My three siblings in the US once sent me a Thanksgiving prayer citing our parents for the gifts we continue to receive even after their deaths. There will be one Thanksgiving day that I will surely join in their celebration. In honor of Thanksgiving Day, I have a lot to be thankful for today and everyday of my life.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. I have learned the magical lesson that making the most of what I have turns it into more.

1. I am thankful for the lessons on pain due to my son’s death because it transformed me into a more compassionate person.

2. I am thankful for the marital rift because it has brought me and my husband together for a second wind in marriage. Love is lovelier the second time around, indeed.

3. I am thankful for financial challenges because it taught us discipline that money can be budgeted wisely for basic necessities.

4. I am thankful for loving husband that never gave up on me.

5. I am thankful for my two girls, that despite the turbulent teen years due to their sibling’s death, they never resorted to drugs or alcohol.

6. I am thankful for in-law’s differences because it made me more appreciative of myself without any pretenses.

7. I am thankful for the internet and all my visitors as it is one way of fulfilling my mission in life.

8. I am thankful of negative feedback as I can make an honest assessment of myself without jeopardizing my identity.

9. I am thankful of new and old friendships, a comfortable place to be myself.

10. I am thankful to God who I thought abandoned me but never really left me after all.

gratitudeSometimes in life, things just happen too fast. We barely solve one problem then another problem crops up. We feel great in the morning but by nightfall we could be wallowing in misery. Everyday , I face interruptions, delays, changes and challenges. I have learned an important concept to get me through this stressful time and that is gratitude. I learn to say thank you, for all these problems and feelings. I don’t like this experience but Thank You anyway. I had to force gratitude until it became second nature to me. Gratitude helped me stop trying to control outcomes. Gratitude makes things right. It is the key that unlocked positive energy in my life.

I am full of gratitude because today’s pain could be tomorrow’s joy.

The mission of the Dove Self-Esteem Project is helping young people all around the world build positive body confidence and self-esteem. Download “A parent’s guide to building girls’ body confidence

I used to have beauty anxiety when I was a young child up to my early teens. My uncles would often tease how dark I looked. Perhaps the teasing came about because my mother was fair-skinned. I grew up feeling ugly until I reached 14 years old . Looking at the mirror, I smiled at my image said to myself, “I am beautiful” . Well, I looked more beautiful if I smiled because my non-smiling face makes me look angry. The facts and figures surrounding beauty anxiety in young girls and the pressure to squeeze into rigid definitions is a cause of concern. It affects their self-esteem . I should know. During my elementary years, my grades were below average even failing Filipino or Sewing class. It was only in High School that I realized I was smart after all.

My mother didn’t know better and allowed her brothers to tease me.  As a parent, it’s natural to want the best for your child – for them to be happy, healthy and confident individuals. I also failed in this aspect as I didn’t know any better. Thankfully, there are so many resources for parents to consider.

How do you help your daughter or son maintain a positive body image and find their sense of self when their world is filled with unrealistic images of physical ideals; one dimensional, ‘flawless’ beauty, and narrow messages about the ‘perfect’ lifestyle?

How do you help her deal with the pitfalls of teenage life such as appearance related bullying or keep them eating healthily and enjoying exercise (without getting hang-ups about food and body shape)?

Sometimes all these tip are easier said than done, especially during the teen and pre-teen years when their bodies are changing, their self-confidence is fragile and they are trying to make that tricky transition out of childhood.

Because daughters often mirror their mothers’ actions, moms wield the power to mold their children into confident, empowered women. I asked myself if I had somehow mirrored some of my actions to my daughters. Only my daughters can affirm this because I know I made mistakes that I have passed on to them.

But young parents can learn from all the resources available out there and from stories of other parents.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project created Uniquely Me and the expert articles available on our parent’s online hub,  to create a resource for parents that is focused on advice and action. (Download “A parent’s guide to building girls’ body confidence“)

There are nine modules. You need to download the guide since each module details action points. Here is a summary of each module.

1. Learning to love yourself
Lead by example – techniques to cut out the self-criticism and feel better about yourself. This is the most important lesson to pass on.

Self-criticism is common among teenage girls – how often have you urged your daughter not to put herself down? But sometimes we have low self-esteem, too, and it’s possible that you could be teaching her bad habits through the example you set by criticising yourself. Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror and frowning, or moaning about how you look? You may not even realise you’re doing it, but your daughter probably will.

