staples military discount
Military Discounts

Staples Military Discount

Many companies across the United States give back to those who serve through a military discount.

Unfortunately, Staples is not one of those stores.

They do, however, offer a wide variety of ways for all of their customers to save money.

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About Staples

Staples was started in 1985 by a man named Tom Stemberg.

He was a grocery store manager with an excellent office supply company idea.

He wanted to start a store that had all of the materials needed by businesses in an accessible and affordable manner.

This was not available anywhere else at the time.

Today, Staples is still accessible and affordable.

However, most products in the world have become extremely accessible with the help of the internet.

Because of this, Staples has had to do more to stand out.

They’ve changed their motto from “Yeah, we’ve got that” to “That was easy” and again to “Make more happen.”

Today, Staples tries to be a partner for your business that helps you grow and achieve your dreams.

Throughout the years, they have continued to put customers first and provide great deals on their products.

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Other Ways To Save Money At Staples

It is unfortunate that Staples does not offer a discount specifically for those who serve our country.

However, they do offer many discounts that any one of their customers can take advantage of.

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We’ve listed some of Staples’ best deals below.

1. Staples Rewards

Staples Rewards is a great program for saving money if you have a need to shop at the store on a regular basis.

It provides you with free, next-day delivery on all orders above $49.99.

This deal allows you to get many of your business needs shipped to you for free, saving you precious time and allowing you to spend those minutes growing your business instead.

Staples Rewards also gives you up to 5% back on all of your orders, and $2 back in rewards when you recycle an ink cartridge.

This is capped at 20 ink cartridges, however.

These deals allow you to get even more for your money when purchasing things that you need for your company.

To take advantage of Staples Rewards, you simply need to make an account online. 

You can make this account here.

The program can be used both online and in person at any Staples location.

2. My Deals

“My Deals” is a way to find deals online for Staples Shoppers.

The deals shown on your webpage are a combination of personalized deals based on your previous orders and browsing history, and general deals on products that almost all businesses need.

You can find “My Deals” by clicking here.

“My Deals” is a great resources for businesses who want to stock up on basic office supplies, make a more efficient office space, or keep business technology up to date.

As you continue to shop the Staples website, your “My Deals” page will become more and more customized to your specific needs. 

Unfortunately, these deals are only available online and the same prices won’t be found in store.

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3. Other Website Deals

Along with “My Deals,” the website is filled with discounts and special promotions of all kinds.

You can check out the Staples Weekly Ad and Staples Brand Deals.

Special deals are given if you choose to make an online purchase and pick up your product in your local store through the 1 hour Pick Up program.

You may also use coupon banners on the Staples homepage that you can click on to get an extra deal on your purchase.

Each of these deals is only available online.

They can be used either through a promotional code, or by being automatically added to the items in your cart.

These deals are typically only available online, but the Weekly Ad may be able to be used in store as well.

Each specific coupon will state whether or not they can be used in store.

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4. Price Match Program

When you shop in store, you can do some research before you make a purchase and potentially use the Staples Price Match Program.

Staples with match the price of any exact item if another store is selling it for cheaper. 

Even if you purchase an item and later find that it was cheaper somewhere else, you can be refunded the difference within 14 days of the initial purchase.

All you need to do is bring in proof of another store selling the product for a lower price and show it to your cashier when you check out. 

The products do need to be identical, and this includes the model and product number.

Staples does not match prices during special events, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

The price match prices also need to be current at the other store to qualify for the deal.

The other products need to be in stock from the seller with the lower price.

Tech, print, and marketing services as well as third-party products are not eligible for the price match program.

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Even though Staples does not offer a military discount, they do offer many ways to save.

Next time you shop their store, be sure to take advantage of these deals.

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While Staples doesn't have a military discount, they do offer plenty of ways for you to save money. Find out how here.
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