry Lee shared some things to remember:

  1. Not all lumps are breast cancer
  2. Early detection is the best prevention
  3. Breast cancer spares no one.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

I want one of you,  my dear women readers , at least 35 years old , a chance to get a free 3D  Tomosynthesis Mammogram .

To join my blog giveaway is simple

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Health Cube Check and Protect

Health Cube helps in the fight against women’s diseases by offering medical tests using state-of-the-art equipment and premium services for women at the new Health Cube Women Center located at the Health Cube Advanced Medical Imaging Unit.


Health Cube Greenhills Inc

Basement 1 Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City
Tel: 650-1111
E-mail: [email protected]

Health Cube Advanced Medical Imaging Unit
Ground level, BTTC Centre, 288 Ortigas Avenue cor. Roosevelt Street,
Greenhills San Juan City
Tel: 650-2222
E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/healthcubephilippines/
Website: www.healthcube.com.ph

A year ago, my daughter shared me an article “Self help: try positive action, not positive thinking”

The self-help industry is mired in ideas about positive thinking that are at best ineffective and at worst destructive. If you want to be more confident or successful, says Richard Wiseman, the best thing to do is act the part

I have always believed positive thoughts should not end there but placed into action.

“Acting as if” is one of my favorite recovery tool that worked for me. By acting as if you are a certain type of person, you become that person, what I call the “As If” principle. To practice the positive, I act as if. It’s a positive form of pretending. It’s a useful tool to use to get ourselves unstuck. For many years after my son died, I isolated from friends . During the rare social gatherings I attended, I forgot how to initiate small talk. I was catatonic who preferred to be invisible amidst the light banter. I bet my friends or relatives felt their were talking to a blank wall. The only persons I socialzed were close family members. I realized the gravity of my people skills when I joined a parent’s group of my daughter’s colllege and I couldn’t say a word. I knew I needed to wake up from my zombie state.

I forced myself into positive recovery behaviors, disregarding my doubts and fears, until my feelings caught up with reality. Acting as if is a positive way to overcome fears, doubts, and low self-esteem. I did not have to lie or be dishonest with myself. It has been seven years since I used the “Acting as if” principle. I believed it worked because it was the only way to get out of the pit.

1. Becoming a media resource person

I acted as if I could speak up in public until I actually gained self- confidence and started to open up. When I started the grief support group, The Compassionate Friends, I was suddenly thrown into the media. The first interview and TV guest appearance terrified me. But how else will my mission get promoted? Acting as if I was confident enabled me to get through with these media exposure.

When I was invited to co-host Ratsada Inquirer shortly after my 55th birthday, I felt unsure if I could make it. I wanted to expand my horizons in order to share my advocacy or my opinions to a larger scale. So I “acted as if” I was confident even if I fumbled in my Tagalog. Acting as if I could be a great co-host, I started with being my usual self and adding a few Tagalog words here and there. I was relieved to get good feedback after the show which inspires me to continue. I constantly practice my speaking voice and Tagalog words.

2. Second wind in marriage

Acting as if also worked for my marriage. At the height of my grief in 2005, my marriage turned rocky to the point I considered separation but an accident forced me to work it out. Long story. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine myself with a broken ankle as I stepped inside my new pad. I had no choice but to live with my husband and work things out. Truly God works in mysterious ways. It was as if God said ” you can’t run away from your marriage. Try to fix it. Give it a second chance”. I acted as if I was back when we were first romantic couples dating in UP Diliman. That involved acting as if I was so romantic and it caught on. My husband probably did his part in acting as if were were steadies again.

“Fake it till you make it” is also called “act as if”. You probably heard this common catchphrase that means to imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success, it will generate real confidence. It works.

Now, when a problem haunts me, acting as if can helps me get unstuck. I act as if the problem will be or already is solved so I can go on with my daily routine. Today, I have opened up to the positive possibilities of the future instead of limiting the future by today’s feelings and circumstances.

Here are 10 quick and effective exercises that use the As If principle to transform how you think and behave. Try to make a conscious decision to act as if you feel fine and are going to be fine.

Quote for the day:

‘Whatever you give a woman, she’s going to multiply. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.

If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So – if you give her any crap, you will receive a ton of shit.’

My good friend, Cathy emailed me that wonderful quote today. In turn, I shared it to my women friends and they all had a laugh.


When I showed this to my hubby, he laughed along with me.

It’s true we should not struggle with our feelings. When we are mad, no need to deny it. Why do we work so hard to deny our emotions especially concerning other people? They are only feelings.

But we don’t have to let our feelings control our behavior. We don’t have to act on each feeling that passes through us. We do not need to indulge in inappropriate behavior.

So when your someone gives you a load of crap, it helps to talk about your feelings with someone you trust. Sometimes you need to bring your feelings to the person who is triggering it. But the most important person we need to tell is ourselves. If we allow our feelings to pass through us, accept them, and release them, we shall know what to do next.

Maybe you won’t need to throw a ton of shit after all.