2. Body Talk: Use the power of your words to feel great
Do away with ‘fat talk’ and start a more positive conversation

Talking about our bodies is like an unwritten rule in female friendship – we do it constantly and automatically. You know how it goes: “I feel fat in these jeans”, “I’ve put on so much weight” or “Gosh, my skin looks awful today”. I say this a lot and I am guilty of passing this insecurity to my girls.

3. Is your daughter’s perception of beauty distorted by the media?
Show your daughter the truth behind magazine images

In the world of Instagram, images of women are manipulated so dramatically these days that it can feel like ‘beauty’ is less and less attainable. Help your daughter resist media influence and see the real picture.

4. The Real Me: An activity to celebrate your daughter’s inner beauty
Get creative with this great confidence-boosting activity

I encouraged my girls to hone their talents like singing and writing. Negative body talk can make it feel like it’s not polite to accept a compliment, or that talking about what we’re good at will be seen as boasting or vanity. But recognising your talents and allowing yourself to value these characteristics is important to developing positive self-esteem.

5. Bullying: Is your daughter being teased about her looks?
Help your daughter deal with hurtful teasing and bullying from peers

Bullies are rarely original when it comes to their insults. What were the most common teases or taunts when you were young? Mine was from my crush “thick lips” .

First, we need to understand what we mean by bullying. Girls and boys disagree, fight, tease and banter with their friends.  Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.”

If the bullying gets worse, know there is an  Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 (Republic Act 10627) especially if the bullying is inside the school premises. This law states that all elementary and high school principals and administrators must craft and adopt policies against bullying and must ensure that they are implemented.

6. Teasing at Home: When does family banter become family bullying?
Watch out for well-meant teasing within the family – it can still hurt

As your daughter becomes a teenager, she will naturally become more sensitive to comments about the way she looks and family members may not realise the impact of their words. Of course, robust discussions and gentle teasing are a part of being a family and can help girls develop and explore their opinions and build resilience to the criticisms that are a part of everyday life. However, it’s worth thinking twice about what builds character – and what diminishes confidence.

7. The Parent Translator: How to improve communication between
parents and daughters
This mini guide will help your teen decode your next communication breakdown

Do you and your daughter seem to argue over the smallest thing? Communicating should be easy. But miscommunication is even easier. You make a simple comment about what your daughter’s wearing and she storms off, slamming the door. You ask what she had for lunch and she assumes it’s an attack about her diet.

8. Attitude to Food: How to encourage your daughter to enjoy
a healthy balanced diet
Foster a healthy relationship with food

The most crucial thing when it comes to our diet is eating a balance of all foods,” explains eating disorder expert and leading UK psychotherapist Dr Susie Orbach. “Getting hung up on labelling certain foods as ‘good’ and others as ‘bad’ isn’t helpful – it creates too many rules that dictate your relationship with food and encourage disordered eating. It’s also usually wrong. Low-fat foods can be loaded with sugar and fillers to give taste when a normal fat version would be nutritionally better.”

9. Show your daughter the benefits of physical activity
Encourage your daughter to move her body and discover the feel-good factor

She doesn’t have to be the sports captain or prima ballerina to feel the benefits of being active; she just needs to find an activity she enjoys that gets her body moving. If she’s physically active regularly, she’s likely to feel better about herself and her body, regardless of whether the physical activity is dramatically changing her shape. The link between physical activity .

The nine tips are useful to any parent. As Lee Haney said “Parents must lead by example. Don’t use the cliche; do as I say and not as I do. We are our children’s first and most important role models.” If there is a beauty legacy I want to impart, it is that I want my daughters to love themselves first. To love yourself, you first need to know yourself, to realize and appreciate your unique, individual ways. A discovery late in life taught me that a loving relationship with myself works because it leads to a loving relationship with others . Loving yourself will eventually show in every action one takes. When we believe in ourselves, we shine with the confidence and vibe we exude.

AirAsia in partnership with World Vision celebrates the season of giving through a joint Christmas initiative called “See the World,” an awareness building and fundraising effort for the benefit of Filipino children.

The Christmas season will always remind me of my childhood. There is always this warm feeling in my heart when I think of Christmas day. A child always lives in my heart. As a little girl, my parents could not afford to buy expensive gifts but I was always happy with whatever they gave me. Any gift always gave me a giddy feeling as well as a big smile. I can just imagine the children when they receive their gifts. But not children are blessed any time of the year.

This is why I want to be able to touch the lives of these children when we reach out to them. There are many groups that help children and World Vision Philippines is one to remember. I recall my trip to Zambales during their World Vision’s Noche Buena Campaign.

AirAsia and World Vision “See the World”

This time around, World Vision partnered with AirAsia.

AirAsia in partnership with World Vision celebrates the season of giving through a joint Christmas initiative called “See the World,” an awareness building and fundraising effort for the benefit of Filipino children.

“See the World” aims to raise at least one million pesos to provide sponsorship program for many children as direct recipients across the country.  For every AirAsia seats booked or sold in the Philippines from 1 to 31 December 2017, five pesos will be automatically donated to World Vision’s child sponsorship program.

AirAsia World Vision

AirAsia and World Vision partnership.

With the wonderful ‘See the World’ collaboration of AirAsia and World Vision, each one can have that chance to touch each other’s hearts and celebrate Christmas in a different way.

AirAsia World Vision

Aside from fundraising efforts, “See the World” will feature inspiring stories of children from impoverished communities around the country whose lives have changed and caused other children and communities to aspire for better living conditions.


How does this work? Read the mechanics of the AirAsia World Vision partnership and how you can be part of the “See the World” Christmas initiative.

    1. Promo is open to all Philippines AirAsia passengers at least 18 years of age
    2. For every AirAsia ticket booked in the Philippines, PHP 5.00 goes to World Vision child sponsorship program.
    3. Promo will run from December 1, 2017 to December 31 , 2017 for all Z2 flights.
    4. Booking must be made within December 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 regardless of travel dates.
    5. By booking a flight, traveller signifies acceptance on the standard terms and conditions of AirAsia flights.
    6. For further questions, you may call 742-2742 (Promo hotline or customer support number). See more at Philippines AirAsia Facebook page.

I believe in the saying that when “something good happens to us, let’s make something good to others. The more we share our blessings, the more that we are blessed.”

Sharing our blessings feels good because we’ve made someone else feel good. Let’s give a chance to touch each other’s hearts and celebrate Christmas in a different way.”

AirAsia Philippines will run a web series online and available in AirAsiaPhilippines facebook starting November 20. Keep updated and find out more about “See the World” through #AirAsiaWorldVision and #SeeTheWorld hashtags.

It was quite an experience being part of the media coverage of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) 2017 chairship and the events, together with other bloggers. Media except for the selected pool are not allowed to cover summit venue . The limited space at PICC and the security concerns of the world leaders prohibited most of us at the International Media Center (IMC) from covering the events . I understand all these but I wished the organizers considered adding a social media pool other than visuals’ and reporters’ pool.

[covering asean summitThe International Media Center at the World Trade Center

Despite the limited coverage of the actual summit venues,  the Committee on Media Affairs and Strategic Communications (CMASC) led by the Presidential Communications and Operations Office (PCOO) did an excellent job to ensure that media received all the tools and materials to cover the ASEAN summits and related summits at IMC. The place was huge enough to accommodate 1,300 journalists and  a restful space through the social media lounge and the Relaxation area. I will write more on the the IMC but here is a walkthrough.

Despite the limitation as an accredited blogger, I got to attend press briefings by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque , Assistant Secretary Kris Ablan and from the Department of Foreign Affairs  Robespierre Bolivar at the IMC .

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I must say a press briefing by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was widely anticipated. Never have I seen the main briefing room so packed with media . Well, there were some volunteers who eagerly waited for Trudeau.

[covering asean summitMain Briefing room at the International Media Center at World Trade Center for the 31st ASEAN Summit and Related Summits

I wrote on Blog Watch that many are charmed by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau .  But I find some of his social media posts too staged and a turn off especially since the trash issue has not not yet been resolved.  Like most women in the room, I  am also charmed by his good looks but I will be more impressed if his statements at the press briefing held  more substance. While everyone was thrilled with the press briefing, I looked forward to his stand on critical issues facing

Then Trudeau finally arrived after being delayed by a previous meeting. I was surprised, he just went straight to the podium without any introductions. Wow, he was really a charmer speaking in both English and French.

It was the human rights issue that perked me up. Trudeau talks about this at the 8:38 mark in the video above.

“As I mentioned to President Duterte, we are concerned with human rights, with the extrajudicial killings, impressed upon him the need for respect for the rule of law and as always offered Canada’s support and help as a friend to help move forward on what is the real challenge.”

“This is the way we engage with the world. This is the way we always will,” Trudeau added.

covering asean summit

No other world leader brought the issue of human rights, rule of law and extra-judicial killings.Though the conversation was an informal one, it still triggered a defensive reaction from the President.

Thumbs up! Selfie time.