When I think of family, I remember my dad. I think of the family values he passed on to me which have been treasured and passed on for many generations already. One such value is Pagpapahalaga sa Pamilya, putting importance on family. I remember how he took on two jobs just to provide for us. I recall how he volunteered his services for elections’ quick count, for the church, charity and other civic organizations. I wished dad involved the whole family for his advocacy. Usually, I just tag along and watch him organize his activities. The thought entered my mind when I saw the winners of the 6th Jollibee Family Values Awards (JFVA) . Jollibee recognized families who can be considered as everyday heroes, families who truly exemplify how the power of Filipino family values can nurture and continue building a nation that can sail through the various challenges, calamities and adversities.


Exemplary Filipino honored at the 6th JFVA winning families include: Mr. Rommel and Mrs. Analy Basa and family of Capiz, champions of the environment and sustainable livelihood for their community; Mr. Donato and Mrs. Merlita Bumacas and family of Nueva Ecija, dedicated to protecting and upholding the rights of indigenous people; Mr. Ian and Mrs. Cecilia Cabalza and family of Cagayan Valley, whose work centers on uplifting lives through health and education; Mr. Victor and Mrs. Elizabeth Castañeda and family of Quezon City, for leading the fight against cancer; Mr. Joe Dean and Mrs. Ardis Sola and family of Quezon City, for helping improve the lives of street children; and Mr. Marciano and Mrs. Josephine Par and family of Saudi Arabia, named as the Jollibee-Coca-Cola OFW Family of the Year for their mission in empowering underprivileged fellowmen both in the Philippines and the Middle East.


I was amazed at all the work they did in their respective community. My favorite family is the Sola family who have dedicated their lives to helping street children by providing their basic needs such as food and education. Their foundation, He Cares Mission Street Children Caring Center, was founded in 1997 and has already produced 19 college graduates, one of whom is already a successful architect working in Abu Dhabi. What initially began as an intervention for street children through values formation has transformed into an organization that develops children using a holistic approach. Their program has several components including: Balik Aral, Balik Kalusugan, Balik Loob sa Diyos, Balik Bahay, and Balik Hanapbuhay. Each family member has grown to love and accept their roles in the advocacy that their parents have instilled in them.

This is truly astounding. I wish this can be replicated by educational institutions.


The 6th Gabi ng Parangal para sa Pamilyang Pilipino centered on the theme of the balangay, whose historical journey captures the solidarity, harmony, determination, courage, bravery and resilience of the Filipino community. It is admirable that there is recognition for such family-led advocacies. Such work may inspire other families to take up their own advocacy that will not only make lives better for others but also strengthen the core of the family.

Let us nurture the practice of family values, by embracing policies that value families. – Benjamin Todd Jealous

“No, you aren’t alone. Yes, we all feel this way sometimes. No, you won’t always feel like this. Yes, the world is a better place with you in it.”


It too shall pass. Nearly everyone goes through sadness but there is a kind of sadness that is difficult to just get over it . People can usually deal with isolated stressful or traumatic events and experiences reasonably well, but when there is an accumulation of such events over an extended period, our normal coping strategies can be pushed to the limit. The inability to cope with severe depression is what leads most people to become suicidal – they believe there is no hope for their current situation.


Did you know that a life is lost to suicide every 40 seconds? Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds globally according the the World Health Organization . Depression is the predominant cause of illness and disability for both boys and girls aged 10 to 19. It is timely that Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF) , a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing depression to light , initiated the “Hope in 40 seconds” video competition.


The competition encouraged those suffering from depression as well as their loved ones to seek guidance from HOPELINE, NGF’s free 24/7 suicide hotline which can be reached via the following numbers: 804-HOPE(4673) , 0917-558HOPE (4673) 0917686HOPE (4673) (Cebu) and 2919 (toll free for TM and Globe)


The campaign is supported by Globe Telecom, the Department of Health and the UP JMA, a university-wide student organization which adopted the campaign as an organization called SPARK: The Movement to promote healthy lifestyle and to spread hope among the country’s youth.

In just 40 seconds, 21 year old digital artist Vince Serrano provided encouragement of emotionally-burdened people through the help of his animated digital video “Companion”, a story of a lonely boy who almost succumbed to the lure of death but received a second chance at life from a beacon of hope.


Vince Serrano , the Grand Winner and People’s Choice Award bested 20 other entries video competition. You can view Companion below:

Here are the runner-ups:
1st Runner-up

Title: Heartless
Description: Everyone has a chance to recover from a dark corner. Everyone has the potential to be emotionally whole again. This video aims to encourage the path to self-discovery and recovery, from point A to B, together with the help of Hopeline.
Animator: Noel Manao

2nd Runner-up
Title: Catch of Hope
Description: The loss of what a young man believed to be everything to him, brought him to jump from a bridge. Seconds till his death, he gets caught by the unexpected.
Animator: Wei, Chih-Chiang “Jason”

Globe is a long-time partner of NGF in providing the information and communications technology infrastructure for HOPELINE.