Getting a selfie with Trudeau was a challenge so excuse me for the blurry half image, He turned right from the podium to the exit but he was met with a demand for selfies. My gosh, I nearly got dragged by the crowd. Tess Termulo took  a photo of the commotion.

“Jusko tinitilian nila si Trudeau papuntang CR hahaha ” . Photo by Tess Termulo.

President Duterte

I was curious what the President had to say. His press briefing was initially scheduled for 8:00 PM but was moved to 9:30 PM. Media needed to sign up for this which I did two days beforehand. We also needed to be there two hours before the actual press briefing which was held at PICC. A bus ferried us to a holding area for a security check and a long walk inside the PICC.

Fortunately,  the press briefing started on time. The President looked tired but I admire him for his energy. I was already tired from the four day event. In fact , I was already sleepy and I was afraid I would get caught on TV with a yawn and closed eyes.

covering asean summit

One question that I hoped he would answer was his reaction to Trudeau’s comments on the human rights issue.

That’s me on the second row taking a photo of the President.

But before answering the question, Duterte lectured  about this document listing all the bad effects of drugs like methamphetamine, cannabis, cocaine and Ecstasy . I had strong doubts that President Duterte would be “receptive” or “positive”.

Towards the end, his response to Trudeau was “I said I will not explain. It is a personal and official insult. That’s why you hear me throwing out curses and epithets.”  Duterte said Trudeau was only informed about the extrajudicial killings without even being informed about the details of the incidents.  The Philippine government should be given the “simple rule of the right to be heard” and advised Trudeau  to “not to get documents from the oppositions and the communists because they were all falsified.”

He felt insulted.

I expected him to say that. Nothing new.  At the end of the press briefing, I was given a copy of the document he showed earlier. The President wants everyone to know the harmful effects of illegal drugs.

Sharing the two leaders with conflicting comments on human rights is all I can do .

I am glad the human rights issue was brought up briefly by a world leader even if  “ASEAN chose to ignore its socio political mandates of promoting Human Rights,” according to Ifugao Representative Teddy Baguilat, a board member of the ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights.

It is not my intention to cover the President  but I am grateful for the opportunity to get up close with these two world leaders. Both powerful men with their own conviction on what is right for their country.

It was a productive year covering the ASEAN 2017 and being part of the CMASC for 6 months . This is not the end.  I  will continue to promote ASEAN awareness , benefits and opportunities through my blog and via ASEAN Social Media Community . I look forward to Singapore ‘s turn in 2018. The ASEAN 2018 theme “A Resilient and Innovative Community”.

See you Singapore!

 Specific opportunities for women lie in export intensive sectors , the agriculture, tourism, garments and finance.

“Women control 70% of purchase decisions in Asia” – Anna Haotanto, The New Savvy , Singapore

There is this familiar saying , “Never underestimate the strength and the power of a woman. Women can do almost anything that men can do.”  You and I know that, but gender inequality remains a challenge in our country and the ASEAN region, particularly in education, labor force participation, and trade-oriented activities, among others. No wonder, four out of five women want to start a business, according to Sandra Devanthan , Country head of Facebook Singapore.  Women would rather empower themselves than wait for opportunities to open their doors. The Projected Gender Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community, a study published by the ASEAN Secretariat in 2016 confirm on the gender inequality.

READ: Opportunities for your children in the ASEAN

10 opportunities and benefits for the citizens in ASEAN


The average gender gap in labor force is at 19 percent which reflects a  gap in labor force participation “between man and women as well as inadequate and unequal access of women to economic opportunities and work conditions favorable to woman.” In the same ASEAN study, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) presents opportunities  to men and women through a boost in trade and formal, paid employment opportunities.  Small and medium enterprises (SME) development provides potential  opportunities for increasing women’s SME participation in the Asean,  but there are difficulties in gaining access to finance, technology and markets.  Specific opportunities as shown below lie in export intensive sectors , the agriculture, tourism, garments and finance.

Economic opportunities for women’s participation in key ASEAN sectors Source: Projected Gender Impact of the Asean Economic Community , 2016

The Asean study show that “these opportunities will not benefit the majority of women because of widespread constraints in women’s participation in the labour market”. Many constraints prevent women from benefiting from the AEC and as a result fewer women than men are present in the ASEAN labor market. Some of these challenges are as follows:

  1. The female labour force participation rate is persistently lower across all ASEAN countries.

2. Persistent gender skill gap and gender wage gap. More women are employed in lower skilled and lower paying jobs than men, resulting in a persistent and high gender wage gap

3. The majority of women are employed in vulnerable jobs with limited access to benefits and social protection.

4. Gender gaps in education have been declining but educational attainment of women continues to lag behind that of men.

5. Large numbers of highly-educated women remain unemployed.

Institutional barriers

6. Continued presence of gender discriminatory customary laws in certain ASEAN countries. All ASEAN countries provide constitutional equality between men and women.

7. Limited effectiveness of gender mainstreaming.

8. Due to cultural norms women are disadvantaged in acquiring land and assets and this is mirrored in discriminatory laws.

9. Women contribute substantially to economic welfare through large amounts of unpaid work, such as child-rearing and household tasks, which often remains unseen and unaccounted for in national income

10. Lack of clarity in key labour laws relating to equal remuneration, discrimination and maternity benefits contributes to women’s relative weaker position in the labour market.

READ: Taking an active role in the #ASEAN2017

Promote women’s participation in specific ASEAN priority sectors

The ASEAN has been supportive in advancing the status of women in the region. Gender equality and women’s empowerment is part of integral principles in the ASEAN community’s building process. The study recommends targeted policies to promote women’s participation in specific ASEAN priority sectors.

Opportunities for women in technology

Now that I have laid down the challenges and the recommended policies, I want to tackle specific opportunities for women with at least a college education that they can take action today. There are 66 million women in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia doing business online.  But there are also those that do not have work. Gina Romero of  Connected Women says 5 million women in the Philippines are not working due to family reasons. There is a huge potential to empower women who have online access.

Like I said earlier, four out of five women would rather go into business. There are opportunities in technology. The ASEAN  ICT Masterplan  of 2020 , ” brings ASEAN towards a digitally enabled economy and women should prepare themselves with the knowledge to work at home. I know of a lot of mothers here in the Philippines who work at home and are financially independent . Here are some opportunities that are open to women in the ASEAN.

Virtual assistants or writing services: There are mothers who work at home as virtual assistants or as writer.  The standards for Virtual assistants and writing services require high precision and skills . But who is to say one cannot learn these skills?  There are businesses like Connected Women  matches women entrepreneurs with Filipina virtual assistants (VAs).  There are many online websites that give resources on how to be a virtual assistant or start a VA business.

Online Small and medium enterprises (SME) academy: This brings me to the discussion on  women empowerment. If one does not have the skills in technology, there is the  online ASEAN SME academy, which provides online access to training and resources specifically developed and tailored to meet the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises operating in ASEAN. There are courses for startup, ready to export and growing enterprises. Course types are into finance/accounting, human resources, marketing, management, operations, technology, and trade /logistics

For the Philippines: Check out the materials here.

For Lao People Democratic Republic (PDR): Check out the materials here.

For Indonesia: Check out the materials here.

For Cambodia: Check out the materials here
Mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs)  are on seven areas:  Engineering services;  Nursing services, Architectural services, Dental practitioners, Medical practitioners, Tourism professionals, and Accountancy services. Of the seven MRAs , only the tourism MRA provides for automatic recognition of professional credentials. The problem though is that full implementation has yet to be realized.  Young women can start planning about their future by checking on these career opportunities. In a few years or by 2025, the full implementation of the MRAs will be realized.

Parents and schools should encourage our young girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) as this  would help in narrowing gender wage gap in ASEAN.

“As technology further allows women to work while they remain to be the light of their homes for their families, the more that we need to urge young girls of today to seek the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics,” said Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Undersecretary Nora Terrado.

perla laundry soap

Each Perla laundry soap is 50% Coconut Oil (CNO), while the synthetic counterparts are petroleum-based. CNO contains lauric which is an excellent natural cleaning agent. Lauric traps oil and dirt and makes it easy to wash away.

While covering a Perla event a few weeks ago, I posed a question on my facebook wall.

Did you know each Perla bar is around 50% coconut oil ? Who uses Perla laundry bar ?

The feedback and engagement was amazing . I have been using Perla soap for delicate fabrics but I was not aware that the soap can be used for the face and body. It is that good. No matter what a brand  says about its products, it is the testimonials of friends and relatives that make it more believable. Let the comments of my friends and relative speak for itself.

1. It is what I have been using to wash my face, the past 40yrs or so. It is the secret of my clear, smooth skin. (an auntie)

– It was my mom’s secret to her beautiful skin. It was also recommended by my OB for washing my delicates. Love it.
– Back in High School, i even used that to wash my face ???? I was going thru a bad skin phase
– My face bestfriend 🙂 mura na maganda pa
– I like Perla because my skin doesn’t react badly to it. Wish they’d come up with a powder or flake version for washing machines, though.

2. Last time I went to an Ecowaste presscon. They said we shouldn’t be using “antibacterial” soap because of the chemicals. Off cam they said Perla is a good alternative (not just for the laundry). (A journalist)

– Oh, awesome. Coconut based, so friendlier to the ecosystem…

3. We dermas recommend Perla for the laundry of patients with irritant contact dermatitis to other laundry detergents. We know it to be the mildest detergent bar:) more Eco friendly too:) (My sister, a dermatologist)

4. Me, for my delicates that needs hand washing. (My sister-in-law)

– I use it for hand washed delicate items!
– I use Perla for delicate clothes and white
– Use it for my son’s clothes
– For baby clothes, sya!
– Kaya nga maliban sa ginagamit for delicate fabrics at baby clothes, diba ang iba ginagamit yan sa katawan .

5. I use it as my white floof dog’s pre-shampoo soap to get his coat super clean!

– We initially use Perla to bathe our dogs before applying anti flea soap/shampoo.
– I use it on my dog every time I bathe him…nawawala ang amoy ng aso
– Used it before to bathe our then maltese; made his coat really clean and shiny.

6. I love Perla, too! Gentle on the hands saka mabula.

– I do. Different from other detergent. It doesn’t dry my hands when I hand wash.

7. We do. And I wash my greasy mechanic hands with Perla.

8. I use it to pre-wash whites.

– We use it before perla and papaya leaves effective whitening soap
– Me! Still use it to wash white clothes and undies

9. Bath soap ko iyan dati. Buhay pa pala.

– Sometimes, I use it as body soap. An uncle prescribed it to my sister who had pimples.
– I’m using Perla as bath and laundry soap
– My dad uses it as bath soap though haha
– Actually, in my mom’s province, I remember women using Perla as bath soap.
– Perla pampaligo ko paminsan-minsan

11. We do. I use it to wash my swim gears.

Some didn’t know Perla is made from 50% coconut oil “Oh wow didn’t know that Perla is 50% coconut oil! Will buy it now instead of Perwoll for our delicate clothes” and one asked “Why don’t they just create powder for machine wash use?” I found out you can grate Perla laundry bar (60 grams or 1/2 bar for a 2-2.5 kgs load ) for washing machines.

perla laundry soap

Here are Perla 5 care signs

Now you have read the comments from my facebook post. Indeed, Perla laundry bar soap is made from coconut oil and other natural ingredients that are excellent in cleaning clothes without the harmful chemicals. I didn’t even know Perla is composed of 50% coconut oil. Now you know, Perla is the premium laundry soap that cares for your clothes and skin. There are five good reasons on why Perla is such a premium brand

1. Perla is made from PURE COCONUT OIL

Each Perla bar is 50% Coconut Oil (CNO), while the synthetic counterparts are petroleum-based. CNO contains lauric which is an excellent natural cleaning agent. Lauric traps oil and dirt and makes it easy to wash away.

Recent studies also show that coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties. Studies have also shown that coconut oil has potent antifungal capabilities

2. Perla is made from natural ingredients and has NO harmful ingredients, which are found in its synthetic counterparts

Laundry soaps have a much higher PH, and are less acidic and therefore gentler. Synthetic detergents (syndets) contain substances designed for cost effective cleaning that can be harsh to the skin. Syndet bars are made rougher and more abrasive, while Perla is soft and smooth to the hands.

3. Perla cares for your skin too!

Each bar contains glycerins – natural moisturizers! Perla makes clothes much softer. The perfume in Perla, made from essential oils like Lavender, is very minimal compared with much more fragrant syndets. Syndets have anti-redeposition agents which can be harmful to
the skin. Perla does not.

Did you know that Dermatologists actually recommend Perla?

4.  Perla is a brand built on decades of trust.

The caring Perla experience has been passed on from our grandmothers to mothers to us. Perla is the first and oldest laundry brand in the country. It has helped our grandmothers and mothers take care of our clothes.

5.  Perla supports Filipino farmers! Proudly Pinoy!

Perla supports the Philippine Coconut Oil industry (The Philippines is second-largest coconut-producing country, next to Indonesia). Every bar of Perla sold helps provide livelihood to Filipino farmers. There are no plans to alter the unique Perla formulation It is ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Would you believe, I am now using Perla soap to wash my face?